Tristana Build Guide

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Splashy, Splashy

written by magma armor0

Tristana Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Draw a Bead
    increases your range as you level up. allows for harassing at levels other champs can't hope to match.

    Rapid Fire
    boosts AS. nothing else to say here

    Rocket Jump
    really cool ability;basically flash with splash and a slow

    [spell=Explosive Shot]
    the reason this build works. explodes when you kill an enemy as a passive, ignite as an active. cool ability. period.

    Buster Shot
    great synergy with rocket jump; jump behind them, blast em into your turret, etc. etc.

  • Introduction

    I realize this guide is short, but I wrote it at 4:00 in the morning. I'll update more later, but the core idea is still here. Comments, as always, would be appreciated.

  • Skilling Order


  • Items

    Here's how this works:
    to start grab a Vampiric Scepter
    I know. "What are you thinking grabbing a Vamp Scepter? how does that help Trist.." trust me on this one.
    upgrade your vamp scepter to a [Item=Stark's Fervor] as fast as possible.
    then, grab your Berserker's Greaves, unless of course, the other team demands you buy Mercury's Treads
    follow that up with the driving force behind this build, [Item=Tiamat] Note: It is definitely viable to build Tiamat before Stark's Fervor.
    Tiamat is a great concept that, unfortunately is just a little too UP for most people to use. but on Trist, it's ridiculously devastating. farming power like no other; tiamat damages minions, the explosions damage minions, everything around you dies. And you get gold for all of that! yay!
    oh, and did I mention that Stark's Fervor will heal you for most of the slaughtering you're doing?
    Next build an Infinity Edge. this should take a lot shorter than usual, since you should be running over minions like there's no tomorrow by now. The Inf Edge puts more damage behind our Tiamat, and triggers explosions sooner.
    After this, build a Phantom Dancer (for obvious reasons)
    The last item is really up to you. at this point, you should be farming so hard that money really shouldn't matter. you can grab a Hextech Gunblade or a Nashor's Tooth for the AP that you're otherwise lacking. buy another Inf edge if you want criticals. The Bloodthirster is also a great choice, giving you even more lifesteal and damage. Frozen Mallet is a great item with lots of health to make you last longer, a slow to stop escapees, and a little bit of attack damage.
    Now that you're farmed, you can sell your [Item=Tiamat] and buy another one of the above.
    If you're having trouble with armor-stacking tanks, then pick up a [Item=Madred's Bloodrazor]. I prefer this to Last Whisper (although LW is certainly viable) because Tristana's HUGE AS steroid helps her deal the 4% magic damage a LOT more often than other AD carries.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros: late game dominance. this build gives you early game survivability, while maintaining the power that a carry needs.
    Cons: weak and nearly useless early game. harass and hide under your turret. use the Rocket Jump + Buster Shot combo to knock them into the turret and get kills. otherwise, play it safe early.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I recommend Exhaust, because Tristana needs another way to stop escapees.
    take your pick with the other; a couple spells will work.
    Teleport is good for the extra mobility
    I've even used [Spell=Fortify] once for the extra minion damage (and because early game, the Tower Damage bonus can rack up a few unexpected kills)

    Clarity better than heal, as your MP will certainly drop faster than your HP, but still, in my opinion, not as good as the above
    Ignite is a little redundant, but still good
    Flash see above
    Smite is good early game to speed up the build. late game, it's good for Baron, the Dragon, and Tibbers. any other minion should die upon sight.
    [Spell=Rally] Not as bad as it is on other champs. Late game, Trist can get a HUGE minion wave following her, and rallying them can be frightening to enemies. still not recommended, though
    Clairvoyance Not bad, but not good either.
    Heal you should be healing enough.

  • Masteries/Runes

    Armor Penetration Marks
    Armor Seals (for Survivability)
    Magic Resist Glyphs

    I'm a little eccentric when it comes to Quintessences, I usually take 1 Movespeed quintessence, to outrun people with otherwise equal speeds, along with 2 Health quints to get extra survivability early game.

    Masteries I go 21-0-9, a standard AD build, making sure to take points in all applicable summoner's spells.

  • Farming

    Farming drives this build. If you can't farm, look somewhere else.

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