Kayle Build Guide

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JonKOedYou's (semi)in depth guide to Kayle

written by JonKOedYou

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Holy Fervor
    This will start you out with a bit of AP. This is what your build is revolved around... Secretly. Seriously, you won't remember this passive 95% of the time, unless you're dead and you're just reading everything to make the time go by faster.

    Our main damaging move, and the skill we improve first. It makes your overall DPS go up by quite a bit, and the nuke isn't bad, either.

    Divine Blessing
    A decent heal. It helps with your lane sustainability, and will sometimes save teammates later in the game. I will explain how to use this correctly later.

    Righteous Fury
    Our most flashy skill (disregarding our ult), and that's the reason why most misguided Kayle players will max this out first. This is a one-hit-wonder kind of skill. Upgrade it at level 2, and then leave it. It serves the same purpose throughout the game.

    The reason why people dislike playing against Kayle. No, seriously, it just pisses you off when you're diving a Teemo (lol), and he becomes invulnerable for three seconds. Three seconds, three tanked turret shots. Three wasted seconds you take heavy damage by both the turret, and extremely light damage by the Teemo.

    Of course it serves other purposes, which will also be explained later.

  • Update log.

  • Introduction

    This guide is not done yet, but it's finished far enough to use, and use pretty well. I will be checking in to fix this guide daily (if you're lucky).

    Please do not downvote without a comment, I'd like to know what I can do to change this guide for the better.

    Hey everyone, my name's Jon and I play on the US servers. My IGN is JonKOedYou, and I'm currently in ELO hell. If I ever play with you and troll you, I apologize.

    On to the introduction to Kayle.
    Kayle is one of the most versatile support champions in the game, as she can fit multiple niches in the team. She is not OP, nor is she the best damage dealer / healer / support. If you came to expect me to say that she is the best champion in the game, you are sadly mistaken.

    She is, however, one of the better team fighters in the game, and she can easily outlane more than half of the champions in the game. She can shine in both solo lanes and side lanes, so you can squeeze her into most teams with no problem, and I will show you how to unleash her potential.

    Onto the guide!

  • Before we begin...

    I understand that the majority of League of Legends players will go through a champion guide just to quickly check their item build, mastery page, rune page, etc. So i'll post something that'll work most of the time, just not as well as it would if you 100% adapted.

    Item Build.
    External Image

    Greater Mark of Insight
    Greater Seal of Clarity
    Greater Glyph of Potency
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    External Image
    ^No, that was me ^^;

    External Image

  • Masteries + Runes = Hi!

    External Image
    This mastery page utilizes the fact that Kayle benefits from both DPS stats, such as AD, AS, etc., as well as AP and CDR. This maxes out damage, because you will be attacking from afar. There's no reason to build defensively, if you know how to position yourself. Catch your opponents off guard, stay behind your melee's, ETC.

    Closer inspection of the page shows that I run Ghost and Ignite.

    First off, let's explain the reasons of why I choose Ghost.
    -No flash mastery available due to building an offensive mastery tree.
    -You need either ghost or flash to play competitively. It's not an opinion because I said so.
    -Helps you position yourself, chase, run, and just overall play better. You can make mistakes while using it and still survive.
    -Synergizes with Divine Blessing pretty well if you use both on yourself.

    Secondly, reasons to use Ignite!
    -Helps you secure kills.
    -Helps you take down characters that use spells that reduce damage taken(?), such as Alistar.
    -Synergizes VERY well with Reckoning, because that makes the enemy you mark with Q take extra damage.
    -Helps improve your overall damage output, as Kayle will never be the one doing the most damage.
    -Heal debuff helps against those champions that heal in lane, or to last hit that Tryndamere that always uses spinning blade out of the fight.

    There are other options, however I just prefer to take those two.
    A quick list of other options.


    Those are the only ones that I'd accept.

    Runes you can run any way you want, and argue that they're better. I run a simple rune build of
    Greater Mark of Insightx9
    Greater Seal of Clarityx9
    Greater Glyph of Potencyx9
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitudex3

  • Items

    This section is totally situational, and you should always build according to the game. Do not build full AP/AD/AS items if you're 0/20, Kill/death ratio-wise.

    Okay guys, your dream build will be this.
    External Image

    However, you probably will not be able to build like this in 50% of your games.
    Let me break down those six items first, and then I'll explain other options.

    . This item makes my build kind of different, as I really just can't stand going back to my base because of mana problems. Please read this next statement multiple times, as I cannot stand when people play "wrong".
    You do NOT use your spells conservatively with Kayle, in any stage of the game.
    To play Kayle, you must constantly harass with , and keep every champion in your lane's health up, by using . The fact that we skill first will show how mana hungry we will get if we spam it. At rank 5, it uses 100 mana. To spam 100 mana over and over again while trying to maintain your mana is impossible.

    Kayle NEEDS the mana to be a viable laner. Otherwise you will remain lackluster throughout the laning phase, because you will be OOM for half of it.

    . This item at first glance makes you think about what a bad item it is, because there are so many sources of cooldown reduction. However, cooldown reduction items can be kind of a stretch to buy, as most of them you'll want to stay away from. Also, this item helps you spam your and .

    You can always substitute this item for , , or .

    . This item is your most expensive item (most of the time), and is bought early on for a good reason. The two items that make this are both decent, and both help you deal damage for a pretty cheap price. However, when put together, Hextech Gunblade almost abuses Kayle's passive! And of course, the active is pretty cool to use in unison with Reckoning.

    . This item is Kayle's (and a lot of other champions' best friend). This item will boost your damage per second by a lot, because it boosts your attack speed on your already strong attack damage.
    This also encourages spell spamming, which you already plan on doing, so that's a boost.

    . Riot has constantly tried to nerf this item to make it balanced as opposed to other items, but this item is the best magic resist item in the game for non tanky characters.

    . This item is probably the best way to finish your build off.
    It will...
    -Max out your CDR (40%).
    -Give you a lot more attack speed
    -Give you more AP, which means more AD.
    -Overall be an easy item to finish with because it's cheap!

    'Nuff said?

  • Items NOT to build...

    So this is the section to clear some speculation on items that some people insist on building. Comment if you want me to write about an item and/or you're interested in weather or not it's viable on Kayle.

    So let's get this started!

    Trinity Force/ Lich Bane.
    For starters, these items are both very expensive.

    I understand that you guys probably complaining, as I said that spamming your spells, and that these items would encourage spamming. However, they're just not cost efficient. Why get a tiny bit of extra burst, when you can sustain your DPS, and just overall do more damage?

    Did I mention that they're both expensive?

    The Bloodthirster. This item seems pretty good on paper. 100 extra damage at full stacks with 25% lifesteal. However, once again, a bit too expensive, and doesn't help you do anything but do more damage. It gives you 0 cdr, 0 mp5, 0 survivability, and 0 AP.

    Items that boost both AP and AD/AS are a lot more cost efficient than single AD and AP items.

    More items will be added upon request, or when I can remember some more to add.

  • Summary

    Overall, these builds will help you do more damage, have 40% CDR for spamming skills, and actually serve multiple purposes.

    You can actually fill three roles on a team with this build. Support, Caster, and even Ranged DPS.

    And trust me, people will ask if Kayle got buffed. All you'll have to say is 'http://tinyurl.com/6etds9e!'

  • Pros / Cons

    -High DPS
    -Decent survivability
    -High spell spammability
    -Decent utility (with two slows)
    -Compliments throughout the game if well executed.

    -People will sometimes complain about Kayle being a bad champion in the champion select screen
    -You may do kind of badly if trying Kayle out for the first time
    -Range is not as high as you'd want
    -Games will not always go exactly as planned

  • End notes

    Hey guys, thanks for reading the guide. I know most people will usually just read through the guide and not even worry about giving it a thumbs-up.

    However, I am (almost) begging you to give me some feedback. I know that if this guide gets a lot of positive reviews and ratings, you League Crafters value and benefit from using my guide. I know that if this guide gets highly rated, I can make other guides that you guys will read. So please, the rating and comment is not only for me. It's for you.

    Upvote and rate if you liked it.

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