Xin Zhao Build Guide

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Xin Zhao's Kinda of DPS Jungle Guide :D

written by AngelsHeartz

Xin Zhao Build

Table of Contents

  • (First Time Making) (Introduction) plz read everything THIS IS FOR [5 VS 5MAP]

    I decide to create this build because lately I'm playing Xin Zhao really bad, and decided to change my play style and this build is still testing... so if u can plz give me advice and things to fix. thx alot
    Also my Xin Zhao isnt complete... so yeah i will try to complete it. I ALSO DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT THIS WEBSITE

  • Items

    Ok,first u get a Cloth Armor and 4 Health Potion cause u can go and kill the Golems an the wolfs if u can. If u can see a possible gank and ur sure u can kill them and not die then go for it. Then u get 【item=Madred's BloodRazor] cause the passive is good for farms and jungles. Then u get the boots depending on the situation.Usually gets a Berserker's Greaves 25% attack speed. Ok, now u get Zeal starting with the Dagger go kill people if u can, if u cant go jungle till u can get the Pickaxe cause the first mode gives u 100% Bonus Attack Damage then Recurve Bow after [item=Madred's BloodRazor]. This thing is good for Xin cause gives everything he needs damage, attack speed, armor, and the passive takes care of hp tanks,creeps,monsters,etc. well basically it take care of everything. Ok, next u get a Phage for heath and slow and if u have the money get Trinity Force Ok, now it pretty much GG. Since every ability u use the next attack well do 150% Damage and u take 4% of their hp off. If it not gg, then get The Bloodthirster for Life steal. Now u got most of the items but your hp is low so get a Warmog's Armor for that 1000 hp now next item u can chose between Infinity Edge or Atma's Impaler Depending on ur money if u get a Impaler it gives u around 60 attack damage. So, it better to get a Infinity Edge which gives u 80 attack damage. But since it late game so just get what u can get.
    So, the items for most of the time its

    1.[item=Madred's BloodRazor] 2. Berserker's Greaves 3. Trinity Force 4. The Bloodthirster 5. Warmog's Armor 6. Atma's Impaler

  • Skilling Order

    Get first no matter what = it does 3 hits and knocks them kinda like a stun
    Then Get = bonus attack speed
    After Get = Charges in does Ap damage
    so it will be this = ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    I decided this because - does 100% bonus Attack Damage and 3hits/stuns so i master this first
    Then, it will be Battle Cry - gives u 40% extra attack speed at the end and it doubles that one u use it
    After, it - Ulti, Takes around 20% down of there current Hp, and does extra damage and does AOE Damage
    Then, its - it just a charge and does extra damage but thats not as good as the others so i master it last

    So, u use ,Auto[which should be right after],,Auto,,and repeat. Use to chase those guys who re running away. Auto attacking is because of Trinity Force after a ability Auto damages 150% of the ur damage

  • Summoner Abilities

    Exhaust + Ignite = slow and extra true damage very good in the beginning
    Flash + Ghost = close to a 100& run away or chase
    Heal + Ignite = u heal and ur enemy gets burn
    Smite + Heal = for beginning jungle
    Teleport+anything above
    Well thats the good ones that i know :D

    Do not ever take these
    Revive - not that bad but it a 8 minute cooldown so no
    [spell=Charity] - gives mana but not for Xin Zhao he doesnt need it
    Clairvoyance - reveals the map but only 6 secs get wards instead
    Cleanse - removes CC Control but u wont know what whos ur enemy so it a risk, it might be good or useless
    [spell=Fortify] - it ok but its only for ur turrets, u can get it if u wish but only when no one esle gets it
    [spell=Rally] - gives ur ally boost of attack damage for 15 seconds. Not that good so No

  • Things u might want to consider when facing other people

    Tanks - Last Whisper, The Black Cleaver, [item=Madred's BloodRazor]
    Mages - Yes this situation u can get a [item=Mercury Treads], Banshee's Veil, Cloak and Dagger, [item=Force of Nature]
    AD Dps - Ninja Tabi, Thornmail, Guardian Angel[Second Life every 5 min]

  • Summary

    Ok, so at the end u should be able to win, if not it should be my guide or ur playing style or ur just facing a better team. So, beginning u should jungle alittle and level up to Lv2. remember, if u see a kill then go for it but make sure u dont die [FLASH/GHOST] is the best way to escape. The best time to gank is when ur around full hp and u have ur ulti ready. Remember to buy wards! Also, if u have any tips for a better guide and tips for Xin Zhao himself. Thx People  

  • Creep Jungling

    Kill Golems first since there weak, Heal if u have too, Kill Wolfs and Wrafts, get a one of the razors and start getting bluffs, after u got both bluffs u should get dragon. Then, u can do watever u want.

  • Abilities

    [spell=Tireless Warrior]
    In the end u heal 70 hp per 3 hits, so means if u get Warmog's Armor and The Bloodthirster u can heal over aleast 200 per 3 hits.

    Three Talon Strike
    Good Damage,Knocks people up in the air, 100% Bonus Attack Damage + 75 extra at the end
    This is your main Attack Damage other than Auto Attack

    Battle Cry
    It a War Cry, gives him attack speed and more attack speed. This is a Recurve Bow at the end

    Audacious Charge
    Charges ur enemy with 45 damage + Ap Power

    Crescent Sweep

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