Tryndamere Build Guide

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Tryndamere - King of Carry

written by Smalum

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This was first intended to be a short guide as a supplement to the already well-written and in depth guides out there. I have used the 3 x Avarice Blade build for a long time and it works well, but eventually I got annoyed at how long it took before you start to excel in team fights so I begun to experiment.
    Also, since the last patch Tryndamere does not need that much crit chance items early on to make it worth the investment.

    The math shows us that the blades cost 750 each, a total of 2250. Selling them gives you 3x350=1050 so they pay for themselves after (assuming you get them all three after 15 mins: (1200/(3x5x6))+15=28) about half an hour into the game. Many games are over or at least have their outcomes sealed before that so i find this to be cost/time inefficient.

    Keep in mind Tryndamere is quite tricky to play, and he is often mistaken to be a semi-tank by people who never played him themselves. Don't lose faith if you are struggling while learning how to play him, or if people threaten to queue-dodge because they think Tryndamere sucks. Just give it some time to learn the timings, and you will eventually prove them wrong.

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    Since patch v1.0.0.83 this ability is boosted and will give you even more crit chance when at low health. This in combination with his ultimate is what allows Tryndamere to dish out some silly damage even early/mid game.

    Use to heal early game or in tricky situations, otherwise for increased crit damage. Lowered cooldown since last patch which means you can go easy on the lifesteal early on and focus more on damage.
    Be careful not to use it too close to when you activate your ultimate, you're gonna need it after those 6 critical seconds.

    Mocking Shout
    Use to slow or for decreased hurt in 1v1 melee fights. Also, since it's only possible to activate it with enemy champs nearby, this will work as your "spidersense" to warn you about cloakers or people in bushes, so always keep an eye on it if there are opponents missing on the map.

    Spinning Slash
    A free Flash! This makes you the buffalo-sized parkour king of the woods. Use to last hit creeps, to enter and/or to exit fights. Remember its cooldown goes away faster when you crit so this can often be used for a hit and run tower dive attack.

    Undying Rage
    The tricky part about Tryndamere. Learning to time this well will take a while, and you will need good understanding about the other characters to know what you can and cannot get away with.

  • Skilling Order

    Simply put: Undying Rage > Bloodlust > Mocking Shout > Spinning Slash
    Reason for this is simple: you want to max your damage output as soon as possible, and it's great for healing when laning early on. Switch lvl 3 and lvl 4 if you need slow more than you need healing at that point.

  • Masteries + Runes

    One point in ghost, three points in each of the armor improvements then rest in offense: 23/6/1
    You can go 21/0/9 if you feel you need the XP boost instead of improved armor:

    I go exclusively crit chance (malice), +20% at lvl 30. This along with masteries and starting items gives you a healthy 33% crit chance. That's a crit and a bloodlust stack every third hit, or even more often if you're at lower hp/when leveled up. For early survivability this makes a huge difference.

    You can also decide to go for a set of crit dmg (furor) runes, but then you will have a hard time early game because you just can't heal as much. Sure, since the boost of the last patch this has been improved, but in most games it will give you a disadvantage that will last for too long. This is something you should avoid unless you are confident your team mates can cover for you early game. If you can make it to mid game however, your damage output will be even more insane once you get the crit chance items up (I would go for 2x cloaks of agility early on).

    If you like, experiment with a mix of crit chance and crit dmg runes, but normally i would advice sticking with the full crit chance set.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost: For chasing, fleeing and getting back on the field quickly after recalling/dying.

    Cleanse: Using cleanse you can avoid compromising with the item build too much no matter the opposing team and naturally it can turn the fights around when you're stunned/feared/poisoned/etc to hell.
    Essential for making sure your ultimate actually activates, and most times that's really all you need to worry about.

    Only other spells that might be semi interesting would be Exhaust and Flash, but you already have Mocking Shout and Spinning Slash, so there's not really any sense in that. If you're worried about not getting away then learn to use the terrain better, and if you're worried about not catching kills then get more Zeals/Phantom Dancers.

  • Build Example

    Start of with Brawler's Gloves and two Health Potion. Pick the horizontal lane so that you are close to the lizard buff. If your team allows it, try going with a ranged character for laning partner. For example, I love going with a skilled Spell Flux harassing Ryze as that will allow you to last hit alot of creeps and earn gold fast. Other good bets are healers or stunners.

    Use the bushes to your advantage to get some last hits in as well as some harassment crit hits on the opponents who stand too close to it, time it well with their attacks and you will be able to exit the bush, hit one time, then re-enter the bush before they can attack you.
    Use Spinning Slash to last hit creep if they put you in a bad spot. If not, just last hit as much as you can and make sure your laning partner helps you to harass/deny the opponents as much as possible.

    If you take alot of damage at lvl 1 use your pots, otherwise use your Bloodlust stacks to heal and save the pots for when the opponents try to gank you.

    If you're successfully giving the opponents a hard time you can try to tower dive them before lvl 6, but only if you have Ghost, Cleanse and your partners support with you. Also make sure there's no MIA's on the map.
    Never tower dive pre-ulti against dual cc characters, teemo, or healers, unless they are at a silly low hp level or if you and your laning partner are skilled enough.

    When your lane has reached lvl 6 action should happen and there will be corpses on the ground. Hopefully they will not be yours and you will have a clear lane to push the tower. If you can take it down you should recall to buy stuff, if not then recall in turns with your laning partner, don't leave the lane empty unless you have creep deep into the hostile lane.

    Pick up Berserker's Greaves, then Zeal. If you can afford it pick up a Cloak of Agility.
    At this point you should ask your partner if you can go jungle, if the lane is safe enough then head into the woods. Clear out everything except the mana buff golem. Use [spell_text=spinning slash to quickly move around].
    Scan the map for potential ganks then go back towards your lane again and clear out any minion waves in mid/respawns in the woods. Repeat this trip every time your lane is safe and the woods are respawned. Keep in mind it can be an effective way to get some HP back up to use the npc's to get some Bloodlust stacks.

    From now on you want to avoid staying in lane with other ppl for other than ganking, never stick around long if there is a stalemate where both teams just stand in the same lane growling at each other without any action. Instead go into the woods or clean up other lanes and use your Spinning Slash and Ghost to quickly enter the fight if it occurs. Since you should not be initiating anyway this is often perfectly fine even tho some noobier team mates might start pinging crazy at you when both teams are just camping.

    Your jungling will up your income and also help you to level faster than your team mates. Most times this will allow you to reach and surpass the level of the solo champs around lvl 10-13, and this makes a huge difference in the fights. Work towards the Infinity Edge (start with the Cloak of Agility), then the hunt is on.

    If the opposing team has been at an advantage this is the point where you should seriously be able to turn it around. Your passive will help you with the crit chance and you will do some silly damage. Zeal, Berserker's Greaves and Spinning Slash should give you enough speed to quickly chop down the squishies on the opposing team, so focus on those once team fights have initiated.

    Upgrade your Zeal to a Phantom Dancer, then get a The Bloodthirster. Now your basic build is done, and you should have an idea on what will be needed to counter the opposing team most effectively.

  • Items

    Crit Chance Build

    Brawler's Gloves
    2x Health Potion
    Boots of Speed
    Berserker's Greaves
    Cloak of Agility
    Infinity Edge
    Cloak of Agility
    Phantom Dancer
    Vampiric Scepter
    The Bloodthirster

    Crit Damage Build

    Brawler's Gloves
    2x Health Potion
    Boots of Speed
    Cloak of Agility
    Berserker's Greaves
    Cloak of Agility
    Phantom Dancer
    Infinity Edge
    Vampiric Scepter
    The Bloodthirster

    Then pick two out of:

    2nd Phantom Dancer for movement speed and attack speed
    [item=Stark's Fervor] for lifesteal and attack speed
    2nd/3rd The Bloodthirster for attack damage and lifesteal
    Frozen Mallet for slow (generally Lizard buff is better)
    Last Whisper for armor penetration and attack speed
    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] for killing high-hp champs
    The Black Cleaver for killing high-armor champs
    Mercury's Treads replace greaves with these if you're struggling with CC
    Banshee's Veil if the enemy has too much CC
    Guardian Angel if your team lacks a tank and you have to initiate or if you're just dying too much

    I have not experimented alot with Yomuu's ghostblade yet, i might include it in a later version of the build, but as for now i do well enough with this.

  • Working in the team

    In teamfights, let the opponents or your tank initiate, then slash in to kill their carry, expect their nukers to focus you so be ready with your ulti, use cleanse if you are stunned/feared/taunted or simply activate your ulti when slashing in if you are certain they will focus you.
    It's optimal to come into the fight right after the nukers have dished out their first payload and are on cooldown. You should be able to get in without getting too CC'd and kill atleast one nuker. That should make the remaining DPS more manageable for you to estimate when to activate your Undying Rage.

    If you're getting pushed hard, it can be a good idea to sneak around and hide in the jungle close to the lane, and spin in from behind to gank their nukers once they have engaged your turret. This is where they mostly have their support/ranged characters like ashe, ezreal, soraka, etc. All very yummy targets for you. Careful though, this ambush is easily converted to a suicide run if the enemy has alot of CC. Make sure you got Cleanse off cooldown and that they are properly initiated with the rest of your team before you go in.

    Use the terrain and Spinning Slash to get away with bold stunts, but be careful if they have cloakers, Twisted Fate, Karthus or champs with deployables (Teemo, Shaco, Heimerdinger).

  • Summary

    Most of the gameplay is about intuitively knowing what you can handle and not, and when to activate your ultimate, and that will come after some time. Hopefully this will help you with some reasoning that will avoid getting you into situations where you risk making the wrong moves when you only have time to react, not to think.
    If you are uncertain about if you can make it or not, it's probably a good idea to bail. You generally benefit from playing it safe.

    If you feel something is missing or wrong in my reasoning, spelling, grammar or calculation, please give me your constructive criticism. If you like the guide, bump it!

    Edited 2010-04-21: Added clarifications on rune and item reasoning.
    Edited 2010-05-08: Remade guide layout and changed build due to recent patch.

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