Kog'Maw Build Guide

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Kog'Maw, the Canon

written by xXDragnXx

Kog'Maw Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello, and welcome to my guide for dps Kog'Maw. My build for Kog'Maw is designed to kill characters with lots of life that would be difficult to kill otherwise, utilizing kog'Maws's unique 'W' ability. I'll go over strategy, build, and general info I've picked up through my escapades with Kog'Maw. This build isn't for anyone who wants to play AP Kog'Maw, although that is an equally viable build type. Hope you like it :D
    A.S : Attack Speed
    M.S : Move Speed
    A.D : Attack Damage
    A.P : Ability Power
    M.R : Magic Resist

  • Masteries + Runes

    I typically use the following rune build, but it really is your choice, and if you can't get these runes, you'll probably still do alright.

    9 x Greater Mark of Insight

    9 x Greater Seal of Fortitude

    9 x Greater Glyph of Focus

    3 x Greater Quintessence of Alacrity

  • Abilities

    Icathian Surprise
    A very fun after death experience. Can pull up those after death cheapshots, and maybe even nab you a Trynd or two!

    Caustic Spittle
    Decent passive, relatively weak active for non-A.P kog.
    Use it when creeping to tear down the buffs and such.

    Bio-Arcane Barrage
    Amazing ability! Gives an amazing amount of range which can let you outrange any character, plus it deals about 50% of the damage you deal! nice. Lets you get the drop on enemy melees as well before they can hit back.

    Void Ooze
    A nice ability, although rather mana intensive. Slime trail can harass, chase or be used to escape, so be judicious and save it untill its most effective.

    Living Artillery
    The icing on the Proverbial Cake! One of the most annoyingly fun harassing skills in the game, and if you can get good with it, it can be used to murder enemies, before and after the fight starts.
    Sidenote: once you get late into the game, don't be afraid to spam it to check bushes or routes, or even just to out zone enemies. Watch the stacks after each shot though, as it can start to wear on Kog's miniscule mana.

  • Skilling Order

    My recommended skilling order is always:

    R>W>Q>E, although your first ability to start should be E.

    A little info on why:

    I used to start with Q for the armor pen and A.S, but i realized that the E does about the same amount of damage, is a skillshot (so you can scout out bushes), provides a slow, and can hit multiple targets like a bowling ball!

    Your ult should always take priority, but next is your W because of the rocking passive and crazy range late game, enough to out range Caitlyn even. The Q is next in priority because of its passive, although the active is kinf of useless late game and even mid game. Last is your E because it costs a bit too much mana to be spamable, despite the previously stated upsides.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I always take Exhaust and either Flash or Ghost depending on my team.

    Other Acceptable abilities:
    ignite; shouldn' be in range to use this often enough, but decent.
    clairvoyance; you're not an Ashe, and you really can't snipe. if you need to hit something far distance, guess and correct, it's barely any mana.
    teleport; ehh, I'm not a fan, but it's useful
    clarity; not good, but Kog has a low mana so if you really want it...

  • Items

    This part of the build is probably the most crucial and the most 'solid', meaning you really shouldnt deviate far from the core build, which is rather expensive. This build is a bit weak in the early game, but not terrible, although once you hit your core build you should be much stronger than any other time of the game.

    The first thing you always want to buy is a Doran's Blade. It provides a nice chunk of health, damage, and lifesteal which are all useful to stay alive through the early game. The next thing to work towards is Berserker's Greaves for the extra A.S. For your third item, buy Zeal, it provides a nice chunk of A.S, useful movespeed since Kog moves about as fast as slug, and some extra crit chance to boot! Once you have Zeal, you should buy the [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor], one piece at a time. The A.S is the most useful, but if you need more money, the 'claw' is slightly cheaper and helps farm too. The Bloodrazor is the most important part of this build and contributes about 1/3 to 1/2 of your entire damage output through it's amazing passive and its boosts. THIS ITEM MUST BE BOUGHT. Next, you finish building your Phantom Dancer from the zeal you bought earlier, and you're almost done with your core build. The last item on the core build is Nashor's Tooth, and by now you should be able to farm very well, so you can buy it in any way you please, although I normally go for the A.S first. Now You're Done!

    The last 2 items can be filled by personnal preference, but you should probably bye a Void Staff, since the extra magic pen should nearly double your damage output. To be clear, this Kog'Maw build is dps, but does primarily magic damage through his passive 'W' and madred's Bloodrazor. The last item could be anything useful, AP, magic pen, M.R, A.D, or a Guardian Angel if you'd like one.

  • Build Example

    My favorite, probably the most well rounded:

    Berserker's Greaves
    Phantom Dancer
    [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor]
    Nashor's Tooth
    Void Staff
    Banshee's Veil

    You may notice I don't put armor into the mix, although I do put a decent amount of M.R. This is because you can outrange and overpower most physical damage champs, with a few exceptions, but you may have a hard time escaping some of the faster A.P burst champs like Annie, Brand, or Leblanc.

  • Pros / Cons

    Strong DPs
    Both magical and physical
    Very long range
    Decent utility
    After death fun

    Weak to fast moving champs and invis's
    very slow
    low mana
    expensive build
    Takes some practice, not the easiest champ

  • Working in the team

    Kog'Maw should be the sniper-artillery man!
    In team fights, your job is to harass as much life away as possible with the ult before the fight starts, and then stay away once it does for about 1.5 seconds, from my experience. Then, you join in and attack either the enemy carry or the most intimidating character on their team with your W on. You don't want to head right into the fight because kog works best from a distance, isn't able to retreat quickly if things go sour, and should be focused hard if found because of the annoying ult and strong Tank dropping power.
    Overall, have some fun!

  • Farming

    Kog has good farming power at the mid game, but being a fast shootin' dps, he also can farm like a beast once the build is up. Don't be afraid to last hit every minion you can find, your teammates will thank you when you win :). But don't be a jerk..

  • Summary

    All in all, Kog'Maw is a wonderfully fun character to play that can drop tanks in seconds. Don't be afraid to fight,and remember to use your W to engage and you should be fine!

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