Kog'Maw Build Guide

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I'm a Pretty Little Butterfly

written by UberGoose

Kog'Maw Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hey guys, my name is UberGoose. A little background on myself; I love playing obscure champions (I guess my brother's hipster genes are wearing off on my), and I CAN'T win a single game that I don't go middle or top lane. Now, I started playing Kog'Maw back when I was a wee little level 5. I instantly fell in love with this guy and the first build I ever built was an on-hit AS build, so that is what I will be focusing on in this guide.

    If you are asking yourself, "Why should I play Kog?" the answer is simple, he carries, hard. If you like playing AD carries, this little felluh is the best at it (in my opinion). Now, this is my second guide, so I'm still working on the whole *write more* thing.

    Hope you enjoy, also +50 internetz for people who get the reference in the title.

  • Abilities

    Icathian Surprise
    Ehhh, kills early game I suppose. If you die, just use this to get 3-6 more creeps. It doesn't do much.

    Caustic Spittle
    This is a great spell, especially since they buffed it's range and gave it the combo stat tearing effect (Both AD and AP).

    Bio-Arcane Barrage
    Bread and butter, shoot people from miles away while taking out huge chunks of their HP a hit. Skill this and max this first.

    Void Ooze
    A good slow, damage is negligible in this build.

    Living Artillery
    Very good ult. Even though it has a short cooldown, don't spam it. This build doesn't get any extra mana, so you don't have a lot. Use this to harass an already low hp target, get kills on fleeing opponents, attempt to steal Baron (teehee). Use this a lot early game to get lane dominance, that is why you have it.

  • Skilling Order

    Maximize your best skill first, pretty basic. His E is only good for the slow with this build, so only use it as that. His ult is very good early and mediocre late, so use it while you can.

  • Masteries + Runes

    This is where Kog'Maw is unique to other AD carries, I prefer going with a 21/0/9 mastery setup. This specific setup makes last-hitting super easy and makes you have solid harass early game.

    Now for runes... This is where a lot of people differ. Personally, since I only have 3 rune pages I share them with many champions. The one I use for Kog is my jungling page. Call me crazy, but I like a carry with early game survivability. So, onto the specifics.

    Greater Seal of Resilience This right here is where people will yell at me. The armor it gives is arguable either way (good or bad), but the simple fact is, you will always be either soloing against a tanky dps or an AD carry (let the mages duke it out), because of this you have a great resistance to their harassment. You could always go with some AS or AD I suppose, but I much prefer the armor.

    Greater Mark of Alacrity This should be a given on one of the only AS champs in the game. No real discussion here, I suppose Armor Pen or Magic Pen could accomplish a similar goal, but that's not fun.

    Greater Glyph of Shielding Champions (including Kog'Maw) don't gain MR upon leveling up, this is a huge deal since magic damage makes up the majority of most teamfights. So, to remedy this issue, MR per level blues are the way to go in my opinion.

    Quints, these are almost 100% choice. Flat hp and AS work best as far as I know. I prefer the AS though, helps you become a threat earlier in the game.

    Now that we are done with runes and masteries, it is time to move onto the items.

  • Items

    The options for Kog'Maw are almost limitless when it comes to items, since he can be built as AD, AS, AP, or Hybrid. Personally I find that AS/AD together makes for the best build, so I will guide you through your choices in that item pool. A couple rules of thumb, get boots, 1-2 defensive items, and 1-2 stat tearing items (Malady and etc.).

    Doran's Blade Buy it, just buy it. It is literally THE BEST starting item in the entire game for Kog'Maw, just get it

    [item=Malady] It's decent, pretty much an AP version of The Black Cleaver, it's worth a buy if the enemy team builds tanky, keep that in mind.

    Wit's End My personal favorite item to get on a first back. It gives an on hit effect, helps you live magic damage, gives AS, and is fairly cheap. This item is fantastic if the enemies are squishy.

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] I have a love-hate relationship with this item. It seems like it would be an instabuy for Kog'Maw since it synergizes with his W and gives more AS. But, the price on this item is so very *meh* It does everything you want, but by the time you get this thing, the enmies have enough MR to make it less good. I personally don't buy it unless I'm fed to a point where I have infinite money.

    Nashor's Tooth Leave this thing to Kayle.

    [item=Stark's fervor] Good as your lifesteal item if needed, the price is good, but the secondary effects are not too great. Get it if you have more AD champions that like AS.

    Zeal/ Phantom Dancer Yes. AS, crit chance, move speed, all for a reasonable price? I'll take two. Not really, but having one of these will tip your move speed over 400, which is really good to have since the base movespeed of Kog is so low.

    Cloak and Dagger If the other team has CC, get this. If not, ignore this item. Pretty simple logic.

    The Black Cleaver I can't say enough good things about this item, it makes you hit like a truck and it gives you AS, AND it shreds their armor? This thing is good, not just kinda good, REALLY good. Buy it every game after Wit's End.

    Infinity Edge If the game lasts super long and you have time to get a full build, this is your final item.

    Boots wise, Berserker's Greaves every time. You don't need spell pen, you don't need tenacity from your boots, CDR is unnecessary. Just get these things.

    Defensive items include Wit's End, Banshee's Veil, Atma's Impaler (if you have a Frozen Mallet), and Frozen Mallet (if you plan on getting Atma's Impaler). Pick one or two of these. That's normally enough to survive some burst.

    Based on all that is said above, normally you wanna feel out your build. Getting the items above based on how early or late it is and how the stats benefit you at that moment. ie: Wit's End early is good and Infinity Edge is good late.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Cleanse Flash

    My personal choices. The combo gives you something that Kog'Maw doesn't innately possess, an escape. This is very important to have as an AD carry. If you are getting CC'd and bursted to death, you can't do your job, so make sure you live.

  • Pros / Cons

    +Great laner
    +Great farmer
    +Massive sustained DPS
    +Long ranged ult that scales off AD
    +Long range
    +Pretty little butterfly

    -Can be outlaned if harassed
    -No innate escape
    -Slow movespeed

    ~Decent at tower killing

  • Farming

    Last hits are VERY easy with a Doran's Blade. So abuse this fact and try to out-farm your opponent.

    Late game just hit A and click behind the creep wave, using R a couple times on the melees and such. With a high AS it should be a breeze.

    Neutral Creeps: This is one reason why Kog'Maw outclasses other AD carries. He kills baron in a matter of seconds. Every hit he does % based damage, and he has a high AS. This combination means baron can die in ~10 seconds. He also gets red in basically 3 seconds (WHICH HE NEEDS REALLY BAD, GET RED, STEAL IT IF YOU HAVE TO).

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