Dr. Mundo Build Guide

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Dr. Mundo...SMASH!

written by DefianceReturns

Dr. Mundo Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hey It's RhDefiance here with a guide on Doctor Mundo!
    This fun, tanky character can easily regen hp (like a boss) annoy the hell out of your enemies (like a boss) and Go in a 3v1 and maybe come out still alive! (Like.A.Boss)

  • Abilities

    Adrenaline Rush
    Spell Summary
    Dr. Mundo regenerates 0.3% of his maximum Health each second.

    Ok passive, Helps Late game a bit like every point of Regen Does
    But basically this tells you...I will give you life. You Tank. Now. No exceptions. You Tank.
    (unless you're totally trolling xD) It's ok..i troll in games sometimes too
    It's just hilarious of what you can do!

    "Ah! That's the stuff!"

    Infected Cleaver
    Spell Summary
    Dr. Mundo hurls his cleaver, dealing magic damage equal to (15/17.5/20/22.5/25)% of the target's current Health ((80/130/180/230/280) damage minimum) and slowing them by (40)% for (2) seconds.

    Half of the health cost is refunded if the cleaver hits a target.

    Mmmm..Bread And Butter for Mundo. This has such a low cooldown, you should use this EVERY TIME YOU SEE AN ENEMY! Yes its a skill shot..learn to aim and aim well, because with this move you will literally bruise up enemies!

    This deals a MINIMUM OF 80 DAMAGE at level 1 With a slow. 'Nuff Said?

    Pro Tip: This move makes a SPLAT Sound when it hits. Therefore you can throw this in a bush and listen closely. Hear the splat? You got a target!

    Burning Agony
    Spell Summary
    Toggle: Dr. Mundo deals (40/55/70/85/100) (+(0.2 per ability power point)) magic damage to nearby enemies, and reduces the duration of crowd control effects on Dr Mundo by (15/20/25/30/35)%.

    This is your Personal, Built-In Sunfire Cape
    Also this reduces CC's by a substantial amount!
    Use this move 1) Everytime you see an Enemy. 2) Go into a Fight. 3) Chase someone. 4) RUNNING AWAY?!


    Because I'm smarter than you. And I am Mundo. Think Amumu, You're kinda just letting them follow you while you have your Tears on...So same scenario

    But Think of THIS scenario.
    3 People Chasing you, All with Slows. You have 500 hp left And you're just running for your life.
    Smart..But this guide wont be needing a ghost. How about You Turn this sucker on, and vamoose! Then as soon as your ult comes on. Slam your R key and get out. You See with this guide; Your HP Regen should average about 100+ Hp/5 seconds. You're only loosing about 20 hp a second WITHOUT ult

    Spell Summary
    Increases Attack Damage by (40/55/70/85/100) for (5) seconds. Dr. Mundo gains an additional +(0.4/0.55/0.7/0.85/1) Attack Damage for each percentage of Health he is missing.

    -reads skill description- Not Worth it..
    Well that was kind of my first impression. But i didnt realize how strong this move is! This gives you More Damage than your opponent expects you to have! Always Spam this during fights and pushes!

    Spell Summary
    Dr. Mundo regenerates (40/55/70)% of his maximum Health over (12) seconds. Additionally, he gains (15/25/35)% Movement Speed.

    The Reason why Dr. Mundo Is Dr. Mundo.
    He regens practically majority of his health and has a built in Ghost! Using this move wisely can increase your activity! Yeah I can rush in and use it when i start to get low...OR WHEN My Hp is 50% (2000 hp of 4000) OR If you're a greedy bastard, Chase!
    Dont be scared to use this because of your Burning Agony, This should about overrule its hp cost a second!

  • Masteries + Runes


    Basic Defense Masteries, Getting a Point in the heal reduction, and utility masteries for grabbing Extra Regen and death reduction and exp Gain. If you want to experiment..Do what you want! I wont haunt you in your dreams for not playing my Mundo


    Greater Mark of Insight More Hurtin on that Cleaver

    Greater Seal of Fortitude An Early Game of More Hp would help almost anybody, But For Mundo, This gives him regen also!

    Greater Seal of EvasionDodge always helps

    Greater Glyph of Shielding Protection

    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness More Movement speed!

    like I said, Just experiment, play around with it and you'll find whatever you like

  • Items

    For That Early Game start, I go with Either Or and a Health Pot For that Regen

    I Usually do well enough to return back with about 1k gold, so i Just buy either OR Build up my

    From There, Just grab and a [item_icon=Force of Nature] Giving yourself even more regen and resistance

    Basically that's your Core Build

    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    From there, It's totally on the situation at hand


    I Grab a

    Can you even kill me without killing yourself?

    More Hp Regen! More fun Or [item_icon=Sunfire Cap]

    This gives you more damage for your Masochism from the 2% of max hp

    However if they have a pretty strong Magic Damage (At Least 1-2 Physical)

    Regen, and magic resist

    Second Chance and bit of everything

    Why not? now you have like what..5000 hp? with 150 hp regen? (guesstimate) OR for that damage

    Basically you would want to Hard Tank. Counter your enemies so you can give your team a slight advantage.

    On average, If they're not really threats, and you just destroyed them..the game should be over about 25-30, Surprisingly not at 20 unless you pushed hard. Again..you're just a tank. YOU WANT NEWCOMERS AND COCKY PEOPLE TO OVER LOOK YOU!

  • Skilling Order

    Basically You would Prioritize

    ---> ---> /

    The Last two is just about preferance, would you like Extra Damage By Auto attacking or Extra Damage by Just Standing. Totally up to you

    I am Aware of Jungling Dr. Mundo...Totally up to you, i dont see why because you're more fun as a bruiser So I refuse to talk about it

  • Summoner Abilities

    Best Grabs

    People will want to 1v1 you. But they're fools, So Bah with them. Pop this and you win! Chasing them same way, if you're Cleaver Doesnt quite get them to you. Pop this and now you got a kill

    Just to finish them

    Yeah, Why not! If you might notice, some Higher Elo Players are bringing This back into play since level 1. Believe it or not, This instant heal might just buy enough time to get that kill or get that Ult on!

    Decent Grabs

    If you really want to..I usually take ignite and Heal, I think you dont need this because the other are just too much to miss out on

    [spell_icon=fortify] If you feel that you wanna help out the team more

    Yeah you go in first, so you'd be kinda targeted for the first 5 seconds. Then you can use this to escape sloppy situations

    Every Thing else? Meh.

    you're a tank...You kinda have to stay in the battle?

    Let your support handle this

    [spell_icon=Rally] Why?

    No Mana.

    I, emphasis on I, Do not jungle. Therefore i dont smite with Mundo

    -Dies- Ok -revive- ....NOW WHAT DO YOU DO? The battles waay over there when You're at the base. No thanks. If you want a Second Chance get Guardian Angel

    If you want..

  • Pros / Cons


    Intense Bruiser (if you got aim)
    Can Chase Well (If you got aim)
    Can destroy enemies by just being there
    Epic Regeneration

    You cant Aim, Cant win
    If you don't ult properly or at the right time, you may just die
    Mundo Does as he Pleases.

  • Working in the team

    You basically should have enough hp and tankiness to rush in their first and come out alive. But you're that distraction that might put you're team ahead with an Ace!
    You're damage is too much to be ignored but you're still too tanky to take out! Perfect!

    However if you guys are at a stand still, example 5 enemies at their half beaten tower while your team of 5 is trying to penetrate. Just keep tossing in your 3 second cooldown cleaver to weaken them. Then when you're ready...CHARGE IN WITH MASOCHISM AND TANK IT! What would you want to do is just spam masochism to push and then turn on Agony. Ult when your hp drops down. If you want Go out, heal 500 then go back in.

    Basically you would just want bruise them and deal that damage. Yes, YOU GET KILLS ! THATS THE BEAUTY OF IT

  • Summary

    Dr Mundo is a fun tanky character with amazing Hp Regeneration and Exceptional Damage!
    With his slows and built-in sunfire ability, he will get those kills while doing his tanking job
    You can also even push towers with you're masochism!

    Dont push Mundo Too Hard..Because

    Doctor Mundo Does as he pleases...

    So, Have fun, Get kills. Comments and Concerns Are always welcomed! Thanks for looking at this Guide

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