Renekton Build Guide

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Renekton, The Reptile of Dominationville

written by Drudd

Renekton Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Reign of Anger
    Renekton's awesome passive skill. "All" it does is build up your Rage. A nice Ressource of Damage, but more to that later in the guide.

    Cull the Meek
    Your Bread and Butter Skill: Damage, Lifesteal and a nice range. Combined with "Dominus" its possibly one of the best Skills to Drain Life! I has a good Reach and belongs to your Combo!

    Ruthless Predator
    Ruthless Predator. Basically just a Stun. But Renekton has got a Awesome Combo coming with this one! So Read on people, it can be your harass!

    Slice and Dice
    Your Attack AND Defense Skill! It gets you in the action and away from it. It can get you through walls, and if used properly is way better tan a Flash, because u can Deal Damage AND Escape with it. Sounds familiar? Well, Kassadin has got his "Rift Walk" and has a pretty Awesome range with it, but "Slice and Dice" does work TWICE. That is the main difference to Kassadin and makes it very much more viable when Creeps/Monster or Enemies are Around. It can lead to a Major Escape!

    Well... Nasus can become Big and all Lifestealish and stuff... but listen here... This Ultimate gives u more Health(600 at level 6!!!) and it deals damage like a Sunfire Cape! So what is NOT awesome about this skill?

    And did i mention it makes youre Cull the Meek-Range bigger? Isnt that awesome?:)

    And to all it Benefits zoure passive, because it builds up Rage everz time!

  • Welcome

    Heyho Guys and Gals, this is my first guide on here and I will be trying to give you a nice view on Renekton, The Butcher of the Sands. I know many of you guys will just scroll down to see which items I will be using, but I'm telling you that that is not the most important part of this guide. Its the tactics and all the Abilities of Renekton in a Teamfight, Solo and in 1on1 fights.

    So i hope you will enjoy my guide and get a nice new view on Renekton.

    Now ive made it, ive released my Poppy guide:) Take a look and maybe Rate mabye:)

    Poppy Guide

  • The Item Build

    Hey, you have made it this far :-) so, let's see, i'll just give u a build i usually achieve and what i think works very very well on Renekton.

    First Off i alway get my Doran's Shield. This helps to make you survive early on, because you will be hit hard!

    Now, it depends what you have against you and if youre solo or not and if youre doing good or not:)

    Let's assume youre doing good since youre reading this guide:)
    The Choice of Boots
    I prefer the Ionian Boots of Lucidity or the Mercury's Treads.

    Simple as that, reduce your cooldowns on Cull the Meek.

    And the really help you get out of trouble with a heavy stunner team.

    Solo Laning:

    If you have 2 casters against you on a solo Lane that means youre getting harassed like hell.

    You need magic ress. . Dont Worry, it will come in handy later on. It will build into

    If you have 2 AD Ranged against you you will need more Health so buy . Again this will build into another item:

    If youre on Sololane and you got a mix you have to decide wether to take or , but i advise you to take the health crystal because it costs more:)

    Duo Laning:

    Again the Same procedure as above. Figure out who deals more damage and grab youre fitting item:)

    Duo Laning with a Healer:

    Can your Healer keep you alive? Yes?

    Good, grab 2* Long Sword and build them into The Brutalizer. Why? It gives you great Cooldown Reduction and improves the timer on , which will deal damage AND steal life.


    Grab youre items for Spirit Visage! ASAP!

    So now lets continue to the Mid Game of Renekton

    In Midgame you have to take a close look at the enemy team....

    Heavy Casters? Get a [item=Force of Nature]

    Heavy AD? Get a Warmog's Armor

    Just youre the Offtank, you have to make a decision. Many lineups are not as obvious as they may seem... E.g.

    Master Yi... he can be an AP champion or AD, so watch his items and dont judge too early!

    Late Game of Renekton

    By now you should have both your and [item_icon=Force of Nature]. Of Course if the enemy team doesnt have any casters you wont need a [item_icon=Force of Nature] but if they have one, youll be happy fo the lifereg!

    After this youll have to finish off your build ASAP! Grab a and and build . The passive will give you Damage and that is what youre going to need.

    After that it again depends on what your enemy team looks like, but either buy a or[item_icon=Force of Nature] or take a look at the "Other Item Sugestions" Tab, right below this one.

    Youll be a hell of a tank;)


    If you ever reach this stage, you are at the so called "White Renekton" Stage as i like to call it. When i reach this stage i usually have 2 Warmogs, 1 Force of Nature, 1 Atmas, Boots and Spirit Visage.

    If that happens and the game hasnt ended you will have fun, believe me, you now have options!

    For Example get Phantom Dancer for your boots. why? because [item=Force of Nature] also enhances your movement speed and together with Phantom Dancer youre faster in attack AND movement.

    You can trade your Spirit Visage for a new Warmog's Armor and see youre damage reach ridicoulous scales:)

    and if you have done all that just buy potions and BASH THEM!^^ If you have all 3 potions you will be glowing White and that is why i call him WHITE Renekton:)

  • Other Item Suggestions

    Well, since i have given you some options in the Item Build tab, I am going to give you some other options and the reasons for them.

    So lets go:

    Your Core Build is pretty clear:

    [item=Force of Nature], Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler, Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

    If you have these items ready you have several options to go for that i would like to point out now.

    Frozen Mallet
    Very nice Option. It harmonates with Atma's Impaler and really gives u the option to chase enemies.
    I sometimes get it, because it depends on the team youre playing against. Nidalee for example is a perfect example of chars whom to get it for;)

    Kassadin though will only get away that wouldnt be the best option:)

    I Highly recommend really thinking about it if they get away with low life every time:)

    Youmuu's Ghostblade
    Ah, Youmuu's.... Well known, well feared. It gives nice CDR, a higher Damage output AND of course more speed!

    It is built out of the The Brutalizer and is a lategame item if you want to build it for Renekton.
    It wont benefit you all that much in early game, just because you will be taken apart instead of tanking, so i woul only recommend it if youre in the very lategame phase and need to take towers down FAST. Thats when you should be activating it with Renekton, to take down Towers faster when youre the last one standing, what will usually be the case:) But usually Phantom Dancer is much Better

    Sunfire Cape
    Very nice option. It adds Damage to your Ultimate, where you have to be close anyway! It gives you Health for Atma's Impaler and helps to survive with the little tweak of armour.

    It can be bought after You have gotten your Spirit Visage but i would recommend it for the Lategame aswell.
    Youre Ultimate will tear them to Shreds with Sunfire Cape:)

    Banshee's Veil
    Very nice item, and a MUST HAVE against Karthus! It has a little bit of Health, BUT it has Mana. It will and IS the only option with mana for Renekton.

    Randuin's Omen
    Well, now we're getting to the hard stuff you know?;)

    Randuins is a very nice option in lategame. Great Passive, Great Active! and nice Armour and also a bit of Health.
    Always good against Heavy AD teams.

    Aegis of the Legion

    Early Game item, so not a good option since you already have your Spirit Visage. Nice although when youre getting outfarmed and have a hard time on lane. and it supports your team cause of the Aura


    Awesome item, awesome armor, awesome! Its perfect against Close Combatters AND Damage Dealers.

    Last Whisper or rather The Black Cleaver?

    Well, i personally think that Black Cleaver is much better than last Whisper for Renekton. If you really have to go for one of these two items, the enemy team is stacking armor like hell, so you will need it. However if the Enemy team has a rammus whose armor will have exceeded 150 Last Whisper will be better. Much better!^^

    Guardian Angel

    Not one of the items i get often, but in a very tough mix of AD and AP heros on the enemy team you might want to get it.
    It will give u a decent MR and Armor and that for an acceptable price!

  • Masteries and Runes

    I think since you have read until this Point in the Guide you will want to see the Masteries I use on Renekton.
    Well I think his Damage Output Greatly Exceeds with Offensive Masteries so i usually take Offensive Masteries.

    But he also needs a little survivability early on so i also get defensive Masteries. How does that look? well, take a look for yourself:


    I take Crit Masteries so i can do a little damage early on. I always have improved exhaust with me with Renekton, more to that in the Summoner Spells section.

    For Runes i would suggest taking

    Go for either 9* Greater Mark of Desolation

    or, as i have them

    6* Greater Mark of Desolation and 3* Greater Mark of Alacrity

    The Armorpenetration greatly benefits youre and and the
    Greater Mark of Alacrity help you grab lasthits easier, but that is just my favourite:)

    For Seals use either
    Greater Seal of Vitality
    Greater Seal of Evasion
    Greater Seal of Warding
    or mix them all up as you need it, because they will all greatly benefit youre early game.

    I have mine set up with armor and magic resist, so my enemy team doesnt get on my nerves:)
    These again are easy, you will need
    9* Greater Glyph of Focus, so you can spam your Cull the Meek
    These Again can either be
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation or Greater Quintessence of Focus, because both will benefit you, i personally use 2* Greater Quintessence of Desolation and 1* Greater Quintessence of Focus

  • Skilling Order

    The Reason why i max out Cull the Meek first is that it deals a nice amount of damage AND it has Lifesteal.

    It also helps to do more damage on lane and it improves your harassment, as it will be mentioned in the Harassment Tab:)

  • Summoner Abilities

    Good Choices which i always use:

    Exhaust Teleport

    Summoner Spells that i think are crap:

    Flash Clairvoyance Clarity [spell=Rally] Smite Revive

    And Summoner Spells which i think can be taken, but dont benefit Renekton enough:

    Ignite Ghost Cleanse

    I think Renekton is about the best with Exhaust Teleport because he can go Solo. Renekton Solo means you will get a kill at level 6. If youre Jungler is good you will most likely get 2 kills when you have reached level 6. If you have a solo lane against you then you will kill the other guy still! The Exhaust is gonna slow him and reduce the armor. It is going to deal more damage with youre Ruthless Predator and your Ulti is going to damage him while hes close. Even if the Enemy flashes he will only barely survive and with Ultimate youre easily able to towerdive nearly every champ except Vladimir or another Stunner.

    Teleport enables you to go back anytime necessary if its a hardcore harass lane against you. Especially in lategame Teleport becomes very very viable, because if youre team is pushing towers and u died u can easily help them by teleporting;)

  • Core Build

    This is what you will always achieve and should always achieve in a game.

    After that you can either build like this:

    or, depending on the enemy team:

    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    After that continue your build to

    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    and then finish it to:

    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    Youre always welcome to grab one of these then:

    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

  • Harassment!

    This is Most important for the Laning phase so ill be pretty precise and ill try to make it as easy as it is.
    Many other guides have tried to explain this, but a lot of them failed, so i will try to do it better:)

    So Let's get started on that:

    Renekton's early game is a very strong one to be honest. He starts with Cull the Meek, a very nice Damage Dealing ability. It has a decent lifesteal and with enough Rage it can hurt! So, how to harass with it? Well, You will reach level 2 and youre harassing will start: Slice and Dice will help you do so. You can charge to an enemy with Slice and Dice, then Cast youre Cull the Meek and Slice and Dice out again!

    That is as easy as it gets. You will get the hang of it, trust me.

    Starting Level 3 You will extend your harassment by adding Ruthless Predator to your abilities.

    You can now Charge in with Slice and Dice followed by a Ruthless Predator, a Cull the Meek and Slice and Dice out of target range! That is awesome, believe me. You wont get hit, attack creeps and maybe gain a last hit or two and deal damage AND get back without taking any damage and you have regenerated some life.

    Of Course now comes the clue. It is not always the best idea to just charge on an enemy who is standing there. Many enemies can stun you DIRECTLY after you have used youre Slice and Dice, so youre combo wont be very effective, so you should think when a good timing is and when a bad one is.(Hint:Towers are BAD!)

    Of course it is much harder to harass ranged champions, since they can shoot after you and youre precious stolen life that you just got actually vanishes, so what to do?

    Well just change the ability order: Use Slice and Dice followed by Cull the Meek THEN Ruthless Predator and Slice and Dice out of there. Why? Simple: The Stun will keep the ranged damagedealer from hitting you more than 1 shot. You will deal nearly the same amount of damage AND if you do it right and time it with youre passive Reign of Anger then you will get another hit on youre target, thanks to Ruthless Predator.

    Of Course if you have a little less life and need more, you should try to get youre Cull the Meek off with enough "Rage" Because it will deal more damage and furthermore give youre healthbar a greater boost.

    So this actually means, practise, practise, practise! You will learn it, but it takes a while to know when "youre time has come to charge"

  • Farming

    Farming, Farming Farming... A thing ive read in many guides on Renekton and i am really really sad about it.

    As i mentioned before in the Harassment section i think that Harassment is very important on Renekton. You gain life and damage the enemy champions. And WHILE doing that you grab youre last hits!

    It is so damned easy! Renekton easily farms by using his Cull the Meek when he charges an enemy! The spells range is awesome and since the enemy usually isnt very far away from the Creeps, because they need XP it is the best thing to do!

    Reasons being:
    1. Cull the Meek grabs more Life from enemy champions.
    2. Cull the Meek has a big range
    3. Slice and Dice hits minions WHILE moving to the enemy
    4. Last Hitting Creeps means Pushing and since Pushing is Dumb when youre on a sololane, because youre not very effective against a tower with my build and the enemy jungler will often come ganking!

    I think that those are enough Reasons, although i have to admit that Renekton is an AWESOME Pusher.

  • Teamfights and Viability

    Wow, so here we are, nearly done and still this part is very important:)

    Renekton is very very nice to have on your team in a fight.

    When Renekton Charges into 5 enemies and youre team is helping you, he can deal massive amounts of damage.


    he can protect your teams Carry


    he can Take out the enemy Carry


    Take down the enemy Caster

    There are many options, because you deal damage, youre team needs you and you can sustain damage like a real Tank!
    That is very nice, because in early teamfights Renekton will totally take the enemy DD out of the Fight if hes good!

    It is very important to protect YOUR Carry though! Cull the Meek is your best spell in Teamfights! Why?

    Simply because he can hit many enemy champions AND creeps in a fight which drains a lot of life off of his targets. With Ultimate he has a very badass range AND can target the carry without even standing very close to him! That makes him very dangerous because he is often Underestimated with his Damage when played as a Tank|DPS.

    If the Carry keeps targeting you, you can chase the carry down, IF and thats the big point, IF your carry will definitely be safe. Just go at them with Slice and Dice and Ruthless Predator and finish them off with Cull the Meek and if that isnt enough just keep chasing them down:)

    Good luck out there and i hope you watch it in teamfights!^^

  • Pros / Cons

    can Towerdive at Level 6
    usually can even harass heavy casters
    3 top abilities: Escape\engage, Lifesteal and Stun.
    Good Survivability with his Ultimate
    Good Sololaner and good laning partner

    gets targeted harcore earlygame
    cant sustain against stun and AD Range in combination if they play well together


    Now to another very important part of this guide: Renekton is best as a Tank. Why? Easy.

    He Is Strong, survives a lot And his damage Ratios are not as good as his Health Ratios. Thats it.

    Ill give you and example of why not to play Renekton as AD.

    Lets see: Renekton has a high damageoutput whatever he does, correct?

    Well heres a simple calculation:

    Berserker's Greaves and The Brutalizer(AD Build) cost 920+1337= 2257
    Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Spirit Visage cost 1550 + 1050 = 2600

    Its just 300 more Gold, that is easily farmed with Renekton and youre MUCH more viable for your team. After that the Tanky Build gets even Cheaper!:

    Phantom Dancer and a B. F. Sword cost roughly 3k +1650 ~ 4.5k Consequence is: you die instantly in a teamfight

    Warmog's Armor and [item=Force of Nature] cost 3k and 2.something ~ 5k Consequence is: you wont even notice somebody hit you with Cull the Meek and Dominus

    The damage Output of both does not really differ from each other, except the fact that Offtank renekton can sustain more damage and stay alive longer to take down others, whilst AD Renekton dies fast, has to retreat faster and has to engage in Close Combat, which is always a bad idea if youre the Damage Dealing Monster.

    Sorry, maths has always been Superior:)

  • Summary

    Renekton is fun to play and not all to hard to learn, but very hard to Master! So Practise and i hope my guide has helped you in enjoying my Favourite Champion.

    Best Regards

    aka Druddie

    If Anyone sees any Errors, misspelling or incorrectness then please feel free to comment:)

    Thanks to "Pure Rift" "Presikhaaaaf"and "likemefreaks" for reading this guide in advance.

    And of course, to all who read it after i told them about this guide!

    Please leave a comment and maybe Rate it, I have done a lot of research and played many games to make this Guide good:)

  • Updates

    Ive deleted the old Updates.


    No changes to Renekton made-.- Well, he still works well as a champ:)

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