Jax Build Guide

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Jax - My Back Hurts From Carrying So Much

written by 1less1

Jax Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    [spell=Equipment Mastery]
    Jax's Passive
    Pretty straight forward stuff. More AD = More HP More AP = More HP. Depending how you like to play Jax, you're health will very accordingly. If you play pure AD you will have a little more hp than if you played pure AP. Play style varies between players so your health may not be the same as another Jax.

    Leap Strike
    Jax's QQ skill(See what I did there? The skill is on the Q button and... yeah)
    Very basic, very easy to understand, but devastating if used correctly. This skill has a multi-tude of ways to be used.
    You can use it early game I.E 1:30 when minions spawn, to constantly harass other champions on solo lanes to keep them out of experience range. There has been many games I am level six with my first tier item when they are still level three. Skill will show it's self on this skill.

    You can use it for tower diving early game, if you have taken the precautionary effort to make sure you can live while run away from the tower (Elixir of Fortitude, Flash are some examples), and if coupled with Empower and Ignite can lead to very quick, very easy, effective First Blood kills.

    Also can be used as an escape button, due to the fact it says Jumps to a Target, not an enemy. Interesting mechanic their Riot nice work. If you find you're self in a pinch with two champions coming in from both sides you can very easily Leap Strike over a wall to a team mate to escape death, or to a creep approaching from you're backside.

    Jax's W skill
    Really easy to understand. Makes you're next Melee Attack or Ability hit like a Freight Train. Very nice early game. Almost 100 extra damage on an ability that can already critical for 160 at level two. Faceroll status.

    Easy to use for champion killing. Pop it with a well timed / combo and you're looking at 30-55% of an enemy champions life before they have time to realize they got hit. Great for quick ganks, and great clutch champion killer ability.

    Don't hesitate to use this ability while creep/jungle farming. Why not have an extra 100 damage on a white attack for minimal mana? Super, super awesome. I avoid using my Leap Strike while farming for situational circumstances where a leap strike could lead to a kill or to me not dying so. Use this ability when you have the chance for farming. Keep your ready to use at a moments notice and try to get those last hits for max gold gain.

    Counter Strike
    Jax's E skill
    What can I say that hasn't been raged about on the forums already? This skill is a fight winner, in multiple ways.

    I find myself getting away with kills and me getting from dying more times then I can fathom with this ability. So many times have I been being chased, I have stunned my enemy and then Flashed away out of reach to safety. Watch the other team rage.

    But I have noticed it also can used for very powerful, quick hitting champion killing jumps. If you find yourself amongst any creeps with this ability ready for use, don't jump the gun and use it right away. Wait to use it for better use. If you see this ability is ready to be used and a enemy is in the range of you're , Empower then Leap Strike and use it. You will get your legendary Jax bomb off with a 1 second to finish off what HP they still have. Very often have I gotten kill after kill by having my Counter Strike proc'd (WoW player lawl), then jumping and whacking an enemy and stun them as they try to flee. So much joy :)

    Relentless Assault
    Jax's Ultimate skill
    Emphasis on ULTIMATE skill. This ability is so effin' wrong. You attack faster for every hit on an enemy. Give Jax four seconds with this and a Guinsoo's Rageblade and you got a Jax hitting you twice a second. Not fun considering it also makes every third attack do MORE damage, which can get to about 200 if built right late game.
    More attacks, More attack speed. More attack speed, more attacks. More attacks, more procs. More procs, more damage. It's a vicious cycle you will soon learn to love.
    It turns Jax from an ok champion to a, I make teams surrender champion.
    Great use as well. If you find you're self in the midst of a team battle where magic is flying, feel free to pop this thing. 60 second cooldown for some free Magic Reduction based on dodge. So you won't only dodge all melee attacks you will absorb almost all magic damage. Pretty beast.

  • Introduction

    Jax is one of my all time favorite champions. I think he is one of the few champions that can make an entire team surrender cause out of pure frustration. This is my first guide, not gonna numbercraft like some people I understand some people want that, but I am just posting what I found to work good without having to number crunch.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I have all three Mastery pages filled with an offensive, defensive and utility build. They are all mostly cookie cutter crap, but vary these on your opposing team and play style you want for the game. No need to spend much time on this section. This is a user defined subject, play how you want man.
    Again, a lot of this is how you feel like playing this champion. If you want a ton of damage to melee guys that maybe have a strong tank, do Armor Pen and Attack Damage. If it's a magic team do Magic Resistance with Cool down reduction, or whatever combination you feel like using. Like I said, play the way YOU want, not how I tell you to play.

  • Items

    Here is what I generally stick to when I play Jax, item wise.

    I always start with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion Helps a lot with early game damage reduction while giving you enough potions to last you plenty long enough in a lane, if and only if you don't get abused hard, then these potions won't last long. Use accordingly.

    Next I suggest getting Ninja Tabi Movement speed and Dodge early game, even late game makes Jax a bitch of a champion to kill. If you have grabbed the Cloth Armor this item only costs you 550 gold so it's easily obtainable within the first three minutes if played right.

    You might have had enough success farming to pick up a Pickaxe along with your Ninja Tabi. If not no sweat, just makes you that much better against the other team. The main goal is to next be building a Guinsoo's Rageblade. This item is like a godsend to Jax. It's basically an extra Ultimate Abilty passive (stacking Attack Speed buff) but it also makes his Ability Power jump up, which in turn will increase his HP the more stacks of this you have on. Very beefy item.

    Next item I suggest to farm for would be a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Makes your HP jump a significant, never bad. Also gives great ability power which in Jax's case is more damage AND more HP.
    Great passive too, makes for pursuing a fleeing enemy great. Use Leap Strike on an enemy and the passive will make them slower. Keeping champions in range of Jax is where he soars above all else. If they can't get away from you, you're rapidly getting stronger and stronger while they die faster and faster.

    Next item I suggest getting is [item=Tiamat]. I know weird right? Not many guides suggest this but hey I did. Lots of extra attack damage which with Jax is more HP, always nice. And if you're in a team fight the extra AoE damage you get from this is a nasty addition to any team fight. If built right you attack 2 times a second, that's an attack every half second. This AoE splash can hit for 100-150. 300 extra damage to EVERY champion in range every second. That's pretty nasty AoE.

    Next item to go for is Hextech Gunblade. A must have for Jax. A TON of extra Attack Damage and Ability Damage, while giving mad Life Steal and Spell Vamp. Great for surviving team fights. The use in Jax's hands is a powerful tool. Jax has incredibly high burst damage and this just adds to it. And hey why not slow them in the proccess so you can get more attacks off? Wicked nice.

    Next get Atma's Impaler. Amazing item for it price. Armor is always sweet, less chance to die. Critical aint bad, don't stack it with Jax, it's not needed. But the passive is what makes this item awesome for Jax. His passive already adds Health for all your Attack Damage. This thing adds Attack damage based off you're health. It creates a loop in the passives of these two things and makes this item give a HUGE boost in overall ownageness. Lots of armor, crit, A ton of Attack Damage, which is 3x Tons of Health. It's a badass item.

    If the game STILL has not ended I would get Lich Bane. Sell off your Ninja Tabi, worthless at this point really in comparison. Why this and not Trinity Force you ask? I find my self more times than not having my Ability Power and my Attack Damage almost be the same with this build. So why get this item? Well Jax's abilities scale with Attack Damage and Ability Power. So the extra 80 Ability Power on this adds that much more damage to his output. And due to his passive will add 160 hp, which adds to you're total Attack Damage added through Atma's Impaler's passive, giving you MORE attack damage which adds to your Health which adds to your Attack Damage and so and so fourth. Plus the 30% Magic Resistance and 7% Movement Speed is just icing on the cake.
    The passive is what makes this item. You're looking at some SERIOUSLY high burst damage. + + + Proc + Lich Bane's Passive + White attack plus + Hextech Gunblade + . Lots and lots and lots of burst and that's lots and lots and lots of champions dead.

    End game build more or less.

    Guinsoo's Rageblade Rylai's Crystal Scepter [item=Tiamat] Hextech Gunblade Atma's Impaler Lich Bane

  • Skilling Order

    I'm new so I don't know how to do that Fancy Table. If anyone would tell me how that would be fantastic. But i'll make due.

    I usually skill as such:

    Leap Strike[Level 1]
    Empower[Level 2]
    Counter Strike[Level 3]
    Then from then on in skilling order is Relentless Assualt, then Leap Strike, then Empower, then Counter Strike will be skilled last.

    The reason I get Counter Strike at level 3 is because it adds that much more survivability and gank-ability to Jax if you have followed my little lesson on the uses of Counter Strike early in the guide. At level three being able to stun someone while fleeing or pursuing is a HUGE table turner and you're opponents will feel it.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I usually roll with and Works well with this guide, lots of ganking potential but adjust to what you're opponents team is.

  • Summary

    Jax is an all around fun champion to play. Big damage, good survivability if played and geared right. Fun and easy to master skills. Easy to pick up, and gets better and better as the player does. Here's some pro's and con's I have found when playing with him.

    HUGE damage
    Can carry 1v3 easily
    Great addition to team fights
    Solo capabilities are almost unrivaled
    Master Assassin
    Super beast harasser
    Makes enemy team RAAAGE

    Very squishy if focused in team fights
    Easily caught off guard
    CC'd Easily and not easy to break
    VERY VERY GEAR DEPENDENT. One bad item choice could make or break you
    And if you don't get gear you're pretty terrible also late game
    Hard to kill heavy CC type champions

    Even all that, I still enjoy playing my Jax. Fun champion, great fun to play as him. Awesome skins to make your prestigious image even more so. Fun guy I highly suggest purchasing him, I have a ton with him.
    I hope this guide has been somewhat of a help to anyone. Comment, Rate, Enjoy.

    Jax - They don't call him the Grandmaster At Arms for nothing.