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A New Heimerdinger

written by magma armor0

Heimerdinger Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    A New Heimerdinger...So everyone seems to play the same Heimerdingers anymore. Check the different guides and the differences are mostly minute. I'm here to propose a different Heim build...not a better one, but one that should surprise your opponents enough to get you a fair amount of wins.
    (Note: this guide uses the "Soraka strategy"--aka "screw KDR, I'm gonna make sure my team wins."
    Feel free to use all, part, or none of this guide.

  • Abilities

    Techmaturgical Repair Bots
    In my opinion, one of the most undervalued abilities in the game. HP Regen to any friendly thing nearby. More HP=longer staying time in lane and that means more gold and more XP. Please don't put Heim in mid and keep the repairs all to yourself. Share the HP Regen with the world!

    H-28G Evolution Turret
    Pros: Solid Gold. The reason Heim exists. Use the turrets to set up a meat grinder for enemy minions, or to make your towers even more threatening. Use them to "ward" (read:ambush) a bush or use them to cut off enemies' escape routes.
    Cons: Their range is JUST short of all other ranged characters. a serious flaw, but that's why you shouldn't mid with him. A carry will only look at your turrets as target practice.
    Also Note: turrets' fire rate is slightly higher just after placing.

    Hextech Micro-Rockets
    Pros: Good damage, hits 3 people
    Cons: you don't get to pick which people.
    I use this either as a harassing tool or as a deterrent to chasing Heim. You don't even stop, you just launch rockets out your behind, and one or two rockets can eventually convince most pursuers to stop.

    [spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade]
    Pros: Best stun effect in the game: longrange, can stun up to 3 people, and blinds anyone nearby.
    Cons: Hardest skillshot in the game
    The Grenade is tricky to use, and some players end up just using it to farm. In my opinion, this is a waste of its inherent ability. I use it in a few different ways:
    A) against melee champs. wait for them to run up to you while you're between your turrets, then stun them and laugh. no chance of dodge.
    B) To check bushes. Ambushes fail when the ambusher is stunned.
    C) As an escape tool. You don't need to hit your opponent, just make them dodge to the side instead of continuing to chase.
    D) as a follow-up stun. Shoot it at a stunned champion and by the time it gets there, the stun will have just worn off and you can restun them instantly.

    Pros: Fixes your turrets and gives them slow. adds 2 rockets to your W and makes the Grenade fly faster (Thus making it the SECOND hardest skillshot in the game)
    cons: as far as ultis go, this is rather lackluster.
    I use this ability mainly for the turret effects, either as a repair (it's cheaper, mana-wise. than laying down another turret) or for escapes (either enabling my own or negating my opponents. 5 rockets are cool, but also require 5 targets. good in teamfights! faster grenade makes it skillshot-able, but still easy to dodge.

  • Unique Skills

    Things you need to know about Heimerdinger (in fact, this is most of the reason I use this build)

    1. Techmaturgical Repair Bots fixes your turrets. not just the little ones you drop. The big, scary ones that kill champions. Because of this, Heim works best rotating lanes, switching to whichever one has the most damaged turret.

    2. Your turrets will shoot as long as you are not dead. This includes during the long and drawn-out Guardian Angel animation (btw, your repair bots also heal you during that) and during Zhonya's.

  • Unique Skills Rant

    Okay, I apologize in advance for this rant, but I feel like I need to go into a "unique skills" rant.
    To be honest, "unique skills" should be the only reason why you pick a champion. if you're looking for a good AP mage, then look somewhere else, because Heim isn't the best. his AP ratios are awful, and he will lose to a good AP mage any day of the week. That being said, why should we play Heim?
    because of his unique abilities.
    He's the only champ in the game with turrets that won't die until...well, they die. They last indefinitely until someone breaks them.
    He's the only champ in the game who can fix a damaged tower. That, in and of itself, is worth noting.
    He's one of the only champs in the game who can kill people effectively while Guardian Angel is triggering. (Sunfire Cape does not count.)

    So I use this build to take full advantage of these unique abilities. When I want an AP mage, I go Veigar. But when I want an inventor, I take Heim.

  • Items

    Here's where the build is totally different from anything you've seen on heim before
    Amplifying Tome
    Your starting item. build into a [Item=Kage's Lucky Pick] early. this will sit there till the end of the game, generating gold, until you grab Deathfire Grasp as your last item.
    The next few items depend on how much gold you have on returning to base. you'll want
    Philosopher's Stone for the gold and the extra regen
    (wait. is this your only mana item? wow you suck!)

    Guardian Angel for your turrets firing while you're "dead"
    Boots of Swiftness As always, your boots can vary depending on the situation. I usually DON'T buy Merc's Treads because I don't care if they stun me, since my turrets eat them alive! Boots of Swiftness also ensures that if you DO have to run, you won't be caught (usually). I also like Ninja Tabi because dodge is fun, the armor is nice, but above all, THEY'RE CHEAP.
    After you have the above grab
    Zhonya's Hourglass (see reasoning behind guardian angel. Plus, it's a pile of AP)
    EDIT: I've started playing around with buying Zhonya's before the Guardian Angel. It seems to be working a little bit better for a sololane Heim, but a duolane Heim, or a Heim in a game that has already transitioned to teamfighting should go for the GA, IMO.

    the last slot will vary by game. I like to go for a Frozen Heart, but sometimes I'll go for Rabadon's Deathcap if I really want the AP. Abyssal Scepter works great as well; you can reduce your opponent's magic resist below 0 with the help of your turrets! it's up to you.
    Defensive options include Thornmail (I'd pick Frozen Heart over this, personally) or, preferably, Sunfire Cape (stay away from me while I revive!) Banshee's Veil is, of course, an option if they have a pesky AP carry, but I prefer Abyssal Scepter. It gives a pile of MR, in addition to AP and a helpful aura for you and your team. But hey, whatever works.

    after all your Itemslots are filled, finally upgrade your Pick into the Deathfire Grasp and either upgrade the Stone or sell it and buy something else (another one of the above items) for the 4 minutes left in the game.

    I know that looks expensive, but that's why we have 2 gold generating items behind it. I usually get at least to Zhonya's before the first Inhibitor goes down, but getting gold this fast can take a little practice. Don't forget, your turrets will be eating minions and getting you a load of money too.

  • Skilling Order

    Turrets. turrets turrets turrets.
    turret comes first. then, it depends on the situation. if you think you can get more use out of grenades, go for it. If you just want to damage, or if you're running away alot, get rockets. up to you.
    in general, priority is
    yeah. turrets are better than your ulti.

  • Summoner Abilities

    okay, here's where it gets REALLY up to you.
    I used [Spell=Fortify] to protect turrets, then Teleport to jump in, drop my turrets, and start repairing whatever damage was done. Unfortunately, Riot doesn't seem to like me, and has removed fortify from the game for season two. sadly, this means we are now forced to change to the new (old) spell, Promote. this has advantages and disadvantages; you can't defend a tower as easily with one of these, but you can push a turret down like it's not even there. 2 turrets+Promoted minion=soon-to-be-broken tower. With Promote, use it ASAP. there's NO REASON to hold it back. I've used this VERY effectively soloing top, and it dominates very effectively. If you place your turrets just outside the reach of their towers, they should be able to support your minions while they mercilessly beat up the tower. I've literally had an enemy champion pinned to their tower, unable to do anything because of the threat of my stun/turrets/promoted minion. within the 3rd promote I had single handledly wrecked the tower, despite getting ganked twice. My tower, on the other hand, was untouched, thanks to the passive regen.
    Other Options:
    Ghost is definitely good for running away.
    Flash too.
    Heal. Usable, especially after a Guardian Angel (return with full health? totally demoralizing) but for the most part, your passive should heal you enough.
    [Spell=Rally]. Since it buffs your turrets, it's viable. I still prefer Fort+Tele, but this isn't a bad spell for your turrets/for teamfights. Oh would you look at that. Riot cut one of the other spells that was good for Heim. Surge, rally's replacement, is not worth using (unless it buffs your turrets...which would be weird.)
    Bad options:
    Clairvoyance. Great! Now I know what's in that bush!.................but I can't leave my turrets.....
    Exhaust. Why are you chasing? good if you get someone in your turrets, bad otherwise.
    Revive. Usable, especially to get back to your precious towers faster, but there are better options.
    Smite. You have turrets. if any minion lives long enough to be targeted, you're doing it wrong.(or you're up against Annie)
    Cleanse. See merc's treads reasoning above. otherwise good, but there are better options.
    Clarity. ehhhhhhhh.....mana regen shouldn't really be an issue...see playstyle below.
    Ignite. Fun, but no.

  • Masteries + Runes

    no, I don't take mana regen stuff, because I usually don't spam abilities. If you prefer spamming, feel free to put points into mana/mana regen
    Runes...play around and see what you need. individual people's playstyles can differ, and there are a lot of holes to be filled in this build (AP for instance)
    I like Magipen Marks (duh)
    Armor Seals
    MR glyphs
    and 2 Health Quints, with one Movespeed Quint, just to be a jerk and outrun everyone that would normally be just as fast as you.

  • Summary

    okay, so here's how a game goes.
    Grab your Amplifying Tome and run for the bush as fast as you can. get there before your opponents. Then wait for them to push into your bush and into your dropped turret. be standing a ways back to range them while they waste time and health on your turret. after the initial clash, set up your turret where the minions meet and focus on harassing. Your turret can kill minions on its own. level 5 is your level 6. as soon as you can, drop the second turret. having two out is intimidating, and, combined with the threat of stun from your grenade, should deter your opponents from pushing your lane. if you seem to be losing your lane, fall back and set up your turrets under your tower. if you can't hold that, then you're screwed.
    you'll be little more than an annoyance until you get guardian Angel. once you do, you can really start to go to town. Make sure your lane partner knows that you're ready to stand and fight, then plant yourself between your turrets and refuse to move. lure an enemy in, stun them, and rip their face off. upgrade if they try to run, and don't sweat it if you die. you'll pop right up again in no time.
    after you have Guardian Angel and Zhonya's, learn that running is bad. it's better to take it like an inventor and die. you'll deal more damage toughing it out, and instead of running, call your team in for a teamfight. it may be a 4v5, but, if you do it right, more than half their team should be half dead (and one will be Trynd Endless Raging.). Your team should easily win the teamfight, and, after enough of these, the entire game.

    In short, Heim has potential to be a very powerful force. He just needs a sympathetic team to back him up.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros: your team will probably win
    Cons: you will look awful. but you will have done a lot more for your team than they think.

  • Kills

    You'll notice that I haven't mentioned much about getting kills.
    There's a reason Heim is a pusher. There's a reason his turrets don't move.
    He is not meant to get kills.
    This doesn't mean that he can't. It just means that your #1 objective should be lane control. Specifically, making sure your opponents turrets die and yours don't. Heim, when well played, is nearly impossible to push against. If you end up 1v2ing he can handle it. if you have a partner you can transition to pushing and shoot up to their inner turrets before they know what hit them. Just remember that it is your partner's job to deal with champions. it is your job to push.

  • Working in the team

    explain to your team that you will be rotating lanes to fix turrets. explain to your team that you will be playing defensively. make sure your lane partner knows when you're going to run and when you're going to fight. ultimately, how you work with your team makes this build either very good or very, very bad.

  • Definition of the word "Tank"

    A tank is someone who can soak up damage for his/her team, disrupt the enemy team, and present a constant threat of damage to the enemy team (to encourage focusing the tank)

    Heimerdinger fulfills all of these in this build.
    He soaks up damage with GA and Zhonya's.
    He disrupts the enemy team with his grenade
    and his turrets/rockets are a constant threat to the enemy team that they would very much like to deal with.
    The best part is, people don't often think of Heim as a tank. So they focus him, thinking that they're helping their team by taking out the scary AP carry.
    In fact, they're playing right into your plans.

  • Good Teammates

    This is a somewhat superfluous section, but there are several teammates who can help you be even more devastating in your lane.

    Zilean: let's be honest, Heim is kinda bad until he gets his 2nd turret. Zil will get you there faster. Plus, his ulti is YET ANOTHER reviving strategy that will allow you to survive WWIII by the time everything is done.

    Sion: loads of fun. your techmaturgical repair bots negates the health penalty on [spell=Enrage], and his stun traps people in your turrets. whether the Sion is AD or AP, always a fun choice

    Veigar: Throw up an Event Horizon around your turrets. anyone trying to run will be stunned. while they're stunned, throw a grenade, which should fly just slowly enough to stun them as soon as they get unstunned. at this point, turrets should have munched them to death.
    Nasus: turrets soften minions, allowing him to farm his Q more easily. His Wither will keep people in your turrets longer AND make your grenade landable, and the pushing power of your turrets with Spirit Fire is ridiculous. plus, he'll have nearly infinite sustain between his natural lifesteal, and your repair bots. 

    Any Carry: your turrets make it that much easier for them to last hit minions. your carries will be farmed like no other.

  • Creep Jungling

    please stay out of the jungle. it's not that you can't (turrets+grenades=risk-free jungling) but there are other people who need it more.

  • Farming

    Heim has the best push-power of anyone in the game. turrets eat minions like no other, rockets kill 3-5 at a time, and grenades rip minions apart. if you can't push with Heim then you can't push with anyone.
    On a related note, a lot of your power will come from your minions. once you've shredded all your opponents', your minions will all target the enemy champs. and they will not feel good.
    Also: Last hitting minions. At least half the guides I read on here stress the importance of last hitting minions. This is NOT for you. you have two gold-generating items. you don't need to last-hit. leave that to your lane partner. your job is to push. PUSHPUSHPUSHPUSHPUSH. You should be autoattacking or harassing at ALL TIMES. not running around like a chicken with its head cut off. This is a tank-ish guide. You should be feeding the last hits to your carry, not selfishly stealing them all for yourself.
    I've heard people complain about how overextended Heim can get while he's pushing...that's why you have turrets and a GA. let them gank you, then after the revive kicks in, use your ulti, throw a grenade and some rockets and run. congrats, you just took down half their tower's health and half their champs' in exchange for your GA being triggered. Alternatively, run a counter-gank and just sit in your turrets with GA or Zhonya's triggered, and let your turrets eat them and distract them while the rest of your team runs in. 4v5s are good for the 4 when all the 5s are at half health with all their abilities on CD. Or even get your team together for a counterpush or a gank on the other side of the map. I've routinely sacrificed myself in a 3-on-1 gank so that my team could 4v2 the other side of the map. 

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