Teemo Build Guide

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The tanky Teemo EXTREME

written by Lucama

Teemo Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    So this is the very first guide I have made for this website or this game. I came up with this build after about the hunderth time I didn't live through the teamfight because my tank let their entire team through to me.
    Constructive criticism will be welcomed and read, while negative comments and trolling will be trolled back (most likely by me). So read, learn and hopefully enjoy. :D
    Also tell me if you want me to add something to this guide.
    Will most likely be updated with some major changes to Teemo over the next few patches, unless it's a massive overhaul. The I'll write another guide 'cause I'm just that nice.

  • Masteries + Runes

    So since I build Teemo as an AD carry type in this build my runes are:

    9x Greater Mark of Desolation
    9x Greater Seal of Clarity
    4x Greater Glyph of Warding
    5x Greater Glyph of Shielding
    1x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
    2x Greater Quintessence of Resilience

    Now this may look like a mess but it all adds up nicely when I also include the Masteries.
    9-21-0 (very rarely have these numbers as my masteries set up :D)
    This is why I almost never die in the late game, if I play smart.
    So as soon as you get in the game and haven't bought your items yet because of that pesky Sona's clearvoynce you defensive stats look a bit like this:
    Health: 534
    Armour: 32
    MR: 40-41 (depends how the game rounds it)
    Effective Health: 736
    Not bad eh?

  • Items

    Then after the clearvoynce is gone you buy your first item. Doran's Shield, why this? Short- answer your armour is lower. Long answer- at higher levels of play you will be either in top lane or duo bot, (depends if you have a better ad carry than you) but either way magic damage harras will be rare or none at all. And even if it occurs you 40-41 MR will shrug it off since magick damage pre level 7-9 (depends on champ) is very low.
    Now your stats look like this
    Health: 654
    Armour: 42
    MR: Same as previous
    Effective health: 934-35
    That's almost an extra 200hp from an item that costs the same as an item that adds 20hp less, Ruby Crystal.
    After you first b (at about level 7-8) you will have enoguh money (hopefully) for either Boots of Speed+ Phage or Boots of Speed+ Doran's Blade plus a couple Sight Ward and about 3-5x Health Potion (don't bother with mana pots unless you're a shroom addict, or they re-buff them).
    With the phage your stats look like this-
    Health: 1418
    Armour: 68-69
    MR: 46
    Effective health: 2253-54
    The your priority is getting a phage (if you haven't already) then getting Aegis of the Legion. You'll love this item, and your team mates will love you for having it. Also try to pick up Mercury's Treads or Berserker's Greaves preferably the first option, second is only if you're roflstomping and want some extra damage. And then you finish Frozen Mallet which you should have finished by level 13 if you've been farming well.
    So now it will all look like this (with merc teards and no doran's blade):
    Health: 2548
    Armour: 117
    MR: 114
    Effective health: 5546
    Armour Pen: 15
    Attack Speed: 1.038
    Dps: 118 (These two are not adding
    Damage over 5 seconds: 590 the extra e damage)

    Not bad, considering that it costs 6850 gold, and is just the core. If you feel like you need more tanky items I recommend getting Guardian Angel and Warmog's Armor. If you're having a though time killing their champs Last Whisper/ The Black Cleaver and [item=Stark's Fervor]. And if you just want pure, phwoar damage The Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge.

  • Skilling Order

    I go r Noxious Trap>e Toxic Shot>q Blinding Dart>e Move Quick
    But in terms of usefulness I think it's e>q>w>r.
    I hear soooo many Teemo players go on about how they get epic kills with their shrroms, and how they make massive minefields of them, but really they aren't that useful. They have very little vision, they do low damage and have a massive cooldown on restocking sine the nerf, and really the slow isn't all that great.
    Where as the q is the best way to shut down an ad, right-click-to-win, carry and is a very nice relatively short cooldown nuke in a 1v1.
    The e DoT has landed me more kills than I care to remember, especially in the 15-25 summoner level range where no one bring heal and no one plays a healer. It's a nice bit of extra magic damage to add to every single auto attack, that's what makes AP+AS Teemo so viable, but that's not what we are here for. We are here for some raw meat AD Teemo action.
    And the w is the icing on the cake, flash into this is just a little "FU" to anyone trying to gank you. No other champion has a better chase spell than this, other than maybe Janna with her w, but she loses her move speed boost upon cast so whatever man.

  • Summoner Abilities

    So I run with Exhaust and Ignite.
    Now this may look retarded, but just listen me out. Teemo has no real escape mechanism when perma-slowed, stunned or silenced. But say a kass ganks you with you under 600hp and him with over 800. Now the typical thing to do is to run to tower and just hug it till the big bad kass goes away or your mates come back. But what if there is no tower, or all your mates are dead, or both?
    What you do is you exhaust the kass, auto-attack while he's got you silenced, then pop a blinding dart in his ass and put a shrrom behind you. Hopefully he hasn't noticed that shroom, because after that you run away he chases, hits the shroom then you ignite to finish. And you will still have your move quick to run away from that big, bad warwick.
    Other viable options are:
    Flash as mentioned previously flash into move quick is just so annoying.
    Teleport used to be really good. You'd have the whole map covered in themso you could be anywhere in a moments notice. Also popping a shrooom didn't stop the teleport so you could show up anywhere you wanted where a careless enemy walked right through the middle of the bush. But since the shroom nerf it's ok.
    Ghost is ok but you really don't need it since you have a better version on a way shorter cooldown.
    Revive nah only kidding this goes into this category-
    You'd be retarded to take these:
    Revive must I really explain
    [spell=Rally] these two?
    [spell=Clearvoyence] it's a nice spell bt it's not your job to have it. Either the support or the retarded Tryndamere who builds mana regen :D
    Clarity again good spell but mana shouldn't be a problem, same with
    Heal only that this is a little bit more usefull... at about level 7

  • Working in the team

    Your role as tanky Teemo is to be the rotation that your tank will need after he's taken the main portion of damage. You should be the second or third person to walk into the teamfight, depending if you're the main carry or the off-tank. Auto-attack and Exhaust+Ignite their carry (hopefully making them back away), then run out when your tank comes back, but keep wailing away at their carries or squishies.
    In a duo lane you should be the one who will need the cs. Never lane with people like Tryndamere, Sivir or anyone that really relies on heavy farm. Go instead with people like Taric or Soroka to maximise your damage and sustainability.
    You shouldn't initiate fights, let your tank do that. Instead try to flank or even stay out of the fight and do some hit-and-run style crap. After the teamfight it's your job to clean up anyone still alive on their team. It's a dirty job but there is no "I" in Teem-o.
    If you have to sacrifice yourself so that the carry will live do it, unless you have the killing spree and they don't. If so let them burn, since there is an "I" in Killing Spree and some gold in it too.

  • Abilities

    So this simply is Twitches q without being able to move, it was the only way to have it without the idiots calling imba cause they frogot their pink wards D:
    It's an ok passive, I think there are some better ones but this is not that bad as people make it seem. This passive can contribute to an early first blood if you hide in mid and wait a couple seconds.

    Blinding Dart
    An 8sec CD nuke with a secondary effect of a blind. So all in all a pretty ordinary spell, but an awesome way to shut down the right-click-to-win champs like Tryndamere and Ashe (Yi imba, trololol).
    A really cool spell but it won't do too much damage in this build since you're focusing AD damage.

    Move Quick
    The best move speed increase spell in the game. It has a passive move speed buff PLUS and added active that increases it even further. This is why teemo with Frozen Mallet is the inescapeable champion.
    This combined with Janna, Galio or even Sona your move speed can go up into the stratosphere.

    Toxic Shot
    The spell that makes the bitches rage and you wish there was a /trollface chat command. An extra bit of AP damage on hit+ a dot that lands this little scout many, many kills.
    One of the most annoying spells in the game, right behind the ult...

    Noxious Trap
    And speaking of which, the ult. A free ward, a placeyou can port to which isn't broken by it being exploded, a pretty severe dot and a slow. All rolled up into a juicy sushi of annoyence, granted this is before the nerf. Now the damage is miniscule, it can't block grabs and cannot be placed all over the bloody jungle.
    Was a fun spell but riot burried it, probably using yorick. The only thing he's good at right now, digging.

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