Jarvan IV Build Guide

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Jarvan, the Prince of Demacia!

written by Haku1991

Jarvan IV Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Martial Cadence
    it deals alot of extra dmg all 6 seconds for about 10% of their hp

    Dragon Strike
    very strong skill wich is flexible to use. reduces heavy armor and u can flee easy in combat with Demacian Standard or knock up enemys for stunning them and do succesfull ganks.

    Golden Aegis
    Jarvans personal AoE slow its like a little Randuin's Omen and a hard combo together with
    Randuin's Omen it is great in team fights or to flee from enemys
    the shield is nice to block some dmg + nice counter to Requiem

    Demacian Standard
    Nice Bonus atk speed to push towers faster or support in fights.
    you'll have to use in combo with Dragon Strike

    very nice ulti its great in strategy and deals good dmg care about ur own squishis when u use it wait for the right moment or engage with it.
    CARE: flash and other escape skills will make ur ulti useless use it wehn their skills are on cd

  • Skills

    External Image
    i gues i havent to say much about this skill order

  • Masterys + Runes (Tank)

    Heavy Tank Masterys wich will help you to get almost unkillable 1/21/8

    3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness for more extra speed to catch people with ur Cataclysm or to flee.

    9x Greater Mark of Desolation very nice for ur Dragon Strike the enemys armor will fall down into the grounds

    9x Greater Seal of Evasion dodge makes u faster dodge can save lives dodge = zero dmg i love it and i think u will LOVE it too!

    9x Greater Glyph of Warding to make u more resistence vs magic u will love it :)

  • Summoner Spells

    i prefer Exhaust and Ghost. 1/21/8 makes them both stronger.

    Exhaust is nice to escape make feed enemys weak to reduce armor and 1000 other good things i mean its actuall the best summoner spell that exists in this game =D !

    Ghost is a great skill to escpae and hunt with Cataclysm its great in combo to catch enemys succesfully.

  • Items

    The items to start with are Regrowth Pendant + Health Potion those will give u a good survieabillity.
    The next items for the core build are very cheap so u can build them pretty damn fast as first, I build Philosopher's Stone and make it too [item=Eleisa's Miracle](its grands you very nice reg. for mana and hp)
    besides u can easily buy some Boots of Speed upgrade them later to Boots of Swiftness or to Ninja Tabi depending on your enemys team.
    as next I'll build Randuin's Omen or Banshee's Veil depending on your enemys team more ad = Randuin's Omen more ap = Banshee's Veil after this you can build the other one.
    this is a cheap and very strong balanced tank core wich make the enemys to hate u this is a promise

    recommended items

    some dmg (off-tank)
    when I want some dmg I gotta buy Atma's Impaler and if that isn't enough I buy Warmog's Armor this will grant alot of dmg and you'll become a beastly tank

    Heavy AD enemys
    if the enemys are strong AD just use the off-tank build it'll increase armor heavy and switch boots to Ninja Tabi

    Heavy AP enemys
    build [item=Force of Nature] or Spirit Visage
    if you want to be more offensive against Heavy AP teams build one Hexdrinker this item will grant you some power to punish them :D

    usefull items

    Mercury's Treads won't be neccesary cuz of [item=Eleisa's Miracle]

    Thornmail its okay the reflected dmg is nice and the armor adds alot of def too but u already slow the enemys wich makes the dmg output of Thornmail less

    Guardian Angel Great item but i dont like it that much because most of the times you get killed and rebirthed they will simply kill you again

    Frozen Heart not testet now but I think it could get funny with it

    !!!Never Forget to buy 3-5 Health Potion they got a great reg. you have to activate them befor a fight starts it'll save your ass a thousand times :D.

    hint: when you got some money after buying Health Potion buy a Elixir of Fortitude too it'll grant you alot power especially with Atma's Impaler

    dont forget to put some wards up

  • Pros/Cons

    - a Great Tank
    - nice escape moves
    - can save your own team mates
    - great dmg and armor reduction

    - I dont know any Cons because I haven't figured out a single con, yet..really sorry but I searched desperately for something but..but...but DEMACIA!!!

  • last words

    I like this champ its a very good DEMACIA┬┤n tank wich supports teams pretty well
    when u like this guide i will update it

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