Udyr Build Guide

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They say Udyr sucks... Can i prove them wrong?

written by BlackFire911

Udyr Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my guide. This guide isn't the "THIS IS HOW TO PLAY UDYR AND YOU'LL KICK EVERYONE'S ASS IF YOU PLAY HIM THE WAY I'M TELLING YOU TO!!!" kinda guide

    I'm lvl 30 and i'm by far not the best Udyr player: this is just a simple guide and I hope it can help you begin as Udyr.

    PS: English isn't my mother tongue so please forgive me if you find any spelling mistakes/other incorrect words...

    PPS: this is also my very first guide, so please be cool :)

    PPPS: i don't know how to make the skill/masteries/runes pictures yet so please forgive me if the guide is an eyesore

  • Abilities

    Monkey's Agility
    Great passive, especially if you get dodge runes (which we'll get) and nimbleness.

    Tiger Stance
    This is our damage skill, i like the damage burst on a single target than the small AoE damage Pheonix stance provides... If you're looking for a guide built around Pheonix, i'm sorry but this isn't the right guide :S

    I'd advise you to get 5 points in it.

    Turtle Stance
    We want to get the skill just for the mana/HP regen... ofc the shield helps too but i don't pay attention to it too much (it can help with Zilean's time bomb or Karthus's Ult)... Getting the skill at lvl 2 will give a huge boost to our jungling capacity, this will be very important early game because Udyr is very mana hungry early game...

    5 points in turtle will help you greatly.

    Bear Stance
    Get one point at lvl 4/5 just to enable ganks... leave it like that until the latter lvls...

    You only need 3/4 points in this...

    Phoenix Stance
    Only needs to be leveled up after we get our 5 points in Tiger and Turtle and our 1 point in Bear to max out our damage output...

    Only 3/4 points are needed depending on how many points you get in Bear.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash is going to be removed soon so there's no point in picking it up now, let's use ghost instead: it's great for chasing and escaping...
    You'll also obviously want to get Smite because you're jungling

  • Masteries + Runes

    I like playing very though champs but I don't like doing no damage, so i'll build my udyr as an offtank.

    I like the 0/21/9 masteries making sure i get Nimbleness, and Veteran's scars in the defensive tree and the increased buffed duration as well as the increased experienced gained in the utility tree.

    As for runes, i got:
    -1 flat health quint to make sure we get enough health to survive our jungling pattern...
    -2 movment quits as he doesn't have a blink ability, he needs to be able to catch up to enemies

    -9 armor pen marks to benefit our tiger stance

    -9 dodge seals to stack with out passive and nimbleness

    -9 magic resist per level glyphs just because he lacks MR

  • Creep Jungling

    There are 2 paths for you when playing Udyr:

    -the classic one that goes Blue -> Wolves -> wraiths -> Red -> Small golems... It's gets you ready to gank very early (lvl 4) with boths buffs are a stun

    -The longer one (that needs to be verified) gets you at lvl 5 you a very fresh blue and ultra fresh red to gank... It goes kinda like this: Small golems -> wraiths(smite the big one) -> wolves -> back to base for mana issues and get the 1st boots -> small golems again -> Blue -> Wolves -> wraiths -> red -> small golems again (poor golems)
    I'm still not sure if the 2 path i've given can be faster than it already is, i'll need to work on it... tomorrow :)

  • Skilling Order

    Not sure how to make the good looking pictures so, sorry if it's an eyesore

    If you take the standard jungling path:
    1: Tiger
    2: Turtle
    3: Tiger
    4: either Turtle if you can't gank yet or Bear if the enemy are pushing like there's no tomorrow
    5: this is the tricky part as you're blue's about to run out, you might wanna get Turtle if you picked Bear at lvl 4, it's all good, ig you picked Turtle at 4, pick Bear now.
    6: Tiger
    7: Turtle
    8: Tiger
    9: Turtle
    10: Tiger
    11: Turtle
    12: Pheonix
    13: Pheonix
    14: Pheonix
    15: Pheonix
    16: Pheonix or Bear
    17: Bear
    18: Bear

    If you take the other one you'll just get Tiger instead of turtle at lv 4/5 because you'll have a fresh blue so turtle ins't particularily needed

  • Items

    I'd advise to rush a Mardred's, that's we'll turn into a wrigle's lantern... i'd advise for the CC reduction boots. i like life steal and damage, so a Bloodthirster will do nicely.
    It's time to get ourselves some armor and MR: i think the Thornmail/Banshee's veil combo does great, however, if you want to get a Randuin's or a GA instead...
    Seeing as we have one free items slot, a TRI force can help increasing our damage output greatly seeing as we have to "stance dance"...

    This can work in any situation because we have a good balance between damage, MR and amrmor... however, you'll obviously change the BV for an amor item if the enemy team is full of AD carries...

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