Xin Zhao Build Guide

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Xin Zhao, achieve pentakills everyday!

written by jcbgr

Xin Zhao Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    [spell=Tireless Warrior]
    At the end you get 75 HP back every 3 attacks. This skill is our key skill which we will improve to increase the survivability of Xin.

    Three Talon Strike
    This combo is affected by attack speed (keep in mind) and deals physical damage equal to a static value + your attack damage. This happens to EVERY hit of the combo, the 3rd knocks the opponent to the air meaning you kind of stun them. This can cut some ultis if casted in time.

    Battle Cry
    This tells us that ATTACK SPEED is important to Xin. We got a passive 40% and when you press W you get 80% for 5 seconds and all your cooldowns are reduced by 1 sec for every hit in this teime.

    Audacious Charge
    This skill's job is to jump on an enemy and deal magic damage equal to a static value + pure ability power AND slow him and the nearby enemies too. Pretty OP huh?

    Crescent Sweep
    This is the ulti of Xin which deals AOE physical damage that's a sum of a static value + 15% of the Champions current health removing them ~1/3 of their life. In addition for 6 seconds you get increased armor and magic resist that equals 25 + 5 for each champion hit. So if you manage to hit 5 targets in a 5on5, you get 25+25 = 50 increase.

  • Introduction

    Hello to all. This is the first guide i decided to create. It’s all about Xin Zhao, a champion frequently referred as “OP”. This happens due to its abilities which allow him to deliver massive amounts of damage per second (dps). A champion of course never wins a match, it’s the team that wins.. If you are NOT playing a premade, it’s up to you to adapt your fights when it’s best for you. In this guide we will talk about this and how to make Xin Zhao achieve great killing sprees and even Pentakills.

  • Masteries + Runes

    This Mastery-Rune setup focuses on boost of damage output.

    [ 24/6/0 ]

    Giving 3 Points to Deadliness i increase my critical chance and 1 point to Archmage to get some ability and also open the next masteries.

    4 on Alacrity and Sorcery to boost attack speed and cooldowns which are vital for Xin.

    3 points on Sunder to get some Armor Pen, and then Archaic knowledge and Ignite gives us 15% Magic Pen for our E and ability boost when you cast Ignite (which is in our summoner spells).

    Go on with Brute Force, Lethality and finally Havoc to boost your overall damage output.

    3/3 on Resistance and Hardiness to get some boost on your defense.



    3x, 9x, 9x, 4x, 5x

    My rune setup is pretty simple. I get maximum Armor Pen with 3 Quints and 9 Marks of Armor Penetration. Then i give Xin what he needs most. 9 Attack Speed runes and last but not least i boost my abilities cooldown because your WANT your cooldowns low for Q-E spam so i get 4 static cooldowns to help me early and then 5 "by level" cooldown runes to help me late game.

    This setup will help you normal and skill hit FASTER (meaning u get Q bonus dmg and knockup faster) plus cooldown reduce so you can spam them all this in addition of the Armor Pen will tear apart anyone.

  • Items

    [item_icon=emblem of valour]

    [item_icon=emblem of valour]

    [item_icon=stark's fervor]

    [item_icon=stark's fervor]

    [item_icon=stark's fervor]

    You start with Doran's Blade. It gives you whatever you need. Health, Life-steal and Damage. Then you get Boots of Speed and a Dagger or Berserker's Greaves (if you afford them).

    Get a Zeal to boost your attack speed, as we level up Q and E, Zeal will cover the gap of W's

    Get a B. F. Sword and an [item=emblem of valour] to boost your damage and your life steal so you can deal a lot of damage AND LIVE LONG when they focus you.

    Getting a Recurve Bow you should be able to upgrade to [item=stark's fervor] which will increase a LOT your survivability and damage with it's passive armor pen.

    Get a Vampiric Scepter when your gold is cool and then ASAP you upgrade to The Bloodthirster using your already bought BF Sword.

    At this point you got lots of Life-steal, Damage, Attack Speed, Speed and Armor Pen. Now its time to check your match and decide what is best for you.

    Note: If you having a hard time deciding due to weird team then just see the 2 top killers of the enemy team and get items for them, for example if its Lux and Xin, get an anti CC dagger and Thornail, if its Jax and Morde then get the "dodge this" sword and Last Whisper to tear their Armor.

    vs Tank team.
    [item_icon=stark's fervor]

    vs Mage team.
    [item_icon=stark's fervor]

    vs CC team.
    [item_icon=stark's fervor]

    vs DPS team.
    [item_icon=stark's fervor]


    vs Akali.
    [item_icon=stark's fervor]

    vs Jax.
    [item_icon=stark's fervor]

  • Summoner Spells

    I use Ignite because its cool to finish a lot of opponents and not let some get away plus by the masteries after using it you gain ability power which boosts your E.

    Flash is self explanatory. Use it to get faster or to jump over tanky defense to a low hp oponent or get out of loosing fight fast.

  • Final Notes

    Ok my final comments will include play style in Early, Mid and Late game. Xin's job is to get IN the fight and deal massive damage. In order to achieve Pentakills and stuff you need to follow my guide in masteries / runes / builts then it need practise and games to understand when its the right time to E someone and then R deal super damage to everyone get defense bonus start Qing the weakest link, Ignite someone, E again, Flash to get the chicken who runs away and eventually you will get your Pentakill.

    For early game just try to get gold from mobs and LEVELS its important. Greater level mean greater skills and MORE damage. Don't rush in fights if you are like 2v5 in the early game. This fights are hard even in late game but keep in mind with my built whenever you HIT something you get super life-steal (from stark and bloodthurster PLUS your passive) and also you deal a lot of damage due to Armor pen runes and items. So if you focus someone, kill him then change target. NEVER leave someone with low hp.

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