Miss Fortune Build Guide

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Miss Fortune, the bounty hunter

written by Crucader

Miss Fortune Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hey all, this is my first champion guide here, and i hope you all enjoy it, and maybe learn something at thesame time.
    If you find a flaw in my build, or have a suggestion, leave a comment!
    If you choose to respond, read the entire guide carefully, know what you are responding to.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries, i go full into offense, with 25 points.
    the rest i pick utility to further increase the usefullness of my abilities.


    I find runes are more personal, use it to your own bidding.
    i have a setup which gives a good deal of attack speed early, making it easier to farm creeps.
    AS marks n quints
    Mana regen seals
    cdr glyphs

    you can take other options like armor or magic pen marks, and movement speed quints.

    it's really up to you, and how you want to play.

  • Items

    For items i have attack speed, AD, some AP and on-hit effects.
    i start with vampiric sceptre, which gives more survivability early game, and later builds into cutlass/gunblade.

    for boots i pick berserker greaves, alot of ppl don't like them and choose other boots.
    but for MF it makes last-hitting creeps easier, and it also improves the effectiveness of impure shots.

    after that, start building guinsoo's rageblade, more AD+AP and a nice attack speed bonus on-hit.

    then you start building either malady or black cleaver, depending on your team-mates and on the enemy team.
    (if you are laning with a caster, you want to get malady first)

    after these items, you should be completing your gunblade, it's one of the best allround items in the game.
    it will increase your damage from normal attacks and abilities, and give you alot more survivability.
    the active is perfect to prevent any champion from using ghost to get away.

    the nest step will be building trinity force, i don't think i have to explain this, it's just a great item for pretty much every champion.

    when completing this build, you find that you are hitting the 2.5 attack speed cap.
    2,5 attacks per second is nice, but it's a bit overkill. you may want to change your boots for more defence, magic penetration or movement speed.

    if the enemy is stacking health, or if you want to take baron, you can take madreds bloodrazor over malady or black cleaver.
    for baron, malady has little use, and you get black cleaver and bloodrazor.

    some might say the attack speed is overkill, but all your on-hit effect can take good chunks out of everything. and they make cleanse less effective, stacks go up incredibly fast.

  • Summoner Abilities

    this is a very good choice, with exhaust you can completely disable an enemy champion, and take him or the rest out much easier.

    i prefer using exhaust, ignite damages and reduces healing from enemy champions, late-game this is by far not as usefull as exhaust in teamfights.

    there is no reason not to get this, it gives you the boost in speed you need to catch up or flee from enemies. very usefull for ganking.

    often underestimated, but it can turn the tide of a teamfight, or save an ally on low health.
    it's good, but i don't recommend getting it, let one of the tanks get it.

    it can save your life if the enemy team is targeting you, which is to be expected.

    let's you teleport to any turret or minion, it's not usefull in teamfights, but it can be used to quickly push or defend a lane. it's an option, although a risky one.
    if the enemy team is succesfully pushing your turrets and taking out your team, teleport becomes completely useless.

    very good when you run out of mana regularly, but the cooldown is a bit high to be of any real use for miss fortune.

    i don't find the other choices to be very helpfull for miss fortune

  • Summary

    this build is mainly attack speed with on-hit effect from items and abilities.
    the damage output explodes if you get a few consecutive hits.

    each hit will:
    increase attack speed, the next hit will come fast
    increased AP, impure shots will gain in strength
    increase stacks for impure shots, dealing more damage
    reduce the targets armor, making auto-attacks hit harder
    reduce the targets magic resist, making impure shots also hit harder
    possibly slowing the target, reducing chances of escape
    hit 150% harder after every ability cast.

    add up all these effects and you deal alot of damage to any given target.
    also increasing the damage your teammates do to that target.
    if you co-operate well with your team, you're target will have no chances of surviving any teamfight.

    if you want to overview the build, use this link:

  • Abilities

    A great passive for your task, the ability to move fast across the map is vital.
    enemies won't be able to get away from you while on strut.

    Double Up
    applies on-hit effects, and is a good starter. use it to engage enemies, it will remove banshee's buff, and thus make the enemy vulnerable to stuns.

    Impure Shots
    hit harder every attack with magic damage, consecutive hits will hit even harder. with rageblade and malady, the damage from impure shots can get pretty high early game.

    Make It Rain
    one of the most annoying skills in the game, you can slow entire waves of minons or prevent entire teams from escaping. i always pick this as first ability, it's awesome for farming and defending.

    Bullet Time
    awesome damage, and has very very long range. you can take out entire teams with this if timed right. also usefull to defend your turrets from supers.

  • Pros / Cons

    you can deal great damage, you can assist other champions by tearing their defenses.
    you have a very high attack speed, enabling you to farm very well.
    with strut + boots + trinity, you have a great movement speed, it will be near impossible for them to catch you.

    you are squishy, the only item that gives a bit more beef is trinity force, and there's some regen from gunblade.
    you are vulnerable to stuns, but if you play it right, you can avoid most stuns by placing yourself well.
    thornmail is a danger, the best way to counter this is to get more lifesteal (bt or a second gunblade)

  • Working in the team

    you're task is simple, focus on the priority target.
    debuff him, and take him down.
    if the enemy team puts their eyes on you, you have to position yourself very well, because you die very easily.

    if there's ranged dps on your team, ask them to buy starks, the aura is great for teamfights.
    if the enemy team has ranged dps, ask a tank to get frozen heart, it will reduce the danger from high attack speed champs significantly.

  • Farming

    farming is a piece of cake, use make it rain to keep enemies at distance, or take out entire waves.
    use double up as last-hitter. the second bounce is very usefull to keep enemies at distance. it can deal some surprise damage to champions and it will proc trinity force.

  • Q/A

    i will answer questions here, and debate item choices.

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