Taric Build Guide

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Taric - Gems are truly outrageous

written by Perfects

Taric Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction


    DISCLAIMER: This will be a long guide! It will state obvious things, but also tips and tricks. I recommend people to read all of it, since it most likely will improve your Taric. I do encourage everyone who is reading this, to critize my guide with comments, so I can get more viewpoints. Constructive critism is always good! So, let\'s get a good discussion going aswell!

    This is the way I play Taric, and it\'s DEFINITELY NOT the only way to play him.

    This guide will focus on Taric\'s ability to push, and help supporting your team in teamfights, with both decent damage, stun, heal, and AoE buffs.
    This guide won\'t make you achieve legendary status, but it will sure make you carry your team to victory!

    And a last thing : Promote is used, and strategies with promote is explained in this guide. This is because, even though it\'s not in the game anymore, it might (probably will) come back one day, just with minor changes. So the strategies might be valid at that time.

  • Abilities

    Taric\'s passive. Will let you regen 7,5% mana of the melee damage you do. - Not very useful for this build.

    Taric\'s single target healing. Will let you heal either a teammate plus yourself, or place a 40% more powerful heal on yourself. - Good ability, but not what this build is worked around.

    Taric\'s AoE buff and AoE damage. Increases armor for you and your allies. Activate this to damage nearby enemies, but lose the AoE aura. - This is the primary ability in this build. You want this!

    Taric\'s stun. This will stun an enemy, and deal damage. Damage and stun depends on range. - Good support spell, but you will only want to use this in ganks, or when hunting.

    Taric\'s AoE healing and AoE damage buff. This will heal allies, and make them damage more. Mana cost increases the longer it\'s turned on. - You want this whenever possible. This is the key to win team fights, and other pushes.

  • Stats

    Health..............468 + 90 / level (2088 lvl 18)
    Mana................255 + 56 / level (1263 lvl 18)
    Armor...............16.5 + 3.2 / level (74.1 lvl 18)
    Magic resist........30
    Critical Strike.....+ 0.25 / level (6.5 lvl 18)
    Health Regen........1.42 + 0.1 / level (3.22 lvl 18)
    Mana Regen..........0.82 + 0.08 / level (2.26 lvl 18)
    Range...............125 - Melee

  • Pros / Cons

    - Great supporter.
    - Can deal decent burst damage.
    - Versatile. Can be played as a Tank, Pusher, Supporter, and Healer.

    - Semi-long CD\'s.
    - When all spell\'s on CD, he is worth very little.

  • Items

    This item build will make you an aura boy. Remember, if your team have Sivir, or Soraka, you might want Sivir to get the Stark\'s and Soraka to get the Soul Shroud. If you have a champion that will benefit more from buying an aura item than you would, make them get that item. No need to get Stark\'s as Taric, if you have a Sivir.

    - Do not get stark\'s, if there aren\'t anyone in need of it. And do not get Soul Shroud, if your allies have very low CD\'s. Get whatever is needed, and get what\'s needed the most at first. This is how I would prioritize getting my items, in an average game!

    1a. Ruby Crystal - This will be your starting item. With this, your opponents are usually discouraged from targetting you, since you have a lot of early game HP, and can heal up. So, you can focus on supporting your laning partner.

    1b. [item=meki Pendant] - If you don\'t like getting health first, but rather want to be sure to always have mana for heals, stuns, and farming, get this item first instead. You will need this for Chalice anyway.

    2. Chalice of Harmony - 890 - Get this as your 3rd item. You do want to keep up your mana while using radiance. This will help you doing so. Plus, it add a bit of magic resist, which is very nice aswell.

    3. [item=Mercury\'s Treads] Or Ninja Tabi - 1200 / 850 - Get one of these. You want to survive to support your team. You dont want Beserker\'s, since you wont be dealing a lot of damage with your melee hits with this build.

    4. Aegis of the Legion - 1925 - Turn your Ruby Crystal into this, as soon as possible! This will provide your team with another good AoE buff, increasing their armor and magic resist.

    5. [item=stark\'s fervor] Or Guardian Angel - 2550 / 2600 - Get this for the aura. It also provides some attack speed, so you can hit the turrets a little faster. Again, you are a support. That\'s why you get supportive items. If a Sivir or another one is getting Stark\'s, you might consider going for a Guardian Angel instead.

    6. [item=soul shroud] Or [Banshee\'s veil] - 2325 / 1975 - Get this item for some extra health, but also for the aura, that both benefits you, but especially your teammates. If another teammate, like Soraka, already has gotten, or is getting this, get Banshee\'s veil instead.

    7. Frozen Heart - 2800 - I don\'t think your game will go this far, but if it will, this is the item you would want. Armor for tanking, Mana for Radiance, and a debuff that makes your enemies lose attack speed. Very nice item.

    Total gold cost = 11690 / 11340 gold.

    Now your item build is complete. You are now almost as great as you can be.

    During mid and late game, if you happen to get a shit load of gold get an elixir of Fortitude, and if the game seems to keep on going, you should sell your boots, buy the 3 elixirs (Red > Blue > Green). And of course, after that, buy back your boots.

  • Secondary item build

    Now, this item build will aswell, just like the other one, focus on support. If you have a Sivir on your team, or a Soraka, they will most likely pick one of your aura items, so this build will avoid auras.

    I\'d still advise to start out with ruby crystal, but Meki pendant works aswell.

    1. Chalice of Harmony - 890 - See reason above.
    2. [item=Mercury\'s treads] or Ninja Tabi - 1200 / 850 - Look for reasoning above.
    3. [item=Banshee\'s veil] - 1975 - Especially good against enemies like Blitzcrank. Get this if you need some spell blocking. If not, just proceed to next item.
    4. Guardian Angel - 2600 - very nice item, Imho. I can\'t remember wether your ult cancels when you are resurrecting, but if not, then this is definitely OP. If not, it\'s still good.
    5. Thornmail or [item=Warden\'s mail] - 2000 / 1650 - Get these against heavy stacked, or fed, physical damage dealers. If they have a lot of pen, Thornmail is good for the returned damage. And Warden\'s is good for the slow. I\'d not advise getting both, since they are working against each other.
    6. Sunfire Cape or [item=warmog\'s armor] - 2850 / 3200 - I\'d not like any of these item personally. Warmog\'s is too late to really develop, and sunfire cape isn\'t too good either. But you need HP, since you are already armor and magic resist stacked. When you have a high amount of armor, 1 hp is all of the sudden equal to a lot more than 1. So just get some kind of health tbh. You might consider getting Warmog\'s earlier, for the stacking.

  • Skilling Order

    REMEMBER: The first skill choices may vary. But I do recommend not getting more than rank 1 dazzle, before at the end, since the low cd reduction and the low damage, isn\'t really worth it.

    1.(E) Dazzle - Get this to stun someone in a level 1 fight, or to possibly prevent being ganked at low level.
    2.(W)/(Q) Shatter Or Imbue - Depends on how aggresive the people you are laning against are. Get heal if you are in need of healing.
    3.(W)/(Q) Shatter Or Imbue - Whichever you didn\'t get before.
    4.(W) Shatter
    5.(W) Shatter
    6.(R) Radiance - Now you can really start pushing and helping in team fights.
    7.(W) Shatter
    8.(Q) Imbue
    9.(W) Shatter - Maxed. This will now let you farm decently, and provide a great armor boost for team fights.
    10.(Q) Imbue
    11.(R) Radiance
    12.(Q) Imbue
    13.(Q) Imbue - Maxed.
    14.(E) Dazzle
    15.(E) Dazzle
    16.(R) Radiance - Maxed.
    17.(E) Dazzle
    18.(E) Dazzle - Maxed.

    I have been receiving advices regarding skilling, and instead of going Dazzle at level 1, you should go for Shatter at level 1 for the armor, and the AoE ability. If you do this, remember to get Dazzle in either of the next 3 levels.

  • Runes

    DISCALIMER: All runes are optional. It changes with the way that you play the champion, and with what you find yourself in need of.

    9 x Greater Mark of Replenishment
    9 x Greater Seal of Defense
    9 x Greater Glyph of Intellect
    3 x Greater Quints. of Fortitude

    Total IP cost = 15375 IP.

    This is what I would go with. It provides mana for early game heals and Dazzle / Shatter combos. It also give some decent health for survivability and some mana regen.

  • Summoner Abilities

    As for summoner abilities, remember, you are a support champion. Not a carry, so get the support summoner abilities.

    Teleport - Is almost a must. Enables you to go everywhere quick, to defend, help a teammate, or even go push, if enemies are in other lanes. Also helps you get your Aegis early game, and get back withot losing any experience.

    Promote Or [spell=Rally] - These spells are both support spells. I\'d always pick promote over rally, for pushing. Remember, promote gives yet another armor buff to your teammates, so you can use this in teamfights if there are creeps around, aswell as while pushing. Rally is good for pushing aswell. But since this stays in one place, you can only use it for 1 tower. It\'s like having 2x radiance, because they do stack. This is great for teamfights aswell. If no one in your team have got this, get this instead of promote or teleport (While promote is taken out of the game, rally will be the one to get).

  • Masteries

    Personally, I do prefer actually not getting the mastery for promote or rally, since it\'s way up the offense tree, and I do not see any real usable things but that one. Instead, I go, and would recommend 0/21/9.

    For that mastery setup, you would want these points:

    3/3 Resistance.
    3/3 Hardiness.
    3/3 Strength of Spirit.
    2/2 Defensive mastery.
    3/3 Harden Skin.
    4/4 Veteran\'s scars.
    2 Fillers
    1/1 Tenacity.

    1 Filler (Teleport if you have that summoner ability).
    3/3 Perseverence.
    4/4 Awareness.
    1/1 Greed.

    These masteries are again, just personal choices, and you should personalize these for your maximum performance, for the way that you play.

  • Creep Jungling

    Taric isn\'t much of a jungler. But with this build, you should, whenever running through a jungle, just go by the small creep camp, and hit shatter once, and see them all die in less than 0.5 sec. Gives some very needed gold.

  • Farming

    Taric is not a great farmer, at all! But with this build, you will be almost as close to a good farmer as possible for Taric. When you just casually farm, no pushing or ganking intended, use your shatter. Run up behind the melee creeps, attack them once each, then hit shatter. - Yes, you\'ve just gotten 6 creep kills ( Roughly 120 gold). Also, when running through forests, just run in between the creeps in the small creep camps, and use shatter. Again, just got yourself around 100 gold in one click. - Don\'t try to get hero kills, but rather assists. Even though you want money like everyone else, Taric isn\'t supposed to farm champions if you play him like this, but rather help his team get champion kills.
    I usually am in the top 3 with creep kills. Just know when to use shatter and when not to. Would be sad going into a gank without it!

  • Working in the team

    Taric is a great asset to almost every team. With this build, you will be able to tank, or semi tank, this making you a great initiator for your team. Go in, heal yourself after taking a little damage, and turn on radiance when team starts fighting. You don\'t want to turn this on too late, or too early, due to precious damage, and the high mana cost for a sustained radiance. Stun the ranged, or the people that needs to be stunned, and only use shatter in the end of the team fight, since you want the bonus armor for your team. Of course, if needed, use shatter earlier. And remember, you are a supporter, not a carry. DON\'T STEAL KILLS IF IT CAN BE AVOIDED. Of course, better save than sorry, so don\'t let enemies have a chance of surviving either.

  • Laning partners

    Playing Taric as a pusher, an ovious good idea will be to team him up with another pusher, like Alistar or Sivir.

    If you happen to play with Sivir, you should stun a target everytime it\'s possible, while Sivir will use this stun to insure getting a double hit on her boomerang blade. This combo will deal a serious amount of damage at level 5. Also, after stunning, don\'t run back. You can damage even more, by running up and activating shatter. this combo will deal around 700 damage early / mid game, which is allowing you permanent control over your lane. When pushing (after level 6), do use your promote(if that\'s your summoner skill), then use your ult, combined with Sivir\'s ult, to ensure that the tower goes down. If your enemies doesn\'t receive any help from the other lanes, you can push 2 towers in this way. If they do come to help your enemies, your teammates just got enough space to push themselves. Remember! Healing a promoted unit or the units tanking, might not be a bad idea, it might lead to you guys killing the turret.

    Laning with Alistar should be obvious. Alistar spams heal as soon as possible all the time, while you have stun and backup heal. Alistar can tank the turret, while minions stack up at their turret, making your Radiance more effective, since it benefits more allies.

  • Unique Skills

    Taric has one unique skill. And that skills is Radiance. This is like portable rally. It won\'t just stay 1 place in a teamfight or at 1 tower when pushing, no, you can bring it everywhere you want (as long as you have enough mana). This also stacks with rally, so if your team has a rally, don\'t worry, Taric\'s ult will still be great for the team.

  • Build Example

    This is what my final build would look like. As you will see, I\'m going full defense, with some mana, and mana regen, to tank, and to keep Radiance up. Also, notice that I\'m getting 4 items that provides team buffs or Enemy debuff. This is, once again, to support my team.


  • Tips and Tricks

    Don\'t always save Shatter for the armor increase. Sometimes, you might want to use it in a teamfight, not just to deal damage, but if the enemies have many caster, decreasing their armor might be more valuable to your team, than increased team armor.

    Dazzle is works best if you use it on enemies running away from you. However, you can use it on short range, for the damage. This can hurt a lot, if you combine it with a Shatter attack.

    Don\'t hesitate using your dazzle to stun the enemy, if this means your teammate will be sure to hit with his skill shot (Sivir, Morgana, Ashe, etc).

    When laning, making the enemies either attacking both you and your teammate, or just you, will make your imbue do even more, since it will always heal you, and if focused on you, it will heal 40% more. Thus, making the mana and the CD spent better.

    You should try to lane with another pusher champion.

    Activating Radiance can be smart when chasing someone on low health. If you do manage to attack him, the + damage you deal might just be enough to get the kill!

    Playing against offensive people? Use it to your advantage! Stand close to the creeps, making them attack your enemies when they go for you. Try to kite a bit, and when they return, stun them. In this way, the creeps will keep shooting at them, and they might suffer fatal damage. Also, get some back up from your teammate, and use shatter, and you might even score a kill or an assist!

    Abuse other people\'s greediness, by baiting them into traps. Remember, you have a heal to save you if something goes wrong!

    This one is very situational, but it will make your day when you pull it off.
    Whenever pushing a turret by yourself, and that Tryndamere or Yi comes to stop you all by yourself, and you have a huge amount of minions? Let them attack you (Don\'t attack them though). Keep Radiance on, and heal yourself. Soon, because of Radiance, they will be on 50% hp due to the increased minion damage. Now, when they are around 40%, they might want to go back, because they see that this is dangerous. The second they start running away, use dazzle, and Shatter. This, with all thr minions still attacking, will usually end up in a kill, and you can proceed to take down the turret, if nobody else comes. (This is do-able vs. 2 guys aswell, if you\'re a little fed or overfarmed, and /or they have been fed upon).

  • Summary

    By playing Taric this way, you will both have a great pusher, but also a good tank / semi-tank. You can use Dazzle / Shatter combinations to dish out damage aswell.
    They keypoints, however, is to be a support of your team, let the carries carry, and do get the champion kills, while you provide usefull armor, healing, damage increase and stuns. Try to be the one taking the damage if possible, since it will allow your teammates more space.

    I hope you enjoyed this guide, and I do hope that you\'ve read it all, or atleast most of it, especially, Tower pushing, Laning Partners, and Tips and Tricks, since it will give you some nice tricks, as to how to both take towers, and make sure you and your laning partner share 1-2 kills.

    Once again, I hope you had a good read.
    And remember, don\'t treat this like a bible. Take some of my strategies / tips and mix it with your own playstyle, and with what is needed for that certain game.

  • P.S. What do you want?

    So, here\'s a little p.s. ... What do you want? Is there any kind of combo or way of playing, you want explained further? Do you find you need something explained even more? If so, add a comment telling me what you want me to add to this guide!

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