Ashe Build Guide

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Panneton's Optimal Ashe

written by Panneton

Ashe Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Ok, there it goes. This is my first guide and I write it since I usually find a lack of ambition in the builds for Ashe. I believe that Ashe can be the ultimate champion in any game and this is what this guide is all about. I don't believe in adaptating Ashe to the situation. I believe that Ashe should dictate the tempo of a game and that she can be an uncontested killer in any single game, in a team AND alone in a final effort to scare the crap out of an ennemy.

    This version is nowhere near of being beautiful since I don't have the time to make it that way but it has everything it needs.

    Feel free to comment, it is a beta version that still needs testing. But it really is cool and fun to play. Isn't it the way a game is supposed to be?

    Have fun!

  • Masteries + Runes

    Ashe needs to be dangerous even against tanks. To make it possible, we will have a mastery tree like this:

    Deadliness: 3/3 --------- You want to hit hard
    Archmage's Savvy: 1/3 --------- Because you'll need it... bahh, a LITTLE buff for your ECW. YAY!
    Sorcery: 4/4 --------- To spam volley faster! Not usefull for the ECW, you'll see.
    Alacrity: 4/4 --------- Ashe is a PITA whit her auto-attack that frosts. Re-YAY.
    Sunder: 3/3 --------- You don't want Tanks to stop you from your streak!
    Brute Force: 3/3 --------- That's brutal
    Lethality: 3/3 --------- Combined with her passive, well.... you know
    Havoc: 1/1 --------- ...

    Resistance: 3/3 --------- Stop dying each time you enter a fight!
    Hardiness: 3/3 --------- (bis)

    Spatial Accuracy: 1/1 --------- For a better use of your ult
    Haste: 1/1 --------- For a better use of your life!

    Everybody will say: WTF a 22/6/2, this is as unconventional as stupid. Well, change it if you want but I think this is how you can get the best out of the best. Yeah, right.

    For your runes, you can copy me with my

    9x Greater Marks of Alacrity (Attack Speed)
    9x Greater Seals of Alacrity (guess what!)
    9x Greater Glyphs of Shielding (You'll want that, trust me)
    3x Greater Quints of Clarity (You will be able to finish the team fight with your slowing auto-attack instead of finishing it attacking only like a normal DPS without personnality),

    or get whatever other Ashe's guides tell you. This is always good, but my way is more surprising and harder to counter. I believe :)

  • Items

    This is where it's getting weird. Just try it before judging. And don't let other judge you. You have the right to buy these since you are going to rock their world. This needs money. Cash. Much. For this build, you'll actually need to be a last-hitter-top-of-the-world-champion. Or have a feeder on your lane. Either one is good.

    I prefer the feeder.

    --> Ok so you start with Boots of Speed and Health Potion.

    This will help you to stay in your lane and earn gold. Always come back to your home when you have teleport AND ECW up. You shoot and come back. You CAN shoot in another lane though. Anyway, the other team will eventually understand your pattern so you'll have to judge what's the better lane to shoot in. An unfortunate champ near a tower? A demi-team fight in progress without you? Your call.

    Then you'll want to get these things, in the order you want, depending on your style. I personnaly go:

    Warmog's Armor
    The Bloodthirster
    Atma's Impaler
    Berserker's Greaves
    Infinity Edge
    The Black Cleaver

    The Warmog will help you stay alive and harass without always having to back. You'll want it soon to be able to stack rapidly.
    The survivability given by the Warmog will help you feed your bloodthirster without dying. IF YOU HAVE TO DIE, DO IT BEFORE YOU GET THE BLOODTHIRSTER. Hehe. I you do die, you'll have soon other hard-hitting options anyway!

    The Atma's Impaler will help you lose the impression that the Warmog was a waste of space for a DPS champ, + giving you a armor and crit buff. I'm starting to shake of joy.

    The Berserker's Grieves will then help you to start chasing enemys with your auto-attack. When the slow is out, they receive another shot. Isn't that great?

    The Infinity Edge + Your runes + your passive + Atma's Impaler = Even tanks will fall in 4-5 seconds of arrow rain. Dispatch them when they flee. Even Cho'Gath can cry.

    If the game won't end, the Black Cleaver just punishes the ones who stacked armor to counter you. Fools.

  • Skilling Order


    You start with Volley to give a hard time to your ennemies from the start.

    Then you go with frost shot to start being who you are.

    3rd is hawkshot to use the active (absolutely great before team fights to see everyone)

    Then you just go

    ECW > Volley > Frost Shot > Hawkshot

  • Summoner Abilities

    Simple here again. You'll want:

    Teleport: When your ECW is ready AND teleport, you can just get a kill/assist or even decimate everyone, everywhere on the map. Just learn to time it well and you are good to go.

    Ghost: To get the fffffuckkkk out when you are alone against an angry mob, or the chase some other.. ah.. ghosted champ...

  • Pros / Cons

    - Your team will want you to decimate everyone in no time. You are the hard hitter and have an awesome slow.
    - You are good in mid AND in lane.

    - You are going to need money and fast. If you use the orginal skin or the Queen Ashe skin, I believe you know where to find some... mmmm

  • Abilities

    Really usefull to start with the FB if your opponent is a little to aggressive. Volley + first hit of the game (always 100% crit) and them make him cry.

    Later, it helps you to start a fight by hitting really hard the squishy one!

    Frost Shot
    The best option for auto-attacking champs. This is so simple that it helps you to concentrate on your positionning and your later strategy. By this time, Ashe will automatically kill and assist for you. Love her.

    When you want to decimate creeps fast. When you want to hit champs harder. When you want to slow many champs chasing you at the same time. When you want to use it just to say: haha, nice.

    The passive may be usefull on long term as you'll start to kill many minions one shot with your volley. At level 5 it means 5 gold x 5 minions at a time 25 gold without any effort. That's nice but not necessary.

    The active is awesome for team fights and positioning. But it has the same effect on level 1 or 5 so... get it soon but never level it up when not asked.

    Enchanted Crystal Arrow
    You can be the king of the field with this. Litterally.

    If you are not good, not aligned, or not timed, you can be ridiculous often in a game. True story. Don't play Ashe at 3:00 in the morning.

  • Working in the team

    The key is to communicate. Since you can attack anyone from anywhere, just let your teammates know when they CAN stay in fight 'cause you are helping them from far.

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