Amumu Build Guide

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Burning Heart Amumu (Tank)

written by Eleventh

Amumu Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Amumu is one of the best tanks in the game. He has multiple disables, jungle control, anti-tank capacity, area of effect impact, and effective initiation. He has a slow early game, but scales well and can become unkillable if you build him right. I have been playing Amumu for a long time and have been updating this guide for over two years now. My goal here is not to put this forth as the “best” or “only” build for Amumu. I encourage you to read my thoughts, watch my games, and give it a try; then make changes that work for you. Use this guide as a starting point for your own experimentation and be sure to let me know what you find! There are two builds in this guide: one for playing Amumu in a lane and one for playing him in the jungle. The setup and starting items for these builds are different, but they quickly converge. I have had the most success with Amumu in the jungle and generally regard this to be the better playstyle; however, it does require runes, a leash, and some familiarity with jungling. So, if you are new to the game or to Amumu I encourage you to start with the Laning Build and watch my videos before jungling.

  • Laning Build

    External Image


    Summoner Spells:

    Early Items:
    [item_icon=Heart of Gold]

    Skill Order:


    When laning, you will be headed top or bottom lane with a partner. Amumu is pretty weak early on, and although this build will help bolster that a bit, you will want to play it pretty safe. Hang back and get last hits with autoattacks and carefully timed Tantrum. Pick up a level 2 Bandage Toss, but use it judiciously. If you can get some good harassment or a kill out of it, then don't be afraid to jump in early on. Of course, you'll also want to use it if doing so will save a teammate. However, the goal is to buy your gold producing items as soon as possible and it's hard to do that if you are being reckless and taking unnecessary damage. Do your best and with some luck and/or skill, you should be able to head back and buy shortly after using Curse of the Sad Mummy for the first time. Once you have your Philosopher's Stone and/or [item_text=Heart of Gold], you will be solid enough to assume a more active role in lane. I'm still working on a video for the laning build, so I'll put this up in the meantime; I think Amumu would approve.

  • Jungle Build

    External Image


    Summoner Spells:

    Early Items:
    x5 [item_icon=Heart of Gold]

    Skill Order:

    Jungle Path:
    External Image


    The information above is a summary of the prototypical early game jungle build and path, which consists of large golem, wolves, wraiths, lizard, and finally a gank. Of course, each game is going to be different and it is important to be flexible in this. For example, there are some games when you might want to get a point into Bandage Toss at level 3 and run an early gank before taking out the lizard. You may alternatively suffer some counter-jungling and be forced to adjust the path or make an early trip back to the fountain. What's important is that you stay calm and continue to get experience. That may mean joining your solo lane for a little while or putting the ganks on hold while you catch up. However, in most games, I find that I can run this path very successfully. Save your Smite for the large golem/lizard and keep your health up with potions. It also helps a great deal if you get a strong leash from your teammates at the large golem early on; just make sure they don't stay too long or they will take some of the experience and you will fall behind in levels. In case you don't know, leashing is when your teammate attacks a neutral monster for you and then runs away; this forces the monster to chase your teammate briefly, giving you a few seconds to do damage without taking any. You can see an example of this in the video below.

  • Late-Game Items

    For each build, I have provided recommended items for early-mid game. Each of these play styles has its own obstacles and roles to play, leading to different items being required in the earlier phases of the game. However, as you move into late game, the obstacles you face and the roles you play in each of these play styles start to converge. As such, the items required at this point in the game have more to do with your opponents' and teammates' builds than with what you were doing early in the game. I can thus collapse late game item discussion for all of these play styles into a single section. Here, I will list and discuss a number of items that you might consider, grouped by function.

    Boot Upgrades

    Mercury's Treads - In most games, this is where my boots go. They are a little on the expensive side, but the magic resist and tenacity can be a real life saver when your enemies have lots of crowd control (e.g. stuns, snares, etc.) or magic damage. If you don't end up getting this item and later want tenacity, you can turn your Philosopher's Stone into an [item_text=Eleisa's Miracle].

    Ninja Tabi - If your enemies have mostly autoattack-based damage, then get this for its dodge. Such enemies include Master Yi, Jax, Xin Zhao, and Kog'Maw (among others). This also has the added benefit of helping you jungle and giving your starting Cloth Armor an upgrade path if you didn't buy an Aegis of the Legion.

    Boots of Swiftness - If you are doing well and/or the enemy team has no crowd control or insane autoattackers, then you can default to Boots of Swiftness. The extra move speed helps you escape and get to the enemy carry.

    Armor Items

    Frozen Heart - Armor, cooldown reduction, and even some mana? Yes please. An aura that keeps your team alive? This item was made for Amumu! Get this when your enemies have physical damage (Master Yi, Gangplank, etc.) or depend on attack-speed (Kog-Maw, Warwick, etc.).

    Sunfire Cape - Health and armor are a mummy's best friend (apparently). It even has an aura that farms, kills enemies, and synergizes with your passive! Get this when your enemies have some or all physical damage. Show them just what kind of curse you carry: the burning, itching kind!

    Magic Resist Items

    Banshee's Veil - The health and magic resist will help you tank, while the mana will keep you casting. The shield is nice for avoiding pokes/initiation spells, especially because you are a tank and likely to be in the center of battle. This is probably the most well-rounded of the magic resist items.

    [item=Force of Nature] - So. Much. Magic Resist. Seriously, if your enemies are all casters, pick this up and laugh as you heal through their so-called harassment. Also, you may not be aware of this but culinary experts agree: extra movespeed is the best kind of icing for mummy cake.

    Support Items

    Randuin's Omen - Oh my, what an item! Armor, health, health regeneration, cooldown reduction, and slows are fantastic for Amumu and the fact that it includes [item_text=Heart of Gold] really puts it over the edge. Get this when your enemies depend on attack speed and have predominantly physical damage (or if you started with Heart of Gold).

    [item=Soul Shroud] - Recent changes to this item have moved it up in my priority. Health and cooldown reduction are great for Amumu and some mana regeneration will help if a teammate is taking the Blue buffs.

  • Build Examples

    Mixed Tank
    Physical Tank
    Magic Tank
    Support Tank

  • Strategy and Tactics


    In team fights, you have three main jobs. Depending on your team setup, you may be called upon to (1) initiate team fights. You can do this with a carefully timed Bandage Toss or Flash followed by Curse of the Sad Mummy. Ideally, you will be able to time this in such a way that you get three or more enemies in it at a time when your team is ready to pounce; at the very least, you want to be sure to catch the enemy team's top damage-dealers in it (even if that means missing the rest of the enemy team). Following this, or following someone else's initiation, you will have to choose between two important priorities. You can either (2) chase down and disrupt the enemy team's top damage-dealers with Bandage Toss and Tantrum, or (3) stick like glue to and protect your team's top damage-dealer with Bandage Toss and Tantrum. The decision to one or the other will have to be made in the moment and will depend largely on positioning, the behavior of other players, which team is ahead, and how mobile each team's damage dealers are. You can also use your Curse of the Sad Mummy in conjunction with allies with area of effect spells, such as Fiddlesticks, Gangplank, Annie, Anivia, etc. The beginning of the following video shows this to great effect:


    Most of the cool tricks that Amumu can do involve Bandage Toss. This includes (1) escaping over jungle walls by pulling yourself to neutral creeps, (2) ganking over jungle walls by bandage tossing through walls, (3) killing invisible units by guessing where they are running and pulling yourself to them, (4) dodging skill shots by pulling yourself out of the way, (5) stunning an enemy champion inside the range of a turret, and (6) juking a pursuing enemy by pulling yourself to them as they exit tall grass. I am working on putting together a youtube video showcasing such tactics.

  • Abilities

    Cursed Touch
    This can help your Despair and Tantrum deal more damage when you are alone, or help friendly spellcasters achieve their greatest effects. Keep this in mind while chasing, especially with Ghost active, and hit the enemy you're chasing with an auto-attack every few seconds. For early game harassment, try to get an auto-attack in before using Tantrum to maximize the damage it deals.

    Bandage Toss
    This is a great ability for stunning and moving quickly. It can also move you through terrain, such as off ledges or through corners, which can be useful for both chasing and escaping. It will hit enemy heroes and minions, as well as neutral minions. Another option would be to run towards enemy/neutral minions and pull yourself to them, faster than your chaser could follow. Be aware, however, that it takes time for the bandage to reach its full distance and you will sit where you are until it connects (which can be dangerous).

    This does damage to minions as well as champions, so use it to help take down golems, dragons, barons, and super creeps. Because of the percentile nature of its damage, it is especially well-suited to taking down high-HP tanks such as Shen and Dr. Mundo. It can also help your team take down enemies that are hard to hit, such as Jax or an invisible Eve/Twitch/Shaco.

    The cooldown reduction aspect of this ability is often overlooked and underrated. You can use it to great advantage by moving a fight to where enemy minions can surround you. The AoE damage really adds up! Also note that this can hit invisible units, even if you don't have them revealed.

    Curse of the Sad Mummy
    Your primary use for this ability is to initiate team battles in conjunction with Flash or Bandage Toss. Giving your teammates a few seconds to beat on the enemy team's glass cannons will really swing a battle. Learning the perfect time to use this ability and capturing three or more enemies in it are what separate the novice from the master Amumu. Over time you will also grow more comfortable with what the range of this spell is and be able to catch people right at its edge. Note that this is NOT A STUN, so don't rely on it to interrupt channeling; save Bandage Toss for that.

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