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Pentarina - AP Katarina Guide

written by dolphii

Katarina Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello guys. My name is Dolphii and i would like to share this Katarina build with you since she is my main and she is a lot of fun to play. While i own pretty much everything with her, i would like you to do the same, and i would appreciate any kind of ideas for upgrades. This build is a general AP katarina build focusing on high AP and a lot of Spell Vamp for your Death Lotus.

    This is my first guide on Leaguecraft.com so i hope you will look through fingers with the maybe not so advanced look.

    Off-Topic i can tell that i am a boy from Denmark.

    Have fun reading and be ready to own with Katarina! ;-)

  • Masteries


    this is my masteries;

    Ok so you can see i run a caster spec. 9/0/21. I do this for a few reasons. first of all, she is a cooldown based hero which means that she do not have a resource that her spells cost. That makes the Utillity speccing pretty obvious. Katarina is also an AP champ and the 9 points in the offensive tree gives her a really big boost to her spells. The utillity tree also gives her the improved flash which is pretty nice.

  • Runes

    Ok now we are a pretty tricky subject. The runes determines if you are going to have a good early game or not. In my opinion runes are actualy only for helping you early- and not mid- or lategame. While those 30-35 AP can give you a boost big enough to outplay your enemy, it won't help you when all players in the game got 900+ AP. At that point it is about playing tactical and skilled. I like playing with mixed runes. Ill show you what i mean:

    First of, i take Greater Mark of Insightx9 because it gives you a fair amount of damage.

    For seals i go Greater Seal of Fortitudex9. I do that because i feel that having just a bit of survival will help you a lot early game.

    My glyph choice will be Greater Glyph of Potencyx9. I choose this because as i said before. Having an early game boost of your mainstat will help you outplay your enemy.

    Last but not less important, Quintessences. I go Greater Quintessence of Potencyx3, once again AP for the boost.

    I hope this explained my runes enough, so you can understand why i picked them.

  • The game

    I start out with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion. Boots of speed helps your harassing + minion farming. Health potions is always nice, cause if you fail on the harassing and you take damage, then you can get it back without recalling.

    first time i go back is for Buying my full boot: Sorcerer's Shoes. Before returning to my lane i buy as much as i can from Hextech Revolver and a couple of Health Potion again.

    Return to your lane and begin to farm again. Keep the harassing up on your enemy so you can either get a kill or force them to go back and make them lose experience. Next time you go back you will finish your Hextech Revolver and start on your Rylai's Crystal Scepter. The first item needed for it will be the one you have golds for. Keep farming but around this point the laning will be messed up. People have died on all lanes and some of them might have changed. What you do is try to keep farming since the less you have to run, the more you come in front of your enemy.

    Next time you go back you finish your Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Think about going to other lanes for kills now. Your teammates maybe need you. Every bit counts from now on. You should go back only when you have golds for something new. Try to avoid getting ganked so you are forced to go back without having anything good to get.

    Now get yourself a Hextech Gunblade out of the Hextech Revolver you had from before. With this item you have decent amounts of AP and really good spell vamp, and you should be able to kill the enemies pretty good.

    Rabadon's Deathcap will be your next choice. After this one you will go for Will of the Ancients for even more Spell Vamp.

    Now its pretty much open what you get as last item because in many situations it can help you a lot to either get an Abyssal Scepter, a Banshee's Veil or some other kind of defence. As my last item i like to get another Hextech Gunblade though. Gives you a fair sum of AP and even more Spell Vamp. After this item you can start buying the elixirs and the [item=Oracle's Elixir]

  • Skilling Order

    This is my priorities:

    1.Death Lotus: This one is your ultimate. Your best spell by far.

    2. Bouncing Blade: Your key to harassing and farming. This spell give you a way to get someone down in health before you choose to Shunpo and Death Lotus them.

    3. Shunpo: Good spell for last hitting. You need it alot.

    4. [Spell_text=Killer Instincts]: Not so useful spell to be honest. But....

    Always follow this priority list. But if you are against a healer on your lane or a Vladimir then get Killer Instincts rank 1 at level 3 or 4.

  • Summoner Abilities

    For Summoner Abilities i like to use Flash and Ignite. Here's why:

    Flash: In my opinion it is the best escaping spell in the game. If you are good at flashing (yes you can actualy be trained) then you can jump over the walls they wouldn't expect, and then they have lost you for ever.

    Ignite: Extremely useful for finishing off the enemy champion on your lane. Just get them to a point on their health pool where they don't recall to get full. Then do a Bouncing Blade/Shunpo combo and pop your Ignite. Then either run or flash away depending on the situation.

    Summoner spells that you can use:

    Teleport: This spell is very good for Katarina. Though it is mostly useful when you are using a gold farming build like Kage's Lucky Pick build. It Makes you lose less experience and less gold.

    Clairvoyance: No need to say much. This spell works for ALL heroes in the game if you can use it right.

    Heal: Can be used. If they haven't noticed your heal spell they are pretty much dead if they try to burst you down 1v1 in early game.

    Summoner spells that i wouldn't use:

    Ghost: This might sound weird but ghost with Katarina is not so useful. Her fleeing is based on instant jumping, and because of that, just one slow or a lockdown and Ghost won't help you anymore.

    [Spell_text=Rally]: In my opinion this is the worst summoner spell in the game. Do not use this one as Katarina.

    Clarity: Mana? No thanks. Even with 4 mana users this one ain't good. Get one of them to take it instead.

  • Pros / Cons


    - Amazing for teamfights
    - pretty good in 1v1
    - good farmer
    - good at harassing
    - nice mobillity


    - Squishy
    - Bad against tanks
    - Pretty useless if she haven't got a good amount of minion farm.

  • Working in the team

    In a teamfight, Katarina's role is pretty basic. You will wait till there have been engaged and you join them with your ultimate while the enemies are focusing your teammates. They are too focused on getting that one of your mates down that they don't notice they are getting destroyed by your Death Lotus. You will be the last one entering the teamfight, and the first one out again.

    Katarina should always take the mid lane since she is an incredible farmer. With Bouning Blade and Shunpo you are able to get almost every minion that is dying. In the early levels you WILL have abit problems against champions like Vayne or Caitlyn. But if you just remember to stay out of their range and keep farming, then you will take them down later. Katarina can shunpo away from almost every spell. For example; Brand's spells, Alistars "Q" if you time it right, Jannas whirl etc etc.

    Katarina is not the best ganker, so you have to be patient. Wait till you are level 10 or higher and do not leave your lane unless it is really sure that you can get something out of it. Because as said earlier, she is not so good without some kind of farm.

  • Summary

    Ok so now i have told you tons of stuff about Katarina, how i play her and what i think is the best way to play her. I hope that you got something out of this guide and even if you didn't, then i would love if you would give some kind of tell, just what you think about it in general and maybe some changes that could make it even better. I ONLY do this to help other people, so this is not a self-promoting guide.

    Thanks for taking your time to read! :)

  • Abilities

    Amazing abillity to work with your ultimate. If you kill 2 enemies you will have your Death Lotus almost ready again.

    Bouncing Blade
    This is your spell for harassing and farming/last hitting. Works really well as a harass combo with Shunpo. When its high enough rank you can even hit people standing at tower, if you throw it at the incoming minions. Not as good as Fiddlesticks "E" spell because it cannot hit the same enemy twice.

    [spell=Killer Instincts]
    This abillity is pretty useless in some situations. But if you meet a healer it is pretty useful.

    Good spell to finish off minions, harassing, entering teamfights and coming out of them again. It also works pretty good to catch up on fleeing enemy champions.

    Death Lotus
    This spell is an enemy destroyer. In my opinion it is one of the best teamfight spells in the game. With a good amount of Spell Vamp and the right amount of AP this is a oneshotter that will keep you up.

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