Blitzcrank Build Guide

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The Tank That Spanks

written by derDuffy

Blitzcrank Build

Table of Contents

  • Changelog

    29/04/2010: Changed the Tank Itembuild slitly to add some dps, Changed tha Masteries
    26/04/2010: Changed the Itembuild

  • Abilities

    Mana Barrier
    This passive ability might save your life from time to time. Besides the survival capability it adds to Blitzcrank it has some downsides too. First of all it consumes half of your current mana - and if u get some damage it really consumes it. Also it uses only half of your mana available, i.e if your low on mana the shield's capacity will be quite poor.

    Nevertheless for me - as i buy Sapphire Crystal as my first item - it drew a distinction between making and being the firstblood!

    Rocket Grab
    This ability is the ability Blitzcrank - imho - is all about! It's a create opener for team fights or even your 1 vs. 1 situations, which you should go for. Of course Rocket Grab helps you chase fleeing enemies!
    Don't be afraid to try some optimistic grabs after a little practice it will pay off :)

    Nice for escaping and of course pursuits - however i won't use and therefore skill it until level 5, as i use flash as a summoner spell there is no use for in this ability for me in (very) early game!
    The ability is also quite nice for pushing towers - mainly with the sheen proc and/or additional attack speed!

    Power Fist
    In combination with a well placed Rocket Grab this ability has nice disable capabilities and does a lot of damage (with sheen + critical and magic penetration). Try to hit the grabbed enemy once before using Power Fist. With some timing you could utilize a second sheen proc then with Power Fist (One from Rocket Grab and one from Power Fist). The timing is hard to handle especially with fast fleeing enemies there might not be the time - in this case use Power Fist right away or consider to use exhaust as a summoner spell

    Static Field
    This ultimate only has advantages in my opinion. First of all the passive discharges are a nice extra damage while in pursuit of an enemy champion (if there are no minions present) or even while farming minions.
    Second, the active discharge deals lots of damage (especially with stacked AP) and is a nice "finisher".
    Third, the cooldown of this ultimate is so short that one can use it for farming 1-3 minion waves at once with quiet conscience. Just make sure there is no upcoming team fight in the next 40 seconds!

  • Introduction

    I like playing Blitzcrank more as fighter than as a tank. Of course i stack up HP as the team mostly relies on Blitzcrank to tank all the incoming damage from towers and enemy teams :).

    Beside this i hardly focus on attack damage , critical strikes and life leech as i search and find the 1-on-1 situations. You will see this in my item / rune build later in this guide. I appreciate any discussion on this.

    Your main job in team fights is of course tanking but at least important it is to grab one enemy champion out (for example out of a pushing group) and create a Xvs1 situation for your team. Of course your main target should be enemy damage dealers who are low hp. This action hardly depends on your team because depending on which enemy champion you grab you need at least one damage dealer next to you to finish the target fast.

    Any discussion is very welcome!

  • Masteries + Runes

    My mastery points are distributed like 21-0-9.

    The 15% magic penetration is nice for Blitzcrank, combined with some cooldown reduction, critical strike chance this is fine for me.

    My rune page for Blitzcrank looks like this:

    resulting in a total of 8.55
    resulting in a total of 4.86
    resulting in 5.85%
    resulting in 13.5 + Seals = 18.36

    Any discussion on the runes is very welcome!

  • Skilling Order

    For explanation, in my opinion Overdrive is a nice ability but not that useful until you have some items. There are two reasons to skill it on level 5, first there might be the possibility to "rush" one of the towers, second maybe you have to escape from a failed "gank" (because from level 5/6 on you should start visiting your partners on the other lanes in order to offer some surprising ride on the roller coaster to your enemy champions.

    Therefore i skill it at level 5 and then only from level 14 on whenever it's not possible to skill your ultimate.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Personally i use Teleport and Flash but depending on your style of play you might also use Exhaust / Ghost and maybe even Cleanse. For summoners with a lower level Heal and Clarity are also helpful as fun with Blitzcrank hardly depends on your mana.

    So to put it in a nutshell use the summoner spells you are familiar with/you have available/you like to have - imho there is no right/wrong.

  • Items

    In the upcoming weeks i will rewrite this chapter in order to fit both of my builds!

    At game start i buy:
    + 2x

    With my first return to base (or if i am forced to teleport back) i will try to get:

    from before + => and

    (What i get hardly depends on how much money i have already earned and also on the champions i am playing against. So you can easily modify the order of the items)
    The next item on your list should be better boots,personally i prefer

    because i change lanes a lot/teleport back to base and want to rejoin combat fast. Feel free to adjust the selection of boots to your needs and of course enemy champions. and are - imho - good choices too.

    As the next two items i would suggest some regeneration of both hp and mana, so go for
    [item_icon=Emblem of Valour] and you can use them to build your final item build so it won't be a waste of gold.

    From now on your choice should really depend on your enemies and team. If you are the main tank go for some HP first (i.e. [item_text=Soul Shroud] and/or Warmog's Armor, if u can rely on another tank then go for damage first (i.e. Nashor's Tooth and/or [item_text=Stark's Fervor] ). In order to have a good balance between damage output and survivability go for Trinity Force first and then the rest of the items.

    At the end u should have the following items, i'll include a short explanation after each item.

    This item offers a great balance between health and mana pool (Blitzcrank profits from both) which directly leads to a greater survivability.
    Also it adds damage by increasing critical chance, attack speed, base damage and ability power.
    definitely a must have for Blitzcrank.

    [item_icon=Stark's Fervor]
    Adds lifesteal and health regen to you and your teammates and therefore is a great advantage while farming and especially in teamfights. Also it decreases the armor of enemy champions and will help your team to do some extra damage. Imho a very nice item for helping the team and yourself.

    Some additional attack speed combined with a nice AP boost and some mana regen. For me the cooldown reduction makes the item a must have.

    Well this one is easy - nice amount of extra health + health regen and it is stackable so what else do we need :)

    [item_icon=Soul Shroud]
    This one is easy too, extra health, mana regen and of the main part here - cooldown reduction for you AND your team! Another advantage is that this item is comparatively cheap and even the pre-stage is quite useful (in terms of mana regen)

    As i explained before - these boots are my favorite boots, because they help me in the way i play Blitzcrank but there are other options too. If there are many melee champions in the other team or you have to tank a lot and feel you need it get - some dodge or reduction of slowing effects by buying or

    Alternative builds:

    If you want to have some direct damange then one can also build instead of [item_text=Soul Shroud] or Nashor's Tooth. The armor reduction will help your power fist and of course the auto attacks.

    Depending on how the game is going and if there are other (real) tanks on the team, one might think of building Last Whisper instead of [item_text=Soul Shroud] to add some extra dps. The armor penetration is nice for power fist as well.

    Another option could be Youmuu's Ghostblade as it adds some damage and additional cooldown reduction besides crit-chance and armor penetration. If you activate the item one gain a nice boost in attack damage and movement speed. Personally i will use this item instead of [item_text=Soul Shroud].

  • Build Example

    The standard Blitzbuild (Tank + medium DPS)

    DPS Build (with some survivability too)

  • Working in the team

    As mentioned before your job is to open group fights by rocket grabbing one poor enemy champion in your battlefront. Hopefully some others might follow to rescue that poor guy - this is the time of your team. Now they need to focus the right ones, you can try to power fist another champion then use your ultimate and maybe rocket grab the fleeing leftovers :).

    As it comes to enemy tanks or massive disablers you always need a damage dealer/disabler at your side to make sure your latest rocket grab won't turn against you.

  • Pros / Cons

    + Nice to play - there is always something one can do
    + Nice survivability
    + Very nice in teamfights
    + Very nice in 1-on-1 versus most champions

    - hardly mana dependent
    - not the best tank but still very useful as a tank
    - in some periods of the game and in those non-dominant games your fortune depends on your team as you need someone at your side to do some damage and cover up your ass

  • Farming

    Through Overdrive and your ultimate (active/passive) the farming capabilities of Blitzcrank are quite nice. With a little lifesteal or health regen one can stay at one lane for a very long time.

  • Summary

    I could suggest Blitzcrank for every team setup that needs a tank or maybe even a second tank. Also Blitzcrank is a very nice opener and kind of supporter. He can push towers very fast and is well prepared for defense too.

    Personally i like this champion because there are various ways of playing him. One can play him as combat machine and as a def-tank just as well. One can support or just go for a little ego trip and farm some enemy champions.

    Also the champion needs some handling skills which made it worth playing for me.

    One thing at the end of this guide - this is my first guide and any discussion/suggestion which may improve this guide and therefore my game is very welcome!

    On this note - have phun playing Blitzcrank and League of Legends - see you in the battle field!
    - Duffy

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