Master Yi Build Guide

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Master Yi,The Soul of Wuju (PLZ RATE AND COMMENT)

written by TaiChinGG

Master Yi Build

Table of Contents

  • Updates

    6/25/11 Made guide.

    6/26/11 Added AP master yi build strelo master yi build in work and made updates topic.

    6/27/11 added strelo master yi item build armor shredding item build also added.Situational item section added

    7/03/11 added skilling orders.

    7/08/11 startin kickboxing classes ^_^ patch gets nerfed although ap alistar wasn't ever good.nerfed ashe,nerfed WW,kog maw buff,Yorick gets buffed a lot.Added ap yi vs ad yi section,added creep jungling.

    7/20/11 Started "THE THING YOU WILL SAY F*** NO TO!" section added masteries and new rune sets and explannations,Fixed item icons and added links and made farming section

    7/25/11 finished unique skills section and fixed mastery links.

    7/26/11 added New champ section

    9/10/11 IM BACK BIAATCH also added a situational build option in the "items section"

    9/11/11 i updated this in honor of the people who died during the terrorist attacks of 911 at the worlds trade center i have created a viable runes section in the ruens and masteries. and updated the new champion section

    9/25/11 i started playing dominion and currently testing out builds in it so far armor penetration is best. fixed item icons and re updated the "New champion" section

    10/02/11 fixed grammar Re wrote "situational item's" section

    10/19/11 re wrote the dominion item build

    11/13/11 re wrote FINAL dominion build and changed flat mr glyphs to per level

    12/1/11 re worked masteries and added armor penetration section

  • Abilities

    Double Strike
    Master Yi strikes twice every 7th attack. Used during laning to make a surprise kill to a squishy or to harrass and harras as in using the master yi combo

    Alpha Strike
    Master Yi leaps across the battlefield with blinding speed, dealing magic damage to multiple units in his path with a chance to deal bonus magic damage to minions.
    Master Yi leaps across the battlefield striking up to 4 enemies, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 (+1) magic damage to each enemy with a 20/30/40/50/60% chance to deal 400 bonus magic damage to minions.

    this is your gap closer,inate,finish off skill. more uses and tricks will be said through out the guide.

    Master Yi rejuvinates his body by focus of mind, restoring health and increasing his armor and magic resistance for a short time.
    Master Yi channels, restoring 140/280/420/560/700 (+1.65) health over 5 seconds. While channeling, Master Yi gains 100/150/200/250/300 armor and magic resistance.

    This is a good tank early game if your bout to die but know u can kill the other person.If your AP you can basically tank a whole team and meditate in the other teams spawn for about 1.5 seconds or more if you have more ap or health.

    Wuju Style
    Master Yi becomes skilled in the art of Wuju, passively increasing the power of his physical attacks. Activating Wuju Style doubles the passive bonus damage for a short time, but the passive bonus is temporarily removed after the effect wears off.
    Passive: Increases physical damage by 15/20/25/30/35.

    Active: Master Yi can activate this ability to double its effectiveness for 10 seconds, but this removes the passive bonus until Wuju Style becomes available again.

    FREE BF SWORD when activated when it turns off you still do decent damage just a nice little boost.More noticable damage from once you level it up.

    Master Yi moves with unparalleled agility, temporarily increasing Master Yi's movement and attack speeds as well as making him immune to all slowing effects. Additionally, killing a Champion refreshes all of Master Yi's cooldowns.
    Increases Master Yi's movement speed by 40% and Attack Speed by 40/60/80%, and he becomes immune to all slowing effects for 6/9/12 seconds. Additionally, killing a champion refreshes all of Master Yi's cooldowns. (Assists reduce half of the base cooldown amount.)

    This skill makes master yi who he is. use it to run away chase screw around and troll the enemy team by runnign super fast around them.More uses of this will be said as you read on

  • Introduction

    hello im taichingg AKA Laosstory i've played yi since the beta and after reading several yi guides ive decided to make a guide about'll find that i bring all the major guides together in this one just like The Dark Arts and unlike Norra's AD yi style i will mention many things some older players may already know and newer may not if u don't like the guide dont rate comment all u want but don't rate. My ELO is not in the super high ranks in fact im in elo hell and hope that season 2 gets a elo restart.My elo is around 1000 so don't get your hopes high if you are in the 1700+ ELO and is reading this guide in fact i think you should make a guide if you are!IMPORTANT SENTENCE---------> I see so many bad master yi's nowadays all starting with a vamp scepter or a dagger or a dorans blade i am here to show you what true master yi's do.




  • Masteries + Runes

    Runes and masteries should be suited to your play style honestly





    Crit chance oriented which is good if you like ghost blade





    Gives strongest jungle potential but switching out the glyphs for cdr or magic resist might be a better
    choice if you like survivability

    if you can't jungle you can get the crit chance one




    x9 doesn't really matter glyphs don't help master yi what so ever

    or x3

    Chances are you don't got all the runes in the sets shown above chances you got exactly the runes in the 2 specific sets are 1/10.
    other viable runes with no specific order in how good they are





    Max damage lane masteries

    Max lane stay and survivability

    Ap Yi masteries.

    Jungle masteries

    21/0/9 instead of taking the 1 point in ap put it in +5 gold from smite

    1/21/8 the 1 point in offense is for the extra gold for smite.

    Differences in masteries.

    the high survivability one is if you don't have all the armor runes if u have 5/9 you should be able to jungle fine but if you cant take this mastery page.

    21/0/9 is if you have all the runes and you got the attack speed runes or all 9

    this one is faster if you have all runes

  • Summoner Abilities

    Recommended abilities

    Used to run and chase use it in sync with highlander and no one can catch you

    its a free quick silver sash with out it being able to take out suppress.

    free slow and damage reduce no longer cleansable but the slow effect is.

    not a fan but is viable

    is a must if you jungle

    i use it when i do ranked since u almost always need to instantly escape

    this is for sure viable ap or ad it increases dmg and ap and last enough for a small team fight.

    remember it says not recommended never said you can't

    this spell is not good imo the heal isn't worth it only good for early game.

    you got mana probs early-mid game (mid game eg: no mana to finish off champ with alpha or not enough for high lander.)but if your stupid and spam alpha strike early game be my guest.

    [spell_icon=fortify] leave it for the tanks.

    leave for the support


    you know maybe if your really bad at killing and doing what yi does you can do his plan b back door and push with this spell not my favorite but when i feel like i have a bad team i pick it up and bdoor the game away.

  • AP Yi vs AD Yi

    AD YI vs AP Yi the long dispute

    AD yi Pros



    kills people faster then u think
    Cons AD Yi
    blind,stun,snare,CC in general makes him useless.


    AP Yi pros


    Is hybrid if you get gunblade at some point.


    Cons AP Yi

    Silences and stuns,snares.roots mess him up blinds mean nothing.

    Magic resist stacking makes you half useless.

    My Opinion:i personally think ad yi steam rolls ap yi unless ap yi grabs a thornmail and the other yi is stupid to hit him during meditate.Ap yi is fun to troll with 1 hit insta kill

  • Items

    If your steam rollin or trollin

    and last item can be another blood thirster

    Pendragons lifesteal build

    (Start with avarice blade if your laning)

    [item_icon=stark's fervor]

    last item is situational.

    the minimal core is youmuu's and wriggles with 2 scepters

    full core is with wriggles and starks.

    Alternate to blood thirster is Infinite Edge

    you can now build a Infinite Edge after padding 2 scepters.

    AP Master Yi Intro

    Ability power master yi is Very viable imo he has a nuke a heal a dmg buff after u use ur alpha and your ults always there to run if u must.I played a few games and AP yi is very good if you farm right and go in at the right time.Bdooring gets easy since you have lichbane hopefully by late game to bdoor towers (e.g.:my team was on the verge of losing when i tele to a ward i placed at the base because i planned it out i teleported there jsut in time and kill their nexus in 10 wacks (10 because you need to wait for lich bane cd) with lich bane you hit around 600 dmg at late game so i EXTREMELY ENCOURAGE YOU TO BUILD THAT IF YOU DECIDE AP YI.

    My AP Yi build not very unique since ap yi is pretty much straight forward.

    Start with or boots of speed is not good but possible.

    Item build


    And if you went sheen early game you get Rylai's after lichbane

    Last item is situational.

    Strelo's Master Yi build

    Starting with ethier or The alternative to trinity force is

    Note:Strelo plays master yi as a jungler so wriggles is in the build but if your laning take [item_icon=Stark's_fervor] (Not recommended to rush this before getting trinity force)

    Last item is Situational

    Armor Shredding build

    This build was recently made and put into the guide by me Reason for this build. Name says it all

    Note:build before starting IE

    [item_icon=Stark's fervor]

    NOTE:8/10/11 i have now decided it takes too long to make IE so now rush BC after ghostblade

    Last item is situational

    Atmogs Yi


    The last 2 items are situational since most games will end by then.


    ok here's the deal with going by a situational build u will ethier choke up cuz your feeding and then never finish a god dam item or you will be godly invincible with your buying and selling of items.

    to make a situational build u must first decide a solid core for any situation

    i chose norra's core which seems the best decision

    (+ or +

    as you can see seems very reasonable for a core u got aspd if you got both items u got life steal move speed and armor pen from both youmuus and SotD

    now what items to build after core???

    options after core

    1. you need the lifesteal and ward
    2. too much armor on other team
    3.[item_icon=madred's bloodrazor] too much hp
    4. alternative to last whisper
    5. enemy's too bursty
    6.[item_icon=Tiamat] your gonna be pushing like a beast
    7. not generally what you want but is viable in some situations
    8. use it when theres too much CC honestly its not gonna help out too much unless theres only 1-2 stuns snares etc (source:experience)
    9. counter dpser item this item helps but not so much u will survive most of the time like getting a warmogs paired with warmogs though and you will kill them
    10. counter execute spell this way u cna survive 1v1 a garen sometimes and suriving karthus ult and brands combo or anyone who can burst with ap.
    11.[item_icon=Force of nature]counter magic dmg this item is godly by itself magic resist hp regen and move speed
    12. OP ANOTHER CLEANSE THAT STOPS SUPPRESS is far superior to that shitty banshee's veil that everyone loves for some reason just need to remember to activate it
    13. not much of a fan for this also but if you like it be my guest.

    Now i can list more choices but those are extremely unviable and make some newbies use those and fail horribly the thing is after u pick one of these items Infinite edge is the main item in mind for this situational build but after all it's a situational build so it can also not be.


    ok the reason why i said you must read this is because the right end game item is crucial to your success
    most people are like alright its end game time for a GA....WRONG!!!!theres a reason why god had you die why come back and die again? GA IS ALSO SITUATIONAL NOT A SOLID END GAME ITEM!!! for example if your dying a lot because ur stupid and run into teams single handed do you think your gonna come back and tell the tale? probably not because the enemy is just gonna wait for u to respawn.

    most viable end game items for Yi (defenssive can also be for ap too)

    Reason? It's end game and you farm creeps like a BAWS.

    I personally am not a big fan but sure is viable in some situations not all.

    [ITEM_ICON=MADRED'S BLOODRAZOR] This item is so you can tear up that 5k Mundo or Olaf although if they have more than 120 MR i suggest you not

    There are not many cases where you will actually need this item honestly biggest reason is that you will not have enough hp to deal dmg to them.

    When Karthus's ult gets a lil bit too strong and when there's too many stuns snares or CC.
    i'm not a big fan honestly because i do not notice its effects and how it helps me most of the time.

    This is The alternative end game item for


    AP has no limit but when it comes to magic resist you are half useless

    a slow hp and more ap what more do you need

    best penetration item in game specially if they got 120+ mr

    If they're really low on mr. like 80 or less this is what you want

    what happened to zhonya's ring D: dunno but buy your self some extra time if your getting focused or need CD time.

  • The Black Cleaver vs Last Whisper

    There are some people in Lol forums wondering which is better.

    It really depends on the situation if u got 5 retards who have no armor which means less than 120 armor black cleaver gives u the upper hand because it reduces their armor and u get more penetration there for. while if they all have lets say 150 armor last whisper is better because black cleaver REMOVES ONLY 45 ARMOR while last whisper is % armor penetration.And for those who don't know how armor pen effects armor it goes armor penetration (from runes items and masteries)>armor reduction (black cleaver starks)> % armor penetration. so lets say we got a tnak with 200 armor and we have a last whisper. and hopefully u got the 10% from masteries which makes it 50% armor penetration you get 100 extra dmg from % penetration but after that 100 armor is taken away his left over armor is still there to protect him. so Ideally when your opponents are smart you want to take last whisper around mid-late game. if they're all squishies and don't bother with armor go black cleaver.


    300 armor rammus. master yi's base dmg is 200+ last whisper which is 240 dmg

    50% of 300 is 150 + 21 armor penetration from runes= 129 armor which shows how much more effective a last whisper is later in game although if you got this situation below.....

    80 armor ashe. master yi's base dmg 200+ last whisper= 240 dmg

    50% of 80 is 40 so she is now at 40 armor add the armor penetration from runes 21= 19 armor in total still seems liek a lot of dmg but now lets use black cleaver in substitution.

    80 armor ashe. master yi's base dmg is 200+ black cleaver = 255 dmg without taking attack speed into account

    80 armor ashe loses 15 armor= 65 (taking into account it takes 3 hits *other guy but its only 3* idgaf it still matters)

    but anyway since 3 hits is pretty much in 1 second unless she stuns u she loses 45 armor so 80 - 45 armor = 35 and 21- 35=14 armor so you get more damage in total. AND YES ARMOR GOES UNDER 0 WHICH MEANS U DO MORE THAN TRUE DMG so if you have starks it turns into -6 armor which means extra 6 dmg.

    NOW 300 armor

  • Skilling Order

    >> >

    Laning skill order

    > > >

    Proc oriented jungle skill order or solo lane skill order

    > > >

    Sustained dmg jungle skill order

    laning or jungling ALWAYS GRAB MEDITATE AT LEVEL 4

  • Creep Jungling

    How to jungle its fairly easy actually but theres a way that strelo does that i think is unique.

    First regular jungle route.

    start with and x5

    Go to double golem camp and wait for them to spawn alpha strike them or use wuju and use 1 health potion

    Go to wraiths after and use alpha strike and wuju style focus the big grey wraith first makes ur jungling go by faster.

    Go to wolves use alpha strike but no wuju or u dont got enough mana for alpha strike and wuju for next camp.Focus the big wolf first.

    Go to Blue golem and use alpha strike and wuju and smite.Focus the big one first.I'm not sure if doing the small creeps first is faster IMO i think starting with the big buff is better though.

    After blue head back to base grab a go towards red and if your smite is over the cd of 10 then wait.

    Use alpha strike wuju and smite to do red then meditate (assuming you leveled to 4) and then go gank a lane or keep jungling.

    Strelo's jungle route.

    Strelo uses the same set of runes. To jungle his way you grab a and x2 the way you get the 2nd one is by waiting for the money and by the time you get to double golem the side lanes should just start getting minions.

    Do double golem alpha strike and smite.use 1 health potion(strelo only starts with alpha not sure if wuju works)

    after your done with double golems do wraiths with wuju.Focusing the big grey one.use your last health potion.

    go to wolves after wraiths (you should have no hp pots by now} focus the big one. use alpha strike and wuju style.

    after your done with wolves go to blue and kill the 2 small creeps and head back to base. buy and x2 if you don't have the money wait for the second one.

    Do blue golem with alpha strike wuju and smite use 1 hp pot. meditate. after remember do a neutral camp dont use a hp pot. and meditate after. do red lizard and use 1 hp pot and smite remember alpha strike + wuju and then after go gank.


    Q:Why not start at blue golem?

    A:Blue start is slower then the double golem route and your on relatively low hp through out it.

    Q:Can you jungle without smite with yi?

    A:no hes not WW olaf or anyone with life steal built in.

    Q:What items do i get when i jungle?

    A: [item_icon=madred's bloodrazor]

  • Farming

    Last hit wuju style and alpha CASE CLOSED

  • Unique Skills

    Alpha strike how and why its unique

    This skill is a very unique skill its a teleport+dash+harass+finsher+catch up. Not to mention yo u can teleport through a wall with someone many many uses.Since the last patch you can now target wards and jump to them in jungle.if your a experienced player you will probably know what i mean and it is very hard to explain the deatails.(7th grader don't judge jsut cuz im 12 and a half dont mean i can't play read and dont be like "u fail kid go uninstall you don't belong here. my dads friend has a 10 year old kid who plays this shit and trust he sucks ass :P) now then back to the guide. VERY UNIQUE

    HighLander is Unique.

    the reason why its unique is because not everyone has a move speed buff immune to slows and a 80% increase to your attack speed in 1 package its like this for example Me:"AHHHHHHHHHHH SUPER SAIYAN 4 PREPARE TO DIE!!!!" other team:"SHIIIIT RUUUN ZING *champion has been slain* ZING *champion double kill* ZING *champion triple kill!* ZING *CHAMPION QUADRA KILL* last guy:"OHHH BOY CAN'T LET HIM PENTA OHHH YEAH AIN'T GONNA GET ME IM ACROSS THE MAP!! Me:"i didn't pop ghost and i forgot ghostblade bye bye!!"
    last guy:"SHIIT SHIIIT SHIIT" (yi gets right behind enemy champ runs out of mana for high lander or alpha strike and ghost runs out.) Me:"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!!!"
    *you have slain an enemy* *PENTA KILL* me:"wtf?" last guy:"FUCKING SUPER MINION!!!!!!"

    theres why its unique.

  • Working in the team

    How to work in team AD Yi

    i'm gonna assume this is mid-late game. the first thing you want to do is to try and stay in the back where you can't get harrassed but not so far you wont get into the team fight in time. When your tank initaites wait for your off tank or mage to attack after they stun burst or w/e to somone you jump in and they won't notice you sweeping the entire team.

    How to work in team AP Yi

    You want to come into the team fight late when all the enemy champs are low so you can proc your ult's passive it sound's like ksing but not really.

  • The New Champion

    Shyvana if you out farm her you got a chance if you get fed you probably will win in a 1v1 situation in a team fight its iffy besides from that good luck lol

  • DOMINION or Crystal Scar

    This will be a section DEVOTED TO ONLY CRYSTAL SCAR

    since the release of dominion i have been having a real good time win or lose its still fun cuz you are never a feeder or loser since the whole team contributes to the lost of cap points.anyway back to the guide...

    Runes specific to dominion


    [rune_icon=greater seal of resillience]x8 for good luck (trust me you will be happy i told u so]



    this rune setup is specific for early game battles.Since dominion is usually based on early game advantages. The armor will defend against that op renekton dmg, and the 1% dodge will make you grateful.The flat mr runes are so that you don't get burst down that early fight at top.Armor penetration marks and quints are so taht you can penetrate the enemies armor early fight i mean lvl 3 armor is around 20-50 add masteries you will rip them apart.

    Item build


    OK after experimenting for a while i will conclude movement speed is master yi's greatest asset so were gonna build with movement speed the first buy is the same and after your first fight dead or not you want to focus on getting your and after you got that done you want to grab a for lifesteal then your next major item is then build your vampiric scepter into a AND THEEEEN IF THE GAMES STILL GOING ON and if it still is going on get another and sell your boots and get another :P

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