Tryndamere Build Guide

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Tryndamere: Crittin' like a Pro

written by Jyggalag

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    nice passive for earlygame which boosts you critchance by 10% and by 4% for every missing 10% hp

    an AD increase (40), a CritDmg increase (36%) and a heal for 400 hp, what do you want more?

    Mocking Shout
    a huge damage debuff and a slow for fleeing enemys - another great skill

    Spinning Slash
    a free flash which also deals damage. use it twice to kill a wave of minions

    Undying Rage
    : a really nice ultimate which makes you unkillable for 5 seconds and gives you 4/6/8 stacks on your q
    one tip: pop it only if you die in the next moment because it doesn't prevent you from being hurt, it only makes sure your healthdoesn't drop below 1 so if you use it at full hp, its wasted

  • Introduction

    Welcome to my first league of legends champion guide featuring tryndamere, the barbarian king. I hope you enjoy reading it and it helps you. Criticism is good, as long as it is constructive.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Masteries i go 22/8/0 External Image
    For Runes I take Critdmg Runes.

  • Items

    1.Start with and two
    2.Then build 3
    3.After this, get your if you are harassed to hard, get them before your second
    4.Now get an in the normal order: , , and then finish it.
    5.Now, build yor first , starting with . After this one is finished, sell one and repeat the step before.
    6.Sell the second and buy a , starting with
    7.Sell the third for a .
    8.If your doin really good, sell the for a third
    The game normally ends between 4. and 6. , but this is the full build
    PS: You can build a anytime if you get lots of kills, if you do so, don't get a third or a .

  • Skilling Order

  • Summoner Abilities

    For Summoner Spells i nusually go for and . For i also take a mastery point.
    Also good are:
    nice to chase an enemy
    port to a lane and defend
    These depend on you:
    if you die to fast
    only if you want to jungle
    [spell_icon=fortify] if noone else has it
    if you like it
    if you want to gank
    These are really bad:
    [spell_icon=rally] useless after earlygame
    your e skill is a flash with 9 sec cd

  • Build Example


  • Pros / Cons

    +High DMG
    +Nothing but Crits
    +Beat up anyone within some seconds

    -Weak in earlygame
    -Dies fast if he doesn't kill the enemy fast

  • Summary

    Tryndamere is a nice melee DPS carry who deals tons of damage late game, but is a little weak early on.

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