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Stacking Ashe

written by Merlak

Ashe Build

Table of Contents

  • Masteries & Runes


    Patch .103 = Complete Revamp of our items!

    Your main focus with your items is going to be damage and armor pen as those are the only two things that her Volley scales with. Also keep in mind that Volley does not put you in combat, so you can Volley while your passive increases your Crit %.

    1. Start off the game by buying Doran's Blade and Health Potion. If you use HP Quints, buy the Long Sword first. That is the only exception! Sell this at the end to make room for a better item.

    2. After you earn 1610 gold, recall back and pick up Sword of the Occult and Boots of Speed. If you have some extra gold, buy more Doran's Blade's. Seriously.

    3. Your next item should be B. F. Sword.

    4. Upgrade your Boots of Speed to Mercury's Treads. I don't recommend buying any other boot except for possibly Boots of Swiftness if you're not facing difficulty with crowd control. Many players make the mistake of buying Berserker's Greaves, which in reality doesn't really do much if you're not going for an attack speed build. They are bad.

    5. Complete your Infinity Edge. If you can't afford the whole thing, pick up a Pickaxe before the Cloak.

    6. Next on the list is Last Whisper. By this time, increasing your Attack Speed % will actually make a difference, unlike in the early game (which is one reason we pass up the Berseker's Greaves.) Pick up Recurve Bow if you can't afford the Last Whisper just yet and find yourself in base.

    7. Buy the The Brutalizer. You should be level 18 and have quite a bit of Armor Pen after this!

    8. I usually use this slot for a defensive item (armor/magic resist) but if I am destroying everything in my path I pick up The Black Cleaver. If the game is going bad, Thornmail and Banshee's Veil are excellent choices. You can almost never go wrong with a Banshee's Veil.

    A lot of players choose The Bloodthirster over Infinity Edge with Ashe, but I have to disagree. You don't really need Lifesteal, and we're picking up Stark's anyway. Ashe with an Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and Brutalizer is amazing.

    When your inventory is full, just keep buying elixirs. Finally, we don't have to sell our boots to buy elixirs when our inventory is full. (Also, get an oracle's even if there isn't a stealth champion on the opposing team - it lets you kill their wards, allowing you to safely do Baron, Dragon, etc.)

    So, in summary:

    1. Doran's Blade
    2. Boots of Speed & Sword of the Occult
    3. B. F. Sword
    4. Mercury's Treads
    5. Infinity Edge
    6. Last Whisper
    7. The Brutalizer
    8. The Black Cleaver / Banshee's Veil / Thornmail (Situational)
    9. Youmuu's Ghostblade (WTF will this game end?)

    *Swap if dying too often and easy.

  • Items

    With the addition of Hawkshot, our skilling order has changed a little, but we're not going to over-do it. We used to only take Plentiful Bounty if it was the only skill available to level up (as did the rest of the world), but now things have changed. Hawkshot is pretty good. At level one, you can almost see all the buffs and dragon from mid - which will prevent you from getting ganked.

    Remember - Volley does not put you in combat, therefore you can Volley and run away and Ashe's passive will still be increasing your Crit %. Volley + Crit will really hurt someone early game. Early, only use Frostshot on other Champions, and make sure to hit Q and take it off before attacking/last shotting creeps. Otherwise you will find yourself out of mana rather quickly.

  • Skills

    1. Ghost
    2. Flash

    You can not go wrong with Ghost/Flash. Use it while you can! Flash is being removed soon. The top players in the world use these spells with Ashe, and I don't see a reason to disagree.

    Never use Heal or Revive. They are super noob spells, and once you get out of the low levels you will be flamed for having them (assuming you are a low level.)

    If you decide to take Teleport, you can pop your Ult from a distance, and teleport to a close creep/object, teleporting by your target right when the Ult hits him. This of course takes skill and practice - but at the same time won't work in higher elo. An example, which I'm sure many of you have seen, can be viewed below:

  • Summoner Spells

    As of patch .87, we no longer stack Leviathans.

    As mentioned earlier, this is a guide for using Sword of the Occult to make Ashe a powerhouse. This is very easily obtainable goal.

    All you have to do is hit a Champion once to credit you with an Assist. This can be from a distant Enchanted Crystal Arrow as well. Enchanted Crystal Arrow has a splash effect after a hit, so if all the enemy champions are grouped together, you will hit all 5 of them. Also in a team battle, always try to Volley and hit everyone, that way when they get brought down you get credited with an Assist.

    Obviously you're always going to go for the kill, but we can settle for assists. Sword of the Occult stacks 2x for a kill and 1x for an assist. So naturally you're going to go for the kill shot, but it's not the end of the world if you don't get it.

    If there's a huge team battle in mid, and I'm in my base missing out on it probably about to be flamed by my team for not being there :-), I'm going to go ahead and shoot an arrow down the center of mid. Keep in mind that your arrow also hits (splashes) people around it's target, slowing them down and doing a little damage. Your team then takes some champions out, and voila - you have 3 more stacks for your Occult. Of course, this doesn't always go as planned.

    Your goal is to get your item to 20x stacks (and stay alive), but you will be fine from 10x+ - noticing a substantial difference. The item becomes worth it gold-wise at 5x (+25 Attack Damage, 20 less gold than the Pickaxe.)

    20x stacks of your Occult will also give you 15% cooldown reduction. Alongside your runes, brutalizer, and eventually youmuu's - you will barely have any cooldowns at all. Especially if you grab the golem, then your Ult will be ready every 28 seconds.

    This will take practice, and it's not the easiest build in the world to grow accustomed to. There's a slight learning curve in this build, but once you get the feel for it you should grow to love it.

  • Stacking

    - Good range
    - Nice dps/ganker
    - Very easy to farm

    - Easy target, very squishy
    - Needs expensive items
    - Very easy to become a feeder if not careful

  • Pros / Cons

    Last hitting is fairly easy with a little practice. Always remember 2 turrets + 1 Ashe hit will kill the melee creeps. Ashe hit + tower hit + Ashe hit will kill the mages. I easily kill 200+ creeps a match. Volley makes it all the more easier. I usually solo mid, making it that much easier to get last hits + gain exp. Solo mid as often as possible, but let the situation dictate.

    Ashe is not the best mid champion, and you should almost never be in the solo lane (1v2). You can get harassed too easy there.

    Remember: Last hitting is VERY important. Do not sit around and auto attack all the creeps. Don't attack them at all until you can deliver a killing blow. If you're having problems last hitting, stop playing with locked camera so your mouse doesn't move. The only time you should be auto attacking creeps are when you start one/two shotting them, or are pushing.

  • Farming

    01/06/2010 - Happy New Year!!!
    11/04/2010 - Just noticed the titles of all the sections were one off....I wonder how long it's been like that...Leaguecraft and I are about to FIGHT Q('.'Q) Q('.'Q) Q('.'Q)
    10/29/2010 - Changed the masteries/runes. Changed the item build.
    09/16/2010 - Added a little more to each section. Switched around the order of buying some items. Gave a little more information on last hitting/gaining stacks.
    08/31/2010 - No big updates here, just showing I still check the guide out. It still works perfectly!
    08/11/2010 - Updated for patch .98, fixed a few typos. Ashe didn't change at all since .97
    07/29/2010 - Updated for Season One / .97
    07/12/2010 - A new skilling tree with the addition of Hawkshot. Different mastery build. Re-worked a few sections.
    06/15/2010 - A lot of critisism for Madred's. You spoke, I listened! Madred's replaced with Stark's Fervor.
    06/15/2010 - Revamped the entire guide. QQers win, no Hawkshot (yet) :(
    06/04/2010 - Fixed a few minor spelling errors. Waiting for Hawkshot to make a revamp on the guide.
    05/13/2010 - Updated Leviathan to match with new patch.
    04/03/2010 - Added Bloodthirster option to Item Buying. Fixed a few misc things.
    03/28/2010 - Guide created and published.

    Merlak's Other Guides

    Ezreal: You Belong in a Museum ( AP - Therefore, this guide is dead! Maybe one day we will return to glory ;_; )

    If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment or contact me in game: Merlak. I've approved and played with many people who read this guide, regardless of your level.

    If you liked the guide, please give it a thumbs up! Thank you!

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