Lux Build Guide

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Lux guide for starters "You got lazerd:)"

written by Racoon Bot

Lux Build

Table of Contents

  • 1Introduction

    Hello its Racoon Bot new player and this is just simple lower levels guide for Lux the lady of insane lazor:)
    P.S. Im sory for my grammar....
    P.P.S. Its my first guide so dont be mad on me:)
    P.P.P.S. Dont rage please:)

  • Abilities

    Decent passive, but not that usefull sice we dont tkae Lich Bane

    Light Binding
    Nice CC and a bit of damage.

    Prismatic Barrier
    Main support.

    Lucent Singularity
    Farming,harrasment,non-facecheking,CC,decent dmg and a free 5/7 second ward till it blows up.

    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    Great damge finishing and killing tool and the main reason Lux IS Lux.

  • 1Skilling Order

    First of i recomed taking her Q Light Binding at level one it will help you whit checing bush and early lane domination max last or second if you dont want to be support.
    max as soon as posible: Lucent Singulary it will give you nice CC and creep farming and its damge is nice so max this first.
    Prismatic barrier is suposed to me maxed second but if you dont need a support role you can go to your Light Binding maxing.
    Finaly your ultimate is force to be recon whit Finales Funkeln bacicly this is your finishing and main damege ability luxs main reason becose she is now as a powerfull mage get all the times you can use it to get many uses: Finishing,opening,farming and even KSing.
    The fact why it can be used in sooo many ways is that lux ultimete cooldown is realy short at rank 3 so whit max CDR you will be able to spam this nonstop.

  • 4Items

    This is the point that Lux is realy dificult if you dont play very well and dont get 20 stacks on mejais to get CRD dont get it but my main builds is this:
    Start mostly dorans ring.
    1 comeback BOOTS i see many mistakes of rushing straight power but believe me spend that 350 g to boots if you have enough buy blasting want or tear/catalist keep on filling HP pots suplies
    2 comeback get the either option you didint get tear/catalyst/blasting wand
    3comeback its starts to get hot in here upgrade boots into either sorc boots or CRD boots in some cases get mercury but i dont recomend it. Get rod of ages and head back to lane.
    4 comeback get Archangel staff stop HP pots suplies.
    5 comeback..... Get Rabadon!:)))) Well you probably dont have enough gold now.....ahhhh well save up for it

    Now you got main build if you didint get mejais get CRD or defense items dont wory about selling dorans ring and get like : Zonyas Hourglass,DFG, Blue AP pot,GA are all good items so choose what you need.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Mostly i recomed Flash and Clarity/Clairvoyence/Heal you can also get Ghost or Teleport.

  • Summary

    Whit this guide you will get some nice AP ratios and some CRD you will be able to dish tons of dmg but remember to keep your distance call missing and stay focused and be alright:) Show them what Demacian can do!!!:)

    P.S. Im 11 years old.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros of this build is:
    hight damage.
    hight AP
    fun playing
    nice supporting


    Not sooooooo strong early game
    Posibility of being killed if not carefull
    Everyone hates blond people
    LOW damage early
    only gets strong mid to late and late game.

  • Working in the team


    Nah ok trow your w and get as many as you can sheilded and just CC the crap out of the enemy team:)
    Get your lazor ready and try to his as many as yu can whit it.
    Help your cary by binding/slowing enemy thats going on him or just shield him.
    Try to hit as many enemies as you can whit you abilities as it will not only give you assits bus some kills too;)

  • Farming

    Trow your E on to creeps and attack to triget passive at higher levels and whit CDR lux will farm easily and happily:) But at the start you need to focus becose this build casts ALOT of gold.

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