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Cant Touch This - Hammer Time!

written by Drudd

Poppy Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Valiant Fighter
    Poppy's Passive. Many people misunderstand this passive. basically what it does it reduces damage done on poppy. Well, the maths behind it is a lot more complicated!

    The Passive works with your Current Health, so lets assume you have 1k health for easy maths.
    Lets say a Brand comes in and would deal 500Damage(having already subtracted and added magic pen and poppys mres). That damage would exceed the 10% of her current health. True? Ok. So we would actually come out with about 500 Health if we werent poppy, but wait a second we got out with 700. How is that possible?

    The Maths tell us: 10% of 1000 health = 100health.
    500 damage > 100health. Poppys Passive kicks in!(This is the most important part!)
    100 Damage of Brands 500 Damage will just go through. Accept that as a fact^^
    The remaining 400 Damage are cut in half. 400/2=200
    This means, the Damage of Brand is reduced to 300 because he deals 100 + 200 = 300.

    This actually means were very very strong against heavy nukers, be it Aoe, Single hit, or whatever, but now, what if a Caitlyn hits us for exactly 100 damage? Well, sadly enough if we have 1k life and cait hits for exactly 100 damage each hit then she will get it through. But after that we only have 900 Health and 100damage would again exceed the 10% mark! So the damage of cait is reduced. Thats as easy as it gets people:)

    So to those who understood what im saying: Poppy is strong against Nukes and can sustain loads of damage the lower her current(note: Very Important!) health drops.

    Hint: The Magic word in her passives description is "Current Health" :)

    Devastating Blow
    Poppy's Bread and Butter Skill. Awesome Damage Output calculated on Enemies Health. If you do everything right, it might aswell kill an enemy caster or Carry with 1 hit:)

    Paragon of Demacia
    This ability has got two very positive aspects: More Armor AND more Movement Speed!

    this skill will often even get you the kill, or it will get you away from the action or it will help you chase.

    Its simply awesome.

    Heroic Charge
    Basically your stun, It has other nice sideeffets coming with it. You can interrupt Malzahars Ultimate with it if cast on someone else, or Warwicks, or anyone else ultimate that can be stopped like Kat, MF etc.

    You Charge on an Enemy and if you hit a wall(you should) then you will stun. But even the Charge can get you somewhere!

    Diplomatic Immunity
    Your Ultimate... Well It makes you invulnerable... AND it increases your damage output. WOW. More to the Use of it down below.

  • Welcome

    Hello Everyone, this is my second guide on Leaguecraft and i hope you will enjoy it. My first guide is for Renekton and is available here:
    Renekton Guide on Leaguecraft

    Please Rate:)

    So let's go.

  • Masteries and Runes

    Well, this is the easiest section i think. Poppy doesnt have a lot of life to start with, so basically we need a little thingies to keep us alive. Then we have to maximize our Damage output early.

    Greater Mark of Insight

    This one is easy to choose. We need Magic Penetration for our Devastating Blow and our Heroic Charge.


    Oh hmm, the Seals. Difficult options await us:)

    I usually go for Greater Seal of Replenishment


    Greater Seal of Evasion

    The Manareg simply as that because you can charge your Devastating Blow for Farming and for Attacks more Frequently and the Dodge against lousy carries.


    for Glyphs i usually go for

    Greater Glyph of Focus
    for CDR on Poppys Devastating Blow Heroic Charge and Diplomatic Immunity


    Greater Glyph of Potency

    for greater Burst damage.


    For Quintessences you should be getting either

    Greater Quintessence of Insight


    Greater Quintessence of Potency


    Your Masteries should look like this as i think:


  • Summoner Abilities

    Well, This section is difficult.

    There are many nice choices but ill explain them all.

    First off the standard Poppy which i think will help everyone best:

    Teleport Exhaust or, my other favourite Teleport and Ignite

    Why do i have such trouble to tell you what is best?
    Well, Poppy doesnt have any any slow and needs to overtake the enemy to bash them against a wall and stun and kill them. So basically that is what exhaust is there for. It grabs an easy kill if youre doing good and it will benefit youre chase.

    On the other hand, Ignite works VERY well with Poppys Ultimate Diplomatic Immunity. Youre Ultimate makes youre target get 40% Damage more Damage from you. Whether it is from Ignite or your hits doesnt matter;)
    So basically Ignite is a good option aswell, but try out both to find youre personal favourite:)

    Teleport is a must have as i think, because it makes you able do hit them with some Devastating Blow Heroic Charge combo and go low life, and come back, fully recharged. It also enables you to grab items in the early phase which is awesome aswell, because youre very item dependent early game.

    Other spells that i find useful

    Flash Always a nice option, but i think it is not necessary since Poppy has a nice Escape becuase of her Movement speed gained through Paragon of Demacia. It can also be used offensively, which i think is very nice, BUT needs a lot of skill and since this guide is used for new players i would not recommend it.

    For experienced Players: Flash can be used and is a must have. It makes u able to flash in, use Heroic Charge to knock an enemy into your team and destroy them with your team. This is not really easy to do, since the enemy usually has flash himself and may be flahshing out, which would actually ruin your ultimate AND you might be dead.

    Ghost Nice Option aswell, gives you the option to Speed at a target when youre low Mana and need it for Devastating Blow except than Paragon of Demacia


    Some say its good, but well, i don't^^ You can Heroic Charge an Enemy into a tower and Fortify, but thats a Early Game tactics^^ youre tank should get it, not you. If the Enemy stays defensive although ure only last hitting which will happen, then its not a good option.

    Spells that i would never ever take on Poppy

    [spell=Rally] Revive Clairvoyance Clarity Smite Heal Cleanse

  • Skilling Order

    I know many People think its wrong to max Devastating Blow, but i think you need it. It damages the other champions REALLY hard, it is youre main Damage source together with Heroic Charge and it enables you to 1hit Enemy Champions. I max it first because it deals very nice damage, your CDs are reduced AND you only need your Heroic Charge as a stun and Devastating Blow to gain a kill early game.

  • The Item Build

    Im going to give you some options for early game and continue it until lategame then how i usually have it.

    Since you shouldnt be Solo Laning, because Poppy is not the best lasthitter anyway, I am just describing Laning with a Partner.

    Duo Laning:
    First Off you can either grab:

    Doran's Shield


    Sapphire Crystal


    Regrowth Pendant

    All of them have different benefits. With Doran's Shield you will have greater Survivability and its the best option for new players.

    With a Sapphire Crystal you can easily finish youre Sheen Early which will greatly increase youre damage output

    With Regrowth Pendant you can build a Philosopher's Stone which will greatly increase your manareg.

    Either of these items are recommended and can be very helpful!

    Another option i have also tried is Boots of Speed first. I personally dont like to get them first, because they are cheap and Poppy already has a nice Movement speed with her Paragon of Demacia, so i think this is not the best option, but for some it can be:)

    Duo Laning with a Healer:

    If youre laning with a healer it is important to get youre Sapphire Crystal. Simply as it gets, you will get healed when you took damage. It wont matter much and you can finish off Sheen really fast.

    So after Laning phase your build should look something like this:

    after that upgrade your Boots to either

    Sorcerer's Shoes, Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness

    That will conclude your Early Game.

    Lets get to Mid Game:

    In Midgame

    Youre aiming to finish your Trinity Force, so go for Zeal and Phage

    I usually finish because i think it benefits youre farming.

    Since greatly benefits youre chasing abilities, And youre damage and your farming i think this is a must have item for Poppy.

    After that i usually get a B. F. Sword, to increase my damageoutput.

    That concludes the Mid Game Items.

    Late Game:

    After i have gotten my first i usually get a second one. Why? Simply because i can go to the enemy Carry, hit them with my Combo; Heroic Chargeand Devastating Blow and finish them off with Diplomatic Immunity.

    It doesnt matter who it is.... Ashe, Cait, Lux, i dont mind, i just tear them to shreds. BUT! I dont usually use Diplomatic Immunity on them, explanation will follow:)

    After Youre 2nd B. F. Sword you will again have options:

    Either youre team is dominating by now and youre dealing damage as hell and the enemy is close to surrender, OR

    youre loosing this game, so ill give you options for both situations:)

    If youre team is winning:

    There are several Options, offensive of course;)

    Frozen Mallet Awesome item for Poppy. More Health, more chase, more Damage and more Stuns coming from you. Really Nice!

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] Awesome and Must Have on an Enemy Cho Gath!^^ He'll be fearing you....REALLY!

    The Black Cleaver Guess what, its nice, but i prefer Last Whisper on armor stacking enemies.

    Infinity Edge Greatly increases youre damageoutput, nice item aswell

    Phantom Dancer Awesome item, more Movement Speed, more Attack Speed more Critchance... basically a must have.

    Deathfire Grasp Awesome item, i use it on my Poppy often aswell, because it adds some nice stats and really improves my burst! and i have another Ability to hit with;)

    Hextech Gunblade Hextech Funblade i like to call it. It actually makes u Deal a little more damage, give you another chasing option, lifesteal for your abilities and your normal Autoattacks. Awesome.

    The Bloodthirster Very nice for lifesteal, stacks damage and if youre not dieing, probably the best choice:)

    If youre team is loosing

    Lets get to the defensive options.

    Thornmail Very nice item! It gives you a lot of armor and deals damage back. nice to get if youre being targeted by AD.

    Guardian Angel not my favourite choice. When you die, youll probably be standing in the middle of a few enemy champions... So, usually that will take the focus off you, but it wont save you all that often. Still gives some nice mres and armor, so it can be the twtich that lets you survive.

    Sunfire Cape Just wouldnt get it on Poppy.... Nothing more to say about it.

    Frozen Mallet Yes, i account this as a defensive item aswell, because it adds a decent amout of health.

    Randuin's Omen Never played with it on Poppy, but probably nice. Nothing to say why not to take it...

    [item=Force of Nature] Nah, youre tank should have one, not you!

    Warmog's Armor Nah, Tank item....

    Banshee's Veil Nice against heavy nukers. A Must have against Karthus!

    Frozen Heart Very nice item on Poppy. Reduces Attack Speed of other champions around Poppy, and since youre in main action with ultimate and your team is hitting hard, it will help your team grab some kills.

    So this concludes the item Options.

    On a offensive build youre items might look like this:

    and on a defensive build:

    Of Course these options are not totally finished, theyre just supposed to give you an impression:)

    A Final Build will most likely look like this:

    jupp, no boots anymore;) youre movement will be nice anyway with youre and youre Paragon of Demacia

  • Core Items and when to get them(Example)

    Here Ill just give you the Core Items which you will need to have and SHOULD have, since theyre the core:)

    Start with:

    and 2*

    next up,

    and 2*

    finish youre Boots and youre Sapphire off so youll have:


    After that get a next part of :


    After that finish for:

    thats basically it. Since Trinity is a very expensive but so useful item ive made this the Core.

    You can then Grab whatever you want but i recommend

    then continue

    and then followed by

  • Behaviour in Teamfights

    Probably the most difficult section here:)

    Youre basically the guy who is supposed to take down the carry or Nuker. Thats your job, thats how it works:)

    Usually their Carry will be Dealing a shitload of Damage and if they have a Nuker(Lux for Example) aswell. You are supposed to keep the Carry off the fight and take him down, while youir team is engaging. Its pretty difficult sometimes, since the Enemy will try a lot to evade you. But since you have more Movement Speed and a nasty Stun and real níce Damage you should be able to get them.

    The difficult thing is... where do i place my Ultimate?

    The Easy answer would be: Target that one without a slow/stun and the least damage output. You wont be slowed or stunned, you wont take a lot of damage AND you will probably get out alive. But sadly enough this doesnt always work! You only have 6 seconds due to Diplomatic Immunity in which to kill someone. Thats not a lot! You need to maximizie your damage in that time and actually think really hard. Youre Damage is increased by 40% on the target youre using Diplomatic Immunity on. That actually can be the little more damage you will need to put out!

    So, what to do, shall you target the Carry, or the Healer, or ....?

    I cant really give you an "It will always work" answer. Theres is no guarantee that it will work, but i can give you a few tips.

    For example:

    The enemy Team has a Soraka with them. and theyre Carry is, lets say Ashe. Basically you will hit Ashe to shreds, cause she hasnt boiught defensive items yet. Youre team is charging, you go directly to Ashe, Ult her, and try to kill her with Heroic Charge and Devastating Blow. Oh, Shit, she got healed by Sorakas Ultimate and is now running away. Youre Ultimate has worn off and your team is getting dominated. Worst Case of course, since youve taken out their carry, but ive seen it happen.

    So, What else is there to do?

    Well in this case, your options will be few. Whomever your team is targeting... Ult somebody else and target the enemy with them.(Obviously dont Ult Ashe since she deals Damage and dont Ult the stunner). You will most likely grab the kill on the most wanted enemy and since your team aswell is clubbering him to death you should still have your Ultimate up to knock another Enemy right into your team, and decide that battle in favor of your team.

    If on the enemy team however are a Katarina, or Malzahar, or Warwick for example, who can all be interrupted, then your prioroty is clear. DONT, and i mean it, DONT rely on your stunner if you dont know him! Katarina is best in the midst of YOUR team Ultiing the crap out of you. You are supposed to stop her. Again: Ultimate on whatever other target is close, and Heroic Charge her into your teammates. She wont have Ultimate up, so she cant do shit, she wont be able to kill all of you since she doesnt have a load of Hitpoints, and until their teammates have arrived, you will have killed her.

    Of course there are more options available... Since Poppys Damage is HUGE on high Hitpoint monsters like CHo'Gath or Mundo, she is the only one allowed to actually rip the tank as first targets! If an enemy Chogath gets hit by poppy, and hes got lets say 4k Hitpoints, but not really a lot of Mres, he is your first target. He will hate it when he getsstunned against a wall, hit by Devastating Blow and loose a load of life due to 1 hit! You and your team should then chase him down, because Poppys Devastating Blow is now on CD. If you have another Stunner let him stun Chogath, and you just bash another Devastating Blow right after its back on his puny hitpoint bar.
    Believe me, ive never seen a Chogath like my hits;) If you already have Madreds Bloodrazor ready(Must have against Cho, remember?) then just autoattack him, he wont be able to escape, no chance. Of course you can aswell use your Ultimate
    Diplomatic Immunity to get him aswell, and to deal more damage, but i usually keep it for the chase on their team after killing their tank! After we took down Chogath we now have 4 other Characters, facing our team in a 4v5 fight, a Poppy who is waiting to bang a head and with her Ultimate not on CD! you can easily Towerdive them if you have a decent tank and maybe decide the game with it;) Of Course youre Ultimate will be of great help while Towerdiving;)

    However, if youve taken Flash this looks a little different:) This turns into a combo and is very obviously the reason for many kills you will be getting.

    Youre supposed to in, Heroic Chargesomeone back to your team and hit him to shreds. It doesnt get any easier^^ Its like Alistair, hes got his Headnutt to throw them back, you have Heroic Charge. While alistair sustains damage naturally you have your Ultimate to prevent yourself from being hit too hard. Just Flash behind the Enemy, Heroic Charge them to your Team, get a Devastating Blow on them, and he should be dead by then, because youre team is hitting on him/it, whatever it is aswell.

    Of Course Flash enables you to overtake the enemy better AND knock them against a wall easier, since you can pick the best positioning for yourself, and that will miost likely grab you another kill, so Flash is not useless throughout the game, no, it is rather effective!

    I think i have given you many tips on how to play poppy, as i said there is no guaranteed winning tactics, but youre damage output WILL be giving youre team the advantage they will need to win.

    Theres one more tactics ive forgotten. If you all sucked, and an Enemy is Legendary and fed as hell AND has not got a lotof life, you actually have good chances of beating the shit out of them. For example Lux. She got fed by mid, you did pretty well on botlane(1 or 2 kills).She dominated your mid and ganked top to become legendary. Well, i bet she has only taken DAMAGE items so far, so if shes surrounded by her team try to kill her. Ult her, Go in, AND beat the hell out of her! Its a total suicide action, BUT if she stacks Mejais its a good option, since you will destroy her stacks, grab a kill yourself and your team wont be dominated that easily anymore AND youve gotten a nice gold advantage, since lux is worth 700-1000Gold!!! and your kill only gives them 255Gold!

    So this is sometimes worth a thought. Im not saying you should do this when an enemy has 1 kill or 2, but when theyre worth more than you are... Try it!

  • Other uses of Diplomatic Immunity

    Diplomatic Immunity has different uses. Obviously run in and hit youre ultimate on target and kill it isnt always the best option^^

    The Ultimate can also be used to escape. If used right you can easily escape in a bad situation. If 2 people try to gank you, or even three, then target one of them and run as fast as you can. It might be intelligent to focus one who doesnt have a slow;)

    Also your Ultimate can actually grab you the kill with Ignite. Ever seen Mundo loose more Health than Regen it? Well, easily if you have your Ultimate on him and pop Ignite, you might be able to grab the kill even on MUndo!

    So i have given you several options on how to use youre Ultimate.Try each one of them, and if youre good, you migt aswell dominate the game:-)

  • Farming

    This is difficult to be honest. Poppy is not the best farmer and because of that i think i have to explain a bit :)

    Poppy has a high damageoutput, but her lasthitting is MOST Important! Without the ability to lasthit, poppy is going to suck. Simple as that^^ You need to practise lasthitting and grab as many lasthits as possible:)

    You may aswell use your Devastating Blow to finish off some minions if youre having a hard time farming.

    If your lane partner actually takes all the last hit, then ask nicely if he can at least leave you some minions for you, because you need your Trinity Force which is rather expensive!

    Of Course there are bad laning partners who cant stop lasthitting and some characters are just better lasthitter then you are. Tryndamere, Zilen, Renekton.... the list goes on and on, but if youre nice, they will probably support you and wont be a douche.

    Youre main income is from Kills anyway, but that will be a new Topic:)

    Try to get as many lasthits as possible, you will need them! But ofc dont let your carry(if you have him on lane) get none, that would be stupid aswell!

  • Zoning AND Killing with Poppy

    Hey i guess many of you people know The Zoning Tutorial from Shurelia

    Its simply well made and i totally support the guide, AND it is very important on Poppy. Dont believe me? Well ive taken some pictures ingame to prove to you that Zoning IS important and will grab you a kill or two early game.

    Start of Movement
    Mid Movement
    End of Movement

    Im Sorry that i couldnt implement the Pictures right here...., but it only said: "External image" so, id rather link them to Imageshack:) Hope you can still see enough to judge what i mean. If anyone wants to comment and tell me how it works to implement them here, then feel free to do so:)

    So, lets continue:
    The Images show the Bush on Top lane... The front one, closer to the enemy turret. This Bush lets you dominate your lane easily. It gives you a Zoning advantage, cause the enemy will not come near you. You will be able to Heroic Charge the Enemy against the opposite Wall of the Bush if he tries to last hit, AND you will easily be able to put out massive harass. You will probably outfarm the enemy And let the enemy not be able to grab Xp, since you will have that bush! Try to stay in it as long as possible and try not to push too much. When the enemy comes, Heroic Charge them against the Wall, land a Devastating Blow and if possible grab the kill with your mate, or go bakc to the bush. Come out only for lasthits and you should be fine. When youre outzoned then simply go to your bush(closer to your turret) and if the enemy is intelligent they wont even try to lasthit;)

    This completes the Laning, Zoning and Killing:)

  • Summary

    Poppy can deal a shitload of Damage with her combo Heroic Charge Devastating Blow and even more when she has Diplomatic Immunity on her target. Her Movement is simply awesome and might make you able to grab a kill here and there AND her chasing abilities are simply great.

    If Poppy is running behind an enemy and is chasing them and a creepwave comes towards her, simply use Heroic Charge to come closer to your enemy. If hes running hes probably on lowlife and easy to kill with a Devastating Blow, so try it, ive made many kills chasing like that.

  • Pros / Cons

    - High damage output
    - Invulnerability from 4 targets in teamfights for 6 seconds
    - Tankkiller
    - Heavy DPS
    - Fun to play
    - Multi usage Heroic Charge
    - can be played AD or AP
    - can even Carry a game
    - can outrun nearly every champion
    - Very difficult to farm with
    - Often hard harass on her by nukers
    - Often left alone in teamfights
    - Kills will often be called "killsteals" although you did the most damage.

  • Thanks

    Thanks for Reading this guide and i hope it gave you a nice new view on Poppy.

    Thanks to all who contributed and to those who read my guide in advance.

    Any Ideas given will of course be taken into thought!:)

    So i hope you wont be rude in the comments and i hope you enjoyed my Guide.

    Best Regards


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