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Ulasht on Singed: the Apothecary of Strife (In-depth Build and Gameplay Discussion)

written by Ulasht

Singed Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello! I'd like to preemptively thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to read my guide.

    I'm going to be a little bit frank. It's a bit disconcerting to look at statistics about Singed, because they generally say that he is one of the most played and simultaneously least understood champions in the game. I've had a real problem with literally every Singed guide I've ever read (and I've read a lot; yes, including The Rain Man's and Dyrus's guides), and I've traced my issues back to two fundamental flaws in each guide.

    The guides I've read either:
    A) Don't fully explain item/gameplay/build choices, leading to misunderstandings (i.e. Dyrus and The Rain Man's guides on Solomid), or
    B) Include sub-optimal builds that don't maximize Singed's effectiveness (i.e. basically everything else).

    What I want you to do, as a favor to me, is to get everything you've learned about Singed from everyone else out of your mind while reading my guide. I just want you to listen impartially to what I have to say about Singed. When you've finished, feel absolutely free to use it how you will; you can take some tidbits from me and some tidbits from someone else and just kinda have a soup full of random tidbits, you can praise my knowledge as though it were the second coming, or you can say, "Fuck that faggot, he's completely wrong and I'm gonna do my own thing" for all I care. But do it ONCE YOU'VE FINISHED READING.

    This guide is going to be quite unlike my Karma guide (which, through a shameless self bump, can be found here) in a few ways. First, unlike Karma, I have extensive, firsthand experience of playing Singed. He is far and away my most played and best champion. I have something like 300 games with him between several accounts, so I've seen it all and I know what I'm talking about.

    Second, even though it will be organized in a similar fashion, this guide will be much more in-depth about the build. My item discussion will be similar, but there will be MANY less viable choices because Karma's build is simply more flexible than Singed's build. As a matter of fact, after looking at Karma and Singed side by side, I almost want to say that Singed's build is unreasonably INflexible by comparison.

    Last, zomg videos to come! :D
    Singed (pronounced like the English word; if I hear anyone pronounce it "Sing-ehd" again I'm going to lobotomize myself with a meat cleaver) has always been a champion that I've been drawn to. As the figurehead of the first group of champions Riot created, he's been around for a while, and he's one of the most unique, balanced, and best designed characters in the game.

    Despite this, I feel as though his avatar is misrepresenting his gameplay. I mean, really, look at this guy:

    External Image

    He looks like he's been through a bunch of shit and like if you even look at him funny he'll be on you like white on rice in a split second. In reality, this couldn't be further from the truth; Singed is a pretty laid back champ if you think about it:

    A day in the life of Singed-
    1) Never die
    2) Fling some stuff
    3) Gas some creeps

    .....and that's really about it. I feel like Surfer Singed hit the nail right on the head. He's got no worries, he's just chillin'.

    This seeming passivity towards his environment earns Singed his reputation for getting away with the craziest, most dumbfoundingly stupid things that shouldn't work. It's also why he's so scary. He literally can't give half of a shit about anything the enemy is trying to do to him, and that's pretty terrifying.

    External Image
    Yeah, that's about right.

  • Abilities

    Empowered Bulwark
    (Passive): Singed's max health is increased by 1 for each 4 points of his maximum mana.
    This passive is pretty cool for your early game. Sapphire Crystal will give you an extra 50 health and about 5 extra HP/5 with Strength of Spirit (< It's not much, but it's pretty cool regardless, because you have a nice base regen to begin with). Not much to be said beyond all that.

    Poison Trail
    (Toggle): Singed leaves a trail of poison behind him for 5 seconds. Enemies caught in the path will be dealt 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+0.3 per ability power) magic damage each second for 5 seconds.
    Cost: 13 mana/sec
    This is your bread-and-butter skill, and it's your primary source of damage. It's your farming tool. It's your zoning tool. With Rylai's, it becomes a mobility-limiting utility. You're going to max it first, and you're going to like it. In-Depth farther down.

    Mega Adhesive
    (Active): Singed throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed by 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 % as long as they are in the adhesive and for 1 second once they are out of it.
    Cooldown: 14 Seconds
    Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana
    This is your main utility for limiting mobility. It's one of the best slows in the game due to the slow amount/number of targets/cooldown/uses. It's got a few uses and tricks I'm going to go into more detail about. A lot of it is really intuitive stuff, so it might sound like common sense, but I'm constantly surprised by the things that should be common sense that I don't think about, so just bear with me for this.

    (Active): Singed flips an enemy behind himself, dealing 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+1.0 per ability power) magic damage to it.
    Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    Cost: 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140 mana
    Another great one-point-wonder skill, this is your main initiation tool. Use this to fling squishy, high-priority people into your team. Hell, sometimes, you have to fling high-profile people AWAY from your squishy allies. I choose to max this second (after Poison Trail), a lot of people like the increased slow from Mega Adhesive. I say, go where your heart takes you :) This one is a matter of preference.

    Insanity Potion
    (Active): Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him a flat increase (35 / 50 / 65) to his combat stats: ability power, armor, magic resistance, movement speed, health regeneration per 5, mana regeneration per 5, and 10 / 20 / 30 % crowd control reduction for 25 seconds.
    Cooldown: 100 Seconds
    Cost: 150 mana
    This skill turns you into the juggernaut, bitch! You're going to laugh at every cc spell they throw at you, because they waste it if they use it on you. I've been hit by a full-duration Ashe stun with this bad boy popped, and the stun lasted about 1 second with Mercury's Treads. The movespeed bonus is gravy, too. It's really quite a good ultimate that you're certain to have up whenever you need it.

  • Base Stats

    Health: 366 (+82)
    Mana: 215 (+45)
    Damage: 55.2 (+3.38)
    Attack Speed: 0.613 (+1.7%)
    Range: 100
    Health Regen: 7.10 (+0.55)
    Mana Regen: 4.10 (+0.35)
    Armor: 18 (+3.5)
    Magic Res: 30
    Mov. Speed: 320

  • Poison Trail: How'd That Taste?

    This is one of Singed's most recognized weapons, and it's likely what will net you the highest total damage on your team by the end of the game.

    However, before we continue, let's get one thing straight.


    I have a few reasons behind this. First, and this is the biggest reason, is because YOU DON'T FUCKING NEED IT TO LAST HIT CREEPS. Singed has a pretty good base damage and auto-attack, so use it to your advantage! Do NOT charge headfirst into the enemy creeps, yodeling as Singed is wont to do, and start gassing the creeps like it's motherfucking Auschwitz. You're going to end up taking a lot of damage, and if it's not from the pissed-off creeps, it'll be from the pissed off champions that you're laning against who will be more than happy to score first blood off of you.

    Second, it will push the wave to their tower. I shouldn't have to explain why this is bad. It makes you more susceptible to ganks from their mid/jungle and it makes you very easy to zone out of experience.

    Third, it eats your mana faster than Kobayashi eats franks, man. This isn't good. Conserve your mana, please. Always have enough for an emergency fling/goo puddle.

    Last, it can actually mess up your last hits, or even your lane partner's. Having the periodic damage of the poison ticks makes it harder to contend with your own creeps for CS.

    The obvious question now is "Well, what the hell do we use it for then?"

    And to answer this question, I'm going to detail the uses in each phase of the game in a nice, organized list.

    Laning Phase (levels 1-6):
    *Prevent creeps from pushing your tower
    *Supply additional DPS to a fight

    Ganking Phase/Mid Game (levels 7-12):
    *Supply additional DPS to a fight
    *Push enemy creeps from in between the enemy towers (Explained more below)
    *Farm minion waves
    *Stop an enemy from chasing you and/or allies

    Mid/Late Game (levels 13+)
    *Supply additional DPS to a fight
    *Zone enemies out of entrance/escape routes (Potentially; it's quite obvious when it happens, but honestly , most people just ignore it and run through it to the ensuing teamfight, and rightly so.)
    *Farm minion waves
    *Push every lane you can get your lanky, chemical-burned ass to

    I mean, generally speaking, it's all pretty intuitive stuff aside from one or two points. Beyond not using it early on to farm, there's honestly not much reason NOT to use it in every other phase of the game. People simply ignore it in teamfights, and while I'm not going to say that Singed is the MVP in every teamfight solely because of his poison, every little bit of damage helps.

    As I mentioned above, you can keep your creeps pushed up to the enemy tower by running in between their outer and inner turrets and gassing the creep wave in that little bit of area. ONLY DO THIS WHEN YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT THEY WON'T KILL YOU. MAKE SURE YOU CAN SEE ALL OF THE ENEMIES/KNOW WHERE THEY ALL ARE. If you just run in behind the enemy tower when they're at full health and three of them are missing, all that's gonna be left of you is a sort of noxious odor lingering where you were.

  • Mega Adhesive: Shaken, Not Stirred

    Oh, Mega Adhesive! How I want to sing your praises! Why are you (in my opinion) the best slow in the game?

    *Unaffected by Mercury's Treads
    *Largest static-value slow in the game

    Not many champions can boast a slow that does all this. Not only does it do all of this, but it also boasts a cast range that's about twice as long as Ashe's autoattack range.

    Holy shit on a stick, Batman! How is it fair to have a 75% slow with a huge AOE with a duration that's literally more than a third of its cooldown, you might be asking? I'm gonna be completely frank, it isn't fair at all! :D

    This skill is great for getting people out of position/keeping them there. Having a fight in the jungle? Use this skill to close off one of the choke points that the enemy team might run through. Enemy chasing you? Toss your goo in front of you, turn around, and fling them into it! They're basically stuck, struggling to even lift their feet off the ground while you run away, laughing maniacally.

    Just keep in mind that it can function very similar to Anivia's Crystallize or Trundle's [spell=Pillar of Filth] due to its movement-limitation, AOE, and duration. If you've played either Trundle or Anivia, you should have no issues knowing when to use this.

  • Fling: This May Hurt

    Ah, Fling. This is really what makes Singed who he is. It cements his position as one of the most unique champions in the game, and it's one of the best initiation/positioning threats in the game.

    Notice my word choice; I said it's an initiation/positioning THREAT. As in, even just the threat of being flung into a team full of hungry enemies is enough for most people to avoid you like you have leprosy (under all those bandages, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that were the case). Just try it; any player who's played the game for more than two seconds will know the threat that you're just going to flip them over you. People don't like it. Think of it like a Blitzcrank grab that's easy to predict but impossible to dodge if he's in range of you. Your answer is to never let the bastard get less than half the map away from you, amirite?

    Sadly, Banshee's Veil all but neuters this ability, so you have to wait while your team uses low-cooldown poke spells to pop BV bubbles. Hopefully your team knows how to do this (spoiler alert: they won't :( )

    This is a pretty interesting move for juking. I can't tell you the number of times I've lived because I ran into a bush, waited for an enemy to follow me, turned around and flung them. The brain can't process what happened that quickly, and so they are sort of dazed for about a quarter second. It gives you a substantial lead on your escape in most cases.

    Use the burst damage from Fling to last-hit kills (but try not to killsteal >:D). I almost always use it outside of the laning phase to get the kills on siege minions because they are worth more gold.

  • Insanity Potion: Mix Mix Swirl Mix

    There are 2 huge, easy to spot situations to use your ultimate in. They are:

    First, when your life is in immediate danger, and
    Second, as a teamfight happens.

    If you're REALLY good, you can pop it right before you get stunned by [random stun here] to ensure that the duration is minimized. If you have an Ashe in your game, for god's sake, throw yourself in front of the arrow with this ulti on and giggle as it lasts all of half a second.

    Again, this is pretty intuitive stuff. Whenever you feel like you need to use your ultimate, it's probably a good situation to use it in. A lot of people think it's way more complicated than it actually is ;P

  • Runes

    I've always heard that, junglers aside, runes don't have THAT much of an impact on the game. While I disagree with this in part (the several smurf accounts I've made have told me that not having a full runepage SUCKS), I will agree that they have much less of an impact than mastery points. For this reason, I choose to make my runepage complement my mastery page, just as my mastery page complements my playstyle.

    I'm going to explain what runes I like to use, why I like to use them, and also explain some other common rune choices and why I don't care for them.

    Runes are not quite as standard as "Magic Pen reds, Mana Regen/lvl yellows, Cooldown blues, and Health Quints" but they're still a pretty common set of runes that you should have most of. The only ones that you might conceivably not have at this point are the quints, and that's understandable.

    Marks: Greater Mark of Insight
    These ones should be standard on everyone. I'm gonna be honest, if an enemy gets a Negatron Cloak, you stop dealing damage to that enemy. The magic penetration from these marks should be enough to mitigate that a little and make your poison an issue for anyone who decides to stay in it for too long. An acceptable alternative would be something like Magic Resist, but basically any other choice for reds is going to be sub-optimal.

    Seals: Greater Seal of Evasion
    These ones are kind of expensive, so flat armor seals are acceptable replacements, as they provide comparable DPS mitigation. The reason we choose these over the flat armor is because of a nifty little mastery called "Nimbleness" in the defense tree. It gives you bonus movement speed when you get a dodge proc. Singed likes running really fast. See where this is going?

    I don't like the Mana Regen for seals because, frankly, you don't need it. Be conservative with your mana; don't go charging in with your poison on for >9000 seconds, chasing and flinging everything that gets in range. Fling when you get the opportunity to do a bunch of damage, and only gas the creeps when they're pushing back to your tower, as I've said before. Be wise with your mana, and these seals become unnecessary.

    Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Shielding
    These runes are HELLA cheap, so I recommend picking up a set. These glyphs aim to keep you up-to-date defensively with the scaling of their casters, as under normal circumstances our first item won't be a defensive item. These glyphs allow us to freely pursue what items we want without having to worry about that Annie that would undoubtedly burst us from full to dead at level 9 otherwise.

    I choose not to get Greater Glyph of Focus because I don't go far enough into the Utility tree to get the cooldown reduction. In my opinion, these glyphs are used to complement the cooldown reduction masteries, giving you around 15% CDR when all is said and done. I love these runes with other champs, but I can't optimize them the way that I play our buddy Singed.

    Quintessences: Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
    These runes are really expensive, so I don't anticipate that's you'd have them. However, they're simply the bee's knees on Singed. You need to be mobile so you can get up into people's faces and fling them into your team. Besides, you'll run only marginally slower than a person with tier 2 boots if you only have tier 1 boots (tier 2 boots boost people to about 385 normally, and Singed with tier 1 boots and movespeed Quints moves at about 370, a difference of 15).

    A very viable replacement for these are Greater Quintessence of Fortitude. If you can't move as fast, it's expected that you'll take more damage, which more health will mitigate. Plus, it will give you a pretty sweet early game boost, which I've never complained about. I like the mobility that Greater Quintessence of Swiftness gives me more than that extra health, however.

  • Masteries

    Cutting to the quick, I go 0 / 22 / 8 with my current summoner spell choices (which are the wrong ones. 0/21/9 is the right way to go if you upgrade both summoner spells)

    Now for the meat of this section. Why do I choose these masteries? Simply because I play Singed as a main tank. He's got all the trappings of a tank: he's dangerous to the enemy team if left unchecked, he's resilient to damage, he's got a good initiation, and he's got very reliable crowd control. It really makes sense to play him as a tank to me. A lot of people use him more as a general field utility with his Mega Adhesive and Fling. While this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, it does justify having a mastery tree that is skewed far towards utility. I don't go this route, obviously.

  • Summoner Spells

    I take Ghost and Exhaust, but I'm openly admitting that I'm wrong for taking these; by far the best pair of Summoner Spells for Singed is Ghost and Teleport.

    Let me explain why Teleport is better than Exhaust and why I'm bad for picking it anyway. Teleport allows you to be pushing any lane on the map and instantly be able to show up at a potential teamfight. Not only is this getting you more farm, it's putting pressure on enemy lanes, forcing them to be on the defensive. This means that even if they somehow win the teamfight, they're stuck pushing off all the waves you've meticulously shoved into their base. Exhaust, on the other hand, is used to clean up kills, stop chasers, and prevent a single enemy from doing massive damage. While this is great for helping you win the teamfight, what happens if you lose the teamfight? Since you didn't personally push them off, there is no guarantee that their creeps aren't pushing your team's towers over.

    Let's review:
    Great choice if you won teamfight
    Not devastating if you lost teamfight

    Great choice if you won teamfight
    If you lost, your base will be gone when you respawn*

    (may contain hyperbole)

    If you hate Teleport or are just a stubborn bastard like me who's always used Exhaust, Exhaust is definitely the runner-up for the "counterpart to Ghost" contest.

    A few summoner spells that I will throttle you for taking:
    Cleanse: If the CC reduction from your ultimate and Mercury's Treads isn't enough to keep you running around, you've got bigger issues than trying to decide which summoner spell to take.

    [spell=Fortify]: I personally hate the Fling + Fort trick. It's really gimmicky with Singed, and outside of that, Fortify has very little use. What, you're going to save your tower from an extra 6 seconds of being beaten on? Yeah, that's completely inconsequential.


    Heal: Look, if your choice of champion didn't prevent you from dying, there's no damn way this spell would have made a difference.

  • Skilling Order

    Simple enough to explain. Priority goes to Insanity Potion, then to Poison Trail, then to Fling, then to Mega Adhesive. Grab Fling first for a level 1 fight, then get 2 ranks of Poison Trail, and a point in Mega Adhesive at level 4.

    Again, that is:
    1. Fling
    2. Poison Trail
    3. Poison Trail
    4. Mega Adhesive

    Then Insanity Potion> Poison Trail> Fling> Mega Adhesive.

  • Item Discussion

    Before I begin discussing which items you should take on Singed and in which situations, I need to first defer you to the items that you should never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER get on Singed because of how wasteful/non-synergistic they are with him.

    OFFENDER #1:
    Tear of the Goddess
    *Survivability: C
    *Utility: F
    *Power: F
    *Flexibility: C
    You would think that this item has what Singed wants; it gives you mana every time you cast an ability! Every 4 mana gives you 1 health! This is a health item too!
    Slow down there, Speed Racer, we haven't actually looked at the numbers. When all is said and done, the Tear will give you 1350 mana, which equates to 337.5 health. This isn't a very efficient use of your time/energy/mana, especially when you consider that Catalyst the Protector costs only marginally more, gives more health than a fully maxed tear when you get it, as much mana as Tear from the get-go, and a sick laning passive just fucking BECAUSE. When you also consider that Singed's Poison Trail doesn't activate Tear, you're looking at 3 spells, all with mana costs of over 100, all with cooldowns of 10 seconds or more. These are the antithesis of spammable and cheap spells. Tear was made for champs like Karthus, not for Singed.

    OFFENDER #2:
    Boots of Swiftness
    [Rating boots with the same scale I typically use to rate other items is a little odd, so I'm just going to leave this blank]
    I want to cry when I see people getting Boots of Swiftness. It's such a terrible, terrible item that you should never ever ever ever ever get on anybody, especially Singed. It offers NO MITIGATION and only 20 extra movespeed than Mercury's Treads! You know what else gives about 20 movement speed? 3 Movement speed Quintessences, which you should be using (please take note that even if you don't have them, still don't get Boots of Swiftness. I'll cry tears of glass). There is NO REASON for a tank, someone who is supposed to me on the front lines, eating stuns and other CC for his team should be getting such a horrid set of boots.

    Final thoughts about these items: it's forgivable if you're new to Singed to buy these items, but after having read my reasons behind why they're ineffective, you're not being wise with your gold if you continue to purchase them.
    Now I get to talk about happy things; i.e., the items that you DO want to buy on Singed! :D

    A mistake that I see a lot of people make is getting WAY more Ability Power than they actually need. Honestly, you just want enough AP to make sure you can farm creep waves, and that's really about all you need. Your poison is going to be ticking damage on them in teamfights, but I'd rather have (for example only, not real numbers) a 100 damage/tick poison with 2 survivability items than a 120 damage/tick poison with only 1 survivability item. Again, this is how I like to play Singed; I play a very tanky Singed.

    Generally speaking, the maximum number of AP items I EVER get is 2. I'm going to list all of the AP items I've seen in Singed guides so far, and I'll let you pick out which two items are my favorites. I will be grading these items in several categories: 1) The survivability they give you, 2) The utility they provide you with their unique abilities, 3) The raw, Falcon-Pawnching power they give you, and 4) The build flexibility they offer.

    =====AP ITEMS=====

    Archangel's Staff
    *Survivability: C
    *Utility: D
    *Power: B
    *Flexibility: D
    ......You're fucking kidding me, right?

    Zhonya's Hourglass
    *Survivability: A
    *Utility: B
    *Power: A
    *Flexibility: C
    Zhonya's Hourglass is a really good survivability item for casters. It's got the armor and the active, both of which are good at telling auto-attackers "GET OFF MY DICK" in teamfights. It provides a good chunk of Ability Power, perfect for burst damage spell we have.
    Okay, really, this is a good item, and I like it on other people, but it's a caster item at heart, not a tanky item that we want to get on Singed. Needlessly Large Rod is too much investment into AP for me when I could just as easily get a Giant's Belt and upgrade the whole thing to a Sunfire Cape for about the same cost.

    Abyssal Scepter
    *Survivability: B
    *Utility: B
    *Power: A
    *Flexibility: B
    Oh, this hurts me.
    For those of you that don't know, Abyssal Scepter is my favorite item in the game. That's why it hurts so much to give it a bad review....
    It's got some Magic resist, sure, and it's got the -20 MR debuff aura, okay, but it's just not as efficient as the other items you will come to see.
    Also, this one's a caster item too. If I wanted Magic Resist, I'd get either [item=Force of Nature] or Banshee's Veil, depending upon the situation.

    Rabadon's Deathcap
    *Survivability: D
    *Utility: D
    *Power: S
    *Flexibility: C
    This offers no survivability at all. Any item that I'm even going to think about looking at is going to at least give me some HP or defensive stats.

    Moonflair Spellblade
    *Survivability: C
    *Utility: C
    *Power: B
    *Flexibility: A
    I've seen people justify not building Mercury's Treads by getting this, and there are two problems with this. The first is that it doesn't give you any defensive stats outside of Tenacity, and second is that it's taking up a whole inventory space for a dedicated AP item. Not good for me at all.

    Rod of Ages
    *Survivability: S
    *Utility: C
    *Power: S
    *Flexibility: S
    Most people would say that this item is the most efficient item you could possibly want to build on Singed, and most people would be correct in this statement. Rod of Ages allows Singed to scale REALLY quickly; while most champions are doing their scaling based on each individual item they buy, RoA allows Singed to scale based on ONE item, meaning that his scaling figuratively multiplies (i.e. you have RoA scaling AND scaling from normal items). Rod of Ages offers a great build flexibility; if for some reason you botch your early game team analysis (explained below), you can easily take your Catalyst and build it into Banshee's Veil and take the Blasting Wand straight into the next item.....

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter
    *Survivability: S
    *Utility: A
    *Power: A
    *Flexibility: A
    Rylai's, the item that we all know and love, turns your gas into a gigantic ice-cloud of sluggishness. This is great for limiting mobility (obviously) in order to keep people at bay in teamfights for longer. It's a chase deterrent, and it grants your team a huge advantage. There aren't many champs that can utilize Rylai's as effectively as Singed.


    So obviously, my favorites are Rod of Ages and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. The question now is when to get which. In most games, you're probably just going to want RoA because of how good the scaling is. However, against teams with an absurd amount of kite, grab Rylai's, as it will help you lock down their mobility more. Generally speaking, I don't get both, but if I do, I ALWAYS get Rod of Ages first. Use your best judgement to figure out when their kiting will be most prevalent. If it's pretty early on, snag Rylai's and forget about RoA.


    =====DURABILITY ITEMS=====

    For this section, since there are so many items to choose from, I'm just going to list the ones that I normally get and explain what situations I get them in.


    Randuin's Omen
    *Survivability: S
    *Utility: A
    *Power: B
    *Flexibility: B
    I get Randuin's typically when they have 2 or more ranged DPS champions (Ashe, Vayne, Tristana, Caitlyn, etc.) I do this because Singed is an easily kited bastard, and these champions can just kind of chase you into oblivion if you don't have some way to deal with them. Grab [item=Heart of Gold] first, and just kind of camp on it while you finish Warden's Mail. The active ability is just gravy, baby.

    Sunfire Cape
    *Survivability: S
    *Utility: B
    *Power: A
    *Flexibility: A
    Under most normal circumstances, I'll grab this item over Randuin's Omen for a few reasons. First, it's cheaper. Second, it gives more health. Third, Randuin's doesn't really help as well when you're facing a Pantheon or Corki is spamming missiles at you.

    Aegis of the Legion
    *Survivability: A
    *Utility: A
    *Power: B
    *Flexibility: S
    This is one of my favorite items in general. I really just love what it does for your team; it is sort of sad, then, that I rarely get it on Singed. Make a mental checklist before you get this item:
    1) Is anybody else on my team getting it?
    2) Does their team not heavily favor one damage type over another?
    If both of these conditions are met, then you can absolutely get this item. It's cheap, it gives good stats, and it builds out of items that are easy to put to other uses.

    Frozen Heart
    *Survivability: S
    *Utility: A
    *Power: B
    *Flexibility: A
    I consider this the counterpart to Randuin's Omen; Whereas Randuin's Omen is a good buy against ranged DPS, Frozen Heart is excellent if they have melee champions like Xin Zhao, Master Yi, or Tryndamere because the aura will mitigate their effectiveness.

    *Survivability: A
    *Utility: C
    *Power: A
    *Flexibility: A
    Thornmail is generally an item that I get if I'm REALLY having an issue with DPS. Keep in mind that it offers NO UTILITY against the likes of Pantheon, because champions like that don't autoattack like a DPS champ does. As such, it's VERY situational.

    Guardian Angel
    *Survivability: S
    *Utility: A
    *Power: B
    *Flexibility: S
    GA is a great penultimate or final item against balanced teams, as mages will lose effectiveness over DPS champs and GA will give you a boatload of armor. If the game drags on forever, I generally get this item unless they have absolutely no physical damage whatsoever.


    Banshee's Veil
    *Survivability: S
    *Utility: A
    *Power: A
    *Flexibility: A
    BV is a fantastic and incredibly efficient item for Singed. Generally speaking, it's the MR item I look to first because of the spellshield, the health, and the mana. It's more expensive than, say, [item=Force of Nature], but you can't have everything :P

    [item=Force of Nature]
    *Survivability: A
    *Utility: S
    *Power: B
    *Flexibility: B
    I generally grab this item in games when I get Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It effectively makes you kite-proof, and it gives a metric shitton of MR. The lack of health is made up for by Rylai's, so you shouldn't be worried about that. All in all it's a wondrous item.


    Now we get into the realm of starting item possibilities. I generally have three (or four) starts that I go with; however, there are more, and you can do well with a plethora of different starting items. I'll list which ones I use most often.

    Sapphire Crystal + 2 Health Potion
    This is the start I use about 80% of the time. It gives you good starting health, good starting regen, good starting mana, and it's useful for rushing to a fast Catalyst the Protector.

    Regrowth Pendant + Health Potion
    Whenever I think I'm going to have a rough laning phase (i.e. they have Vayne or Caitlyn), I get this item in anticipation that I'm going to be getting harassed a lot and losing farm. This will build into an early Philosopher's Stone, mitigating both of these drawbacks. I never feel great when I have to choose this item, but I always feel safe and completely assured when I do.

    Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potion
    Boots of Speed + Health Potion + Sight Ward
    I generally get this start if we plan an invasion of their jungle. You need to be as mobile as possible, because you're likely going to be the one that flings the unlucky FB victim into your team. When I do this start, I normally port back as soon as I get 400 gold and buy a mana crystal.

    Doran's Shield
    This is a really good starting item if you're new to Singed or don't have the proper runes and masteries. It gives good HP, regen, and armor, alll of which will help mitigate the harassment you will take from the likes of Caitlyn and her ilk. I never get it anymore because it's a dead end item that gimps my build, but again, if you don't have the runes and masteries you need, this is a great starting item.

  • Build Examples

    The as-standard-as-standard-gets build (i.e. normal game, balanced damage)
    Sapphire Crystal start
    Rod of Ages + Mercury's Treads
    End Game:
    Rod of Ages, Mercury's Treads, Sunfire Cape, Banshee's Veil, Guardian Angel

    The ZOMG DPS WTF build
    Sapphire Crystal or Regrowth Pendant start
    Rod of Ages + Ninja Tabi
    End Game:
    Rod of Ages, Ninja Tabi, Randuin's Omen, Sunfire Cape

    The Kite build
    Sapphire Crystal or Regrowth Pendant start
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter + Mercury's Treads + [item=Force of Nature]
    End Game:
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Mercury's Treads, [item=Force of Nature], Randuin's Omen, Guardian Angel

    These are obviously the extreme cases; you're going to want to assess the situation you're in and choose your items accordingly. I've told you why I pick these items, it's up to you to know when to use them. You're a smart person, I'm sure. You don't need me holding your hand THAT much :P

  • Laning Phase

    As Singed, depending on your team, you have a few options for lane choices. If you're at mid-high ELO then solo top is generally going to be the lane you want to be in unless a couple conditions are met:
    Do you have a ranged carry who can solo top easily, such as Caitlyn or Corki?
    Do you have an aggressive support, such as Taric?

    If you meet both of these conditions then you might like to go bottom with your support, as the ganks with an aggressive support and a jungler are going to basically dominate the game for you.

    If you're in low-ELO however, where it's not guaranteed that you'll have a support bottom and it's a toss-up whether or not you'll even have a jungler, the duo lane is generally where I like to be, because I can prevent my ally from feeding. If there turns out to be a 2v1 lane, Singed can hold it pretty well, although I generally don't like to just because I won't be able to protect any allies, but whatever works.

    Basically, your laning phase consists of getting as many last hits as you can. Don't Fling unless you have the opportunity to do some really serious damage; otherwise you're just wasting mana. Gas the creeps as they fall back to your tower, and not a moment before. Don't gas the creeps if the lane is pushed to their tower; you always want the lane to be right in the center. It allows for easy ganks and easy last hits. This applies to whatever lane you're in.

    Singed is effective at stopping ganks in their tracks. Just toss your glue behind your ally's path of retreat and Fling the MVP away from him/her. This almost always foils gank attempts. If it's you that they're after, toggle on poison, toss your glue and "get to steppin'" as they say.

  • Teamfights

    You have 2 goals in a teamfight, and if you reach at least one then you're likely going to come out of the fight even, if not on top. Your priorities are to:

    1) Fling their MVP into your team, and/or
    2) Bully their MVP out of the fight by whatever means.

    If you can accomplish both of these then you're certain to win the teamfight. You have to be sure that you don't fling people like Alistar, Amumu, or anyone else who generally wants to be in the middle of your team. You want to fling people like Annie, Ashe, and other carries, and just keep them out of position and running away from you or your team.

    Sometimes you can't help but get initiated on. When this happens, you have to make the most of your situation in order to mitigate the damage and even turn the fight around. Use your glue at the beginning of the fight to keep the rest of their team at bay while your team recovers from the initiation. When you've recovered and the glue has worn off, you need to get behind the enemy lines and Fling their main damage dealer out of position. This should be enough to either ensure that your team gets away or demolishes the enemy team.

  • Singed's Favorite Laning Partners

    This list is keeping in mind who potentially could lane with you. I.e. it doesn't include junglers or people who generally always take a solo lane.

    Unlike a lot of other champions on this list, Akali doesn't have a stun or disable that you can manipulate for lulz effects. What she does have is some pretty nasty burst damage. If you Fling and Mega Adhesive them, she'll tun them into confetti, and as we all know, a fed Akali is scary as all hell.

    A good cow is one of my personal favorite lane partners. Both of you have enough CC to keep a small army at bay, so it should be no surprise that you can keep someone stunlocked and out of position forever, long enough to get a kill at least.

    Annie has a lot of burst as well, but if you can make sure she has her stun up when you Fling, then on their first trip back to the fountain they may want to take an extra second or two to write their living wills.

    Okay, so we know that anybody + Blitzcrank is lolzzzzz, so we can move on.

    Between her abilities, her passive, and her autoattacks, she's just looking for a reason, and "a reason" is Singed's middle name. Consider her "burst DPS" for the purposes of this exercise, and by exercise I mean "you're going to kill the shit out of him."

    If you can get them into range of his Q, he will keep them perma-slowed and you will be able to autoattack them to death.

    If they somehow manage to get out of [spell=Judgement] you can use your glue and Fling to keep them in it. Welcome to stupid early-game damage.

    Another one of my favorite champs. You wouldn't think it, but if the Heimer is any good, you'll be able to make their lives hell. Heimer's turrets do stupid damage, and with Fling and glue, you can keep them in range of them forever. Along with the stun on Heimer's grenade, this equates to many kills on unwary opponents.

    Irelia has a lot of early game damage with her abilities, so as long as you Fling them, she will practically make love to you after she hands them their asses on a silver platter.

    Jarvan's flag toss combo and his slow will make it easier for you to Fling and rape. Nuff said.

    As long as Lux knows how to stack her spells to maximize the damage from her passive, you have enough CC and damage to completely destroy someone.

    Sapling Toss+ Mega Adhesive+ Twisted Advance+ Arcane Smash+ Fling=GG

    If the Morgana is any good, you will be completely unkillable and as long as you make sure not to Fling them out of her Tormented Soil then you should be dealing stupid damage to them.

    It's the same deal as with Morgana. Keep in mind to not Fling them out of Spirit Fire and you should have many kills in your future.

    Pantheon has STUPID damage in his spears, and his stun didn't get nerfed so hard that it's useless. You're still going to be able to do some pretty silly things with this cat as long as you both play smart.

    Renekton has a stun that procs 2 autoattacks (3 if he's enraged), a dash, and a pretty decent AOE damage spell. This is the kind of kit that really makes me happy as a Singed player, because he can output a TON of damage.

    This combo is a match made in heaven. Low cooldown CC and high damage make Ryze the absolute ideal lane partner for our friend the chemist.

  • Conclusion

    I want to hear from you, ladies and gents! Please, if there's something missing from my guide, don't hesitate to inform me about it! I will be updating this guide a lot, so it's bound to get bigger.

    If you have any questions for me about much of anything really, I implore you to feel free to ask those too.

    I've got a few more guides in the works, so stay tuned :)

    If you liked my guide, tell other people about it, and if you didn't.....well, then keep your mouth shut. :P

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