Vladimir Build Guide

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Vladimir : my blood types are A,B,AB,O and alot more

written by hauntee

Vladimir Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi guys , im hauntee, and my summoner name is haunt3e . this is my 1st guide and i welcome any feedback and comment so i ll make better guides in the future. since English is not my mother tongue , i hope u guys ll forgive any grammar mistake :D . ok let's start

  • About Vladimir

    Some says vlad is OP , some says he s just decent , some even says he s just a big red lobster with annoying Q . I say he is far more than that . and i believe anyone reading this guide has the same idea . so lets talk like vlad is the boss :

  • Summary

    - Vlad is not an easy champ to use . maybe that s why he s not put in the recommended area. he possesses a great set skills which allows u to be the tide changer. but after feedbacks of many weaklings crying how OP our vlad is. he was nerfed so bad that we couldnt realize him now . but worry no more. vlad is still a champion of style , power , and OPness :D, the true testament of pure ownage
    - U cant master any champ in one or two game , vlad is not an execption.Did u play 1st game with 0/2563/0 score ? dont give up cause when u understand the way of vlad u ll come out with 10000/0/10000 everygame

  • Pros / Cons

    - not require mana
    - skill with pretty low CD at high lv (Trafusion f.i)
    - can be tanky while still get alot of AP (thx to the passive)
    - shine in teamfight
    - good solo champ (in solo top or going mid)
    - cool walking animation,not a vampire

    - easy to shut down early
    - hard to reach full potential when having a bad start
    - using % of his own hp for casting spells
    - red costume makes vlad more likely to get ff

  • Abilities

    Crimson Pact
    this is the reason why u can get the best of both world, still remain tanky while u can build up your ap. many will think of having a hybrid vlad but that will bring nothing but a decent vlad in every aspect. not so good

    someone calls the police ,vlad sucks out everyone's blood :D. this is the reason vlad never goes to the hospital .the doctor will get confused by his bloodtype. this skill is vlad main damage early game, main lasthitting tool, main lanestaying tool, main harass tool, all the advantages for the price of a cool-looking claphand

    Sanguine Pool
    main escaping tool . Lets imagine vlad is farming mid , then from the bush appear 5 monsters charging toward u . W , and bam! gank fail , opponent QQ , start blaming other for not cc u. and u laugh at them , top and bot destroyed the 1st tower . just WOW ,wt* :))

    Tides of Blood
    in late game TOB becomes ur main farming tool . since the projectile will be realised according to the number of targets around u ,u can farm 10000 minions with one button. But u have to be careful when using it in early game, since they cost alot of hp when u try to stack them

    this is ur combat ace . keep this in mind :" u should never initiate but this is the spell that start ur team combo " .the amplified damage is just so great and the last blow after 5 sec could give u some kills even if the enemy can flash then ghost then blink away

  • Masteries + Runes

    * Runes
    i recommend
    9x Greater Mark of Insight
    9x Greater Glyph of Focus
    9x Greater Seal of Vitality
    3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    The reason for mark is so obvious. vlad is a mage and he need magic pen. I pick hp/lv seal because vlad is a lane-staying champ . its hardly to see vlad moving before he hit 9 and by the time he hit 9 the Greater Seal of Fortitude only give him 48.15 hp , while the Greater Seal of Vitality will give him 87.48 hp (almost double). the reason for CDr glyph is simple because u can spam Q more and combined with the Ionian Boots of Lucidity, the cdr of Q will be 1.8s. finally i use flat heath quins so i can have a little more survivability
    9/0/21External Image
    This is my old masteries build, very standard mage masteries with cdr,prolonging buff duration ,and buffing exp received. with this masteries the summoner spells will be recharged faster and the movement speed is buffed alot ,but since my starting items is a little bit different from the other vlads .i find it not really the best masteries for my vlad

    9/21/0External Image
    This is my recent masteries build .Thanks to my friend ikyrie, who happens to be another main vlad user.With this build vlad can be really tanky, and 6 bar hp(613hp) from the start with my rune set. Focusing mostly on early armor and mr buff,as well as the bonus HP and AP ,this masteries proved to be suitable for my build . so thanks ikyrie :D

  • Skilling Order

    -Maxing Q is so obvious since its ur everything early game (which i has explained in the above part)
    -Grab R whenever it s available
    -The problem is only about W and E .the must-do thing is grab pool when u hit 2 and the TOB when u hit 4. So u can have all 3 skills up and ready and from here on its up to u to choose W or E.if u find urself got ganked alot ,W is the perfect choice. if u wanna farm and push then E is the choice . but still i recommend u to prior W .U should have 3 lv of pool then u upgrade E to lv 2, and then upgrade pool to lv 4 and start lv up E . finish ur skill build with W then E

  • Summoner Abilities

    since pool is vlad's only escaping method i suggest u have either Ghost or Flash
    the second choice should be the following spells
    Ignite: this is by far the most suitable second spell for vlad, true damage early on can help u get fb rather easily
    *spell that sometimes can be acceptable
    Exhaust: i saw some vlad took it,it isnt a bad spell ,just unecessary for vlad, and never say "i have to take exhaust 'cause my team doenst" .if they force u to do it - queue dodge
    Teleport : i saw some vlad took it too,but like exhaust its unecessary for vlad since ur purpose is to laning all the time until 9 or 11 lv then u recall and start to roam so teleport seem to be a pretty bad idea
    Heal : saw it, but this is even more unecessary than exhaust and teleport since vlad has Q or maybe Hextech Revolver so who need heal ?
    Cleanse: some accepts this spell ,but i think it fit with yi or trynd rather than vlad because they will not cc vlad unless ur team is full of noobs and u happen to be the one dealing 99% of ur team damage
    *spell use for being queue dodged or to prove how useless u are
    Revive the No.1 choice for troll and queue dodge , if u play vlad wrong, then even 0 sec cooldown revive would not do u much good
    Clarity : nice choice ,remember to buy manamune or archangel staff for vlad :D
    [spell=fortify] : anyone picks that spell plz write a guide for support vlad
    [spell=rally] : with this spell i should build ad vlad ,i will show u detailed ad vlad items after we finish about ap vlad
    Clairvoyance : having a large area visible is pretty cool . but isnt that the job of soraka or sona ?

    i always choose : Flash and Ignite
    it s true that Ghost + Sanguine Pool make vlad become unable to be ganked , and it is not affected by silent,stun or anything eles , but flash can help you escape some sticky situation. Another purpose for picking flash is to increase the element of surprise in both escaping and ganking. Make your opponent shocked with your decision and maybe he or she ll not be able to respone in time

  • Items

    -This is the part that im afraid to get downvote the most ,but i ll make my point clear and if u want to downvote me, give me a reason. ok here goes
    -Since vlad is a mage we will obviously focus on ap build but there s still some other builds can be accepted on vlad so we will walk through all of them
    -There is a rule about vlad : farming farming lvling and when u hit 9 or 11 u recall and never laning again, so make sure to get enough minions kill and items , because if u dont go gank at lv 11 who will ?

  • AP Vlad (mid or solo)

    This is the reason i write this guide, focusing on hp is our main goal,
    -i often start with Boots of Speed and 1-3 Health Potion depent on my opponent. some vlad starts with Amplifying Tome or Ruby Crystal .but with those item they are more likely to be outlaned or ganked. i will explain to u further in the laning section ,now i ll just walkthrough item builds
    -when u lane try to lasthitting as many minions as possible ,while harassing ur opponent.depent on the enemy team mid champ we will have different strategy but thats the main idea - oulane and outfarm
    -try to hang on until lv 9 ,then i ll be happy to inform u that u have become the owner of the lane , almost every champ cant stand in ur way now. Feel free to rip the opponents apart, or eat up the whole wave of minions
    -recall by lv 12 . a good mid vlad is the one that recalls by lv 12 and got enough gold for a or . Some might think mejai is not a good item,so i recommend mejai if only u know u can stack them up , because i can, even in ranked game
    -from now on laning will not be ur first priority,roaming around the map,stacking mejai and pushing,getting gold until you can afford a or depending on the item u choose in the 1st trip back
    -continue wandering and making them feel sorry for being your opponent until u can finish both of the above items
    -if u find urself being ff u should stop building and turn to
    so the core will be :
    in case of being ff
    - if u die alot then u should sell mejai (but u better not to)
    -from here on its up to you to choose the items . since people doesnt like mejai i will show you my build without mejaj

    * against physical team:

    * against magic team : [item_icon=force of nature]

    * against balanced team :

    * against CC team :

  • AP Vlad (2v2) lane

    this is the situation when mid is an ad carry like ashe or mf who wont stand a chance in 2v2 lane and ur team has no jungler. generally the build is still the same except for the following points
    -start with + 1 hp pot
    -do not build unless u r so well-fed
    the items chosen to replace mejai is up to u , just remmember not to build

  • AD Vlad

    i promised u,didnt i? well just a fun section, dont downvote me because of this .

    *rune :take a full armor pen rune page
    *spells: [spell_icon=rally] and
    *items :

    Crit 500 damage,attack damage like mf , as like xin, a true ad carry is born. LOL

  • pool build Vlad

    this build isnt really popular,but still worth the concern . The goal is crystal clear - build up vlad HP, thus maximum the damage of Sanguine Pool
    here is the items
    with this build u get tons of hp, still u notice we have deathcap and zhonya . because pool cd is rather long u need some AP to boost ur Q and 2 secs invu to ensure u can survive until pool is available again, drink the and replace the with lv5 pool will have 8.4 cd(max). So in combat u can R->Q->E->W->Q->E->zhoyza->Q->E->W (just the R + 2 sec W combo does over 1800damage)

  • Builds summary

    there are many builds viable for vlad but i believe i has given u the most popular and best build for vlad, other items are just outdone by these sets . if u think there are better options feel free to send feedback or comment

  • Working in the team

    -In team fight vlad is the ap carry that dishes out tons of damage. but his skills require a certain duration, unlike annie and veigar combo nuke,or tank ryze. vladimir is not really a tank.but he s lack of nuking potential, this means vlad has to stay in combat as long as possible to unleash the true power .
    -All vlad asks for is someone to die before him (initiator),vlad could initiate but that means he ll be cc and die very quickly,thus only unleash 30% of his power.So one simple rule for vlad is : "try not to die 1st... or 2nd" .rush in after tank and unleash the AIDS ,then Q and E,W to a safe place(behind the tank or out of combat center) and start Q and E.Keep doing that until u see the "ace" and ur team won.
    -A very important skill in combat is TOB . 3 or 4 stack TOB is the best TOB in combat,but this doesnt mean u keep TOB at 4 stacks every time because u dont want to combat with 1/4 of ur hp. Use ur instinct to know when a combat occurs and stack 3 times, signal the tank to initiate and let 4 stack TOB do the rest

  • Farming and laning

    i leave this part for last because this is the part makes my guide different from other. every section above is so common and basic ,must have in every vlad guide . but in this section i ll analize the playstyle and tactic for every champ u face in solo top or mid,to make sure u can take on any champ 1v1 or at least will never be outlaned by any solo champ .this is all from my experience so maybe some tactics will not fit u immediately ,but be patient and listen to me.
    -In every guide i read they seem to prefer defensive vlad unil 9 ,but i think vlad have to be flexible to gain the control of his lane, because sometimes if he play defensively ,he just gave the lane to his opponent
    -Before u read this section i want u to master the lasthitting skill. easy ? . but what i want is the lasthitting without using Q, that means u gonna use ur physical damage to lasthit even with the tank minions . mastering this skill is very important because u cant harass anyone with ur physical damage. DO NOT PUT THE PRESSURE OF FARMING ON UR Q.

    *we will start with 1v1 fight
    this is the common place for vlad to be, but sometimes u should give mid to some ad carry like mf or ashe . but vlad should always solo

    - i will walk through all the mid champions i have seen and fought. i will divive mid champs into 3 groups
    # group 1 : mana-based champs
    -they use mana to cast spell so the main idea is to make them use up their mana so u can control the lane easily , and this is the detailed tactic for each champ :

    +ANIVIA : this frosty bird is really annoying because of the Flash Frost stun ,followed by a double damage Frostbite, another combo is Glacial Storm and Frostbite,but u are vladimir with the pool . from lv 1 to 5 all u need to do is dodging Flash Frost because a good anivia will never throw the Frostbite alone,and with the boots it ll be pretty easy. with this champion i recommend u to outlane her soon, keep lasthitting while Q her whenever it s off cd. zoning her with ur speed and try to pop her egg if u can, continue to do it until u hit 7 or 9 . When both of u hit 6 , she ll try to comeback with the second combo, now its time for ur pool : dodge the ice-sticks, u have 5 secs to pay back then wait until the pool is available again,start doing it until she recalls, dies, or cries for a switch
    .NOTE : never diving turret if the Rebirth is available,it will bring u nothing but stupid death

    +ANNIE : this kid is much harder to handle than anivia mostly because of the Pyromania . U will not want to face her after lv 6 with 1/2 of ur hp Summon: Tibbers + Incinerate + Disintegrate + Ignite ... just ouch. Try to trade blows with her from lv 1 to 4 to gain the upperhand because u have 3 pots and healing Q. when she hits 5 u should be careful and when she hits 6 i recommend u to play safe. Try to Q her when she makes mistake and dont try to take her 1v1. u hardly come out alive . the main idea is to zone her early to gain exp advantage , if she try to play ofensive by Q and W u she will oom soon and its so easy from here on.
    .NOTE : another target doesnt worth diving cause her stun is just annoying .only dive when u know u have 80% chance to kill her and come out in one piece.

    +ASHE : this ad carry just have to go mid , so if their team has ashe u ll know who you gonna fight at mid . ashe has more damage than u early on so just like fighting other ad carries, you should play a little bit more defensively until you hit 5. but defensive doesnt mean u give her that lane, try to Q her whenever possible, to remind her there is another hero on this lane, not a big-smart-300gold minion. u will want to stay behind during 3 or 4 secs after the 1st mininon wave engages because [spell=focus] always ensure a crit , stay back until she hits a minions, just be patient ,she cant keep that 1st hit for you like forever because vlad can q minions to earn gold, but ashe will not do the samething with her W. After that try to be a little bit offensive to scout ashe play style, if she is willing to trade blows then you should play careful until u hit 3 or 5,then start some small trading ,if she plays carefully and seems to ignore you then she s so gonna die, anyway the second situation is not likely to happen so u will wanna stay out of her Volley, because she will hit you 1 or 2 times using her Frost Shot. so try to stay clear until lv 5 and start owning her face
    .NOTE : diving for ashe is not a really good option since Enchanted Crystal Arrow will stun you and tower will do the rest while she flash away, ghost is not something that can save her when vlad tower dive because the pool will allow you to Q her one more time or just make enough damage to kill her by Ignite + Hemoplague,so only dive in when her arrow and flash are both on cd .care for jungle gank or roaming champ, her ultimate might start ur end
    .NOTE : you can use fake advance (FA) with ashe, because u use boots so the movement speed is high and some ashe might use W right after u pass the melee minions, so pretend to move to the melee minions, charge to her like you have a jungler in bush or you will kill her if she doesnt run, then suddenly turn back behind the minions , some ashe might be fooled to use W thus pushing her lane toward us and wasting mana , but if she doesnt ? then make it a real advance, Q her then run .Another possibility is that she will use Frost Shot to trade blows with you, in that case E then pool ur way out, after all u are standing among 6 minions ,dont worry about that combo will push the lane ,just dont push the wave pass the river bush, even so before ashe hit 6 it s hard to gank you

    +BLIZTCRANK : i only fought once with this champ at mid ,simply because their team has no other option, blizt crank cant outlane you but u should be careful when u try to gain control, facing this champ means u can harass him really hard, but still keep ur mind in farming as well, most Rocket Grab must be executed in a bush where u cant see his animation, so i dont think u have problem dodging it. if he tries to harass you with Power Fist just Q him and back, or if he uses Overdrive , u can counter easily by Sanguine Pool then Tides of Blood + Transfusion
    .NOTE : DO NOT try to dive this guy Static Field will interupt ur combo while Mana Barrier will save him from a certain death ,just like annie :dive when u r sure u can come out in one piece and a kill
    +BRAND : this guy is very annoying, and i still dont find a proper way to completely outlane this guy because early Conflagration+ Blaze deals a huge damage, and the combo Conflagration + Sear + Pillar of Flame simply destroy u ,so i suggest u have a farming contest with this guy ,try to hang on till lv 6, call for help and gank him, only when u outlv him u can put pressure on him. when u hit 9 it will be much easier to lane with brand, but i mean laning not outlaning,you still need a hand to take this guy down, just try to farm up asap then go gank,
    .NOTE : with this champ i recommend playing safe and avoid harass 1v1 him since the one takes more damage will be you, but until lv 5 you can have some small trading blows and prepare to gank him at lv 6 or at least make him recall
    .NOTE if ur team has jungler i suggest u set up a gank by lv 2 or 3 so he ll waste flash or ghost, then come back by the time your jungle hit 4 and destroy him , from here on ask the jungler to keep ganking until you can outlv him by 2, or you can zone him, just watch out for that combo, it hurts.

    +CAITLYN : this champ has an exeptionally long range,but she is also exeptionally low on hp , Caitlyn's basic attack is 650 while vlad Transfusion range is only 600 ... ouch. and her Piltover Peacemaker deals leap of damage , 3 Yordle Snap Trap in a good caitlyn hand can control the lane pretty well since we cant step on any of them but take a detour will show her our intention. 90 Caliber Net is nothing more than an escape method , and the mighty ultimate Ace in the Hole is just a joke for vlad W . Facing caitlyn is like facing ashe, try to hang on until u hit 7 or aleast 5, then start the owning sequence,at lv 9 laning with vlad is the last thing a cait wants to do
    .NOTE : u can still try to harass her with you Q, but that ll mean u got 2x aa including a headshot. and there goes ur Q, the Piltover Peacemaker is pretty easy to dodge since it has like 1000secs delay

    +CASSIOPEIA :cassiopeia is very annoying champ with the[spell=Deadly Cadence] allow her to spam Noxious Blast + Twin Fang just like there is no tomorow . But i say it s the way she spams like hell that we can use it against her. this is the champ that you need to use FA more than anychamp,since cass has low-mana cost skills. dance around her, make her use skills so she will push the lane to us, and try to keep it there as long as possible, if she overextends call jungler to gank her or you can kill her by the time you hit 9. All you need is to dodge Noxious Blast and avoid contact with Miasma . Only a fool cass will use fangs when u r not poisoned. at lv 6 try not to get urself too low because one proper Petrifying Gaze + Ignite + Noxious Blast + Twin Fang can turn your champ and ur screen into grey
    .NOTE :cass is pretty strong early on, but her hp is not very high, so just like brand you can set up an early gank because her only escaping tool is flash . if she takes both flash and ghost still only flash can save her, because u can flash forward and pool to slow her when she uses ghost.

    +CHOGATH : wtf ? really ? i did see some,well solo queue ofc .if u ever meet some, then maybe their team has no champ to take mid, or the Cho wants to be god . in both case destroy him!!!!!! . just like fighting bliztcrank but you wont be harassed much since Cho main purpose is farm up and lv up . Keep ur eye for a Rupture and that s all. u should be care for a timing gank from their jungler.
    .NOTE : Chogath is tanky because he can Feast so before lv 6 try to harass him as much as possible.and prevent him from lasthitting because Carnivore will heal him

    +CORKI : another ad carry , the tactic to fight this champ is still the same as ashe and caitlyn, hang on until 9 to gain total domination,still corki is more dangerous than those 2 in the following points
    . Hextech Shrapnel Shells makes corki hit harder ,true damage based on current physical damage.. ouch
    . Phosphorus Bomb :cheap nuke to trade blows with ur Q ,
    . Valkyrie :unlike ashe and mf ,corki has an escaping as well as chasing method
    . Gatling Gun :dont trade blows with corki for too long , this machine gun is surely gonna hurt
    . Missile Barrage : this skill + Sapphire Crystal or Tear of the Goddess allow corki to survive a little bit longer in your lane
    .NOTE : harass corki before 7 is not the best tactic for vlad, but still u can try to Q him sometimes so he ll not overfarm. if corki trying to outlane u early on then he is making a big mistake because he has nothing for us to be affraid of.

    +EZREAL : just like corki u dont have to be affraid of ez in early game and you will own him after u hit 9 .the most important period of this dual is from lv 1 to lv 3. u shouldnt playing offensive with ez during that time , simple because Mystic Shot+ Doran's Blade dish out a tremendous damage, but after u hit 3 you can begin Q him as often as u can ,while dodging mystic shot.A good ez will rarely waste Arcane Shift or Essence Flux to harass u simply because it takes too much mana which needs for lasthitting with Q . the main focus of every ez is to farm up so try to zone him out of the minion wave or try to make him waste Q on u ,dance around him and some ez may get dizzy (tested and proved) . when u hit 7 u will see the fear of ez as his style change from defensively to passively and asking for gank from other lane or jungle
    .NOTE : some ez may go ap ez so in that case his Q will not be the main problem ,it was his W and E,and he gonna recall soon to grab Tear of the Goddess. try to out lv him early on and ask for early gank,since ur Q is much better than his ap spells

    +FIDDLESTICKS : FID is a jungler ,but i fought some mid fid and he has some tricks up his sleeve . the common combo u will have to face is Terrify + Drain + Dark Wind . now one funny fact is that some vlads think they can break the tether by using Sanguine Pool. so they pool under fid try to damage him, but then they realize fid is still draining and they have lost 4 out of 6 life bars , well it s too late now, ignite and a few hit , 2 mins fb ,ouch. with fid you can play a little bit aggressive because the fear thing has a short range, and so does the drain, but when he mia at lv 6 , u should call mia to top and bot , but urself should be careful as well because maybe he is standing in the nearby bush channeling his Crowstorm
    .NOTE : just like vlad , fid can heal himself too ,so grab ignite and call for a gank early , then after u hit 5 fid is no longer a big problem.

    +HEIMERDINGER : heim himself is not a good farmer,but his turrets is , if u look at heim 's minions killed sector , 50 % or even more of them from his turrets ,Besides, turrets are his lane controling tools since they prevent his opponent to harass heim. so the main idea is to kill his turret 1st to make him waste his mana in turrets instead of Hextech Micro-Rockets or [spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade] and when you hit 7 , u can kill turret pretty fast so turn the Q to that heim as well .and when you hit 9 start spaming Q at both heim and his turrets, but during the first 5 lv u are not supposed to ignore heim and only kill his turrets, find a good position to Q heim while stay clear from his turrets, generally facing heim at mid means u must fight him all 9 lvls long ,dancing around him and Q on his face
    .NOTE : keep 3 minions in front of you so the Hextech Micro-Rockets will not hit you. since heim is pretty much a lane pusher u should always prepare to def ur tower, if u want a jungler gank i suggest ganking him around 2 or 3, if he hit 5 he will have 2 turrets and if he hit 6 the ultimate is something u cant ignore.

    +IRELIA : mostly i saw ire solo top , but since we put garen in here , i say there s a chance for Ms.The will of blades. the passive Ionian Fervor is not to our concern since u dont want to pool under irelia unless it s necessary , because when u return to human form u ll get a Equilibrium Strike on ur face ,followed by actived Hiten Style, sounds painful already . if you want to trade blows with her wait until lv 5 , during the previous lv try to balance between Q lasthitting and Q harassing because fighting irelia will take alot of hp and by the time u hit 9 irelia will not be such a big threat as she was early game, but that doesnt mean u will own her lane. the Equilibrium Strike stun duration is 2 sec and the Transcendent Blades along with passive of Hiten Style will allow her to stay as long as she wants. you cant take her 1v1 so try to co-op with ur friend to stop her from farming

    .NOTE:irelia has mana problem early on, so try to squeeze mana out of her , so she cant stun u or calling her ultimate.

    +JAX : jax going mid is pretty rare but his burst Leap Strike + Empower could deal a lot of damage , unlike other champions, dont try to aa him because u may allow him to cast Counter Strike . because jax has mana problem he ll not burst much, just like other carry jax need to farm and lv up, so try to zone him , but dont do it when he gets the stun on.before u hit 6 u will have to earn upperhand with jax, cause when he hit 6 too the Relentless Assault may own u

    +KARMA : karma is a very special champ,she has ultimate right from the beginning, and each of her skill has affect when active Mantra.laning with karma is not so difficult, simply because she is more of a support champ,but her ap is rather high so she can do really good damage. just feel free to harass her but stay clear for the [spell=Soul Shield] and [spell=heavenly wave] , also care for jungler gank with the bonus speed from [spell=spirit bond] .Otherwise, u are considered owning this lane from the very beginning
    .NOTE :another not-worth-tower-diving champ since [spell=heavenly wave] can heal her and [spell=soul shield] can protect her and both spells damaging u with the bonus AP from Inner Flame

    +KARTHUS : the last thing u wanna do is stand still and lasthitting while facing Karthus . if he can isolate u then using Lay Waste , try to dance around him and Q him since most karthus i fought didnt have alot of hp . early on karthus will not use Defile since it costs too much mana , but if he catchs u running through Wall of Pain then it s gonna be trouble . the main idea to fight karthus is to put pressure on him during the laning period (lv 1 -> 9 ) by using ur mobility . If u face a good karthus he will know how to land Lay Waste to cut off ur attack, but using FA and play carefully may help u gain the upperhand.By lv 7 u will start owning karthus and at lv 9 he has no choice but to standing from afar spamming Q. his ultimate Requiem can be a pain in the *** for other champs ,but with the pool it s just nothing more than a big-red-string with fancy animation . if u can shut down karthus early on u has done a huge favor to ur teammates since a shut down karthus wont do much damage with his ulti
    .NOTE :dont dive for kathus unless u know u can survive the turret hit and also the spells from Death Defied

    +KASSADIN : perhaps the most annoying champ to face . his Null Sphere can silence u for 2 secs and the range is longer than vlad 's Transfusion, so if u try to Q him he will silence u , and if u continue to trade spell like that u ll charge up his Force Pulse and until he hit 6 he will try to nuke u with Riftwalk + Force Pulse + Null Sphere. so i suggest playing carefully until u hit 9. during the process u can harass him sometimes because when u are lv 5 or 7 ur Q will have shorter cd than his Q .
    .NOTE :avoid spaming TOB and only pool when it s really necessary ,u want him to charge his own Force Pulse.

    +KOG'MAW : the vommit king of LOL . he got a very high range when active Bio-Arcane Barrage , if he goes ad the main damage is the attack speed from Caustic Spittle + Bio-Arcane Barrage , and the Living Artillery is just a farming - harassing tool, and Void Ooze is just an escaping method. but an ap kog 's main damage is Void Ooze + Living Artillery, facing kog is just like facing ez both in ap and AD builds

    +LEBLANCE : this is a very annoying champ to face , she can silence u and her burst is just so strong . by lv 2 the combo will be [spell=Sigil of Silence] + Distortion and that s surely gonna take away alot of ur hp, by lv 4 she will get all of her normal skills so its gonna be[spell=Sigil of Silence]+ Distortion+ Ethereal Chainsand by lv 6 she will cast Mimic of her Q . so the main idea to fight leblance is to playing defensively until lv 9, because LB is often a champ not having much hp

    +LUX : just like leblance ,her spells is pretty strong ,though its a bit weaker than LB sets skills . u can Q her anytime , just remember to dodge Light Binding or Lucent Singularity and keep in mind that her ulti [spell=Finales Funkeln] have a very long range

    +MALZAHAR : i have alot of trouble fighting malz , unlike ashe, mf or corki , the higher lv u and malz are , the more likely u will get killed . simply because malz can nuke stronger than u , his Malefic Visions can clear minions wave and harass u if u play carelessly . This is the most obvious evidence why vlad shouldnt play defensive until 9 with all champs , lets have a look. By the time he hit 4, he will have all 3 skills ,but without the Nether Grasp,both Null Zone and Call of the Void can be dodged easily. but after 6, just one litte slip and u will get Call of the Void + Null Zone + Malefic Visions + Nether Grasp . and in case its not horrified enough, add Ignite + attack from Summon Voidling . this combo guarantees to take 60% of ur hp in 2,5 secs . so with malz i suggest staying clear from the minions and try to Q him as much as possilble. if he tries to Malefic Visions u,dont hesitate to trade blows with him, he s just wasting his mana.
    .NOTE : Nether Grasp itself is not really strong, but combine with other skills make malz become extremely powerful,and malz doesnt seem to have mana problem after 6 . so dont let this guy survive this long

    +MASTER YI : it must be an ap yi.so he will max his Alpha Strike and Meditate . with this champ call for a gank and grab an ignite. i ve tried to outlane him by myself , but not once successful

    +MISS FORTUNE :the tactic is just like caitlyn 's ,stay away from her Double Up + Impure Shots , the passive Strut is not important since we can Q her back,thus breaking the passive.Start playing aggresive at 6 and destroy her after 9
    .NOTE: Bullet Time is only use for farming ,so dont stand among the minions , stay parallely with the wave and Q her

    +MORGANA : easy match-up , harass her anytime Q is available , try to dodge her Dark Binding if u get hit by it ,use Sanguine Pool when she lands Tormented Soil. by lv 6 dont get too close to her , she may Soul Shackles and kill u with a jungler gank
    .NOTE: her Black Shield will negate any debuff if the shield is still on.other than that, Morgana is not a champ that could match vlad at mid. so u dont have to worry about this champ, playing aggressive and zoning her is the key to win.

    +NIDALEE : pretty annoying champ, do not overextend or overaggressive early on ,but do not let her farm in peace as well . best time to harass nid hard is the first 2 lv, when her heal is pretty weak, after that u should balance ur farming and harassing until lv 7,then start harassing her again. gain the upperhand by lv 9
    .NOTE :care for her Bushwhack / Pounce and the Javelin Toss / Takedown , her Primal Surge / Swipe makes all the harass seem like a joke. in cougar form, she often performs a full combo : Pounce+Swipe+Takedown . try to harass her with tranfusion and TOB at that moment .

    +PANTHEON : Mr.Sparta is not really a threat . since his Aegis of Zeonia was nerfed and the stun duration is shorter than it used to. even Heartseeker Strike is buffed , we can still dodge it by Sanguine Pool. pantheon's passive Aegis Protection is not really important because we use magic damage.But u are welcome to break it as soon as he charge it up
    .NOTE : pantheon with a full armor penetration rune page can destroy u early on , so try to stay defensively until 6 and pay him back. Just dont take too many Spear Shot then u will be fine.

    +RYZE : the reworked champ came back with the higher lv of annoyance as well as tanky-ness. now building tanker ryze is a trend and he seems to fit that since his set skill works just like vlad - require time to unleash full potential .Mr spellmachine gun is very dangerous after 7 since his spell is much stronger than vlad and have better cd thanks to Arcane Mastery. His Desperate Power can help him lane-stay . so i suggest set up an early gank like with brand or irelia. u cant outlane this guy.

    +SION mid sion is an AP sion . SO he will focus on lv up [spell=cryptic gaze] and [spell=death's caress]. harass him early on to gain control of the lane is the main idea, pop his shield asap before he can detonate it. use Sanguine Pool to dodge the stun. and call for a gank when u hit 6.

    +SIVIR :sivir is much easier to handle than ashe. since she has no stun , no cc, no nothing .but watch out for her Boomerang Blade and Ricochet , those spells can push ur lane pretty hard , and the Spell Shield will absorb ur spell and restore mana for siv. with this champ i recommend u to harass her early whenever her shield is down.
    .NOTE : all the sivir will active the Spell Shield to absorb ur spells. so u have 2 options. First : u can keep the distance until the shield wear off and start harass her. Second,if u wanna harass her badly then use Tides of Blood then Transfusion because in early lv transfusion will deal more damage than TOB .so all u need to do is to reverse ur basic combo

    +SWAIN :3 out of 4 swain 's skills is damage-overtime spells . so u dont wanna stuck in a long trading blows with this guy . he ll Torment + Decrepify + Nevermove + Ravenous Flock. so during lv 1 to lv 8 just Q him then back immediately. use Sanguine Pool to dodge the Nevermove if necessary. until lv 9 u can outlane him easily

    +TEEMO: teemo is very annoying during ur laning phase. mostly because of hit Toxic Shot and a high lv Blinding Dart.after lv 6 he will put Noxious Trap on 2 sides of ur lane as well as bushes ,thus prevent u from moving freely as well as prevent ur jungler from ganking him. and his Move Quick make him alot harder to chase than other champs. with teemo u can try to set up a gank with your jungler from 1 to 5. Break the Move Quick's passive to gain some advantages. and when u hit 9 teemo is no longer a problem.
    .NOTE :if u see their team has teemo and somehow u know teemo will go mid (for instance if ur team has someone with Clairvoyance ,or teemo is the only proper mid champ in their team). but when u hit mid u see nothing but 12 minions fighting. call mia immediately. because he s somewhere else trying to get fb , or should be careful to advance since his Camouflage allows him to hide. Some common place is at the center of mid lane,which means between 6 melee mininons, or the area between your ranged minions group and and your melee minions group.

    +TRISTANA :a harder-to-catch-and-kill version of ashe,mf. she can harass u pretty well with Rocket Jump and [spell=explosive shot].but after 6 she will mostly use the Rocket Jump to escape and the Buster Shot will stop u from chasing her.just do what u ve been doing with ashe and mf, but with a bit more careful.
    .NOTE :dodge her jump with ur pool

    +TWISTED FATE : another stronger version of ashe: early stun, bonus damage, endless-range ultimate, and a multi-directions spell. TF is more annoying than ashe .but compare to other champs he is just decent.just dodge his Pick A Card and avoid the 4th hit of his Stacked Deck. when he hits 6 inform your teammates and dont get urself too low without recalling.destroy him after lv 7.

    +TWITCH : a big fat rat trying to make himself look dangerous. i think the most suitable champ to counter twitch is nidalee( see discovery channel or Tom'n Jerry for further explaination) . but anyway try to drain his hp anytime possible. Calling M.I.A whenever he uses Ambush. before 5 he will somehow trouble u ,but afer ur transfusion hit lv 3 he will be nothing more than a rat . and there is no rat visible in a count castle.

    +URGOT : OMG this abomination!! terribly annoying , u dont wanna be hit by Noxian Corrosive Charge followed by 3 Acid Hunter .but u cant also sit back and farm like a coward .with Urgot use FA to fool him to use Noxian Corrosive Charge first ,dodging it then harass him. when u hit 7 u can harass him more often but still watch out for that combo. by 9 u can farm and harass him more easily, just dont get urelf in the same trouble.
    .NOTE :dont stay near tower when there is no minions. his Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser will swap u to the tower and ...........

    +VAYNE : her passive Night Hunter only work when she chases u ,but with ur boots it will not be a problem. fighting vayne is harder than MF and Ashe since Vayne has Tumble + Silver Bolts. u have to be careful and play a bit defensive until u hit 7.try to get hit 3 times or pinned into wall.Just Q her then back .vayne or any ad-range carry will be outlaned by lv 9.

    +VEIGAR: veigar is pretty weak early on. but if u let him farm in peace u gonna pay the price . ur Q just cant heal urself fast enough with his high lv combo nuke . his tactic is to land a Event Horizon and if u are stunned he ll perform the there-goes-1/2-of-ur-hp combo. For the first 5lvls . vei's main purpose is to farm with his Baleful Strike, and i hardly see him harassing anyone until half 5 .so i suggest u harass the **** out of him early on ,zoning him with ur superior skill ( i have zoned one veigar so hard that when i hit lv 10 he was still 5 )
    .NOTE : in combat reach vei with flash and destroy him asap , before he nuke u or ur team down. but if u can zone a vei so hard he was totally shut down ,u can focus someone else ,then u kill him.

    +XINZHAO: this guy is often a solo top . but some likes to go mid . the tactic is to harass him during lv 1 , and when he hits 2 he ll have Three Talon Strike and Audacious Charge. use Sanguine Pool to dodge that 3 hits. keep harass and farm until u get 7 and try to outlane him .If u still cant, wait until u hit 9.

    +ZILLEAN: extremely annoying champ for a lot of champs early on .but not with vlad . the only thing that matters is the double Time Bomb .but u can pool to dodge the second bomb . so that means zilean's super combo is just a fail spam. with zilean u should stay defensive until 7. but keep Q him when u have a chance.destroy him by 9
    .NOTE :DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT TOWER DIVE THIS OLD MAN. his Chrono Shift will cause u in alot of trouble. make sure his ulti is down when u decide to dive for zil.

    # group 2 : non-mana based champs : this type is just like vlad. their spell is limited by cd instead of mana.

    +AKALY : stay defensive until 9 is a big mistake for vlad .because from the time u hit 6 till the moment u hit 9 u will have to recall at least 4 or even more since akaly can dive pretty well and the Shadow Dance is really affective in closing the gaps, the Mark of the Assassin deals a lot of damage. so i suggest u try to harass her early on,try to zone her using ur boots and hp pots, and then u can handle her at high lv.

    +GAREN : DEMACIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! garen's purpose is not different from Cho,their team is lack of mid champ or he wanna farm for free. but garen can harass u way better than Cho . Decisive Strike + Judgment can take half of your life bar . Perseverance allow garen to lane stay longer . And Demacian Justice .. well isnt that crystal clear? Main idea to this fight is shut garen down early on, play careful during 4->6,and start raging again until you hit 9 . remember to use speed to your advantage. dance around and Q him, W to dodge silence, hit him whenever the passive appears while still lasthitting
    .NOTE : Decisive Strike can be dodged by Sanguine Pooleven when it s supposed to hit u. Which means garen gonna still lose the Q but u are not silence, but dont try that with R , it wont work out

    +KATARINA : the sinister blade of noxus is a force to cope with . her combo Bouncing Blade + Shunpo is much better than Transfusion . but still if u think u gonna wait until lv 9 to own her then u r wrong. by lv 9 the bouncing blade is fully-lvled and combine with Grievous Wound will cut off 1/2 of ur healing, why still damage u with true damage. i gonna survive but there s no way u can outlane kat at high lv if u cant own her during the early stage. For kat the tactic is a bit risky but pretty effective . she can Bouncing Blade + Shunpo but even the kat starting with Doran's Shield only has 5 life bars and 0 hp pots , so if u try to trade blows with her ,here is how we gonna play . by lv 2 she can start harassing u with her combo and i recommend u lv Q and W . Since kat have to lasthit minions with melee basic attacks , we will position urself in the middle of our minions wave and start Q her , if she respones by Bouncing Blade + Shunpo then just take the damage and keep AA her . if kat is smart she ll start falling back since if she tries to hit us with her physical damage she will be attacked by 5-6 minions and vlad .then u can pool to slow her, allow the minions to hit her a a few more hits. by the time she hit 6 u may wanna save the pool for her Death Lotus and from lv 7 dont stay near the minions , her Q can bounce to 4-5 targets, keep Q her and kill her if u get a chance.
    NOTE: the position i recommend above is not the only one, u can position urself in some other places but remember to stay near the minions so u are not alone :D

    +KENNEN : this champ can be really annoying early on. just try to Q him while dodging his Thundering Shuriken .avoid the 4th hit of Electrical Surge and stay away from Lightning Rush .use pool to dodge Slicing Maelstrom. harassing him as well as farm until u hit 9. if u wanna set up an early gank u have to make sure which skill he prior. lv1 is obvious the Thundering Shuriken but not every jungler is willing to gank at that lv. if he lvls Lightning Rush at lv 2 then u should set up a gank after he used that skill. With ken u can set up a gank anytime. but u can outlane him by urself because not everyone can get both HP and AP like u ,thx to Crimson Pact.

    +MORDEKAISER : Iron Man make all the damage u deal means nothing. the very 1st rule when fighting morde is :"stay away from the minions wave. his Siphon of Destruction + Mace of Spades can fully charge his shield and u will damage the shield that will decay sooner or later. but notice that u have boots ,which happens to be the item that tome vlad and ruby vlad doesnt have. so u can Q him whenever u like. playing with morde means u have to harass the red bar of morde, not the grey one. and the best time to harass morde is before 2 minions waves engage. a smart morde will back , but his Regrowth Pendant doesnt buff speed so he cant be fast enough to escape that q. if morde using his Siphon of Destruction + Mace of Spades, just pool away ,then go back and start harassing him with TOB and transfusion ,do not forget to aa him several times. when u hit 6 dont try to take him 1v1 unless u know u can win even if the Children of the Grave + Ignite can deal alot of damage. after 9 morde will not be a problem with vlad.

    # group 3 : vlad vs vlad : vlad vs vlad is often said to be boring, item-dependent,but imo vlad fight is the true test of skills. because only one tiny little mistake will cost u a whole fight. if u know u gonna face vlad , take a deep breath then left click on the other vlad to see his items and stats. vlad starting items will often be : + 3 or + or + or or .
    let s take a look :

    + + 3 : this is my choice and some others players' choice . this fight depends on who will use up the 3 pots 1st. one trick for this fight is :right after both use Transfusion u should instantly right click on the enemy vlad for an additional auto attack. if he does the same then there are 2 circumstances :
    . if u are the one starting the fight it means u are standing pretty close to his melee minions. so go back at once. that one aa will lure the minions to attack u .
    . if the other vlad is the one starting it then keep aa him. he will be the one taking more damage. This fight is about who can both harass and farm better. so its up to u, there is nothing more i can explain.

    + + : i dont like this build. its doesnt give u any stats, except for hp/5 . but why do u need one when u already have Transfusion . with this vlad i want u to destroy him so he ll know how to build vlad more properly. harass him, make him use the pot. then continue to do it

    + + : very standard starting items . and this is the kind of vlad i see most. Very high ap early on so his Q will hit alot harder than ur. but use ur speed to ur advantage, try to harass him wisely. wait until u hit lv 9 so the gaps between ur and his AP is no longer a big deal.

    + : just like regrowth , except for the extra 100 hp , which means 2 AP... destroy!!!

    + : another standard starting. it ll give ur opponent alot of hp maybe he can reach 7 or even 8 life bars .but at the same time he has no pot. try to use pot to have a fair game with him. then wait until the Greater Seal of Vitality closing the gaps of hp for u

    => In general ,i dont think i have any vlad vs vlad tactic for u . since it s up to ur skills mostly , and also ur luck. with good skills a boots vlad can handle any other vlads. so , all i can say is good luck and try hard

  • 1v2 Vlad

    Just some lines for 1v2 lane. it ll often be top. and the only thing different between mid and top is the bushes . so in 1v2 try to stay away from the bushes. and keep the minion waves near your tower as long as possible . call for a gank when u hit 6 . that s all. good luck

  • attitude toward the game

    u r a noble man and a well-mannered champ . unlike other caps lock champs . dont troll. just laugh at that trolls and make him realize who he is messing with . Do not judge a vlad by his score. may be he got like 0/9/100 . i say he did a great job . ignore the troll ,and u should stay neutral in every team arguement. u should be the one that has the ability to reunite ur teammates , and the mastermind behind ur team victory .

  • P.S

    vlad is a really good champ , he has the ability to change the fight or even the game. so if u want to main vlad. i say u chose the right one . good luck ,keep praticing and see u on the field of justice .


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