Cho'Gath Build Guide

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written by Inflatablemoose

Cho'Gath Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    any time you kill an enemy unit, you gain a little bit of health and mana.


    The key to making this as effective as possible is FARM FARM FARM FARM FARM.

    Clearing a minion wave by yourself even from mid-game onwards will give you back a TON of health/mana. This can make Cho deceptively durable in lane, and a trip to the jungle can bring your health back up a nice amount.

    This is a VERY good passive, since all 3 of Cho's basic spells have an AoE.

    This is Cho's bread and butter. a delayed AoE knockup, followed by a slow to all affected targets. This makes cho a dangerous enemy in lane and a VERY decisive member of any teamfight. It's delay makes it easy to avoid for faster champs, but if they stumble even once, they're going to get hit. the indicator is a cloud of dust above the AoE, so hiding it under minions or in the midst of a teamfight can give it a chance to be overlooked and catch an unsespecting victim. While the delay and limited range makes it almost imossble to chase with Rupture, using it to iniate a 1v1 combo of Q>W>R can lead to very easy kills if your prey can't counter you very well. Also, Cho can initiate teamfights incredibly well with his Q>W combo. As it is a delayed skillshot, this spell is going to take a lot of practice to perfect. I've been playing Cho almost since I started playing this game and I STILL miss Rupture occasionally.

    This is going to be your most commonly used spell. Use it in teamfights, when farming, when in the jungle, or when you're just harrassing. This bad boy has a LOT of uses.

    Feral Scream

    This spell is an AoE silence nuke. as previously mentioned, this can be combined with Rupture to make a devastating initiation. Being an AoE, this spell should mostly be used when in teamfights, farming, or laning.

    Vorpal Spikes
    This is a Toggle passive that affects your autoattacks. Spikes will shoot out in a line in front of you dealing scaling magic damage.

    This ability should be active at all times EXCEPT if you are attacking a tower with an enemy champ behind it. if you leave it on while doing that and Vorpal Spikes hits the enemy champ, you now have turret aggro when you previously didn't, and that could have been avoided.

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen a freeweek Cho do this and pick up turret aggro because HERPDERP IT'S MORE DAMAGE AND I CAN TANK A TURRET.

    No. Just... No.

    So don't do that. The rest of the game, from when you get Vorpal Spikes til the end, it should be on.

    This is where the title of this guide comes from. This spell deals a rediculous amount of true damage to a single target, or 1000 true damage to a target minion. If Cho kills the target, he gains 1 stack that gives up to 150hp per stack. the effect stacks up to 6 times and 1/2 of your stack are lost when you die. 6 stackcs gives you 900 HP

    As soon as you hit level 6, you are going to want to ult the nearest minion to you (preferably at full hp to keep your damage potential as high as possible). This should be on continuous cooldown until you have an absolute minimum of 4 stacks. Feast is your number 1 damage source for focusing down single targets.

    CAUTION: this ult will - I repeat- WILL give you entitlement issues over kills. You will often function as your team's tank. Don't get greedy about getting kills - only one person is going to get the kill, but assists are just as good.

    when I play Cho, I average about 100 AP by mid-game, which translates to over 550 true damage at rank two, and over 700 at rank 3. True. Freaking. Damage. and that's without a Rabadon's Deathcap.

    This is why some people QQ about Cho being OP...

  • Summary

    First off, Cho is NOT a tank. he can very easily act like one if you don't have a tank, but he is a MAGE. A very sturdy, very powerful mage. So play him like one. This guide focuses on building Cho as a tanky mage, while focusing more on his mage skills. The only reason Cho isn't redicuolusly OP is because he is extraordinarily mana dependent, and his early game is pathetic. I recently played a game where I lanedwith a Soraka with a mana manipulator and I was STILL going oom pretty fast. Cho NEEDS his mana, but if he can survive his early game, your mana dependency will quickly drop as you level.

    Here's a breakdown of the stages of the game and Cho's ability in each:
    Early game - With mana, he's an impassable wall. Without mana, he's about as useful as a minion.
    Mid game - Starting to lose mana dependency, lane presence skyrockets
    Late game - if given enough gold, and you have enough AP, he's an absolute rapetrain, in teamfight or in lane.

    I played a game where I got rediculously fed, got a Rabadon's Deathcap and a fully stacked Mejai's Soulstealer, and I just ran around one-shotting just about everything. Remember - A fed cho is probably the scariest thing to fight against solo.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries I go 9-21-0, picking up magic pen, CDR, and mastering Exhaust in offense, and getting all non-dodge or spell-specific points in defense.

    - Magic penetration is CRUCIAL when spamming spells. Your ult deals true damage, put your other 3 spells benefit extremely well from these.
    - This should be pretty obvious. Cho without a lot of AP is dead weight.
    - either MR or armor Seals work, since you're an off tank, but I prefer getting armor, since I tend to buy a lot more MR in items.
    - Cho has a pretty low base move speed, so these are incredibly valuable, especially early game. Plus, these are a good purchase for close to any champion.

  • Items

    You should always start with a Doran's Ring. Normally, I like to avoid Doran's items if I can, but Cho needs eveyrthing Doran's Ring gives.

    This build focuses on CDR, AP, AND resistances. Not a lot of health from items since Feast gives more than enough health.

    Boots of Swiftness - Combined with your MS quints, these will make you retardedly fast. some people like to build Boots of Mobility, and that works too, but I've never been a big fan of them.

    AP items:
    Rabadon's Deathcap - This is core in your build late into the game. This alone will make you the unstoppable rapetrain Cho'Gath is known as.
    Abyssal Scepter - This should be your first full AP item. It gives AP, MR, AND lowers enemy MR by 20.
    Void Staff - I don't get this very often, but it is very useful for tankier teams.
    Mejai's Soulstealer - This should be bought ONLY IF YOU ARE DOING GREAT. otherwise, invest in tankier items.
    Will of the Ancients - This is surprisingly effective on Cho becuase of his high AoE and nuking ability, but I rarely get this one.

    Tank Items:
    Spirit Visage - HP, CDR, and MR. On top of that, its passive effect synrgizes VERY well with Carnivore. Can you think of a reason NOT to get it? Neither can I.
    Frozen Heart - Better against DPS-based teams, but the Armor, CDR, and mana is invaluable even without having the AS slow to enemies at its full potential.
    Guardian Angel - Both resistances AND a second life when you die? yes please. People usually think this item is best when you are doing poorly, but really it's best when you're playing well, because it allows you to be far more reckless and not having to worry about losing your precious Feast stacks.

    Some combination of these items depending on your situation will lead you to victory.

    CORE BUILD: these shouldn't change regardless of the enemy team
    Boots of Swiftness
    Rabadon's Deathcap
    Abyssal Scepter

    The build I aim for before taking in situational changes is:

    Start Doran's Ring
    Boots of Swiftness
    Abyssal Scepter
    Frozen Heart
    Spirit Visage
    Rabadon's Deathcap
    Guardian Angel

  • Skilling Order

    Since this is my first guide and I don't have the slightest clue how to work the Leaguecraft guide builder, I'm going to list each level and the skills for each.

    level 1: Rupture
    2: Feral Scream
    3: Vorpal Spikes
    4: Feral Scream
    5: Rupture
    6: Feast
    7: Feral Scream
    8: Rupture
    9: Rupture
    10: Feral Scream
    11: Feast
    12: Rupture
    13: Feral Scream
    14: Vorpal Spikes
    15: Vorpal Spikes
    16: Feast
    17: Vorpal Spikes
    18: Vorpal Spikes


  • Summoner Abilities

    - Probably the best choice for Cho, seeing as that extra CC goes a long way on him.
    - All-around a top choice for just about any champion. great for ganking and escaping ganks.
    - I actually like ignite on Cho, but it gets outweighed a lot by exhaust and flash
    - an okay alternative, althought with MS quints and Boots of Swiftness you should be going fast enough as is
    - not a terrible choice for lower levels of play, and it's really only useful early game when your mana dependency is dibiliating, but it's not great for higher levels
    - I never liked teleport, because even if you die in a lane, you lane partner should be able to tower hug and move on just fine 2v1. It's really only useful for champs who play mid, but Cho shouldn't really be mid, so this really isn't a good choice for Cho.

    Basically everything else is too worthless to mention here.

    Just remember to farm away with Rupture, Feral Scream, and Vorpal Spikes and have fun NOMNOMNOMing on people's terrified faces with Feast!

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