Blitzcrank Build Guide

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JungleCrank::The BlitzCrank Bop 5v5

written by DumbFox

Blitzcrank Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Alright this is my first Champion Guide so ill get start this quickly.

    this is a guide for a Jungling BlitzCrank. After loling to yourself for a bit, i ask you to take this serious for a second and possibly help me improve this theory.

    Warning: with this guide i will be assuming that you already know how to handle a Blitzcrank.

    Lets face it, everyone that rocks a BlitzCrank thinks they are the best Blitz there is. be honest. However, this may not be the case, most Blitzcrank Summoners think they can get by with some good pro-Grabs, with a few turrent kills, and a few nukes on the way. Which in most cases is the way you play a blitz. What some might call, a One Trick Poney. Well... Here is a new trick to add to your collection.
    I call it a JungleCrank which i thus call The BlitzCrank Bop after the Romoanes' Blitzkrieg Bop. yes this song did give me this idea somehow when i was stoned one night rockin to some punk.

    P.S. this guide will be very dry and lame looking since i know nothing of forums and how to make them look legeit.

    P.S.S. i do have video proof that this theory works and will be posting it on Youtube asap.

    Thank you,
    Tiddles8 aka the dumb fox.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries: 0/9/21 i trust you know where to put them

    Red: Flat armor pen
    Yellow: Mana Regen/ per lvl
    Blue: Flat Cooldown reduction
    Purple: Flat Health

  • Skilling Order for Jungling

    Overdrive - Power Fist - Overdrive - Grab - Powerfist - Ult.

    After lvl 6 you are able to adjust your skill order occordingly to what you preffer. Just make sure that you follow this skill order fully when jungling as a blitz.

  • Abilities

    Mana Barrier
    The Key to your survival: this is how you will survive the jungling phase longer and decieve your opponents late game.

    Rocket Grab
    3rd picked skill: this is just help you gank easily in the Jungle phase. not to important until after the jungling part of the game, which you would then use this ability as your normally would.

    First Picked skill: your Bread and Butter, use this to farm fast and to gank

    Power Fist
    Second Picked Skill: for follow up on a faster Jungle experience along with some beefy knock ups that done miss and cant be dodged.

    Static Field
    This saddly wont be as powerfull as you are used to. this will be mainly used as a silence in early teamfights and to clear creeps instantly. Of course after the jungleing part of your game, you have every right to change your build to suite your needs as a BlitzCrank.

  • Summoner Abilities

    What I use:
    [spell=clarevoyence]: you can use this to pull through just about anything with percise accuracy.also good for the obvious supporting spell. this is a good summoner skill.

    Smite: sorry but you are jungling, therfore you need this.

    possible others:

    Flash: for the obvious flash n pull technique.

    [spell=Exaust]: for a good cripple in Ganks or w/e you want.

    Clarity: for some Mana love while jungling: faster and for a boosting Mana Shield.

  • Pros / Cons

    A. Blitz can get a better Creep count for the first part of the game
    B. Gives your team a Solo Top
    C. Allows you to have more map control
    D. gives your team a jungler
    E. Allows your team to get better farming
    F. gives your team an edge on Ganks and lane control

    A. Blitz is not the fastest jungler (expect lvl 6 around the 9-11 minute mark(s)
    B. Blitz might struggle against other junglers
    C. Blizt has a sticked Time limit to his jungling
    D. Blitz can only get blue buff at a later time and even later for red
    E. This is only used to get Blitz to lvl 6 as fast as possible not for a gank fest.
    F. If Blitz falls off his path of creeping he will fall behind.

  • Creep Jungling

    Stay as Close to this is you possibly can. you do not have to do w/e it says in the "()" its just a recremendation of followed properly.

    Wraiths, Dogs, 2Golems, (Back) Wraiths, Dogs, 2Golems, (Back or Gank) Repeat until you think you can get one of the Buffs.

    The whole point to a Jungling Blitz is to get to lvl 6 as fast as you can and to allow your team a solo top. Blitz will not be a ganking machine unless you can coordinate proper situations as a team. DO NOT FALL OFF THE PATH OR YOU WILL FALL BEHIND.

  • Working in the team

    Make sure you have a team that will have good lane control. they need to at least hold their turrent for 10-12 minutes. Your Job is to lvl as fast as you can and not fall behind in levels. if you can do this, then the rest will simply fall into place for a Blitzcrank syled team.

  • Summary

    Alright, so basically i have created a Jungling form to a BlitzCrank. always remember to stick with the info you have been given and if you find a better way to complete this theory please let me know asap not only so i can add it to this guide but to move forward in my BlitzCrank skills if any from the start.

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