Yorick Build Guide

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Yorick, 1v1...2v1?!

written by aseryen

Yorick Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    NOTE: THIS GUIDE IS UNFINISHED...mainly cause I'd rather play a game than help others out :)

    This is my first guide...to pretty much anything so just leave comments on what you like or don't but I take pride in that I was able to play extremely well with yori before his first patch

  • Masteries + Runes

    Since I am a total noob I have a really weird masteries/rune page but it keeps me alive so I'm not changing anything


    Reds I get flat armor pen

    Yellows I get flat armor

    Blues I get MR/lvl

    Quints I get 2 flat health and 1 flat armor pen


    I run a 0/16/14

  • Skilling Order


    maxing out you E keeps you in lane for a very long time while also giving you more harass ability around lvl 5 when you can combo with a W to slow then E, but never get close enough to melee because yori while early game is not that tough. While i said to stay away from melee atacking while you harass there are those times that you need to engage and whats the point in that if you have no damage output...or a blitz pulls you in and understimates you ;)

  • Summoner Abilities

    flash and ghost...please just get them...no need for teleport you can push a wave of minons very quickly then just b and by the time you walk back it's as if you never left :)

  • Abilities

    Unholy Covenant
    meh dont notice the passive but im conscious of it...otherwise its great for mid game farming all in all i like it

    Omen of War
    grab huge chunks of health in a 1v1 and you get a minion? yeah im sold

    Omen of Pestilence
    this has saved me countless of times but has also taken a bad situation and turned it good with omen of famine...cause slow people are yummy ;)

    Omen of Famine
    long range heal...hmm op? yeah ive started to think this...great harass and survive ability

    Omen of Death
    everyone will be scared that theres going to be two of you ;)

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