Nasus Build Guide

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TT- nasus puttin it in your butt tanky dps style

written by fenimore

Nasus Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    ill add pictures etc when im home cant do that in my iphone =p

    Well im sitting here at work bored as can be and decided to make a nasus guide.... firstly i have won over 500games on nasus in TT....

    marks: apen
    yellows: dodge or mp5, depends on how well you manage your mana, i prefer mp5 so i can spam my moves to be very aggressive and farm ss everytime its not on cd.
    blues: flat magic resist- who doesnt like being tanky early game? TT is caster heavy anyways
    quints: Move speed- i love love love love them with all my heart. allows me to not rush boots 2

    i either go 9-21-0 or if the team already has a tank and ima go off tank i go 17-13-0 getting apen mpen and increased damage to minions

    Skilling order: R>E>Q>W

    let me explain, your aoe(E) is:
    great for farming
    great for zoning players from last hitting
    lowers mr and armor by tons!
    its just beautiful
    around lvl 4 it can kill caster minions without your help!

    Siphoning strike over wither, why? because the cooldown on ss is reduced and whither already cripples enough

    item build:

    i start out with a mana crystal 1 healthpot and a mana pot
    farm well zone out the enemies with your E and always ALWAYS last hit with SS whenever it is up.. at lvl 6 you should have turned your mana crystal into a sheen. grab a few pots and head for dragon! yes at lvl 6 with sheen you can solo dragon! pop your ult and watch your % based ulti melt dragon for the nice 280g. go back grab boots and begin working on spirit visage

    spirit visage is just perfect for nasus, gives him a little of everything he wants and 20% more hp on his ulti!

    after SV you wana buy some health item as well as finish merc treads or ninja tabi
    i buy a giants belt to build into sunfire vs melee heavy team
    i buy catylyst vs caster heavy team to build into banshee veil

    after this you want to build another situational tank item (ex. force of nature, frozen heart, randuins.)

    **when buying tank items on nasus try to stay away from items where they have to target you first, for example thornmail. because nasus does not have a taunt etc he is not focused first 100% of the time rendering that item prettymuch useless. this is why frozen heart is so good on him- its an AURA! doesnt have to be attacked to proc its passive**


    mana crystal 1red 1blue pot > sheen + boots 1 > spirit visage > ninja tabi/merc treads > health item > situational tank item > trinity force!

    once you finish trin force you should be hitting your Q for 500+ on people and hitting very hard for a tank.

    after trin force(if the game is still going) you can either:

    focus on more damage


    becoming tankier.
    i normally grab another tank item if they are beatin me up pretty bad, but if im tearing em up why not buy Guardian angel, or Blood thirster.

    if you have a tank on your team and are not getting melted by the time u finished SV and boots you have a choice of sticking to the build and becoming a monster beef cake or building trin force over tank items and going the damage path. its really situational.

    hope this little guide helps you guys with owning kids with nasus as i do


  • Abilities

    Soul Eater
    Yum free laning stability

    Siphoning Strike
    it just gets better and better...

    nice attack speed and movement speed.... ha!

    Spirit Fire
    im aoeing your minions, killin all them castors, reducin your armor, zoning u scrubs...

    Fury of the Sands
    sweet i walk around and do tons of damage

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