Twisted Fate Build Guide

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High ELO Gameplay for Twisted Fate [In-Depth]

written by General Waffles

Twisted Fate Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Loaded Dice
    From the recent update, it's been changed from global critical chance to extra gold for teammates. Unfortunate for us and our team, but it's still a decent passive.

    Wild Cards
    Massive amounts of damage! People underestimate too often the power in this skill.
    *As of 19/05/2010, I've noticed many people tend to disregard this skill. 300 damage is nothing to scoff at. It has an insane range, goes three directions, and the projectile's fairly small. It's always a guaranteed hit with this skill after you've stunned them. Too many times I've killed people that just stand still behind the creeps while farming. Oh well, if people start complaining that this skill is useless, maybe it'll receive a buff, and I can start wrecking people harder than ever.

    Pick A Card
    Versatile skill- Blue cards replenish mana (along with its extra damage), red cards slow and splash, and gold cards stun. One of the unique skills that we're known for. Gold-picking is by far the most useful skill you could have as a card master. (2 second stun with a 4-6 second cooldown? hax.)

    Stacked Deck
    More useful than it seems, especially in early game. [*note] Stacked Deck no longer works on towers, but you'll raze them just fine without it.

    Ahhh, the skill that we're known for. Popping this will reveal every enemy champion, even while they're invisible. This also makes Gate available, teleporting you wherever you want.

    *NOTE* Banshees blocks Destiny lol.

    Further skill explanation below...

  • :::Updates:::

    29/09 - I've been playing a lot of ARAM games (all random, all mid), and I have to say, it's pretty damn fun. If you haven't tried it yet, be sure to give it a go. Just be sure to know the rules and have some fun :P On a similar note, I will be adding a ARAM section in this guide for TF. It's going to sound crazy just like when this guide first came out, but you never know until you've tried it :)

    17/09 - I'm looking around and finding lots of builds pretty similar to mine lol! It's a good thing, I like how everyone's getting the idea that Nashor's Tooth and Guinsoo's work amazingly well on TF. Back then when I first started this guide, I saw one TF guide with Nashor's Tooth, and that was when TF didn't have Stacked Deck. None of the guides had Guinsoo's. I had also looked around leaguecraft to look for a HYBRID guide, which I had never found at the time. I cracked out calculations, and it didn't make sense how no one used Guinsoo's or Nashor's Tooth. The majority of the TF guides play him as a hard carry, and I've yet to see any of them abusing the gold card cd and playing support, but hey, maybe things will change again. I feel proud of the community for being supportive, and how with this support, that I was able to make a difference in how everyone plays TF. Thanks everyone, for making this the top-rated guide on TF (at the moment!) :)
    -added Manamune in Commonly Debated Items

    28/07 - no new significant updates for TF yet. Yellow cards will now become undodgeable, but can still be blocked by spell shield. S'all good.

    23/06 - no new updates for TF for v1.0.0.94

    08/06 - Wow! What a buff. Well mostly. Hopefully it'll teach some people to stop overstacking so much AS. Stacked Deck gives a *15% buff at lvl 5, so cool down on AS, guys. AP Coefficients have also gone up; all the better for our hybrid :) *Thanks to C0okie for pointing out it's 15% rather than 30%

    02/06 - Apparently Destiny is a channeling spell; Killing TF will cancel Destiny. Don't forget Banshee's veil will also cancel Destiny if it's up.

    29/04 - Oh wow. 3100 views. Thanks again for the support by reading the guide. Feel free to add any questions you may have.

    06/04 - Thanks so much for the constructive criticism guys. And wow, almost 2000 views. I didn't quite expect that many views, so thanks to everyone :)

    31/03 - Thanks to everyone for the views and ratings! I wasn't expecting to hit 337 views and rating - 4 on the very first day! Be sure not to be afraid to add comments- I won't bite P: Any constructive criticism would be appreciated :)

  • Introduction

    AP? DPS? There are all kinds of builds for TF, but from what I've found, a hybrid works beautifully for most of the game. Nearing the end of the game, since AP becomes less useful, the items gotten for TF will generally be shifted towards DPS.

    IMO? AP has become LESS EFFECTIVE, since AP scaling has been shot down. I also don't think burst damage is the way to go with this champion... I would leave that to our "OP" Ryze :). DPS TF, on the other hand, is waaaay too inferior to Jax and Tristana. You will just get eaten by them with your pitiful hp. If you become the main DPS of your team, you will be focused, and will most likely die pretty easily.

    I've read lots of TF guides, but when testing them out, many are unviable.
    Yeah, I can say that. I actually do my homework. Math is my strong subject.
    Math and practicality are two separate subjects, so I test out everything beforehand.

    By the way, if you're looking for a kiddie guide with lots of colorful pictures, you're sorely mistaken.
    Please find another guide to fulfill your childish needs. Recording videos is too much of a hassle, as well. To the rest of the men, MOVING ON.

    *NOTE* Twisted Fate is a delicate character- bad early game spells GG.
    TF's top priority is to spam gold cards on the enemy's carry. Damage comes second. This is why we'll be reducing cooldown to improve his stun capabilities. Do this right, and you'll be called "OP."

    *haha. I bet everyone else here likes being called OP from the enemy team. It's orgasmic.*

  • AP vs DPS

    +high burst damage
    -low AP scaling
    -after you've used up your skills, no significant damage for another 4-6 secs

    +decent DPS...? lol
    -inferior to true carries (Jax, Tristana, Ashe)

    Our Hybrid:
    +decent AP burst due to Guinsoo's
    +damage output is pretty close to DPS, almost the same.
    +burst damage is pretty close to pure AP from early to mid game.
    -in a 1v1 fight with pure DPS TF, hybrid would likely lose.

  • Shurelia's Guide on Zone Control

    If you haven't already seen this, sit back and watch the video.
    Voice MAY sound strange, but $5 says she can destroy you in game,
    so take your finger out of your nose and listen to her talk.

    I don't really have a problem with her voice, simply cause I'm asian.
    I posted this video up, because she's female, she's asian, and she's a friggin pro',
    and simply because Twisted Fate is ALL about positioning.
    Watching this video will dramatically improve your gameplay. Srs.

  • Faro's Beginner Guide on Twisted Fate

    Take a look if you haven't seen the video before-
    It's a bit outdated, but at least it points out the basics.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Difficult to counter (since he's AP and AD)
    -One of the top gankers
    -Massive damage output
    -2sec stun with 4-6sec cooldown (IMBA!)
    -Extremely versatile character, capable of being a DPS and/or AP
    -AKA Baron Stealer
    -One of the best backdoorers (if not the best)
    -Map control
    -If you're bouncing around, opponents will feel your lane presence and get paranoid
    -"Quick! Build MR! That TF is going AP!"
    "Crap, never mind, he's going hybrid."

    -Hard to get used to
    -can't get enough magic or armor penetration

  • Masteries + Runes

    As far as masteries go, it's certainly debatable where one would put their masteries.
    I personally go with 9/0/21, though you're certainly allowed to think differently.

    I use...
    marks = armor penetration or magic penetration runes
    seals = health per level
    glyphs = flat or /level AP runes
    quintessences = flat health

    why health? TF is squishy, hands down. If you can get your hands on 3 greater quintessences of fortitude, it'll increase your health by ~100 at the very start, raising your health from 400 to 500. In early game, it makes a pretty damn good difference. Health per level will make sure you have extra health as the game goes on- by lvl 18, you'll have 175 extra health with 9 of tier 3 seals. Like Calys so stated, magic penetration would work pretty well in this build. Armor penetration is for last hitting and being able to do full damage on squishies. (Every hero starts out with base armor, armor penetration therefore is pretty nice. Creep and minions have armor too.)

    Runes are debatable. Whether you disagree with this rune set or not, I don't care, go cry to your mom about it if you have a problem.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash - Works pretty damn well for most characters. For TF, it's invaluable.

    Ignite or Exhaust as a second skill, depending on your playstyle.

    Teleport - More map control, but you have Destiny.

    Clairvoyance - Meeehh... it's alright, but you should have one of your allies get it instead. You have friggin' Destiny.

    Ghost - I could see how this would work.

    [spell=Rally] - debatable.

    Revive - "Yeah, I agree no one should use this on TF either... WHAT." I know, it sounds crazy. When we first saw Pantheon with Revive, it sounded dumb, until we met one that actually used it really well. Yeah, this skill is viable on TF because if we happen to die in a teamfight, we can jump right back in the fight with Destiny. I normally wouldn't use this though, since I make it a priority not to die, but this is definitely a viable skill. You haven't seen anything until you've seen a Pantheon and a TF on the same team with revive; They can be everywhere at once, and they retain global presence.

    But Waffles, why not:

    Heal - Sure you can replace the second skill with Heal, but it's not really as useful on TF. Health pots would replace heal, in most cases. Heal on TF is just a waste.

    Clarity - Mana pots, you fool. Otherwise, blue pill back to fountain and destiny-gank someone. Nashor's Tooth will take care of mana for spamming skills mid-late game.

    [spell=Fortify] Smite - no.

  • In-depth on skills

    OK, if you get the general idea of TF's skills, you can skip this section.

    Loaded Dice - Pretty self-explanatory; your team will love you just for being there.

    Wild Cards - The damage on this thing is pretty spectacular from early to mid game, along with a godlike range. Some reasons not to be using this skill before its level 3: 1 This skill does insignificant damage before level 3. 2, It usually comes as a pretty big surprise the first time you use it at lvl 3. This skill is also considered a skillshot; aiming this well could net you a kill in the fog of war (haha I've done this once...)

    Pick A Card - Blue, red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue, red, yellow. I hope you see a pattern. Practice and develop reflexes to pull the right card when under pressure, and it could net you a kill or save your life. This skill is invaluable to TF. Pull blue cards for some free damage, Red cards for AoE dmg+slow, and gold cards for stunning. During the laning phase, the red cards are pretty useful for their AoE damage. You wouldn't even need to hit the champions to deal damage to them. Most of the time, however, you're trying hard to pull gold cards. *NOTE: Blue cards will give back less mana than the cost you've used to throw it, until you have gotten a decent amount of AP.*

    Stacked Deck - This skill is sexy, but the other skills are so important that we'd have to keep only one point in it. As your second skill, this can be used in conjunction with Pick A Card to deal some badass damage, which is why you must always keep an eye on your stacks of this skill. When running to gank someone, having that extra damage can be the difference between a kill and getting killed, so always keep this in mind.

    Destiny - Your ultimate, and for a good reason too. Even though it's been nerfed, you're still very capable of destroying the other team with this skill. Be sure when you teleport to gank, that you pull a gold card first, and that you're behind and still fairly close to your target. Teleporting too far away, and they'll easily run away. If you're saving someone's butt, Pick A Card can be skipped until after you've teleported in. Because you can see every enemy with this skill, be sure to evaluate the situation before jumping on in. Is he going to die anyways? Am I going to die if I teleport in? If they're going to die anyways, the best thing you could do is to hope for the best; you might put yourself in a bad situation and die if you engage with them. Sad, but you're going to have to live with it. Don't forget that you can also use this skill to run away! Most people forget that.

  • Combo!

    You can start by casting your Pick A Card if you're ganking someone across the map and teleporting to them. MAKE SURE you got your gold card before even considering to gank. Teleport right behind them, but not too far away. You just want to be able to hit them with that gold card and stun them. Make them eat damage with your Wild Card, and throw a few extra hits at them. If you can chase them for another 6 seconds, do so, cause you can always use your combo and hopefully finish them off.

    So to recap, the basic combo is:
    Pick A Card > Wild Cards > Hit

    As I will mention later, Guinsoo's Rageblade will make your build shine. In half a second, pulling off the combo in half a second will rack you 3 stacks on Guinsoo's Rageblade, which is equal to 12% increase in AS and +18 AP. When lvl 18 with Nashor's tooth, this combo can be repeated every 4 seconds. With higher AS, TF can easily do a ton of damage in a short amount of time. Be sure to cancel attack animation and step forward a little every time as to make sure that they don't get away without losing an autoattack.

  • Items

    Sapphire Crystal + 2 Health Potion
    OR Doran's Ring + Health Potion

    1. Sheen
    2. Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness
    3. Guinsoo's Rageblade

    4.Moving from 6sec to 4sec Pick A Card: Nashor's Tooth
    (suggested for the pros with getting gold cards)
    (50% attacks speed! same ASPD as malady, but with better additions.)

    This is where your item build should start following what happens in the game...

    -turn Sheen into Lich Bane, only if your opponents aren't building much MR.

    -against heavy nukers, Banshee's Veil would work nice.
    Guardian Angel is also pretty nice at this point in game.

    Build some DPS
    - Infinity Edge -OR- The Bloodthirster

  • My Items?

    With my usual setup, it works out to be...
    1. Sapphire Crystal + 2 Health Potion
    2. Sheen
    3. Boots of Swiftness
    4. Guinsoo's Rageblade (cause guinsoo's is effective early game)
    5. Nashor's Tooth
    6. Infinity Edge (you might not complete this, but s'alright. BF sword always first.)

    This is just a build that I often use in most games. Again, not one game is ever the same; If you have tons of CC on the other team, replace boots of swiftness with mercury treads, and remember to watch your ***.

  • Higher ELO...

    Even with a high knowledge on TF, positioning, and overall gameplay, you cannot evade death all the time from higher ELO players. They will recognize you as a threat, and they will target you. There are a few notes to take when playing with stronger players:
    -take hp items. I know in MOST games, even in high level games, hp items can be ignored, but if you start playing with a godly premade, you need to be able to be take more damage.
    -don't waste destiny. Using destiny to push back a creep wave will signify to the opponents that you are vulnerable, desperate, and will not be able to cast it for another 90 seconds or so. By using up destiny, you use up an escape skill. One mistake like that in higher level games may lose you your game.
    -sight wards. "Carries don't get wards!" Screw that. You may have destiny, but that's not enough. My motto is, "Map awareness is everything," and you should write it all over your body. If your team has teleport, you could all move to that ward in an instant for a nasty surprise for your opponents.
    -know when to back off. E.G: Since Olaf came out, he's become the biggest threat to most ranged carries. He will activate ghost/youmu's blade and his ulti, and charge straight through your allies as if they were nothing. You can't go over him. You can't go under him. You can't go arou- ok. You can move around him and still stun his teammates while taking minimum damage from him.

  • Gameplay

    You want to start out with Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potion. If you want to go with Doran's Ring and a Health Potion, that's fine too, but it WILL delay your item build.

    First essential item would be Sheen. +20 AP, but the real thing we're after here is the 80% extra base damage after a spell. This item also provides you with the mana to spam enough skills to successfully kill someone. Get [item=Boots], and start on your Guinsoo's Rageblade, which should be around lvl 7-10, depending on how well you've farmed. This is also the time when you start ganking other lanes with/without Destiny.

    ***I cannot stress how important Guinsoo's is to our build. Ups burst damage AND DPS, with increasing AP and AS per skill/attack. Try switching this item with something else, and see the difference.***

    Finish [item=Boots] however you want, and either work on Nashor's Tooth or a DPS item, preferably Infinity Edge

    Pros use Nashor's Tooth thought, to cut from 6 sec to 4 sec cooldown for Pick A Card.

    As the game goes on, Twisted Fate changes from a ganker to a DPS/support character. You want to spam Pick A Card and pick gold card as often as possible. Make sure you avoid being targetted, and die for your carry.

    Baron stealing concept is easy, but extremely beneficial to the team if you can actually pull it off; In late game, when your opponents seem to be missing, cast Destiny and check to see if they're at Baron. Signal your team of the enemy's position, and if they can't make it there in time, teleport onto the ledge behind him, and Wild Cards for last hit. Doesn't always work, but if you're in that kinda situation, you're probably gonna lose anyway.

  • Tower Toppling

    Twisted Fate, in mid-game, is especially good at destroying towers. If left alone, he could take it down as fast (or maybe even faster :) ) than a Rammus. Use Pick A Card and grab a blue or red card (if you don't, it won't make too much of a difference), and when combined with Lich Bane, it will deal MASSIVE damage, just like what you've been doing to those poor heroes on the other side. Note that the towers will aggro on you if you hit the tower with a red card while a hero's near it, since the AoE effect still triggers.

  • Commonly Debated Items

    Hexdrinker - @Smifer
    Any items should be placed after the core build, since it's just so important that we maximize our damage in the "combo." That being said, any item that's gotten after the core should be really higher tier in terms of AP or damage (such as Zhonyas, Bloodthirsters, etc.) Hexdrinker costs 1800 gold, for 35 damage, 30 MR, and a semi-decent passive. Note that we've already used up 3 slots (Guinsoos, sheen, and boots.) You also need to carry pots (and definitely sight wards in a high ELO game,) further limiting your inventory.

    Hexdrinker is not a BAD item, per se, but it does not offer enough in the mid-late game to make much of a difference. Besides, you shouldn't really be in a position to take a lot of damage; and if you are focused in the mid-late game, that 300 extra health isn't going to save your life very often.

    If you really have to use it...
    Like any other item, there are two things you need to consider:
    1. If you're being very restrained in your farming (EG locked up in base cause your opponents are ahead in the game,) item slots don't need to be reserved for those big tier items if you can't even obtain them. Hexdrinker is also more viable since it's not a bad investment in terms of offense/defense (in a low-economy build.)

    2. If the situation calls for it, and your opponents are mostly AP nukers, Hexdrinker wouldn't be a bad investment as well. Take it, but note that if you do pull ahead in the game and you need to sell something, this is probably one of the first items to go.

    [item_icon=Malady] - it should never go before core, and even then, I still don't really like it..
    in an even teamfight, you're not supposed to be constantly attacking them; that's the carry's job. YOU need to sit farther back and stun an important person whenever you get the chance. Malady promotes constant attacking, so I don't really like it... But, I haven't used it all that much, so feel free to use it if you want. I would stick with my current item build since Malady does not have much to offer in late game.

    - Oh my. Sounds very tempting, especially for a hybrid build. Only problem is that this thing costs way too much. I'd say it could be inferior to Guinsoo's. Spell vamp and lifesteal? If you're focused, that won't even matter. A 300 active spell with slow? Psh, it's only 300 damage- you're using up 3.6k for this item! Even if you REALLY wanted to, you would definitely put this AFTER Nashor's Tooth; There are 2 problems with this. 1, waste of money. 2, remaining as a hybrid TF instead of focusing on either AP or AD would result in lack of power. Try it out, you won't feel as great.

    [new buff for Hextech Gunblade] - @Judgement22
    Hrmm. The attack damage and ability power still seem very tempting, but I'll sit out on it.
    Since this is an extreme late-game item, it's best to branch off into either DPS or AP build.
    This also costs more than Zhonya's Ring, and that's got a much better passive than the one on Hextech Gunblade. Wild Cards, with your hybrid AP, should be hitting at least 400, and that's on a 4sec cd. You've also got a 2sec stun on a 4sec cd. Furthermore, the spell vamp and lifesteal will not be useful in teamfights, since TF is still considered squishy, even with Banshee's or Guardian Angel. This item just offers too little with its high price to benefit TF.
    However, this item would be viable, if by extreme late game, your opponent's carries and squishies are building a good balance of both armor AND magic resist.

    - ughhh... this item is a waste of time. Just don't. The active skill isn't useful- you aren't gonna be meeting pure dodge chars any time soon. The 100 magic damage seems nice, especially in an AS build, but it's greatly reduced by magic resist. Grab Last Whisper for armor penetration and AS instead. + damage too.

    Mejai's Soulstealer - unless you're wtfpwning a newbie team, there's no need for this. AP scaling isn't all that great on TF.

    [item=Rylais Crystal Scepter] - I've talked to a ton of people about it, and have concluded that this item is not worth it. Why slow for 2 seconds when you can STUN for 2 seconds? 15% slow with Wild Cards? Meeeeeeeh. With 2k+ gold, you could do so much more. It's also overkill in late game. How often will you need a slow in teamfights. It is so much less useful than our OP stun.

    Executioner's Calling - only if they have some insane healer(s), otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.

    Berserker's Greaves - "But Waffles, the 25%+ AS is good!" Dude. It's only 25% AS. If you've ever done the math for it, it's another 0.2 attack per second. WHICH IS ALMOST INSIGNIFICANT. And for ~300 more gold too, than Boots of Swiftness. You'll need the extra movement speed if people manage to survive your stun and your initial damage. Guinsoo's will provide you with enough AS, and if you need more, just build on Stinger on the way to Nashor's. Besides, what's the point of AS if they can't stand still? (refer to "Twisted Fate: Why Attack Speed Stacking Is Bad and What Is Better Guide")

    Guardian Angel - If you find you're being focused in a team fight, I guess you could skip lich bane and work on this, as long as you don't skip Nashor's Tooth... Although then again, if you're aware of your surroundings, this situation shouldn't happen very often.

    Manamune - @ KittyPronz

    Manamune would look good on any character, but with my specific build, it shouldn't go before the core build: sheen, boots, and guinsoos. Much of manamune's potential comes from constantly spamming autoattacks and spells to increase your mana, and ergo, your DPS.

    In my opinion, Manamune is no doubt a good item, but it's very situational. When you first go back to spawn, check if you have 1690 gold. Then check whether anyone is gankable. If every single one of your enemies is holed up really tight with no chance of you killing them, Manamune would suddenly become very viable, especially if your team lacks a hard carry. Skip sheen, and grab Nashor's next. Spam spells, increase your dps, and just follow the rest of your build. Zhonya's might fit in the niche for lich bane, if you can remember to activate it.

    Very nice question. But for most cases, you SHOULD have a hard carry on the team when you choose TF. Remember that when you go with manamune, you're going to act as the carry of the team. Don't involve yourself in dangerous situations, and focus on farming more than ganking.

  • Skilling Order

    Usual Build:

    Pick a card is chosen early for its 1sec stun; you know, for early first blood, escape FROM BEING first blood- it has plenty of uses even at level 1. Building on this skill early on,however, does not give results due to the 0.25sec increments. Wild Cards at lvl 1 and 2 don't do enough damage- that being said, don't start spamming it until you get to Wild Cards 3. Wild cards is top priority next to Destiny for its massive damage. Stacked deck makes last hitting easy; the extra 60 dmg (lvl 1) early on is awesome when harassing/killing opponents.

    Heavy Co-op

    This build would only be used in the most co-operative of games. I assume you're only using this build for the 0.25sec stun duration increments. I would normally avoid using this build, since each level costs an extra 10 mana, but if you're in an arranged team... Hey. This could be the build for you.

  • Creep Jungling

    TF doesn't need lizard or golem buffs to pull off a gank, but it certainly would help. If no one on the other team needs the buffs, feel free to take it. I suppose I don't need to teach you how to kill the creeps.

  • Working in the team

    "Your value can be summed up by the number of gold cards you pull during the actual team fight." You should write this all over your walls until people think you're crazy. Your team will be relying on your stuns a lot in a teamfight. That being said, never initiate; you're far too squishy. Instead, once your opponents are focused on your tank/initiator, stun their carry and engage. Your low cooldown on your Pick A Card can drastically decrease the effectiveness of the opposition. If they're going for your carry, die for him if it'll save him/her. For anyone else, it really depends on the situation. Personally, your importance is near that of a carry, so avoid being in the middle of the battle.

  • Farming

    Farming has never been easier with TF. Wild Cards the creep wave as they come in a line towards you. Pick A Card and grab the red card, and throw it on the ranged creep as they bunch together. This will leave you with only the low-hp melee minions to deal with, in which normal attacks should just 1-shot them.

  • F.A.Q

    Why are there no hp items on TF to make him "unsquishy?"
    -Well this build would work with low, mid, and even mid-high ELO gameplay. If you seriously are playing with high level gamers, then definitely opt for some hp items. Read [High ELO...] for more details.

    Hybrid build sucks!
    -I proved it doesn't, check the comments.

    AP sucks.
    -I proved it doesn't. Well anyways, in brief, it doesn't stack as much as it did before, but 3 of TF's skills revolve around AP, and those add up. ((.3) (.4) (.5) Ap boosts) You could almost say that the unnerfed TF was a bit OP haha... Anyways, this build has almost enough DPS and AP to match both pure AP and pure DPS. Suck it. :)

    Im sorry, but (DPS) Twisted fate can own a tristana easily
    -Haha, you can do some calculations and figure that one out. Anyways, this hybrid's TF is more valuable than Tristana or a DPS Twisted Fate. He's got a 4sec cd stun, which lasts 2 seconds, so half the time (literally) the enemy can't do squat. He's a team player, and dishes out his weight in damage. Think hybrid will beat Tristana?

    More questions to be added..

  • Summary

    Twisted Fate can be a pretty "OP" character when played right. Teleporting behind someone, stun, and Wild Cards should be very effective in bringing down their hp. You should NOT be the main DPS in the group. If there is no other DPS in your group, consider choosing someone else.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this guide,
    leave some constructive feedback if you would like,
    let me know if there's anything I could add, and how the build worked out for you!

  • Shout-Out

    I want to give a shout out to xmashamm and condon for their spectacular guides- their guides are interesting as they are knowledgeable.,The+MFing+Cho'Gath

    And of course, shout-outs to my many friends who've endured my constant arguments about TF.
    There's too many, so I won't list them all. You know who you are :)

    Now stop reading this guide and start wtfpwning some people.

  • ARAM games!

    OK! I don't want to post another guide on leaguecraft for this. It's going to be short and sweet.
    Take SMITE and FLASH/HEAL. I don't care what your teammates think about smite. Grab Sheen, boots, Guinsoo's, and Zhonya's if you can. Follow the same skill build order, except only grabbing 1 level in destiny.

    JUSTIFICATION FOR SMITE: Ok, why smite on TF of all people. Firstly, TF differs from his role in an actual normal game; TF can be a badass carry here. For TF to actually become a powerhouse, however, he must farm. "BUT WAFFLES, WE'RE STUCK IN A SINGLE LANE WITH 4 OTHER SMELLY CHAMPIONS, COMPETING FOR GOLD WITH THE LIMITED AMOUNT OF MINIONS COMING OUR WAY." That's why we have smite. 5 people are competing for gold in a single lane. Chances are, you're not going to rack up much gold. Grab smite, and just give yourself a guaranteed income. You're going to be called noob, but it's going to pay off.

    FOLLOW SKILL BUILD: As you may know, I grab PAC first, Stacked Deck second, and the next 3 levels I invest in Wild Cards. "BUT-" No. Shut up. Wild Cards does terrible damage at level 1, and you know it. Instead, use it to surprise your opponents at level 5 if you can. It'll give you the element of surprise. Constantly spam PAC on someone, and last hit minions if the opportunity arises. PAC will ensure your team is in control.

    I'll work on this later haha..
    go ahead and try it. I haven't lost a single game in ARAM with TF yet.
    That is, if you get randomed TF lol.

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