Renekton Build Guide

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Renekton, The Assassin of the Sands

written by CCBeara

Renekton Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

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    Hello, I am RoopdeeRoo and I'm here to present my way of playing Renekton, The Butcher of the Sands. Renekton is one of my most played champs, and one of my favorites. I play him a bit differently than some, but I feel it is a very effective way to play him. This build is a bit trickier than the straight tanky-dps build, but it can feel a lot more rewarding.

    This guide will show you how to play Renekton as a burst assassin that excels at ganking and massive burst damage, but lacks in a lot of great team fighting ability due to his semi-squishy nature.

    Note: I do not claim this to be the best way to play him. I do not claim this is the "high-elo pro pro" way to play him. This is just how I like to play Renekton.

  • Change Log

    -Guide Added

  • Abilities

    Reign of Anger
    Renekton gains Fury for every autoattack he makes. This Fury can empower his abilities with bonus effects. Additionally, Renekton gains bonus Fury when he is low on life.

    Building this can be a bit tricky in lane, especially when you are a very easily harassed champion, but if you do, your abilities will be noticeably stronger. My tip for laning is to just focus on last hitting first and harassing last. Generally, you won't be incredibly scary until you get your Bloodthirster.

    Cull the Meek
    Renekton swings his blade, dealing moderate physical damage to all targets around him and heals for a small portion of the damage dealt. If he has more than 50 Fury, his damage and heal are increased.

    This is your main AoE damage and lane sustainability skill. If used with 50 Fury, it deals much more damage and can help your otherwise average team fight ability.

    -If you are getting low on health in the lane, make sure to use your 50 Fury on Cull the Meek to get a better Heal.
    -Make sure you hit the maximum amount of enemies that you can to get a better heal.
    -Can be a good combo off of Ruthless Predator during harassment.

    Ruthless Predator
    Renekton slashes his target twice, dealing moderate physical damage and stuns them for 0.75 seconds. If Renekton has more than 50 Fury, he slashes his target three times, dealing high physical damage and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

    This is our main burst ability and it can absolutely wreck if used well. It is an extremely good mid game nuke that will absolutely destroy squishy champions. Used with 50 Fury, it does absolutely crazy damage. This is the build's main focus point.

    -Early on, you can use this to last hit easier.
    -Try to use this on their carry. The massive damage will most likely force them to retreat.

    Slice and Dice
    Renekton dashes, dealing damage to units along the way. Empowered, Renekton deals bonus damage and reduces the armor of units hit.

    This is our main mobility ability and our secondary farming ability. Used with 50 Fury, this can allow your abilities to hurt the tanks even more. Late game, this ability does pretty decent damage as well.

    -Remember to try to go through creeps/enemies when using this to give yourself another dash.
    -Can be used to blink through some small walls.

    Renekton transforms into the Tyrant form, gaining bonus Health and dealing damage to enemies around him. While in this form, Renekton gains Fury periodically.

    This is mostly used for team fights and some clutch moments for ruining enemy ganks. The added Fury generation is also incredibly handy for making all of your abilities hit harder.

    -Make sure you pay attention to the range increase on all of his abilities when this is active.
    -Used properly, this can completely turn around situations when you would have normally lost.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Renekton, I like to build him purely for offense, sacrificing a lot of defense.


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    I go 21/0/9 grabbing improved Exhaust and Ghost.

    2x Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    1x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

    More armor penetration = more raw damage. Swiftness is just nice to have for speed. It's my personal preference to have them. If you'd prefer more armor penetration, go for it.

    9x Greater Mark of Desolation

    More armor penetration. :D

    5x Greater Seal of Fortitude
    4x Greater Seal of Warding

    Flat Health and Magic Resist help him a lot in the laning phase.

    9x Greater Glyph of Shielding

    More magic resist, but for allowing for a lot more survivability late game.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Best Choices

    I take Exhaust and Ghost to allow for incredibly effective ganks and some pretty insane turn-arounds. Oh? You're being ganked at low HP? Run into a bush, pop Dominus and use Exhaust and just obliterate them.

    Good Choices
    Ignite is a good spell for some early game clashes, but it's more up to personal preference. If you like Ignite on him more, use it.

    Cleanse can be a great asset in team fights and some CC Heavy teams.

    Poor Choices
    It's not horrible, but not amazing for Renekton. He does better when chasing at crazy speed and Flash is more of a small gap closer.... which we already have with Slice and Dice

    This is more used for some good safe laning and good global mobility. Renekton as an assassin doesn't need this.

    It isn't that great for Renekton. He has a self heal along with a nice health boost when he uses Dominus


    Meh. He's not a support.

    Not a great asset for ganking and whatnot


  • Skilling Order

    For Renekton, I focus on leveling up Cull the Meek first for easier laning. Slice and Dice comes next to help with farming and more damage.

    The reason I level up the main burst spell and the focus of this build last is because it has the lowest base damage out of all of his abilities. It scales better off with AD than levels.

  • Items

    With Renekton, I start off with a Doran's Blade for some early game AD and HP.
    From there, I start building my core.

    Core Build Example

    The Bloodthirster
    This is the basis of what makes this build strong. With this maxed out, your W will hit like 400 trucks driven poorly through ice. It also helps you stay alive longer in a lot of situations.

    Mercury's Treads
    This are pretty general on any champion that is pretty susceptible to CC. The added magic resist is also a huge help.

    The Black Cleaver
    The Black Cleaver adds even more terror to your damage. When you hit W, it will destroy any sort of armor they thought they had.

    If You Get Fed...
    The Bloodthirster
    You can never get enough of a good thing.

    Sword of the Occult
    If you are confident enough, this can be an extremely devastating item.

    Situational Items
    Last Whisper
    If they're stacking armor, GET THIS ITEM. Generally, you won't need this item.

    Youmuu's Ghostblade
    More armor penetration and a really good active.

    Trinity Force
    This is only if you want some all around stats and a *bit* more burst on your Ruthless Predator

    Vs. High DPS
    Sunfire Cape
    Yayayayayayayay I'm on fire.

    This is only in extreme cases (e.g. Yi or Tryn fed to oblivion). It can make your life a lot easier.

    Guardian Angel
    This can make you near unkillable, especially vs. DPS champions.

    Vs. High Burst
    [item=Force of Nature]
    Good stats and OMFG SUPA SPEE. HP Regen is also nice too.

    Banshee's Veil
    Look at that sexy orb of doom for any enemy burst. CAN'T GET ME NOW, CAN YOU AP JERK SION.

    Wit's End
    This item can add some DPS and give you some crazy MR.


  • Pros / Cons

    +Stupidly good burst
    +Incredible farming ability
    +Incredibly good 1v1 ability
    +Decent laning, especially vs. melee champs

    -Pretty squishy compared to an offtank build
    -Slice and Dice can be pretty tricky
    -Not as terrifying in team fights due to the squishy nature of this build

  • Working in the team

    Renekton can either take solo top or duo bot lanes and be very effective.

    Solo Top

    Farm. Farmfarmfarmfarmfarm. You probably won't have to b for a while, unless you get in a bad anti-melee lane. Solo top isn't too difficult to master, all you have to do is not die or lose your tower.

    If you happened to be getting out harassed, you can try to last hit with your Cull the Meek pretty effectively. If you can learn the range, it can help you a lot in the lane.

    A good general solo lane harassment technique is to

    > > >

    Just try to avoid harassment as much as possible.

    Duo Bot

    Get every last hit you can. Farm like mad.

    Duo bot isn't much different than solo top, but it generally is A LOT more aggressive. Either you will dominate and be able to easily zone them out of the experience line, or it will go horribly and you'll have to work extra hard to catch back up.

    If you need to, roam or jungle.


    How to Play Renekton

    After you get your Bloodthirster, get the stacks up and gank like crazy. Every chance you get, gank and farm. Basically, the general rule for Renekton is to farm nonstop. Never just be sitting in a bush waiting to gank. Don't b unnecessarily. If you have 4k, but there's a huge minion wave needing to be killed, farm some more.

    Once mid game comes along, you should still be farming. However, at this point, teams start grouping up. Team fights will generally start. Play like any other assassin and come in late and obliterate. If you come in too early, you'll just explode and die. Just because you have some nice sexy health with Dominus doesn't mean you are unkillable.

    A general team fight combo is

    > > AA > > > > AA > > AA

  • Summary

    While not the cookie cutter build, assassin Renekton is a beast. Once you master it, you'll completely destroy.

    Thank you for reading my guide, and please leave a comment with feedback~

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