Malzahar Build Guide

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Malzahar - The complete, comprehensive guide to your favourite thing to emerge from the Void since Sliced Bread... and a Wall of Text

written by Thaesha

Malzahar Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction/Foreword

    Greetings! My name is Thaesha and I’ve been playing League of Legends for about a year now. After what seemed a year long journey of getting to level 30, I started looking around for a Champion I could excel with to play in ranked games. It didn’t take me long to find Malzahar. I have exclusively played him as my main for months now, and for the people who know me and how I am with games, I can barely ever stick to a main. I’m so indecisive; I have a level 80+ of each WoW class. I play SC2/AoE on Random Race. I love to play everything and everyone. But there’s just something about Malzahar that makes me stay. *Shrugs* Hopefully this guide will help you out learning Malzahar, since he is such a difficult champion to play within the league and there aren’t that many guides out there, I thought I’d share what I’ve picked up with Malzahar over the past few months. I'll also take the opportunity here to say that this guide is a massive wall of text. Sorry about that. I like to ramble. A lot.

    External Image

    Please excuse the poor attempt of a photoshop... school is boring.

    But let's get to it!

  • Abbreviations

    Throughout this guide, various abbreviations will be used for ease of reading and typing -- these are listed here.

    General Abbreviations (In relation to Malzahar)

    AoE – “Area of Effect”
    DoT – “Damage over Time”
    FB – “First Blood”
    CS – “Creeps Slain”
    CDR – “Cooldown Reduction”
    MP – “Magic Penetration”
    ULT – “Ultimate”
    AP – Ability Power

    Malzahar Specific Abbreviations

    (P) Ling - Voidling
    (Q) CotV/Call – Call of the Void
    (W) NZ – Null Zone
    (E) MV – Malefic Visions
    (R) NG/Ult – Nether Grasp

  • Quick Reference Guide of Rainbows and Smiles

    Skill Order

    -> -> ->

    Core Items



    - For Aggressive, Active play

    - For Defensive, Passive play

    Summoner Spells

  • Abilities

    Summon Voidling
    After casting 4 spells, Malzahar summons an uncontrollable Voidling to engage enemy units for 21 seconds. Voidlings have 200 + 50 x lvl Health and 20 + 5 x lvl Damage.

    Voidlings Grow after 7 seconds (+50% Damage/Armor), and Frenzy after 14 seconds (+100% Attack Speed).

    A few interesting points about this passive. Firstly, the duration of the Voidling is actually quite long, and you will at some points in the game have 2 out at one time. However, it is not advised to spam your spells (and waste your mana) during the laning phase just to get 2 of these out, despite what Malzahar’s in game tips suggest. Generally, this will only happen inadvertently during a teamfight.

    The fact that the Voidling is uncontrollable is a disadvantage right off the bat, but they can be manipulated with use of Malefic Visions. Since Voidlings will be attracted to those afflicted by MV, you can control who Voidling attacks in this sense.

    Using your combo will 100% of the time result in a Voidling being summoned at some point during the procedure, resulting in extra damage, and this extra bit of damage can be the difference between getting a kill or not, especially early game. Always nice to see someone die to your Voidling.


    - Extra damage to help early game dominance
    - Relatively long duration
    - Can be more powerful than some CHAMPIONS at levels 1-6


    - Uncontrollable
    - As the games goes on, the Voidling is weaker in comparison to other passive's

    Call of the Void
    Malzahar opens up two portals to the Void. After a short delay, power erupts from the portals, dealing damage and silencing all enemies caught between the portals.

    Cooldown: 9 seconds
    Cost: 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 mana.
    Magic Damage: 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+0.8 per ability power)
    Silence: 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.2 / 2.6 / 3 seconds.
    Range: 900
    Wall Width: 400 (estimate)

    Malzahar’s skill-shot right here. One of the hardest spells to use effectively, in the game, but one of the most devastating. This spell, not only deals heavy damage, but silences too. Its range is massive, which is great for picking off low health escaping enemies, and taking out the back row of minions from a safe distance (not that minions are a threat anyway).

    Call of the Void also has the ability to scout the brush, so it’s great to fire off into the grassy areas of the map if you’re passing them. You can also control enemies movement with clever positional use of this spell – force the enemies through a choke point and they have to choose to take the damage, silence and possibly death, or taking an alternative, less favoured, potentially dangerous route.

    More on this spell later.


    - Can hit more than one target
    - The silence component is the perfect cue to start your combo
    - Can be used from a safe distance e.g. over walls, terrain


    - Difficult to use effectively
    - Takes a lot of practise to learn the delay times
    - Can be avoided quite easily

    Null Zone
    Malzahar creates a zone which deals damage to enemies inside it. Damage is based on either a flat damage value or a percentage of the target’s max health, whichever is greater.

    Cost: 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 mana.
    Cooldown: 14 seconds.
    Min. Damage: 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 or
    Percentage Damage: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 % (+1 per 100 Ability Power)
    Range: 800
    AoE Radius: 250 (estimate)

    Null Zone is a great and under-rated AoE ability, which excels in taking down enemies with specifically high health e.g. Baron, Dragon, Golem, Tanks. It is also the first stage of preparing your Ultimate. With a complete build, this spell can deal up to 15% of a target’s health per second, which will rip ‘squishies’ and tanks alike, to shreds.

    Whilst this spell is Malzahar’s least effective farming spell (exc. Ultimate) it is a great late game spell. It possesses the lowest AP ratio out of Malzahar’s spells, which is why most builds suggest it is levelled up last.


    - Will shred jungle creeps and high health champions
    - Generally unnoticed in team fights
    - Can hit more than one champion at once


    - Not very effective early game
    - Needs a high amount of ability power to become a threat
    - Difficult to learn the correct placement

    Malefic Visions
    Malzahar infects his target’s mind with cruel visions of their own demise, dealing damage each second. If the target dies while afflicted by the visions, they pass the curse on to a nearby enemy unit and restore mana to Malzahar.

    Cost: 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120 mana.
    Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 11 / 9 / 7 seconds.
    Magic Damage: 80 / 140 / 200 / 260 / 320 (+0.8 per Ability Power)
    Mana Restore: 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26
    Range: 650

    Malefic Visions is possibly the spell that defines Malzahar’s early-mid game. It’s damage is deceptive, since it is over time, people will fail to recognise they are taking damage a lot of the time. At Rank 2, combined with your auto attacks, you will be able to kill every minion wave with ease.

    One of the unique elements of MV is that it is transferred onto another enemy after an enemy afflicted by it, dies. This is great for passive harassment, since enemy champions who are unfamiliar with Malzahar’s spells will often find themselves being to close to the dying unit, forcing them to take unneeded damage.

    MV is also a great spell for manipulating your Voidling. It is important to note that your Ling will be attracted to the closest unit affected by MV, so waiting until your voidling is ready and then casting MV on an enemy champion for harassment can deal ~50% of their health early game.

    MV’s mana restore upon killing a unit is also an excellent tool to help you stay in lane, since Malzahar is relatively mana-hungry early game. The transfer mechanic can also allow you to get a few extra kills after team fights – on multiple occasions I have been able to chase low health champions down and get triple kills with MV alone, just because enemy players are not aware of this mechanic.

    Malefic Visions is also one of the game's best mana-to-damage ratio, since it can be applied more than once with just one cast, this spell can deal up to 5 times it's actual damage over the course of 20 seconds, without the need to re-apply the ability. Because of this, it is a great spell for Jungling, since it can 'flick' between creeps giving you 'more bang for your buck'. 'Buck' meaning mana, in this case.

    You can also have more than one MV going at one time, but applying it to a target which is already affected will just refresh the duration as oppose to stacking - keep this in mind when trying to kill a low health enemy.


    - Is a great way to manipulate your Voidling
    - Deceptively high damage
    - Very mana-effective


    - Relatively short duration
    - Has a small range compared to Malzahar's other abilitys

    Nether Grasp
    Malzahar grips his target in an engulfing void of energy, dealing damage each half second while stunning for 2.5 seconds.

    Cost: 150 mana.
    Cooldown: 120 / 100 / 80 seconds.
    Magic Damage: 250 / 400 / 550 (+1.3 per Ability Power)
    Range: 700

    Malzahar’s Ultimate may seem like a great ability at first, and don’t get me wrong, it is. However it isn’t the best Ultimate around. Nether Grasp’s AP ratio is astronomical, and can, combined with your magic penetration, deal ~2500 damage late game, which can turn a 5v5 fight into a 5v4 pretty quickly. The cooldown is relatively low, and this combined with Null Zone, will often result in a kill, especially during the laning phase. A suppress under your tower can be a great way to take someone from full, to zero health, so this ultimate has a myriad of uses.

    The downside to this Ultimate is that while is does suppress your opponent, it also limits your capabilities for the same duration. You can decide to opt out halfway through the channel, but this will result in wasted damage. The key to Mastery of this ultimate is knowing how and when to use it. 2.5 seconds is a long time in League, and a lot of people can kill you just as quickly as you can kill them. Practise makes perfect with this Ultimate, and you will find that using it defensively, as well as offensively will grant you just as much kills, assists and reduce your deaths.

    Note: Ignite and Deathfire Grasp can both be cast whilst this Ultimate is channelling, and it will not interrupt the cast. It is important to take into consideration that Nether Grasp ticks for damage every 0.5 seconds.


    - Has a ridiculously high AP ratio
    - Very synergistic with Null Zone
    - Has a deceptive range


    - Very difficult to learn how to use
    - Relatively long cooldown in early ranks

  • Skilling Order

    As you can see the priority is > > > .

    Obviously, don't be afraid to tweak this build if you feel that something else will be more beneficial, but with a lot of experience, i find that this build consistently provides great results.

    Why do you put the first skill point in Call of the Void?

    - More potential damage than any other spell at level 1 since it is a multi-target spell.
    - People with a brain will move out of a Null Zone, making CotV more effective.
    - A potential multiple silence at level 1 can be the deal-breaker for First Blood.
    - You're able to use it straight away at the fountain so you can charge up stacks of your Voidling mana free - which may help with First Blood or just save you mana during laning.
    - As mentioned, having a Voidling ready to rollout as soon as you hit level 3 and MV is rank 2, you don't need to waste precious mana during the early game, where harassment damage will be minimal.
    - Having a multi-target long-range skillshot at level 1 can help out your jungler with pulling creeps or just doing a bit of extra damage without leeching CS, gold or experience.
    - CotV scouts the brush and it's long range means you will stay safe if you check areas of brush. It can also catch opponents off guard since they don't expect to be seen in the brush.

  • Overview

    a) Why Malzahar?

    Malzahar is not only a great 1v1 AP Caster, but has awesome presence within a team fight. He’s a very fun and challenging champion to learn and master, with many different ways of using his abilities. I’ve played over 700 games as Malzahar and I’m still having the same amount of fun with him now, than I was when I playing him for the first time. Word association: Malzahar = fun.

    b) Match History and various scores

    Most guides seem to have this section, and I'll jump on the bandwagon – A few screenshots from my Match History from games as Malzahar:

    External Image

    External Image

    External Image

    External Image

    External Image

    External Image

    External Image

    External Image

    External Image

    Obviously, these are just a few games – And they were played months ago, but still, you can see the results. With practise and perseverance, I’m sure you'll receive similar results! (I hate to seem arrogant, but I guess a small amount of proof will shut some people up)

    Summoner Names are hidden for security reasons.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Summoner Abilities are generally extremely powerful (*cough* Revive *cough*) abilities and boons, which can be used to grant your hero/team an advantage if used correctly. Malzahar is no different. Since he is a caster, the Summoner Abilities can seem more obvious than some, but there is always confusion about which are the best to use, I will list the spells in a priority list on which, in my opinion, I believe are the most beneficial for Malzahar.

    Quick reference guide: Flash > Ignite = Clarity > Clairvoyance > Cleanse > Teleport > Heal > Ghost > Exhaust > [spell=Fortify] > Revive > [spell=Rally] > Smite

    Tier 1

    Flash – This spell is always going to be my first choice, and for good reason. Flash is one of the most versatile abilities in the game, since it gives the highest overall percentage of a guaranteed kill or an avoided death. Whether you use this to catch your enemies off guard and get a kill, flee from oncoming ganks, initiate ganks, chasing – whatever you do, Flash will most likely be able to give you the advantage over the opponent.

    Ignite – Again, a highly debated ability which definitely has its uses. A prime target spell if you’re a fan of First Blood, especially in 3v3’s, but in 5v5’s I usually give this spell a miss. The deal breaker of this spell is that it can be cast whilst your Ultimate is channelling. While this is a strange mechanic to get used to, it’s a brilliant way to be sure about getting a kill on an enemy who has just faced the full brunt of your spell combo and somehow survived. The underside to this spell is that your damage should already be high enough that you’ll find you won’t need to use this spell to get a kill. Overall, the damage and opportunity for kills you’ll get from harassing (the extra mana from Clarity) outweighs the amount of damage Ignite will do.

    Clarity – A highly debated ability - while most would argue Ignite is a more suitable choice for Malzahar since his Malefic Visions restores a sizeable amount of mana, the reasoning for Clarity is ultimately down to play style. Early game, Clarity gives you a much higher laning power, and since you’ll be in mid 90% of the time, this makes it even more important. While this can seem to deteriorate in effectiveness as the game goes on, if you can manage to scrap a good start from using this spell and managing your mana well, you will undoubtedly be a huge threat to the enemy team as the game progresses. I prefer heavy harassment in the laning phase anyway, and Clarity can allow you to do that.

    Clairvoyance – This spell is quite possibly the most underrated, and underused spell in the entire game. Giving you a large vision of an area for X seconds, revealing all enemy(s) in the brush assuming they’re in the area of Clairvoyance. This, combined with Utility talents, can give this spell a X second cooldown, making it the fastest recharge time on any summoner spell. The versatility of this spell is incredible – using it right of the bat at the enemy’s base to discover who’s laning where, and the items of each players, checking brush for ganks, checking Baron etc. This spell with it’s myriad of uses can take a while to master, but if you use your initiative, this spell will easily save you from 3-4+ deaths in a game, as well as netting you extra kills. Think of this spell as a Free, Often, And Global Temporary Ward. The better you get as Malzahar, you will be able to lane without Clarity, and you won’t need the damage from Ignite, so Flash & Clairvoyance will not only benefit your team, but will train you in using one of the most tactical spells in the game.

    Cleanse – While I feel that Cleanse is a great spell and one which many high level and highly skilled players will learn to manipulate - on Malzahar, I believe this spell doesn’t reach it’s full potential. If you’re in a situation where Cleanse would save your life, you’re probably going to be in the same situation where Null Zone can force them to back off, or Call of the Void can silence them. I’m not going to say using Nether Grasp so defensively it acts as an anti-Cleanse in itself, but it can be used when needed to keep the enemy off your back for a further 2.5 seconds, as well as dealing large amounts of damage. If you feel you absolutely can’t live without this spell, take it instead of Clairvoyance and have a different member of your team take Clair.

    Tier 2

    Teleport – It’s no question that Teleport is a great spell, but I simply don’t think it’s true effectiveness lies in Malzahar. Since Malzahar isn’t an effective backdoor’er this negates a prime use of Teleport. He can hold his lane extremely well and can 9 times out of 10 get a kill during the phase. Use this time to go back and purchase items knowing that your lane will not be in danger since the champion you’re laning against is… dead. While I’m not a fan of backdooring, I don’t condone it completely – play with the mindset of victory, and exploit the mechanic of a ward-teleport backdoor combo. Master Yi, Tryndamere, Sivir etc. are all extremely strong pushers and should be considered for teleport in your team.

    Heal – The unique builds that this guide will be portraying will give you a surprising amount of survivability. Since your spells have quite a long range you aren’t usually in danger anyway, and clever use of Null Zone can block off gank paths people would take to try and kill you. With a bit of Spell Vamp, MV can return Malzahar astonishing amounts of health, especially using your combo on an enemy tank. However, this can be a good starter spell for those who aren’t quite used to Malzahar’s squishiness or range.

    Ghost – This spell isn’t recommended for Malzahar, although it can be justified if you’re used to taking it. Malzahar is quite a fast moving champion as it is, but Ghost can set you up for a gank or get you out of one – anything that adds to Malzahar’s survivability is worth having, but Cleanse and Flash outweigh the amount of Utility you’ll get during a game than Ghost.

    Exhaust – The same deal as Ghost, this spell can save you at very situational times as well as netting you kills, the only reason I placed this spell below Ghost is that, while your combo should kill someone before they can’t begin to run anyway, there’s no stopping another enemy coming along and joining the fight. Not recommended, but better than some.

    Tier 3

    [spell=Fortify] – While this spell has it’s uses – protecting your lane after silly mistakes, increasing a towers potency to possibly net you a kill (Yes, even if you’re on the other side of the map, if your fortified turret solos an enemy champion, YOU get the kill) – It’s probably best for your tank or support to tank this. Since Malzahar synergizes well with a mix of offensive/defensive summoner spells, this spell just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes down to it. Still a great ability overall, except for it’s monumental cooldown.

    Revive – First things first – Revive isn’t a BAD spell as most people think. It just has limited uses. I’ve seen more games won by a carry reviving and ace’ing the weakened enemy team than Fortify getting a Pentakill. However, this guide will focus on superior damage as well as limited deaths – I’ve gone 7 hours and 23 minutes (12-13 5v5’s) on the Fields of Justice without a single death – so Revive would be a pointless choice. However, the use of Revive on a 3v3 can be useful, especially when combined with the talents for it. Tower diving top lane so you don’t get caught out for first blood, then instantly revive with close to 1k health at level 1. First Blood is now yours.

    [spell=Rally] – Since Malzahar works off AP, this isn’t for you. The only possible, extreme situation this would net you a kill would be an empowered Voidling gnawing on a suppressed opponent. An extremely small chance of this happening, there are much better ways to spend your Summoner spell.

    Smite – Compared with all the other spells, this comes in at the bottom of the list. While Malzahar having Golem buff is great stuff, your Voidling will make up for Smites damage. Leave it out, Malzahar doesn’t like the jungle.

  • Runes & Masteries

    Your Masteries & Runes are pretty basic and revolve around the standard caster set-ups.

    For your Masteries, takes the standard 9/0/21 caster build - follow the link below.

    Runes are slightly more diverse as, while there are a number of ways to go with them, the standard caster runes tend to be the best choice for Malzahar. These are:

    - Magic Penetration Marks
    - Mp/5/level Seals OR - Flat AP Seals
    - CDR Glyphs OR - Flat AP Glyphs OR - Magic Penetration Glyphs
    - Magic Penetration Quintessences OR - Flat Health Quintessences

    You can mix and match any of these runes but preferably the first rune listed for each type will be optimal.

  • Items

    Items are a constant debate within casters – some prefer mana, some prefer AP, while some are leaning towards Survivability. Since Malzahar has the Highest AP Ratio in the game, I feel it is more important to work on his survivability, since his spells are naturally hard hitting. I will always build this exact way (the core build at least) – an extremely unorthodox build, but one which seems to always work and carrying my team to victory. This build will fail less than 5% of the time, and it will mostly be down to having a bad game (we all have them) or poor teammates (we all have them, too).

    Quick reference: -> -> -> -> -> -> Situational Item - OR OR OR OR OR OR OR

    Step 1 - Doran's Ring (475g)

    Start out with a Doran's Ring. Depending on your runes and Masteries, this will give you 15-40AP and a nice amount of Health at Level 1. This item will also allow you to most likely outlane your opponent, since with Clarity, the mana regen from Doran’s, and MV’s mana restore, you will be constantly churning out damage.

    It is viable to start with Boots/Tome if you play defensively enough, but overall i feel that Doran's is a nice mix of survivability and damage.

    Step 2 - Mejai's Soulstealer (435g+800g=1235g) Optional

    The next step see's you rushing a Mejai's Soulstealer. You want to try and at least have the money for the Amplifying Tome on your first recall - and then finish off Mejai's for the second recall. This item will make you extremly powerful early/mid game, and if you manage to get enough stacks, this will make a sizeable difference on your damage output in late game. Malzahar is a great champion to assist with ganks, as well as get killing blows, so I feel that Mejai's compliments that. Once you've played Malzahar for a while, you will find that Mejai's becomes more and more compulsory every match, due to the high chance of you getting a lot of kills/assists. This item is also very cost effective. For advanced players, this item may cause enemies to focus you consistently, so beware - if you have a lot of Mejai's stacks, you will need to play defensively.

    Remember, this step is optional. If you're a beginner to Malzahar or feel unconfident with Mejai's, don't be afraid to skip this step and move to step 3.

    Step 3 - Sorcerer's Shoes (350g+750g=1100g)

    You want to be getting these boots as soon as possible, either after your Mejai's, or in place of it. These boots i feel are the only way to go for Malzahar, since they give you so much Magic Penetration, combined with your Runes and Masteries, early/mid game you'll be hitting for/exceeding true damage on your abilities. While beginner's may feel that Mercury's Treads are a better choice, if you learn how to play defensively, you won't need the survivability from these boots anyway, since you won't be getting hit. This build also allows the player to add armor/magic res. near the end of the game to compensate for these boots. Another reason why i feel that these are the best choice boots for Malz is that you should be able to kill anyone 1v1 until mid/late game, so the defense from Mercury's Treads will become obsolete.

    Step 4 - Rylai's Crystal Scepter (1110g+435g+860g+700g=3105g)

    This item really helps build up your survivability, whilst giving you great damaging bonuses and a slow! All in one item! Many people would scowl at the expense of this item, but I feel that Malzahar can counter the cost of this item with the amount of minions he can kill in lane. Aim for 100 CS by 13 minutes, and you will see that you may recall with enough money to buy Boots, Mejai's and start Rylai's! All in one recall!

    An important note about this item: Start with Giant's Belt. Then build the rest in any order. But you MUST start with Giant's Belt - this will give you a massive chunk of health, which in early/mid game will save you from death countless times. You can't deal damage while you're dead.

    Step 5 - Haunting Guise (435g+475g+575g=1485g)Optional

    Since Malzahar is a naturally squishy champion, I sometimes feel that Rylai’s doesn’t do the job for increasing his survivability. Haunting Guise not only gives you that extra bit of health needed, but it also presents you with a little bit of Firepower, as well as more Magic Penetration. This will bring your Magic Penetration to an astounding 54 (+15%)!

    I can confirm that if your MP surpasses the enemies MR, your spells will deal bonus damage, and can surpass true damage.

    Of course, you can feel free to skip this item, but I urge you to at least try it once. And see the results.

    Step 5b - Elixir of Brilliance Elixir of Fortitude (250g each) Optional

    This stage is completely optional, although recommended. Just before your Rabadon’s depending on how well your game is going and your K/D/A score, you should a bit of gold left over. Use this to buy Elixirs, since as Rabadon’s is such a big purchase, the Elixirs will temporarily empower you to compensate for the amount of time taken to get Rabadon’s.

    Step 6 - Rabadon's Deathcap (860g+1600g+1140g=3600g)

    This is pretty much the Icing on the cake for Malzahar. The big Rabadon’s. Even with the recent nerf, this will still take your AP to astronomical numbers, and your other items will still be giving you enough health that you’ll be difficult to kill. Clever use of Flash and this build will see you being able to go an entire game without dying, as well as hitting up around 15 kills… that is, if the enemy team hasn’t surrendered by then.

    Step 7 - Customization

    This stage of the build is mostly down to personal preference. Since you already have all 6 of your inventory slots taken (Dorans, Boots, Mejai’s, Rylai’s, Guise and Deathcap) sell your Doran’s and choose your next purchase.

    Want more damage against tanks? – Deathfire Grasp. (435g+435g+390g+330g+420g+600g=2610g)

    Want more raw damage output? - Void Staff. (435g+860g+1000g=2295g)

    Want more Survivability? – Warmog's Armor OR Banshee's Veil OR Guardian Angel. (475g+475g+1110g+980g=3000g) OR (475g+400g+475g+740g+600g=2715g) OR (300g+700g+400g+1200g=2600g)

    Want a little more damage, but still some more survivability? – Zhonya's Hourglass. (700g+1600g+1000g=3300g)

    Other good items depending on the situation

    Will of the Ancients (435g+435g+435g+330g=2100g)

    Abyssal Scepter (860g+740g+1050g=2650g)

    Moonflair Spellblade (860g+340g=1200g)

    Your main build should look something like this when you're comfortable enough to take certain items:


    It is also perfectly viable for experienced Malzahar player's to rush a Rabadon's Deathcap and a Void Staff. Try to get this by 25 minutes, and you'll have over 300 AP with a lot of Magic Pen. At under 7.5k gold this is a great way to test your CS ability - Aim for Rabadon's by 20 minutes with boots and doran's, 15 minutes without.

    This build should be attempted by Advanced Malzahar player's only.

    "Hey Thaesha, what's the deal with...? (Number crunching & in-depth item discussion)
    Rod of Ages
    Will of the Ancients
    Banshee's Veil
    Stay Tuned...

  • Laning

    Laning is an important phase of any game, and Malzahar is the master of it. Unparalleled in minion and champion killing abilities, and clever use of your abilities will have you zoning any and every champion. With multiple ways to escape ganks before they happen, even without wards, seeing a Malzahar on the loading screen will strike fear into the enemies.

    a) Minions

    Last hitting minions can be a tough learning curve for some, but once you’ve mastered it, you will have a superior advantage over the opponent during the laning phase. MV makes minion killing a breeze, as well as your Voidling and Call of the Void shredding the back row. Begin to farm and focus minions when your MV is Rank 2 (Level 3) and you should have yourself top of the minion killing board for the rest of the game. Phreak suggests that by the 13-minute mark, you should around 100-minion kills. This will add up to around 3,000g by your first recall, allowing you to return with your core build almost in place. There is no one in the game, in my opinion, who can kill minions (and last hit), harass and lane, more effectively, than Malzahar.

    b) Harrassing

    Harassing in lane as Malzahar is relatively easy compared to other champions. Stand behind your ranged minions to protect yourself from direct enemy harassment and use the first few levels to observe their game play. Are they aggressive or defensive? Focusing on minion killing? Trying to harass you? Answer these questions and harass accordingly. If they seem to be quite stationary with the back row of minions, use Call of the Void. Try to bait them into moving closer to you so MV will flick on to them after it has killed the last minion. Make maximum use of your Voidling and MV to inflict severe harassment damage and try to get them low enough of health you are either able to kill then or they are forced to recall.

    c)Early Level 6 kill, possible First Blood, lane advantage

    As soon as you hit Level 6, you should be looking for a kill. Flashing into range, then firing off your combo will, 9 times out of 10, get you a kill, and a possible first blood. With that kill, FB and all those minion kills + a lane advantage, you’re already a massive threat. Use the time after the kill to either; push the tower or recall for items. Don’t be afraid of using Null Zone and Call of the Void by the tower to get your Voidling out quicker – it does surprisingly high damage to the tower.

    d) Solo mid

    The key to being successful in lane, is not necessarily being good at what YOU do, but having the knowledge of what your enemy CAN do. If you are able to accurately predict the enemy’s actions, you will almost always win the lane. Try to get into the enemy’s mindset – what would YOU do if you were them? Think ahead, and stop them from doing what they want – force them into mistakes and utilize them. This section will attempt to briefly cover, in 3 points (4, maybe 5, in some cases), what you should do in a lane against whomever. Naturally, there are some opponents Malzahar can dominate, and in turn be dominated by, but as long as you know your enemy, you already have an advantage.



    1- Effortless – These champions should not pose a problem at all. You should be winning your lane 100% of the time here, and should be able to get at least one kill during the phase.
    2 – Trivial – Champions in this tier will be easy to lane against, and will often be able to net you a kill. General common sense and knowledge of the game will give you an advantage here.
    3 - Problematic – Champions in this tier can occasionally pose problems if you have a low skill level or are prone to mistakes. However, these champions can be dealt with, as long as your skillshots are accurate and your actions are fast.
    4 – Dangerous – When played well, these champions can pose a very serious threat if you’re not careful. You must always be ready to counter the enemy’s actions, and if your knowledge of the champion is limited, you may often find yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in.
    5 – Lethal – Tier 5 Champions are those who will naturally be able to make life difficult for you. If these champions are played well, you will have an extremely hard time laning against them. While you can still outplay them depending on your skill and predictions, you have to constantly be alert of what the enemy could do and what you can do. If you have a lapse in concentration here, you will ultimately be severely punished and be either killed or forced to recall. Perception and Prediction are the key.

    Using Crtl+F (Find) can be useful in this section to prevent you from scrolling until you find the champion you’re looking for. Crtl+F and type the name of the champion you’re looking for and you should arrive at the person you want to read about faster.

    Disclaimer: I know that some (or most) of the champions mentioned will never be in the situation where they have to take mid, and some may appear in mid many more than others. For example, an Evelynn, Malphite or Taric would be rarely seen in mid, but the tips given may still boost your knowledge and affect your gameplay, regardless of their laning position. And, also, please don’t flame me for this section – it is an OPINION on how I’ve interpreted the difficulty level of champion’s I’ve played against. Feel free to add your opinion in the comments or via e-mail (address is within the Final Words section), and if a number of you wish for a rating to be changed, it will be changed.

    External Image - AkaliVerdict: 2

    - Akali’s Twilight Shroud can make her actions unpredictable. Placing a Null Zone in the middle of it can lower the potential routes she can take and increase your zone advantage.
    - Keep your distance from Akali so she has limited use of Mark of the Assassin.
    - Crescent Sweep can dominate minion waves – be sure to cast MV on her when she attempts to use it.
    - Suppressing Akali before she gets the chance to Shadow Dance away is often an easy kill.

    External Image - AlistarVerdict: 2

    - Alistar poses little threat via damage output if he builds tank, but can be your demise in a 1v2+ gank. Invest in wards and/or take note if Alistar shifts his playstyle.
    - Triumphant Roar can make it difficult for you to kill minion waves. Casting Call of the Void can help with your damage output on minion waves.
    - Alistar’s has a lot of crowd control abilties. If may be worth investing in Mercury Tread's to counter this.
    - Try not to unleash your combo if Alistar has his Ultimate on.

    External Image - Amumu - Verdict: 2

    - Amumu isn't too much of a threat when it comes to dealing damage. However, he can be very durable - be sure to harass a lot.
    - Amumu has great ganking potential, so make sure you're ready to Flash away quickly enough if he attempts to use a Flash-gank combo on you.
    - Stay behind a minion so you won't be hit by Bandage Toss.

    External Image - AniviaVerdict: 5

    - Anivia has a low base movement speed – use this to your advantage when attempting to harass with MV and lead with Call of the Void.
    - A good Anivia player will pick up on any mistake you make and inflict heavy damage with a Flash Frost-Frostbite combo. Be perceptive of Flash Frost and don’t over extend yourself.
    - Anivia’s passive can often save her from death – try to ‘kill’ her as early as possible so that your combo isn’t interrupted by her transforming into her egg form.
    - It can be extremely beneficial to invest in wards to scout the brush, since Crystallize can make you very vulnerable to a gank.
    – Keeping Flash for getting out of a tough situation and using Crystallize against Anivia is highly recommended.

    External Image - AnnieVerdict: 4

    - Be very careful about over-extending yourself to Annie. Her stun combo can completely obliterate you.
    - Keep a careful eye on Annie’s Pyromania stacks and play defensively when her stun is ready.
    - Be sure to silence Annie before using your combo so she can’t stun you mid-way.

    External Image - AsheVerdict: 3

    - Ashe’s Volley has a deceptively long range. Hide behind your minions so they can take the bullet (or arrow!) for you.
    - Ashe can quickly unleash her stun combo and deal heavy damage. Try to trick her into using her Ultimate at the wrong time.
    - Frost Shot will punish you if you are indecisive. Make a decision and stick to it, either go for the kill, or don’t go at all. Sometimes not dying can be as beneficial as not killing.

    External Image - BlitzcrankVerdict: 3

    - Blitzcrank can pose a problem with Rocket Grab. Try to appear indecisive with your movements and bait Blitz into making mistakes with launching it.
    - Overdrive can catch you off guard – constantly be alert around Blitzcrank.
    - Mana Barrier can save Blitzcrank from imminent death – try to play aggressively to make it activate earlier than Blitzcrank would want.
    - Standing behind a minion can protect you from Rocket Grab.

    External Image - BrandVerdict: 4

    - Stay behind minions to avoid being hit by Sear.
    - Brand has good harassment with Pillar of Flame and Conflagrate (splash). Move erratically to reduce your chances of being hit by PoF.
    - Getting used to the range of Conflagrate’s Splash can help you reduce harassment damage taken.

    External Image - CaitlynVerdict: 4

    - Be careful if you are low on health. Ace in the Hole can catch you off guard. However, it can be interrupted with Nether Grasp.
    - Many Caitlyn’s try to lane using lifesteal. Utilize your Voidling as well as you can to harass her along with MV.
    - Take note of Caitlyn’s cast animation to dodge her Piltover Pacemaker.

    External Image - CassiopeiaVerdict: 5

    - Cassiopeia is a great harasser and can deal a massive amount of damage in a short time. Due to her long range and DoT effects, it is important to keep moving, as most of her harassment abilities are skillshots.
    - While Cassiopeia is squishy, Petrifying Gaze can stun you and allow Cass to unleash her combo. Don’t let her get close to you.
    - Silencing Cassiopeia as well as your Voidling can be a great way to reduce Cassiopeia’s threat.

    External Image - Cho’GathVerdict: 3

    - Cho’Gath can be a great harasser. His Knock-up and silence effects can leave you vulnerable. Try to move in a staggered pattern.
    - Cho’Gath’s spells have relatively large cooldowns – use this to your advantage.
    - Vorpal Spikes can make Cho’Gath a great minion killer. Combined with his passive, he can stay in lane for a long period of time.
    - Cho’Gath’s naturally have a lot of health – It can be beneficial to level up Null Zone quicker than usual.

    External Image - CorkiVerdict: 4

    - Corki is very vulnerable without Missile Barrage. Take note of how many missiles he has, and try not to linger around your minions, since the missile does AoE damage. Constant movement will give Corki a hard time landing these missiles.
    - Valkyrie can give Corki excellent ganking and escaping opportunities. Since this can be used over terrain, wards are very important to keep track of Corki.
    - Corki is relatively squishy. Try to take note of when Corki has used Valkyrie and exploit it’s long cooldown. Use your combo to eliminate Corki when he’s most vulnerable.

    External Image - Dr. MundoVerdict: 3

    - Standing behind a minion will negate the heavy harassment damage from Infected Cleaver.
    - Try to be aware of Dr. Mundo’s buffs and animations. Refrain from using your combo if either Burning Agony or Sadism is active, since it will be much less effective.
    - Cleaver is a great tool for initiating ganks on teammates – advise your team to wards certain areas to reduce this risk.

    External Image - EvelynnVerdict: 3

    - Placing a Vision Ward in the middle of the lane, as well as Sight Wards in the surrounding brushes can take away Evelynn’s main form of attack – surprise.
    - Evelynn is a poor minion killer and will struggle to harass if you have wards – Chip her health away before using your combo.
    - Investing in an Oracles Elixir can be a cost effective way to counter Evelynn.
    - It is paramount to inform your allies if Evelynn goes missing.

    External Image - EzrealVerdict: 4

    - Ezreal can use Arcane Shift and Mystic Shot to jump over your minion waves and catch you off guard. Try to be inconsistent with your movements.
    - Mystic Shot will be blocked if you hide behind a minion or Voidling.
    - Ezreal is very squishy. Silencing him will ensure he can’t Arcane Shift out of danger, and set you up for a kill.
    - Be sure to alert your team when Ezreal hits level 6, so they can watch out for his Global Ultimate.

    External Image - FiddlesticksVerdict: 3

    - Silencing Fiddle can allow you to get close enough to cast a MV on him, without being in danger of his Fear-Drain combo.
    - Fiddle can quickly regain health from your minions via Drain. Constantly pressure him with Call of the Void and MV – don’t allow him to cast Drain.
    - Dark Wind’s silence can be very problematic – keep your distance from your minions and don’t allow the bounce to hit you.
    - Suppressing Fiddle during Crowstorm can quickly change the tide of a conflict.

    External Image - GalioVerdict: 3

    - Galio’s passive can make him more powerful if he has Magic Resistance. Since he’ll most likely be building MR, it is important to remember he will still have strong spells.
    - Bulwark can drastically reduce the amount of harassment damage Galio takes – note it’s cooldown and Haress in between it.
    - Resolute Smite and Righteous Gust make Galio a great chaser. Be sure to have enough health to survive this combo.
    - Idol of Durand can be interrupted with Nether Grasp if you’re outside of it.

    External Image - GangplankVerdict: 3

    - Alerting your teammates when Gangplank has Cannon Barrage can prevent Gangplank from getting easy kills in other lanes.
    - Remove Scurvy can make Gangplank durable in lane. Early harassment will force him to level it, resulting in a low damage output.
    - Parrrley! has a medium-long range, try to not make yourself vulnerable to it.

    External Image - GarenVerdict: 2

    - Keeping your distance from Garen will prevent him from harassing you.
    - Try not to engage Garen on low health – his Ultimate can deal massive damage if you’re injured.
    - Courage and Perseverance can make Garen quite durable in lane – try using your Voidling and Null Zone to constantly keep him in combat.
    - Decisive Strike can render you useless in team fights – keep a constant eye on Garen’s whereabouts and actions.

    External Image - GragasVerdict: 3

    - Body Slam can catch you off guard. Try to keep your distance against Gragas.
    - Barrel Roll can inflict large damage. Separate yourself from your minions so Gragas has to choose.
    - Explosive Cask can put you in a sticky situation. Saving Flash to counter this can neutralize the situation.

    External Image - Graves - Verdict: 4

    - Buckshot does a lot of damage early game, use Null Zone to stop Graves coming in range to use this.
    - Quickdraw can make it difficult for you to hit Graves with your skillshots - try to force him to use it then harass him during the cooldown.
    - Smokescreen makes Graves a great ganker. Use your long range wisely and don't over-extend.
    - Malefic Visions & Voidling harassment can shut Graves down in the lane.

    External Image - HeimerdingerVerdict: 4

    - Make sure there are always 3 targets separating you and Heimerdinger, to nullify use of his Hextech Micro-Rockets.
    - Be aware of the range of CH-1 Concussion Grenade. If you get stunned by it, you will most likely take a lot of follow-up damage.
    - Heimerdinger’s turrets will plough through minion waves, but your Malefic Visions and Voidling should kill minions quicker. Turrets will only be a nuisance if you let them – otherwise they will just be extra gold.

    External Image - IreliaVerdict: 4

    - Irelia can stun you with Equilibrium Strike if you don’t keep an eye on both your health.
    - Prevent Irelia from gaining health via Hiten Style with use of MV and Null Zone.
    - Transcendent Blades has a long range – if you’re vulnerable while recalling, make sure Irelia can’t kill you with it.

    External Image - JannaVerdict: 4

    - Howling Gale can deal huge damage if it connects, but it easy to dodge. Move sideways if you see it preparing.
    - Eye of the Storm can give Janna a powerful shield, protecting her from harassment. A CotV+MV combo will counter this.
    - Monsoon can be used offensively as well as defensively. Be wary of over extending yourself, since you could be knocked into an enemy tower or oncoming gank.

    External Image - Jarvan IVVerdict: 3

    - Golden Aegis makes Jarvan IV durable. Make use of it’s long cooldown and short duration to negate it’s use.
    - It can be beneficial to save Flash to escape from Cataclysm. Baiting Jarvan into using Cataclysm, then flashing out, followed by your combo is a great way to possibly net yourself a kill by using Jarvan's ultimate against him, as well as drastically reducing Jarvan’s utility.
    - Demacian Standard combined with Dragon Strike can leave you in a tough spot. Try to be aware of Jarvan IV’s damage output.

    External Image - JaxVerdict: 3

    - Jax can deal a high amount of damage almost instantly with Leap Strike and Empower. Keep your distance and don’t allow him to unleash this combo.
    - Relentless assault can grant Jax the ability to destroy buildings very quickly; be sure your tower will remain safe if you have to leave the lane.
    - While Jax’s high dodge chance may save him from the occasional Voidling attack, he can’t Dodge your spells.
    - Jax is a melee hero, and will be very vulnerable to MV if he commits himself to last hitting.

    External Image - KarmaVerdict: 3

    - While Karma can’t deal much damage in a lane, she can be quite difficult to harass. Try to bait Karma into casting Soul Shield through the use of Null Zone and then harass her with MV after it has dispersed.
    - Call of the Void’s silence component can ruin Karma’s laning phase.
    - Make sure you’ll be able to kill Karma if you commit – Heavenly Wave has a heal component which can save her from death if you tower dive her.
    - Keeping an eye on Karma’s stack of Mantra can be very decisive in how the lane outcomes.

    External Image - KarthusVerdict: 4

    - Lay Waste can be extremely hard to avoid early game. Try investing in some Boots over a Doran’s to increase your chances of dodging it.
    - Wall of Pain can reduce your escape abilities. Try to save Flash for getting through it without suffering the movement speed reduction.
    - Karthus’ passive can allow him to cast spells for 7 seconds even after he has died. Be sure to move away from him instantly after his death.
    - You MUST alert your team mates when Karthus has reached level 6, since he will most likely have Requiem. Take note of the damage it will deal and your health.
    - Karthus is relatively squishy. Use this to your advantage and try to lure him into making mistakes with his abilities – and connect with yours.

    External Image - KassadinVerdict: 4

    - Take advantage of harassing Kassadin before he gains Riftwalk – He is a melee Caster.
    - Try to pre-empt Kassadin’s nuke combo – A well placed Call of the Void can render him useless.
    - Riftwalk can allow Kassadin to escape very easily. Make sure you’re ready to commit to killing him – you don’t want a badly timed combo to result in him riftwalking away with less than 100 health.

    External Image - KatarinaVerdict: 4

    - Katarina can be extremely unpredictable with Shun-po. Try to constantly be aware of her potential damage output and play accordingly.
    - Bouncing Blade can inflict severe harassment damage if you’re not careful. Separate yourself from your minions and force Katarina to choose.
    - It can be beneficial to save Nether Grasp to counter Death Lotus and net yourself an easy kill.

    External Image - KayleVerdict: 3

    - While Righteous Fury can give Kayle splash damage and range, frequent use of it will drain her mana. Play aggressively enough so that Kayle has to choose whether to waste her mana for safety, or conserve her mana and become a melee champion.
    - A well timed Intervention can protect Kayle completely from almost your entire combo. Try to catch her off guard with a silence.
    - Divine Blessing will make Kayle a nuisance to harass, however, your Voidling’s extra damage and speed should compensate for this.

    External Image - Kennen - Verdict: 4

    - Kennen can pose a threat with Lightning Rush if you give him the freedom to do so. Think about the placement of Null Zone and how it can shut Kennen’s zone of freedom down.
    - Kennen works off energy and thus, can use his abilities indefinitely (excluding cooldowns). Thundering Shuriken will be a constant threat, but standing behind minions can prevent you from taking damage.
    - Kennen’s passive, twined with his Ultimate can stun you for a much longer period of time than expected. If you are attempting to kill Kennen, it is absolutely necessary to silence him first, then immediately suppress him to prevent him from escaping with Lightning Rush.

    External Image - Kog’MawVerdict: 4

    - Void Ooze can set Kog’Maw up for a damage combo. Try to separate yourself from your minions so he can’t hit both of you with it.
    - Living Artillery has a massive range. Constantly move and force him to make mistakes with it and waste his mana.
    - Be prepared to run if you manage to kill Kog’Maw – Icathian Surprise can catch you off guard.

    External Image - LeBlancVerdict: 5

    - Bait LeBlanc into making mistakes with her Distortion and punish her for it.
    - Connecting with Call of the Void can leave LeBlanc vulnerable for the duration of the silence.
    - If you’re chasing LeBlanc, make sure you’re targeting her, not the Mirror Image (See Shaco section on how to spot a fake from a real).
    - LeBlanc’s Sigil of Silence can be deadly. Don’t over extend yourself against her.

    External Image - Lee Sin - Verdict: 3

    - Be sure to stay behind minions so you can't get hit by a Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike combo.
    - If Lee Sin begins playing aggresively, he may be planning to Dragon's Rage you into an oncoming gank. Keep a constant note of Lee Sin's playstyle and when it changes.
    - Safeguard/Iron Will can make Lee Sin deceptively durable. Make sure you know how much damage you can deal before engaging him.

    External Image - Leona - Verdict: 3

    - The extra magic damage from Shield of Daybreak is low, especially if Leona builds as a tank. However, be careful of it's stun, since it could mean an oncoming gank is about to take place.
    - Try to move away from Leona so you aren't hit by Eclipse's AoE.
    - It can be beneficial to spread out from your minions and allied to champions to make it harder for Leona to hit you with a Zenith Blade/Shield of Daybreak combo.
    - Saving Flash for getting out of Solar Flare can give you a good oppotunity to set up your combo, whilst avoiding Leona's.

    External Image - Lux - Verdict: 5

    - Light Binding can set Lux up for a high-damage combo – remember it hits 2 targets, so position yourself in such a way that Lux won’t be able to hit you on either of the bounces.
    - If retreating on low health, be ready to avoid Finales Funkeln.
    - Prismatic Barrier gives Lux added survivability – MV can slice through this.
    - Lucent Singularity can catch you off guard. Try to be abrupt and inconsistent with your movements.
    - Silencing Lux can leave her powerless and be the perfect set up for your combo.

    External Image - MalphiteVerdict: 2

    - Malphite isn’t much of a threat for harassment, use MV and CotV to chip away at his health.
    - Null Zone will deal significant damage to Malphite, due to his high health.
    - Warding the brush can give you extra warning for an oncoming gank – Malphite is a great initiator.

    External Image - MalzaharVerdict: 5

    - Malzahar can do the exact same things as you can. Choose to either play offensively or defensively and stick to it.
    - Try to lead Malzahar into a Call of the Void silence and attempt a nuke.
    - Be aware of Malzahar’s Voidling as it can inflict a deceptively large amount of damage, especially if you have MV affecting you.

    External Image - MaokaiVerdict: 2

    - Whilst Maokai can be a pain to lane against, playing defensively won’t make him a threat.
    - It may be wise to invest in Boots earlier than usual, to lower the potential harassment from Sapling Toss.
    - Keep your distance from Maokai to prevent him from using Arcane Smash to line up his combo.

    External Image - Master YiVerdict: 1

    - Master Yi can’t take much punishment. With Malefic Visions, force him to back off and Meditate, or better, silence him just before he can.
    - If Master Yi’s Alpha Strike lands on you, immediately unleash your combo.
    - Master Yi’s ultimate doesn’t allow him to be slowed, but he can be suppressed. Don’t refrain from using your ultimate either offensively, or defensively.
    - Baiting Yi into Alpha Strike’ing you under your tower, combined with a suppress, can often net you a kill.

    External Image - Miss FortuneVerdict: 3

    - Remember to keep your distance from Miss Fortune so you’re less susceptible to Make it Rain.
    - A good Miss Fortune will easily harass you with Double Up. Learn the mechanics and angles of how Double Up works, and play against this.
    - Bullet Time can be interrupted with your Ultimate – take this into consideration while planning your nuke.

    External Image - MordekasierVerdict: 3

    - Mordekasier’s Iron Man can make him very hard to harass. Try using Call of the Void to destroy his shield, and then force him to back away with MV.
    - Learn to maximize the potential of your Voidling – it can do the damage required to take down Morde’s shield before your nuke.
    - Since Mordekasier is a naturally ‘beefy’ champion, Null Zone can be very effective against him.

    External Image - MorganaVerdict: 4

    - Black Shield can drastically reduce the damage Morgana takes from your spells, but not your Voidling. Keep an eye on your passive stacks.
    - Silencing Morgana can render her completely useless for the duration – use this to your advantage for “Black Shield-free-harassment”.
    - Make sure there is always an allied minion between you and Morgana – Dark Binding and Tormented Soil can inflict a lot of damage to you if this combo is successfully pulled off more than once.
    - A good Morgana player will predict when you use your spells and absorb them with Black shield. Try to use either your CotV or MV for initial damage, then break through the shield with the other spell.

    External Image - NasusVerdict: 1

    - It is important for Nasus to kill minions early game for his Siphoning Strike to be a threat late game – use your abilities to prevent this from happening.
    - Separate yourself from your minions and force Nasus to choose if he wants to Spirit Fire you or them.
    - Nasus’s ultimate can save him from death, but he can’t use it while suppressed. Be confident your combo will kill him, else he will Ultimate, and could change the tide of battle.

    External Image - NidaleeVerdict: 3

    - It is of paramount importance to position yourself in a way that Javelin Toss will be extremely difficult to hit you – usually behind minions.
    - Take note of where Nidalee’s Bushwhack Trap’s are, and avoid these areas.
    - Nidalee’s Heal can make her a very strong laning opponent – try to constantly chip down her health with Voidling and MV, then silence and go for the nuke.

    External Image - NocturneVerdict: 3

    - Duskbringer can make Nocturne significantly more powerful. Move abruptly to avoid being hit by it.
    - Shroud of Darkness can prevent you from effectively harassing Nocturne, try to bait him into using it early, and then follow up with MV.
    - Keep your distance from Nocturne to avoid being the victim of Unspeakable Horror.
    - Paranoia can catch you off guard, stay near a tower if you’re vulnerable.

    External Image - NunuVerdict: 3

    - Consume makes Nunu a very durable laner. Try to position Null Zone and limit his use of it.
    - Keep your distance against Nunu, a Blood Boil + Ice Blast combo can catch you off guard and deal heavy damage.
    - It can be beneficial to save Flash or Nether Grasp to escape/interrupt Nunu’s Ultimate.

    External Image - OlafVerdict: 3

    - Try not to stand in a position where Olaf will be able to connect with Undertow. If you do get hit, try to place Null Zone so that Olaf can’t retrieve his axe.
    - It is important to learn the damage output of Reckless Swing. Since it is true damage, it is vital to keep an eye on your health.
    - Olaf becomes immunes to disables when he activates Ragnarok. Refrain from using Nether Grasp during this time.

    External Image - OriannaVerdict: 3

    - Many people struggle to lane against Orianna – the key to victory is prediction – try to judge what she will do and when – and avoid it.
    - Purchasing boots early on can make laning against Orianna much easier.
    - Keep Orianna at distance with use of Call of the Void.
    - Seperating yourself from your minions will force Orianna to choose whether to harass you or last hit.

    External Image - PantheonVerdict: 1

    - Manipulate the use of Null Zone to make Pantheon think twice about using and Aegis-Heartseeker combo.
    - Voidling’s can be an easy solution to getting rid of Pantheon’s passive shield.
    - Constant harassment with MV will give Pantheon an extremely hard time in last hitting minions.

    External Image - Poppy - Verdict: 3

    - Try to stay away from walls and ridges in terrain - A Heroic Charge/Devastating Blow combo can do a lot of damage.
    - Poppy's Ultimate can make it very difficult to kill her - be sure your combo can kill her, since she can't use it while suppressed.
    - Poppy is a very strong assist in ganks. Warding the brush can make your life easier.
    - Since Malzahar's damage is mainly over time and in small chunks, Poppy's passive shouldn't give you too much trouble.

    External Image - Rammus - Verdict: 3

    - Defensive Ball Curl can make Rammus extremely resistant to your harassment. Take note of when he uses it and harass him in between.
    - Be careful not to over extend yourself against Rammus – if he taunts you into tower aggro you could take extremely heavy damage.
    - Using your Ultimate to keep a Powerballing & Tremoring Rammus at bay can sometimes save your life.
    - Warding the brush can be extremely beneficial to pre-empt the surprise of Powerball.
    - Null Zone can shred Rammus’s health.

    External Image - RenektonVerdict: 2

    - Renekton is extremely weak on low levels of fury. Constantly harassing him with CotV and MV can prevent him from gaining power.
    - Allowing Renekton to heal off your minions can greatly increase his laning power – manipulate the positioning of your Null Zone to stop him doing this.
    - Slice and Dice can allow Renekton to quickly get out of a sticky situation, however – he cannot use this while suppressed.

    External Image - Riven - Verdict: 3

    - Riven can put out a lot of damage with Broken Wings. Use Null Zone to control where she can and can't go.
    - Harassment should be relatively easy with MV, but Riven's mobility can make landing CotV a bit more difficult than usual.
    - Remember to take Riven's stun and shield into account when preparing your combo.
    - Riven is great at assisting ganks, be sure to ward the surrounding areas.

    External Image - RumbleVerdict: 3

    - Don’t stand in the fire! This applies to both Flamespitter and his Ultimate – The Equalizer.
    - Try to take note of when Rumble uses his abilities and use this to gauge when he will overheat. Take advantage of this and harass him without fear of being retaliated against during his silence.
    - Move erratically to increase your chances of avoiding Electro-Harpoon.
    - The Equalizer is extremly strong at initiating a gank. Warding the surrounding brush is very beneficial.

    External Image - RyzeVerdict: 4

    - Ryze can be devastating if you allow him to be. Keep your distance to avoid being snared by Rune Prison and being the victim of heavy damage.
    - Separate yourself from your minions so Spell Flux doesn’t hit you.
    - Ryze’s Ultimate gives him spell vamp, be careful about trying to kill him when he’s on low health.
    - Silencing Ryze can result in him having to retreat or play defensively.
    - Forcing Ryze to use Rune Prison on your Voidling can be a great way to harass him with little threat of repercussion.

    External Image - ShacoVerdict: 3

    - Shaco can struggle to harass you if you play defensively enough – try to harass him via Malefic Visions and your Voidling.
    - Placing a Vision Ward in the middle of the lane can drastically reduce Shaco’s options.
    - Be sure to know which Shaco is real and which is the Hallucination before unleashing your nuke.
    - Be careful about where Shaco places his Jack-in-the-Boxes and try to avoid these areas.
    * How to tell the difference from a Shaco and a Fake-o
    - The Fake-o will take a much larger amount of damage than normal
    - The Fake-o may move erratically or abnormally compared to the normal, smooth movements of a human-controlled Shaco

    External Image - ShenVerdict: 3

    - Shen’s Feint can make it hard to harass him – try to wait until it’s on cooldown before applying MV.
    - Be sure to alert your allies when Shen is level 6 and is able to use Stand United.
    - Shadow Dash’s taunt can catch you off guard, try to learn it’s range and constantly stay in an area away from it.
    - Null Zone can be particularly effective against Shen.

    External Image - SingedVerdict: 3

    - Singed’s Poison Trail can be devastating to minions. Try to place Null Zone effectively to stop him from running free with it.
    - Singed can slow and fling you back into his Poison Trail and minions – be sure to keep an eye on your health and make sure you can survive this.
    - Silencing Singed during Poison Trail can be a great way to force Singed to waste mana.

    External Image - SionVerdict: 4

    - Sion can be built AD or AP. Try to take early note of how he’s building and play accordingly.
    - Keeping your distance so you don’t get hit by Cryptic Gaze is important to defeating Sion. However he builds, he can easily take off 50%+ of your health in a single stun-combo.
    - Death’s Caress can not only wipe out minion waves, but absorb harassment damage. Make note of when he casts it and play against it.
    - When Sion’s stun is on cooldown, he has limited escape capabilities – try to line up your combo at appropriate times.
    - Sion is extremely mana hungry early game if he builds AP. Make note of his summoner spells and try to bait him into using all of his mana as quickly as possible.

    External Image - SivirVerdict: 4

    - Try to catch Sivir out with her Spell Shield and force her into using it too early/late – Null Zone can be a cheap, effective solution to Spell Shield.
    - Keep moving and be aware of Sivir’s range – Boomerang Blade can be devastating if she can connect with it a few times.
    - Sivir without her Spell Shield is very vulnerable. Take note of when she uses it and plan your nuke accordingly.

    External Image - Skarner - Verdict: 2

    - Skarner's passive can allow him to use his spells more frequently than most champions. Be careful if he builds CDR/atk spd.
    - Skarner needs to be extremly close to use Crystal Slash. Play defensively if you're worried about being hit by it, or use Null Zone to cut off his area of use.
    - Crystalline Exoskeleton can help Skarner in the laning phase, but your spells should be able to rip through it. Constant harrassment will force Skarner to use mana on his shield.
    - Fracture passes through all units, like Anivia's Flash Frost, as oppose to hitting the first, like Nidalee's Javelin Toss. Purchasing boots early can help avoid this.
    - Saving Flash/Nether Grasp can be beneficial to stop Skarner getting close enough to Impale you.

    External Image - SonaVerdict: 2

    - Sona’s various Hymns can make her difficult to harass – try to make maximum use out of your Voidling.
    - Placing wards in the brushes can pre-warn you of an upcoming gank – Sona will easily be able to support the ganker.
    - Catching Sona off guard with a silence and a suppress is a great way to net yourself a kill.

    External Image - SorakaVerdict: 2

    - Similar to Sona, Soraka can be quite difficult to effectively harass in lane, due to her healing abilities.
    - Soraka’s silence and mana restore abilities will mean you have to play either very aggressively or defensively.
    - Be sure to mention to your allies when Soraka has her ultimate ready, to prevent your allies from attempting a risky gank against Soraka’s global heal.

    External Image - SwainVerdict: 4

    - Swain’s Nevermove can set him up for a large amount of damage – constantly moving can lower your chances of being snared.
    - Try to time your silence and Ult accordingly; Swain’s Ultimate will still heal him while suppressed.
    - Swain’s Decrepify can give him an increased chance to land Nevermove. Play unpredictably and move in an unorthodox way to counter this.

    External Image - Talon - Verdict: 3

    - Try to seperate yourself from minions so Talon has to choose whether to last hit or harass with Rake.
    - You can control Talon's movement's with use of Null Zone.
    - Try to use CotV and Null Zone shut down Talon's potential movement patterns with his abilities.

    External Image - TaricVerdict: 2

    - Taric’s Imbue can make him difficult to kill. Switch your focus to minions and attempt to deny him gold by playing aggressively, if you can’t kill him.
    - Dazzle can catch you off guard, be sure to have enough health to survive a Dazzle-Shatter combo.
    - Radiance will continue to heal Taric through your suppress, but keep in mind Silencing Taric before he can use his heals will often net you a kill.

    External Image - TeemoVerdict: 3

    - A well-placed Null Zone can create a large zone of safety for you to freely kill minion waves with MV.
    - Teemo’s Toxic Shot will punish you if you are indecisive or overextended. Much like Frost Shot, don’t attempt to kill Teemo unless you can fully commit.
    - Try to predict where Teemo will place his Mushrooms and avoid these areas.

    External Image - TristanaVerdict: 3

    - Be constantly aware of Rocket Jump’s range and the cooldown on Buster Shot. Tristana will take full advantage if you over extend yourself.
    - Keep your distance from low health minions – Explosive Shot can deal a deceptive amount of damage.
    - Play aggressively under your tower to prevent Tristana inflicting a lot of damage to your tower via Rapid Fire.

    External Image - TrundleVerdict: 2

    - Trundle’s increased movement speed in the Contaminate zone can make landing your abilities quite difficult. Focus on thinking ahead if Trundle is playing unpredictably.
    - Trundle should never get in range to use Rabid Bite on you – make good use of Null Zone’s zoning qualities.
    - Pillar of Filth can sometimes be the initiation for an oncoming gank – don’t hesitate to play defensively whilst Pillar is up.

    External Image - TryndamereVerdict: 2

    - Tryndamere’s Ultimate can be used while Suppressed and/or Silenced – try to time the casting of your Malefic Visions to catch him off guard when his Ultimate fades.
    - Try to move accordingly so that your Voidling doesn’t feed Tryndamere with Bloodlust stacks.
    - Playing aggressively can often push a Tryndamere back and severely dent his morale – confining Tryndamere and limiting his actions will grant you a stalwart advantage.

    External Image - Twisted FateVerdict: 3

    - Alerting your team when Twisted Fate has his Ultimate can prevent TF from getting an easy kill.
    - Keeping your distance will make Wild Cards easier to avoid.
    - Keep an eye on TF’s Stacked Deck stacks, he may play more aggressively when the bonus damage is ready.
    - Silencing Twisted Fate during Pick a Card can force him to choose the wrong card.
    - Saving your Ultimate for when TF is channelling his teleport can shift the tide of battle.

    External Image - Twitch - Verdict: 3

    - Investing in an Oracle’s or Vision Ward can give you complete dominance over Twitch.
    - Expunge has a deceptively long range – make sure you keep your distance until you’re ready to commit.
    - Twitch’s passive can punish you for being indecisive – make sure the stacks have fully worn off before rejoining the action.

    External Image - Udyr - Verdict: 3

    - Udyr’s Turtle Stance can make him durable in the laning phase – use MV and Voidlings to chip away at his health before committing to a nuke.
    - Silencing Udyr can switch him from changing stances – use this to your advantage.
    - Be sure to play in such a way that you will never be in danger of Udyr stunning you and nuking you down with Phoenix/Tiger Stance.

    External Image - Urgot - Verdict: 4

    - Constantly move and be sure to predict when Urgot will use his Noxian Corrosive Charge – and avoid it.
    - It can be beneficial to learn the ranges of Acid Hunter so it’s easier to avoid.
    - Urgot’s Terror Capacitor can make him very durable in the laning phase; however MV and Voidling’s can slowly chip down his health.
    - Remember Urgot’s Ultimate suppresses – It is advised to save at least one summoner ability that can be used defensively in case you get caught by this.

    External Image - VayneVerdict: 4

    - Use Null Zone defensively to stop Vayne from Tumbling into attack range.
    - Avoid being hit with successive attacks to reduce the damage of Silver Bolts.
    - Stay away from Walls and ridges to avoid being stunned and taking extra damage from Condemn.

    External Image - VeigarVerdict: 5

    - Continuously move to lower the chance you’ll be caught by Veigar’s stun.
    - Be 100% sure you’ll be able to kill him with your combo before his – and remember your Ultimate can be used defensively.
    - A well-timed silence can render Veigar useless.
    - The stronger you get, the more damage Veigar can potentially deal. Be aware of your Health and AP to avoid being one-shotted by Primordial Burst.

    External Image - VladimirVerdict: 4

    - Try to deceive Vladimir into using his Sanguine Pool early. Utilize its long cooldown and plan your nuke accordingly.
    - Keep your distance to prevent Vladimir from harassing you and keeping his health high with Transfusion.
    - DoT effects still deal damage through Sanguine Pool. Take this into account when casting Malefic Visions.

    External Image - WarwickVerdict: 3

    - Warwick can catch you off guard with Infinite Duress. Try not to linger around on too low health.
    - Warwick can regain health relatively quickly in the lane – counter this with Malefic Visions.
    - Silencing Warwick with Call of the Void before unleashing your nuke can ensure you won’t be suppressed by Infinite Duress, before you can suppress him.

    External Image - Wukong - Verdict: 3

    - Make sure you know if Wukong has used Decoy and save your combo for the real Wukong. Try to predict where Wukong will run when Decoyed and use CotV/NZ to control his movements.
    - Buying an Oracle's Elixir can shut down Wukong's escape abilties.
    - Try to keep your distance from Wukong to avoid being hit by a Nimbus Strike/Crushing Blow combo.
    - Saving Flash or Nether Grasp for when Wukong uses Cyclone can render the ability useless for it's duration.

    External Image - Xerath - Verdict: 4

    - Try to harass Xerath when he uses his beacon. Call of the Void will be easy to land since he can't move.
    - If you get hit by Mage Chains, prepare to strafe, to dodge Arcanopulse.
    - Early boots can be a great counter to Xerath early game.
    - Saving your silence can be great if Xerath has his ultimate ready - try using CotV or NG to stop him using his combo if you get into a bad situation.

    External Image - Xin ZhaoVerdict: 2

    - Since Xin is a melee hero, harassment is trivial. Keep denting his health with Malefic Visions.
    - Over-extending yourself can result in Xin locking you with Audacious Charge and Three Talon Strike. Using Null Zone well can prevent Xin from chasing you and force him to back off.
    - While your silence won’t be very effective against Xin’s Auto attacks, Nether Grasp’s suppress will devastate him.

    External Image - Yorick - Verdict: 3

    - Yorick's ghouls can inflict a lot of damage over time. Investing in boots earlier than usual will not only help for avoiding his spells, but also to avoid his ghoul's attacks.
    - Warding the brush is recommended due to Yorick's high-ganking capabilities - especially with an ally.
    - Yorick is a melee champion - Use this to your advantage - don't be afraid to play aggressively against Yorick.
    - Yorick is very weak without ghouls and/or if his spells are on cooldown. Save your combo for these moments.

    External Image - ZileanVerdict: 3
    - Keep your distance to avoid being harassed by Time Bomb.
    - Make sure you’re able to kill Zilean in one combo to prevent him from Chronoshifting.
    - Zilean’s movements can be unpredictable due to Time Warp. Try to harass with a silence, followed by Malefic Visions to ensure protection from Time Bomb and some damage output on Zilean.

    e) – Duo Lane

    If in the less common scenario, you are paired up with someone in a Duo Lane, Refer to the information above and follow all the tips to make your laning phase easier, whilst looking at your partners tips. A good laning partner is preferably someone who can soak the damage for you, and keep the enemy in 1 place (more effectiveness from Call of the Void and Null Zone). Sion with his shield and stun is a great choice, as well as Rammus, Cho’Gath, Taric, Soraka, Lux, Ryze etc. Basically, anyone with a stun/snare or who is a support, you want to be laning with. Malzahar is a very compatible champion to lane with so you can make a good early game with just about anyone.

    f) 1v2 Lane

    Malzahar is a very potent 1v2 laner, since he is great at helping with ganks and has superior lane control. Generally as a rule of thumb, play defensively when in a 1v2 lane and wait/call for the gank from your jungler. Since you’ll also hit level 6 much quicker than your lane opponents, your Ultimate will do a lot of damage to the target, so you should be able to get a kill – and possibly win the lane. While it’s definitely harder than laning mid, it isn’t as hard for Malzahar as it would be for other champions to lane 1v2, so if the opportunity arises and no one else fits the bill, step up to the mark so your team doesn’t lose the top lane early on.

  • Warding

    As mentioned above, Warding is one of the most important skills to learn in League. Below, I will mark out on the 3v3 and 5v5 maps respectively, the primary and secondary ward locations. Obviously wards can be used anywhere and everywhere, although these particular locations have shown time and time again that they are more useful than sticking a ward next to your Nexus to make sure the Fog of War isn't lying to you and it's doing OK. Gotta keep an eye on the Nexus...

    Twisted Treeline

    External Image

    Summoner's Rift

    External Image


  • How to use:

    a) – Call of the Void

    a) i) – Harassing

    Call of the Void is renowned for being one of the most irritating, long range, over-powered (It’s totally not) and shows of skill in the entire game. The practise it takes to get this skill perfectly lined up in any situation is ridiculous. I’ve played around 800 games as Malzahar and I still have times where I struggle to land CotV. But in terms of harassment, this is a great spell. You can use it to weaken/kill the back row of caster minions, or silence your opponent and get them ready for a combo. This spell can also kill enemy minions extremely quick and catch your opponent off guard, making maximum use of ‘the flick’.

    a) ii) – Solo fights

    In a 1v1 situation, CotV should be used at the player’s discretion. Usually it is spell Number 2 of your combo, but if you feel you will be able to pull off a juke and finish the opponent off, it may be beneficial to launch it first due to the silence and relatively short cooldown.

    a) iii) – Team Fights

    In Team Fights you have 5 options for Call of the Void. You can either:

    1. Use it to hit the most people for the most damage

    2. Single out and silence their caster

    3. Silence as many melee/tanks as possible

    4. Use it as a scouting tool to check for incoming re-inforcements

    5. Save it’s cooldown for chasing down a low health runner

    Try to judge the situation and the enemy team’s main source of damage and use this spell accordingly.

    a) iv) – Scouting the brush

    Many people are unaware that CotV scouts the brush, and it’s a great tool, since not only will it reveal stealth, it will silence the enemy you hit, so although they’re in the bush, you will have a slight advantage. It’s massive range makes it a great tool to use for this without ever putting yourself in danger.

    b) – Null Zone

    b) i) – Harassing

    Null Zone is unfortunately quite ineffective at general harassment. However, since the first tick of damage is applied instantly, it is a great tool for finishing someone off.

    b) ii) – Solo Fights

    In a 1v1 situation, Null Zone is your cue to begin channelling your Ultimate. It can also be positioned in certain ways that will block off enemy escape routes.

    b) iii) – Team Fights

    Null Zone is one of the most potent Team fight spells in the game, especially with the right team set up. Any snare/root/knock up effect like Malphite’s Ult, Swain’s Nevermove, Amumu’s Ult and Rupture all have great synergy with Null Zone. Since there is usually a lot going on in a team fight, it can actually be quite difficult to spot the zone. This will do a deceptive amount of damage and before your enemies have realised, it’s usually too late.

    b) iv) - Scouting the Brush

    Use Null Zone to check a brush for enemies. If your HUD shows an enemy player frame that wasn’t there before, they’ve just been hit by your Null Zone and are probably in the brush! This even works if Teemo is camouflaged and for other stealth abilities.

    c) – Malefic Visions

    c) i) – Harassing

    When combined with your Voidling summon, MV is a great harassing tool. A high amount of damage and due to the fact it’s a DoT, it will seem less brutal than direct damage spells, and some people may overlook it’s effect entirely.

    c) ii) – “The Flick”

    A few times throughout this guide you may have seen me refer to the “the flick”. MV ‘flicks’ to another target within range after a target dies whilst afflicted by it. This can catch many opponent laners off guard and can severely harass them while you’re in no danger of being harassed yourself. Try to bait the enemy to come closer to the target who will die, so the MV ‘flicks’ on to them.

    c) iii) – Solo Fights

    MV should be the first spell of your combo. By the time your combo is finished, if the target beings to flee, the cooldown on MV will be nearly ready again, so you can cast that again, almost definitely giving you the kill, if your combo did not.

    c) iv) – Team Fights

    Try to cast MV on the target with low health or you know is going to get focused. This way there will be a higher chance of you doing ‘free’ damage from the ‘flick’ to another enemy champion.

    c) v) - Scouting the Brush

    In rare occasions, if someone dies near a brush when affected by MV, if you’re used to the sound of the MV ‘flick’, you will be able to perceive whether someone is in the bush or not. However, use CotV or NZ to scout the brush, this situation will only happen once in a blue moon.

    d) – Nether Grasp

    d) i) – Solo Fights

    Nether Grasp is an extremely potent spell in 1v1 fights. Due to the suppress, it makes your enemy unable to act. While your actions are also hindered, you’re doing damage from NG as well as potential damage from NZ and MV. This spell can be used offensively or defensively and there are few champions in the game that can beat Malzahar 1v1. Timing is of the essence with this Ult – bad timing will see your enemy escape, while great timing will result in an overkill!

    d) ii) – Team Fights

    When it comes to Team fights, the use of NG is a totally different story to 1v1. It is generally down to your own discretion and what the situation entails, but try and suppress the enemy carry or the main source of damage so your team can quickly nuke them down. Champions with High burst damage or high sustained damage are the main targets. For example, Brand is combo-based and has high burst damage. Suppress him before his combo, not after. If he’s waiting on his cooldown’s, suppress a high sustained damage, like Ashe. If there doesn't seem to be any damage-dealing targets you can Ult, try using NG on a support. 2 and a half seconds of suppress will shut them down and after the damage from NG, the support will generally instinctively heal themselves rather than their team.

  • Jungling - How and when

    Jungling is a strange area for Malzahar – while the golem buff is great to have, there are other champions which can benefit from it more than you. However, if it’s up for grabs, feel free to take it. Null Zone makes Jungling a breeze, as well as your Voidling. If you’re going to grab Golem, make sure your lane isn’t in danger of being pushed while you’re absent. The use of Null zone is great for killing Baron and Dragon, so while Malzahar is weaker than most in the jungle, when he’s supported by a few allies, he becomes one of the strongest.

  • Ganking

    As I’m sure you’re aware, a huge part of League is the ganking aspect. Since Malzahar is a very squishy champion with massive damage output, he will generally be focused and be the primary target of ganks, due to his limited escape abilities. A few tips that I would share to increase you chances of survival during a gank:

    - If you’re ever in doubt, Flash out. Always keep Flash on cooldown for getting out of the situations you don’t want to be in.

    - Wards! Use wards all the time. Ward the areas you would primarily use for ganking other – the rivers on each side of mid, Baron, the small sections of brush near top and bot. Seeing enemies closing in on you will give you seconds of a headstart to avoid and survive the gank. And with wards, you might even get yourself a cheeky kill if the enemy is waiting for his friends in the brush, thinking you can’t see him.

  • Strengths & Weaknesses


    + High single target damage
    + Highest overall AP ratio in the game
    + Versatile
    + Played well, can be a great asset to the team
    + Sub-High AoE damage
    + Multiple scouting tools
    + Great early, mid and late game
    + Has the ability to single out and shred certain individuals
    + Has the ability to win a 3-on-1 fight, if played correctly


    - Very fragile if played recklessly
    - Heavily reliant on combo’s
    - Can take a while to master how to use his spells in certain situations
    - His Ultimate can be just as damaging to him as it is to your enemy
    - Bad aim with CotV and NZ can be the difference between winning and losing a lane
    - Thinking you’re invincible will result in your demise
    - Limited escape options without Flash
    - Poor Initiator
    - Next to useless when silenced
    - Weak when spells are on cooldown

  • General Tips

    - Learning the range of Flash can help you plan your escape routes better by Flashing over certain terrain to give yourself an extremely higher % of survival (especially if in the jungle).

    - It can take time to master the manipulation of Call of the Void, but once you are able to efficiently lead with it, you will be able to cause devastation to the enemy team.

    - Keep an eye on your passive stacks to judge when your Voidling will be up and running, especially helpful combined with the cast of Malefic Visions within the laning phase.

    - If you are about to win the game at your enemies Nexus, be sure to place a Null Zone under your feet and “/dance” on it. Makes the “Victory!” noise that much sweeter.

  • General Etiquette

    a) Communication

    Communication is the key to victory. In short, Communication = Teamwork, Teamwork = Win. Be sure to communicate with your team in the Champion select screen, as well as in battle. Letting your comrades know miscellaneous info. Such as “They’ve warded mid” or “Karth is level 6, be careful of Requiem” will be invaluable.

    b) Calling MIA

    Branching off what I said above, Calling MIA or SS is the most important part of the laning phase, in my opinion. As soon as an enemy goes out of sight, wait 3 seconds, then call the miss. If you’re just kill an enemy, keep an eye on their death timer, wait 5 seconds after they’ve ressed then call for the miss. If you don’t, not only will your allies be angry at you, but your entire team will be at a disadvantage. It is also important to clarify which champion has gone missing, just be careful not to be caught out when typing!

    c) Manners and Politeness

    Have manners. Be Polite. Don’t be bossy. If you want mid, ask for it, but ask nicely. Want Golem? Ask nicely. There’s a much higher chance someone will act with you rather than against you if you’re just polite. If your allies are giving your grief, don’t lose your cool, politely tell them to stop or calm down. If they failed to call miss which resulted in your death, politely remind them to call miss in future. I’m not saying you have to be over the top and send massive paragraphs worth of messages of “Oh great, wonderful Tryndamere, please oh great one, please call miss or else the Lord have mercy upon your soul!” No. Just a simple: “Please call miss in future, Tryn mate” will suffice. And a smiley face never goes amiss. 

    d) How to deal with bad players

    There are 2 types of bad players: Those who are unskilled, and those who are downright rude. Exploit and use the report system. That’s what it’s there for. If someone is unskilled, remember you had a first time once, and people in your team ad to put up with that! Simply use the “Unskilled Player” report at the end of the game, and offer them tips if you feel it will help them out. If a player is harassing you, don’t sink to their level, just keep your cool and remind them why they’re here. Use the report system after on the basis of: “Would I be happy saying what he just said to me? Would I say that to anyone else?” If the answer is No, report them. If the answer is Yes, I implore you to change your ways. League of Legends is meant to be a fun game, and no one likes a kill-joy who puts a downer on everyone’s day claiming that they “F****d your Mother and that you’re a stupid-a** r****d who should go and die.” That’s unacceptable. If someone is treating you this way, Report, Ignore, Move on. Let The Tribunal deal with bad players.

  • "The Combo" ***Video Guide to be Added soon***

    All throughout this guide you will see me refer to “The combo” and the execution of this defines a good Malzahar from a bad one. I highly suggest you spend a few hours in practise games to learn the basics of this combo. In Short, the combo would be E, Q, W, R. Quick fingers will be needed, since if the enemy can pre-empt this combo you may very well waste your Ultimate.

    The main goal of the combo is to have the enemy silenced (to prevent there escaping prowess), then to suppressed them on top of your Null Zone. This will result in maximum damage and you will be able to make someone’s day a little worse. But your day will be better. And that’s always nice.

    When I finally accumulate the money to buy fraps so I can record my LoL Replay files, I will happily upload various videos exampling how to use Malzahar's spells, including his combo.

    -> -> ->

    While the general rule for the combo is EQWR, it can deviate to what fits the situation. WQER, WQRE, QWRE, QWER will all work – some better, some worse, depending on the situation.

  • Video Guide *** To be added soon ***

    Ok, so as I mentioned above, when I have the money for Fraps, i'll get the videos up as soon as possible. If anyone has any other ideas as to how I can record a LoL replay file and upload/edit it, please let me know via comments or e-mail!

    Soon! I PROMISE!

  • Malzahar in Dominion

    Stay tuned...

  • Malzahar in 3v3

    Stay tuned...

  • TL;DR

    Malzahar is pro.

  • Final words

    If you’ve managed to survive the Ultimate, 40-page wall of text then Kudos to you my friend, you deserve an award. Please rate and comment, and constructive criticism as well as other feedback is greatly encouraged! I am fully aware that some people will dislike the length of the guide, but I feel that the more information the better – this guide aims to be the best Malzahar guide out there. 

    I will update this guide regularly when needed and will attempt to answer as many of your questions as possible.
    If you find any errors or spelling mistakes please let me know and I’ll change them. If there’s anything you don’t understand, contact me on “[email protected]” or leave a comment and I’ll try to elaborate. 

    Thanks for reading… and thanks to my homies at school for keeping me sane while I wrote this (although I loved doing it)… 50 hours well spent huh… not to mention the 25 hours of editing!

    I am also planning to work on a Veigar, Vladimir, Swain and Brand guide in the future. As you can probably tell, I main and mostly enjoy playing AP carry. However, i will be happy to write out another guide for pretty much any champion if it's requested enough. Keep an eye out for these other guides (But i am quite lazy, so it will be a good few years until they're done)!

    Not-so-Fun Fact: Malzahar was originally branded as “Al-Zahar”. Weird!

  • Acknowledgements

    Tubalot - For being a great friend and League of Legends partner, as well as a stunningly good tanky DPS player. Always taking one for the team, I don't think I've ever seen him play a champion he actually planned to in a game.

    Bulletsheep - Very similar to above, a great guy and one who's immense Ashe playing skills and impeccable aim and timing with Enchanted Crystal Arrow has saved me a countless number of times. And for the awesome level 1 crits he produces.

    KING KHAN 1337 - For the various inside jokes and joy he brings me - as well as being one of the best Tryndamere player's i've seen - 1/13/0 and he still manages to carry out to victory. #saracasm - Jokes aside, this fledgling summoner is an accomplished Master Yi player who's skills don't go unnoticed.

    Malzahar - For being a great guy and for having the strength to open up and pour out his heart to me - the poor guy's so misunderstood - he just wants to be loved.

    School bros - For putting up with my endless chatter regarding LoL and how much I hate everyone and everything about it. And for not punching me in the face when I wouldn't let them use the computer for actual schoolwork if I was writing this guide.

    External bros e.g. Somoa, Sinistro - For being pillars of support and fountains of laughter - the amount of gaming happiness we've shared over the years is forever solidified in my memories - and i'm sure with the recent purchases of RIFT, they'll be many more to come.

    "Louis" - For being a stupid retard who can't do anything right and is unable to play games skillfully. This guy makes me look good. Thanks.

  • *** Updates and other random tidbits of information ***

    25/10/2011 - Added Xerath & Graves in the laning section.
    21/09/2011 - Added Riven in the Laning section, as well as moving the guide around a bit.
    29/08/2011 - Added another item build.
    19/08/2011 - Add a quick reference guide for all you lazy (efficient) people.
    19/08/2011 - Added Pros and Cons to the abilities, complete with lovely colour.
    18/08/2011 - Changed the Strengths section to show a less blinding shade of green. Important stuff.
    15/08/2011 - Added an extra amount of information in the Abilities section, under MV.
    14/08/2011 - Added reasoning for why CotV is taken at level 1 in the Skilling Order section. Fixed a few coding errors. Sorted out the Masteries. Added some colour to the Runes section.
    13/08/2011 - Brightened up the Items sections by adding a few more possible items as well as making the item prices a lovely gold colour. Added Skarner to the Laning section.
    11/08/2011 - Fixed a few spelling errors and updated the Laning section with Wukong.
    24/07/2011 - Guide published.

    I am also currently working on the video guide sections, as well as a quick reference section to the guide. I will upload these as soon as they are complete!

  • Having trouble getting the guide to "work"?

    If for some odd reason, the guide takes a while to load, images aren't loading etc. It may be that the website is experiencing high traffic. Come back at a later point and see if the issue is resolved. Always make sure you're connected to the internet throughout the load - if your connection drops after half the guide has loaded, you'll have to refresh the whole thing. Since the guide is a large file, it may take longer to load for those with weaker Internet connections.

    If these problems persist, feel free to contact me at "[email protected]" and i'll see if it's an innate problem within the guide, or the website itself.

    (Also, a lot of the image files are taken from the League of Legends website and Imageshack, so if these websites are down or experiencing high traffic, some images may not load.)

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