Warwick Build Guide

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WW the roflstomper

written by tihic

Warwick Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Eternal Thirst
    Passive which makes him a great jungler

    Hungering Strike
    Awesome lifesteal which makes enemy team rolls eyes when they can't kill you

    Hunters Call
    AS boost to you and your teammates. Useful in teamfights

    Blood Scent
    This is my favorite ability on WW. Why? Cause when I played other champion I would always be annoyed with someone running away from me with a bar of hp - with WW this does not happen :D And that is why I love to play him so much. Also all of your teammates can see the low hp champions and this ability is just awesome. No other words for it. ITS ONLY FUN IF THEY RUN!!!

    Infinite Duress
    Your ultimate, Stun and lifesteal. In teamfights I usually wait to get my hp a bit low so I can pop my ult and Q and get to full hp in a second :) Useful for ganking early on and nothing else much to say about it.

  • Introduction

    Hi I am tihic and have around 700 wins with ww what in ranked what in normal games. I like this game a lot and ww too so I decided to share some of my knowledge and insight about playing this amazing character. I am not American or English so forgive any typos you see :)

    WW if played right can be quite a force to be reckoned with. This is also my first guide so if you don't agree with something in this guide please be polite, no need to be rude and I will answer you the best I can. This is my way of playing WW and I have found a lot of success with it. So hope you will enjoy.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries I use a pretty much standard 21/0/9 setup with a point in [mastery_icon=Archaic Knowledge] for his madreds and Q + sometimes if I face a heavy AD team I buy a which also gets that magic penetration which is useful.


    As for runes I use two setups - one is for higher ranked games and one is for well 5v5s if I know my team will do well and hold their lanes and make it to late game.

    So first setup would be this :
    9* - I tried marks of desolation and even though they are good late game attack speed is better for early game and jungling
    9* - With this rune setup this way you will have some decent armor early game - I don't take seals of evasion cause WW doesn't really need them. I use those seals only if I have some extra points in dodge and nimbleness in defense masteries tree
    9* - also straight magic resist
    3* - this is why I take straight armor and magic resist. It makes you get to level 6 sooner and all the flat armor and magic resist there makes you harder to kill - while some of you maybe won't agree with this for ww in 80% of the games is important to get to level 6 as soon as possible cause in higher ranked games people won't extend and will play smart so this is why you need your level 6 as soon as possible. And with all the extra experience you should be outleveling everyone around levels 12-14 if played right.

    Off course this setup can be a bit altered depending on the style of play of any summoner. This is pretty much based on stomping enemy team so hard and making yourself fed, outleveleling enemy team and unkillable.

    Second setup :
    9* or 9* - HP or armor per level - as the game goes on this is a bit helpful. Made for games that you think could last
    9* - also for late game extra 20ish magic resistance is helpful considering WW is melee and will be on the front line of teamfights
    3* or 3* - both are quite useful although I prefer rolling with armor penetration cause of WWs attack speed and he is doing enough magic damage anyway, although magic penetration is not a bad choice at all if you have madreds and sunfire cape lets say.

    All in all this is a WW that progresses throughout the game and late game is also obnoxius same as he was during early and middle game :)

  • Items

    Okay so I usually start with , 2 and a - why a ward so early? Well cause I don't start with blue buff right on the start, but I ward it in case someone tries to steal it which could happen if the enemy team has a clairvoyance or are simple ballsy enough to come into the jungle.

    Anyway not much wisdom. I always save up money for and and if I managed to get a kill or asist I buy some wards and a .

    Unless I am killed I gank around - jungle, push and cover lanes like any jungler should do untill I farm up enough money for a and if i am lucky - why rush a Guardian angel? Well simply cause you will be on the front line and there is nothing more annoying then a ww which refuses to die - to upgrade boots is not so important due to your E skill with which you will be able to hunt down most of the champs in game.

    So after I upgrade my boots and I finish up my [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor] :) Fun starts here :D

    So a core would be - , [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor] and a .

    Last 3 items you should go tanky taking in consideration their enemy team setup.

    If they are caster heavy I would recommend a , and or - Atma's impaler off course if a team has at least one AD champ or if you feel like turret diving - whatever your choice is not a lot of games would come to your last item but if they do chose wisely - as for me I found a lot of success with Atmas Impaler on WW due to his attack speed, he crits quite often and is rather beefy due to his items. And the credit for Atmas Impaler go to DavorMarin which wrote currently one of the better WW guides around. And another item worth of mentioning is Hexdrinker against casters - solid damage and a shield.

    If they are AD heavy well after the core I would suggest a , and Atmas Impaler again :) Maybe throw in a Randuins cause you are always in the center of chaos but I like this build much much more. Provides me with enough hp, damage and a slow so you are able to feed your carry with red buffs :)

    And for a balanced team after core items I usually build a , and an Atmas Impaler again :) and with my second rune setup you will have around 200ish armor and magic resistance and you will also do a ton of damage :)

  • Skilling Order

    Nothing wise to say here. Your ultimate is the most important skill and using it makes or brakes teamfights. You don't need to engage with it, just wait for the right moment cause anyone smart will say: Keep WW of my ass when he ults me :) Thats why you sometimes need to wait for the right moment and with my tanky build you can even walk in on a teamfight and wait to ult :)

    So level up ultimate then your Q, then your E and finally your W :)

  • Summoner Abilities

    I roll with Ghost and smite always cause I prefer using ghost - makes early kills possible and simply if you see a teamfight or a fight near you you can ghost in and come there faster than with a flash - this is a personal choice of mine, flash is decent I just don't use it :)

  • Pros / Cons

    - lifesteal - possibly the strongest 1v1 champ in the game, I sometimes managed to kill fed vladimirs outleveling me or pretty much any champ 1v1 due to WWs lifesteal and damage
    - Has a very solid game all around - is a bit useless till level 6 but middle and late game if played right he is very damgerous
    - he is a wolf :D
    - in certain occasions with double buffs can kill two champs singlehandedly or even without double buffs :) - takes a bit of knowledge and practice to observe people without mana, ultimates and so on
    - can shut down enemy carries from a fight with ease
    - in my humble opinion nobody counters him if played right, not even Janna if you watch the timing of your ultimate

    - he is not the best champ to carry a bad team cause he is melee and if you get fed and your team is half useless you will get killed cause you will be recognized as a threat and be shut down in a second

    Nothing much to say more about pros and cons if i remember something i will edit it :)

  • Creep Jungling

    So most of the WWs start at blue buff - I don't I just ward it so enemy don't steal it.

    I go this path - Wraiths > mini golems > red buff >(gank if possible)>wolves>blue buff > wraiths > golems > wolves - after that you should be a level 5 without ganks and have around 1050 gold for madreds and boots and if you ganked or held a lane you could be 6 and have a bit more money.

    Why I take this path? Cause I find red buff much more useful for ganking than the blue one and with this path I am level 6 sooner. GIves me a slow and extra damage and with ghost not many champs can escape me. Again this is how I play him - I got around 70% wins playing like this and am aware how people usually play him I just find this way the quickest to victory.

  • Working in the team

    Now some people may say I go too tanky with WW too early - this is true but unlike other people I don't think WW should die too often. You need to stick it out till the end of a teamfight - Why? Cause the more fight lasts the more you will be able to heal yourself and hopefully you will be able to cleanup anyone staying behind :)

    As for working in the team one thing I can not forget to say - WW works amazingly with an AD Sion - why? cause of his ultimate and stun - his ultimate is healing the entire team and with Sion on frontline WW is nearly unkillable. It is just one gay combo I simply had to mention.

    Working in the team early game would be ganks and holding lanes - Don't be a douche and need to clear your own jungle if you see a wave raping your turret - go there and hold it.

    And also one really important thing about WW - if you can not deal with people raging at you for not ganking before level 6 don't play him - I just ignore that kind of people. Cause its mostly those who can't hold their own lanes and you will get irritated for no reason. /ignore nickname and just do your thing. Jungle and gank.

    Believed it or not it is very important to keep a cool head no matter if you play WW or any other champion - cause raging and typing and playing blame games is the thing losing games most of the times. This is after all a game which I play to have fun and I don't let people spoil it. If you are a good WW and you know what you are doing you will do good - don't explain people WW is an effective ganker only after 6 cause if they don't realize it they are ignorant. Simple as that.

    Went off the topic there a second. Anyway last thing to cover - working in teamfights - recognize a threat and neutralize it - is it a Malzahar that is about to ult or his ult needs to be disrupted - is it Annie who needs to be killed before nuking entire team? Is it MF for which you need to wait also to disrupt ult? Nunu, Katarina anyone who you can disrupt who can damage your team it is your job to neutralize them - by neutralize I mean kill or make them run away from the fight :)

  • Farming

    When you hold a lane don't autoattack it just cause you have madred's. Last hit. Don't be brainless. Its not really hard believed it or not :)

  • Summary

    WW was never nerfed/buffed much so I didn't have a need to go through all the patches :)

    He is an amazing champion and contrary to everyones opinion takes time to master him. I hope this guide helped you and see you at the Fields of Justice :)

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