Janna Build Guide

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Janna - Queen of Support or "How to get your enemies breathless"

written by Amicara

Janna Build

Table of Contents

  • Quick Summary

    For those of you just landed in the champion selection and going like: "Ooops i just didn't look for a guide and got 90 Seconds left ffs..." here is a short summary with all you will need to play her the real supportive way:



    3 x (recommended) or
    9 x or or anything else :)
    9 x
    9 x or

    Skilling Order:
    In priority from left to right but ensure to get one level in each except of ultimate of course till level 3:

    Item Build:

    [Item_icon=Heart of Gold] [Item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick]
    Those gold items are so important on supports and especially Janna doesn't really suffer leaking stats like AP or something. Just get at least 3 of them I even prefer 4. Just mix them up according to your playstyle.

    Right after core:
    [Item_icon=Oracle's Elixir] just as much of them you can carry around
    Late Game/Optional:
    If your gold items/assists just provide you more money than you can spend on wards and re-oracle'ing think of replacing the gold items with any kind of aura item you think your team gets most support of.

  • Introduction

    Hey Guys,
    first of all thanks for your interest in my Janna guide. As I am not a native English speaker mistakes could and probably will occur. Feel free to correct some things in comments to help me improving this guide. I've been maining Janna now for a while and I really want to share my experiences with you.

    As I play on EU servers this guide relies on EU Meta which means babysitting an AD champion on bottom lane. Therefor it doesn't get in roaming stuff at all.

    So I hope you'll enjoy reading and be able to not only win your matches "With ease" but also leave your enemies "Breathlessly" afterwards.

  • Pros / Cons

    + Really dominates teamfight with heavy cc and aoe heal
    + Got two interrupts (one even on short cd)
    + Can babysit a carry really well
    + Not very Item dependend to be effective
    + Big boobs as Hextech Janna :D

    - Just no heal early on so make sure your lanemate avoids as much damage as possible

    +/- Easy to learn but hard to master

  • Abilities

    Actually pretty good and underrated passive. I mean it's worth like 3 mastery points which is a lot.

    Howling Gale
    Even if you only get one point early on (first three levels) into this it's still kind of your bread and butter skill. The use of Howling Gale and Monsoon will make the difference between a "Okay-Janna" and a "WTF-annoying-nerf-her-plx-Janna".

    It can be used in so many ways; offensive and defensive:
    Offensive means just getting a nice aoe-cc right after your team initiate's in teamfights, initiate yourself on your duolane or jsut chasing down the chickens running from your team.

    Defensive means to make your bottom lane like almost ungankable by just knocking your oponents around while running from them. This also works to retrieve from a teamfight your team will obviously not win.

    Keep in mind as you are not relying on the damage done by this spell you should make use of kind of instantly release Howling Gale right after casting it by pressing Q again.

    Pretty nice buff from passive and a nice tool for fleeing and chasing with its active component.

    Eye Of The Storm
    Here is the skill making you in most cases the best "AD-carry-babysitter" in the game. Use it to predict and avoid as much enemy harassment on your "baby" as you can. But don't forget about the offensive component. It provides a noticeable ammount of AD and can help your carry on harrasing, chasing, pushing...

    Pretty nice ultimate though. Well by not focusing much on AP you still get a decent aoe-healing ability. The knockback on top can be used in different ways.
    On lane you will just use it when it's needed to keep you and your ally alive. In teamfights it's pretty much the same but you can make use of how it works to even get it more efficent. More later on in the "working in the team" section.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Not much to say here...

    Well you're the support, right? And you really want one CV in your team? Then it's up to you to take it.

    Let's say you will just need it more than any other possible summoner. It provides also an offensive and a defensive usage which fits Janna very well.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Here we go. You probably read above that I want to show you a way to play Janna focused on really supportive playstyle - If not... you know it now. :)

    As we focus on her support skills and some survivability we will go for 0/9/21.

    For Runes i prefer to go with:

    3 x Greater Quintessence of Avarice
    9 x Greater Mark of Fortitude
    9 x Greater Seal of Clarity
    9 x Greater Glyph of Clarity

    In my opinion support doesn't really rely on which marks you use. So just feel free to replace them for anything else.

    Seals and glyphs filled with mana regen will just help you to stay forever out of your base spamming your abilities except you have to recall getting some new wards. But i guess you can go for cd reduction glyphs too. It's up to you what fits your playstyle best.

    For quints I really recommend those nice Gold/10Sec. Well some time ago I was just making jokes about these... I mean c'mon three of them and only 180g all ten minutes. Okay to be honest this is not a lot. But by not lasthitting anything early on and later only when really noone is next to you they will really help you to get your gold items as soon as possible. But if you just don't have those or prefer for example some HP for early game just go for it. Again it depends on your playstyle.

  • Skilling Order

    This is the way I usually go in almost all games. You can just change your first three abilities in every way you need it but be shure to get at one rank in all till level three.

    I highly recommend to not take an ability until you first face your enemies. The reason is pretty simple.
    Imagine you just got started, got one rank in your shield and went out there to protect your jungler at blue buff. Oh no... all enemy team is rushing you but hey you can save the day with your Shield... not! But in case your Howling Gale could have.
    Imagine you just got started, got one rank in your shield and went out there but someone pings the enemy's blue like crazy and goes like "Let's jsut level 1 them... we got so much cc with alistar and janna..." So they engage and you pop your shield: win!... not!
    Ok now you got it after those two games... just got started, got one rank in Howling Gaze and went out there to just smash all those enemies... but no level one activity at all. So you go to your lane and your carry takes some harassment while you can't even shield him no matter how much he will keep on insulting you.

    I hope these examples point out why you should wait with picking your first ability until you are really sure which will be most useful.

  • Items

    My build will strongly focus on getting gold items first. This way i think is the most versatile way to build almost any support champion. But it works especially well on Janna because she isn't that stat reliant. She gets almost everything she needs from masteries and runes.


    [Item_icon=Heart of Gold] [Item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick]
    Those gold items are so important on supports and especially Janna doesn't really suffer leaking stats like AP or something. Just get at least 3 of them I even prefer 4. Just mix them up according to your playstyle.
    So which one you should get?
    First you should get a out of your . With runes and masteries this should provide enough mana regen to get along and almost costs 365g after getting one of its components as start item.
    Now you can choose between [Item_icon=Heart of Gold] and [Item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick]. I run three HoG after philosopher's to get kind of "tanky". I really feel like Janna needs those HP so much more than AP. But it is up to you to go kage's or mix them up.

    Best by far since the tenacity patch I guess. With the implentation of [Item_icon=Eleisa's Miracle] there is no reason to go for Mercurys anymore as you can build this whenever you feel it is necessary out of your starting item and tenacaty doesn't stack. As well you will not roam and already got many things to push your movement speed you really don't need mobility boots.

    Get at least one of them on every recall to ward dragon like 24/7

    Right after core:
    [Item_icon=Oracle's Elixir]
    Just hunt those enemy wards... it will pay itself soon as you won't die much with Janna and good enemies will always have some wards up.

    Just as much of them you can carry around. This will be five. Just recall when you run out wards and you are not expecting any fighting activity to get more and more on the map. But tell your mates when you recall so they don't get caught in a fight.

    Late Game/Optional:
    If your gold items/assists just provide you more money than you can spend on wards and re-oracle'ing think of replacing the gold items with any kind of aura item you think your team gets most support of.

  • Farming

    In a perfect game you would run like 0/0/x and you have like 0 cs. Reality is a bit different. You will get some cs by getting minions when noone (and with noone I'm really talking about noone; not even a tank) is around to get those minions. At least cs is better on Janna than on turrets and allied minions.

  • Working in the team

    Early Game:

    If you have a jungler... go and protect him.
    You will take bottom lane with a AD carry and your challenge will be to make him the best time on this lane you can. You can do this by shielding him against harassment, helping him escape with your q and w spells, helping him getting kills with your q and w spells. If you want to recall to get a gold item tell it to your lanemate and ask him if the situation allows that you recall. By the way if you can't escape together with your carry from an enemy engage you should just sacrifice yourself for him. He just needs the cs and experience so much more than you. Also remember that you have to ward the dragon always after your first recall.

    Mid/Late Game:

    Out of teamfights:
    Ward, ward, ward! At least always have wards at baron and dragon... but the more the better. Also stray around with your oracle and destroy those enemy wards...

    But you have three rules to follow while doing this:

    1. Don't get caught...

    2. Stay next to your team so you can help them when they get in trouble...

    3. If you ignore the second rule for some reason (e.g. ward enemy jungle or recall to get some new wards) tell it to your team so they won't get caught. But never ignore rule one...

    In teamfights:
    In fact you should stay in the back of your team but if some enemy overextend initiate the teamfight by catch him with your Howling Gaze followed by Zephyr. But only do this if you are sure you will not get caught by doing this. Otherwise just wait until your tank engaged. Now you have kinde of priorities what to do:

    1. Does the enemy just go for you or your carries get him straight away with Monsoon and Howling Gaze

    2. They got Katarina, Malzahar, Fiddle, Warwick or something with abilities which better should be interupted? So it's your job to do this with Monsoon and/or Howling Gaze

    3. They just fight your tank or don't really focus hard. Also they got nothing important to interrupt. Try to annoy their carries/tanks as much as you can with Howling Gaze and Zephyr. You shouldn't wait with the use of Monsoon later than one of your allies falls of to 3/4 HP whilest getting focused or 1/2 when your oponents just do random damage and don't focus at all.

    Worst case the enemy caughts your team and initiates in a bad position for your team. Just do kind of panic Monsoon followed by Flash and Howling Gaze to get your team time to flee or to initiate now yourself.

    If you are fleeing from a teamfight just spam q and w on those who chase you. Also feel free to pop Monsoon even if canceling right after if it saves a life this way.

    If you have won a teamfight just hunt down fleeing enemies by chasing them with your team and spamming Zephyr and Howling Gaze on them.

  • Summary

    So that's it!

    I know it's a bit "wall-of-texty" but I just tried to provide you as much information as I can. If you really read until this conclusion even thanks for that. It would be my pleasure you're leaving a comment and it doesn't really matter either you just tell me you're fine with it or you give me some critique and input how I can Improve this Guide. I will try to improve it continuous not only to offer you an up-to-date guide in patch change issues but also to fill it with even more and more in-depth information

    So thank you for reading and i would really be glad if you rate this.


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