Renekton Build Guide

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Big Sword, Big Gator (AD/Tanky DPS) Renek Guide

written by Cellebrian

Renekton Build

Table of Contents

  • Intro

    Renekton is super pro! That must be said first off. He has great lane sustainability, in any lane and great jungling presence (do note that in this guide I do not get in his jungling at all, since I don't jungle Renekton). Renekton's laning preference is the top lane since he can just farm all day long, but again, he works very well wherever (yes that includes mid). In this guide, I'm going to explain how I play Renekton, how I build Renekton, what I do in team fights and more. Please note that this is my personal playstyle, and it has been very successful for me. He can really be built alot of different ways, but, again I'm explaining my style.

  • Abilities

    Reign of Anger
    One of the Reasons Renekton is Renekton. Removes his mana bar and gives him fury. REMEMBER that if you are below 50% HP you receive fury ALOT faster (50% faster that is). You can use this to bait fights, stun and kill.

    Cull the Meek
    Damage? Check. Short CD? Check. Health Returns? Check. Great AoE Damage? CHECK PLUS! This move is Renekton's bread and butter. Cull allows Renekton to stay in lane forever, harass like a boss (in conjunction with S/D) AND it does it all while allowing him to farm with crazy AoE damage. This is Renekton's main source of Fury (besides his ult). Make sure to use it to go Red Furry, to juice up all your attacks.

    Scales off AD and heals off a percentage of damage dealt (5% which is capped per level).

    Empowered CM:

    Increase AD scaling!!!! That means that at level 1, with an empowered CM, Renekton has a 1.2:1 AD ratio on this ability! That is a huge amount, considering all of the ArP and damage that is built into the level 1 Renekton in this build.

    Ruthless Predator
    Reliable stun, super short CD (relatively). One of the most powerful types of moves in League of Legends are RELIABLE stuns on a short cooldown (think Sion's [spell_text=Cryptic Gaze], not so much Irelia's Equilibrium Strike). Ruthless Predator is just that. Although a bit nerfed since Renekton's release, Ruthless Predator, is still a very powerful stun. This is because Renekton does 2 auto-attacks when he lands the stun. With very little CDR this spell will be around a 10sec CD around mid-game, and late game with full CDR (which comes early in my build), Ruthless Predator will be up almost every 5seconds.

    Empowered RP:

    Increase basic the amount of basic attacks from 2 to 3 when he stuns someone. Also increases stun duration from .75 sec to 1.5 seconds. I usually save my first 50 fury for an empowered RP if either ganking someone, or making sure I want to secure the kill.

    NOTE: Ruthless Predator DOES apply on-hit effects.

    Slice and Dice
    One of the most underrated initiates in the game. If Slice hits an enemy target, you can Dice, and if you Slice and Dice as an initiate, that covers about the same length as Bandage Toss which is thought of being (in conjunction with Curse of the Sad Mummy) one of the best initiates in game. This also makes for a great escaping tool. Remember that in order to double dash YOU MUST HIT AN ENEMY TARGET FIRST! Whether you are escaping or initiating, if you can't (don't want to) hit an enemy, try and find a minion to Slice through, in order to Dice away.

    S/D is how Renek puts pressure on champs early on in lane, whether melee or ranged. If they are melee, you can Slice into them, then either CM them or RP them, and Dice out, usually taking no damage. Same goes for ranged, although, for ranged, you generally have to Slice AND Dice to reach them. But that's ok, since you have a stun. S/D into them, stun them and then run away very quickly to avoid any counter harassing. Make sure to try and land your Cull the Meek on the enemy champ AS YOU ARE RUNNING AWAY (don't wanna die now do you XD), as CM gives extra health from hitting enemy champions with it.

    Empowered S/D:

    NOTE: Slice does not use up 50 fury if it is used ONLY Dice does. Therefore, if you reach 50+ Fury, but would rather have the 1.5 second stun instead of the second dash, then you can just Slice in, Stun, CM, then Dice out.

    HOWEVER, an empowered Dice reduces the Armor of enemies that it passes through (by a percentage). That, mixed with the runes and masteries I have chosen, allow you to hit many champs with true damage for many levels which further increases Renekton's dominance in lane and overall bruteness.

    TANK Renekton: Although your stun is important, you absolutely should use an empowered S/D on an enemy team at the beginning of team fights as the increased Armor reduction is too good to give up to an increased stun duration, especially since your AD carries will benefit SO much from that.

    RAWRRRRRRR. Oh yes! Renekton's ult does 4 things (lasts 15 seconds):

    1) Does massive AoE to enemies (1500 damage to enemies that stay in it for full duration @ Rank 3)

    2) Gives Renekton 5 Fury per second. This allows Renekton to pretty much use his other 3 abilities in their empowered state for the duration of the ult (maybe not CM, but CM can easily get his fury to 100 with Dominus up)

    3) Increases his health by 300/450/600. This is like an auto-pot as the health will just add onto his current health, and not just his total health or a percentage of his total health. Use this a second or two after fully engaging/committing to a team fight or to save yourself from almost dying. If you're low on HP and someone like Karthus or Vlad ults you, you can use Dominus to increase your health and survive the massive damage from those two abilities.

    4) Increases unit size. AWWWWW YEAAAA!

    Note: DON'T FORGET RENEKTON'S PASSIVE!!!! It stacks with his ult as well. Normally, Dominus gives 5 fury per second, but if Renekton is below 50% HP he is getting 7.5 Fury per second.

  • Masteries

    Renekton can be spec'd a number of ways, but the most efficient and effective route I've found is:


    Points can be moved around here and there to incorporate certain summoner abilities and what not, but this is the core build.


    [mastery=Archaic Knowledge] - Some might say "huh?" but don't forget Renekton's ult is all magic damage (and a lot of it too). So this bit of MPen is actually very good.

    [mastery=Lethality] - Some may ask "Why not?" and that's because Renekton is not an auto-attack, auto-crit champ and this doesn't benefit him as much as other masteries.

    Other than those, some may ask why not any in the defense tree?

    That's mainly because Renekton is tanky enough and I want him to do crazy damage with great CDR from level 1 onward. The 9 points in utility help him spec into ghost and get [mastery=Awareness] which is one of the best masteries ever as it lets you hit 6 much faster.

    Going Greed is just a personal choice as I always give up buffs to other champions, as they generally need it more than me, so points in [mastery=Utility Mastery] aren't necessary.

  • Runes

    Runes are simple:


    Greater Mark of Desolation x 9

    Non-negotiable, end of story. With the above masteries, you're hitting most champs for true damage until at least level 4 (assuming they aren't getting armor from anywhere).


    Greater Seal of Vitality x 9

    I run just because it gives alot of health at level 1 and a good amount by 18. I generally run with these as I tend to get an Atma's so this bit of health also adds to overall damage later on.

    Other good choices:

    Greater Seal of Resilience
    Greater Seal of Evasion

    Greater Seal of Focus
    Greater Seal of Strength


    Greater Glyph of Shielding x 9

    My builds are mostly armor, so these combined with Spirit Visage will give over 100 MR at 18, which is alot of resist actually, for having only 1 MR item.

    Other good choices:

    Greater Glyph of Focus
    Greater Glyph of Celerity

    These are really the only two, and only if you don't reach CDR cap through items/masteries.


    Greater Quintessence of Desolation x 3

    They simply add more ArP to the mix. A great deal in fact. I really want to say that these are absolutely necessary, as they are part of the early game true damage, but there are some other cool choices for quints.

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    A good amount of health at level 1 if you have 3.

    Greater Quintessence of Strength

    Running 3 is also a big boost to damage, especially an early empowered Cull

    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

    I haven't used these, but am very curious as to how 3 of these would work. I feel like there would be crazy good, but I'm a bit too partial to my level 1 true damage currently to try them out :D

  • Items

    I almost always start with

    Doran's Shield

    as it gives you everything you to help you lane like a boss. One may argue that

    Doran's Blade

    gives you the extra HP you need in lane at level 1 to also sustain, and it has lifesteal too. That's true, but generally I've found that the extra defenses help you alot when harassing, since being counter-harassed could be very brutal against most champions. Additionally, if you're low in a lane, you can stay within XP range and regen health pretty fast with a Doran's Shield. However, if you're low in lane with the Blade, the only way to get that health back is if you auto attack, and that not only pushes your lane out too far too fast, but also puts you in a very vulnerable spot if you're in the minion waves.

    You can also start with Null-Magic Mantle and 2x Health Potion if you want to rush Spirit Visage, but only do this if you are 100% sure that you are going up against 1 (or 2) magic users as those stats are wasted in the laning phase under any other condition.

    Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion is also good for many (if not all) champs. This is an ok choice as well, but, imo, not the best one.

    Once you lane for a while, try to not back until you can either afford:

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity


    Spirit Visage

    (or both obviously XD). If you forsee laning for a while longer, I would prioritize the Spirit Visage. If you can't afford to straight buy either but you have ~1200 gold, I would buy:

    Boots of Speed and Kindlegem.

    As always, buy at least 1 ward and a health pot or two.

    T2 Boots and Spirit Visage are your top priority for all builds, any builds as Renekton. The synergy between Cull the Meek and Spirit Visage is just so damn good, especially during early game (and even late game for DPS Renekton). The cooldown reduction from both items allow Renekton to hit near the CDR cap, and, as with all champions that don't use mana, CDR is an incredible stat, since it limits the only thing stopping you from using your spells infinitely.

    After these two items you need to decide if you build tank or damage.


    I've been going this spec lately and it is crazy!! You do a great amount of damage early game. Around mid game, you become less powerful, but at late game all that damage and hurt is back. This is a relatively cheap build as well and makes for some crazy fun times.

    After T2 boots and Visage build the following:

    Warmog's Armor

    Prioritize the

    Giant's Belt

    Then build a

    Sunfire Cape

    again prioritizing the

    Giant's Belt

    From here you, should have around 4500 health if your Warmog is fully farmed. Now you build an:

    Atma's Impaler

    I would start with the

    Chain Vest

    This is usually when I sell my

    Doran's Shield and pick up a

    The Brutalizer (this should cap your CDR)

    which eventually gets turned into a

    Youmuu's Ghostblade

    Although anything can go into the last spot like a Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel for more defensive items, the Ghostblade with all the armor and health above, really just lets you push towers all by yourself AND to chase people into oblivion.

    Note: if you really feel like you need to get a Banshee's Veil pick it up instead of a Sunfire, getting the Negatron Cloak first.


    This is my old spec and I tend to use this spec if my team is tanky/beefy enough and we need the damage. After boots and visage build the following:

    2x [item=Heart of Gold]

    Then a The Brutalizer

    You build the Brutalizer after the Hearts for two reasons. First, you want the hearts as early as possible to maximize the gold you get from them. Second, Renekton has enough damage early on that the extra health with his ult just makes him a monster that is unstoppable around early mid-game.

    You can actually sit on these items for a while, and if you want, you can sell your Doran's Shield and pick up 3-5 wards to place around the map as you farm, get kills and allow your Hearts to farm you up.

    After some quality farming, sell one of the hearts and pick up a B. F. Sword. This will eventually turn into a The Bloodthirster.

    Once you build your Thirster, you can build a Randuin's Omen out of the second Heart if your enemies are too slippery and you want the added defensive stats. If not, then sell that Heart and build another The Bloodthirster.

    Finally you can finish up your Youmuu's Ghostblade.

    If you haven't already sold your Doran's Shield, sell it now and you can either build another DPS item:

    Atma's Impaler - Not a great deal of extra damage with this build, but the crit is nice, and it gives you some good armor.

    Bilgewater Cutlass - Actually an overlooked item and can help you really hurt a single target caught out of place.

    The Bloodthirster - Another one lol. They're actually pretty good, and if you can keep the stacks up on them, they work wonders. Renekton really only needs hard AD, not so much crit, or attack speed, so this sort of item really helps him out more so than you think.

    The Brutalizer - It stacks with Ghostblade and gives Renek his two best stats: AD and ArP. Why not? And it's cheap as hell.

    For defensive items:


    Banshee's Veil

    Guardian Angel

    Sunfire Cape

    All work really well. Hexdrinker will give you the MR and damage you need if you're up against alot of spellcasters, and it's pretty cheap too. Make sure to buy this item pretty early, as it is not worth getting around mid mid-game. Get the veil if there is one attack you want to avoid (early taunt, Ashe arrow, etc). Get the Sunfire if they are AD heavy and you want your ult to have a little brother XD. Get the GA if either you're dying too much or you are owning and want to protect all those Bloodthirster stacks.

    Quicksilver Sash - This may be the most under-appreciated item in all of LoL. It lets you break out of any CC including Malzahar and WW ults. Some champs like Gangplank and Olaf can actually break the Suppression effect of Infinite Duress and Nether Grasp but they still take the damage. Quicksilver actually stops the suppression effect AND the damage. :O Great item, and it's super cheap.

    Items you do not really need:

    The Black Cleaver - Expensive. Also, this item is really only good early game, and we have too many other items on our priority list to pick it up as early as it needs to be bought.

    Trinity Force - Although very good on some champions, Renekton is not one of them. Too many wasted stats and VERY expensive.

    Infinity Edge - Good AD, but wasted crit and passive. Not to mention SUPER expensive.

    Frozen Mallet - Seems to be very good, as it slows and gives health, but it is actually quite expensive as well, and is better bought earlier rather than later. Again, too many items take priority over it, not to mention that Renekton has great moves for closing gaps and keep other champs stunned, so, although a nice slow, it is unnecessary.

    Phantom Dancer - Wasted stats, no AD.

    [item=Stark's Fervor] - Nice item, kinda cheap and I can see buying it if playing support Renekton for your other carries and auto attackers, but the only way to make this worth it is if your team is very AD heavy. Not to mention some wasted stats.

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] - Very expensive, and again, some wasted stats. The passive is very nice though, and unless they are a team of 5 tanks, this shouldn't be in your build.

  • Skilling Order

    As with many champions, do not pick your first ability until the laning phase has officially started and you are farming with all enemy champs accounted for (minus the jungler). This is because at level 1 you want to level your Cull the Meek first, BUT if you are ganking at level 1 or might be ganked at level 1, your Ruthless Predator will be infinitely more useful.

    Once laning does start the spell priority I go is:

    Cull the Meek
    Ruthless Predator
    Slice and Dice

    Grab your ult every time it's available, obviously. Other than that, the most important thing (other than the base damage) that happens when you level a spell is that it gains a shorter base CD. For that reason, with lane sustainability, survival and overall harass being the goals, I level Ruthless Predator over Slice and Dice so that the stun is on a shorter CD asap, and that Renekton can harass (and kill) as much as possible.

    Cull the Meek
    Slice and Dice
    Ruthless Predator

    This setup is also viable as well, if the short stun CD is not what you are aiming for early on, again I chose the former as it is my personal preference.

    Finally, I like to grab a point in Q, W, and E by level 3 simply because you can pull off your entire combo for insane harass and damage very early on, generally before others are strong enough or have all their skills to counter you.

  • Wall Hopping

    Renekton's Slice can allow him to dash over some walls, but not all. It does not have the range of Kassadin or Ezreal's flashes, but it is enough to allow him to go over some. The following is an image that I have stolen from Google (oh noes!) that shows the areas that Renekton can dash through:

    External Image

    Also the Champion Spotlight shows the zones as well (@ 1min 49sec):

  • Summoner Abilities

    I always run


    Ghost is just really good for Renekton. This is one of the few champs that I think Flash is almost useless on. Yes, there is always a situation where Flash is helpful, but over the course of an entire game and with the kind of skills Renekton uses, Flash just doesn't offer as much as Ghost does or actually many other Summoner abilities.

    Along with flash the following are good choices:

    Exhaust - My default choice. Helps you run in, stun, attack a bunch, then exhaust so they can't run away before your stun is up again. Good for some first bloods.

    Ignite - If no one else on my team has one and they have someone with alotta health regen or life steal (Mundo, Vlad, etc) I take ignite over exhaust.

    Teleport - Every team needs at least 1 global or teleport. If we're missing that, then I generally take this over Exhaust/Ignite.

    Clairvoyance - Another spell that every team should have 1 of. Although more of a waste on Renekton than other champions, Renekton actually doesn't need Exhaust or Ignite to secure kills because of his crazy damage output.

    Everything else just isn't as good as the above ones.

  • Farming

    Pretty much Cull the Meek in the middle of large groups followed by Slice and Dice. Auto attack those that are left. During the laning phase it is important to know when to Cull. You should Cull when a fresh minion wave comes to get them a little low and build up a nice Fury reserve. Try not to push your lane out too far or you will miss alot of CS when you're pushed to the enemy tower.

    Also, it is very important to run to the jungle every chance you get for Wraiths. They are the best creeps to build up 50+ fury from. Have over 50 fury before a fight is just too OP and you wanna keep your fury up as much as possible.

  • Working in the team

    Depending on how your overall farm is, your items, and your personal ability level is at, Renekton does a different thing in team fights.


    As a tanking Renekton, your job is to initiate and stun someone. Depending on your team comp, you want to either stun the target, or stun the biggest threat to your team. Pop your Ult and just Slice and Dice through the enemy team (make sure your Dice is empowered). As an offtank you do the same thing, except initiate after the main tank.


    Depending on the farm of other players and the time of the game, you can actually be killed pretty quickly. If you scare the enemy team more than you are scared of them, then go in with your tank (or around a corner) and as your tank initiates on their team, you straight bee line their carries/support. Once you're in their face, pop your ult, blow your summoners and tear them apart.

    If you are squishy, then try playing Renekton as more of an Assassin. Run along the side of your team, out of the enemies sight (make sure to not face check bushes or get caught). Once your team initiates and the enemy team blows CDs, pop your Ghost, run in towards the carries/support, pop your ult and wreck face.

    Support (?!?!?!):

    Yes, support Renekton. Renekton can kinda be played as a support if he is under geared and under leveled. Because Renekton is naturally a strong beefy character, at almost any level and gear difference he can still do great damage. So if you are at a big disadvantage and can't offer too much to the main team fight, you need to play as a support. Run close enough with your tank so as to get into the fight, but not close enough so as to be targeted first. You cannot die! Once the fight starts, your job is to keep an eye on your carries and support. Once the enemy team tries to focus them, you keep your squishies alive with you ult and stun. If your carries are good, this should allow them to kite and kill their assailants. Once you do this for a team fight or two (with proper farming), you should be on an even playing field and able to fill one of the other two roles above. However, if you keep winning team fights by playing Renekton as a Support, I suggest finishing the game that way, as you will be alot more effective at it with better items :D

  • Pros / Cons

    Very strong solo laner, duo langer and jungler.
    Great Farmer
    Great Escape/Initiate
    Crazy Early/Late game sustainability and damage

    Slow base speed
    Illusion of invincibility
    Mid-game is lackluster
    Easily CC'd and can be ignored sometimes.

  • Summary

    Renekton is a monster. Do not underestimate him if you are playing against one. Empowered abilities are much more powerful than most people realize and his ult makes him ALOT stronger than you (generally). If you are playing as Renekton, remember that you are killable, even with your ult. Don't try and 1v5 (unless you are GODLY fed, but even then, it's not a good idea), don't dive before getting a lot of armor, etc. Renekton is a unique character and loads of fun. Practice with him alot and you can carry alot of games by yourself.

    Anywhos, this is my first guide, I bet there are a lot of grammar errors, and probably a lot of tooltip errors. Please be patient as I will update the guide as often as I can. Thanks for reading, and happy owning :D

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