LeBlanc Build Guide

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AD Leblanc

written by Aperture Lab Rat

LeBlanc Build

Table of Contents

  • Don't ask how. Don't ask why.

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    "The beauty of this guide is not the *oh the dmg comes from ap* but from thinking how to use the skills!"


    Sadly, by the very nature of this guide, it will more than likely get major down-vote counts. Ho hum. Hopefully people actually give this build a try, since it actually is a legitimately functional strategy.

    I go positive with 2:1 k/d ratios or higher in every game I play in which the rest of team does not go 2-11-3 or the like in the lane phase. If you have a team that can play well on the side lanes, you'll do well in more than just the early rounds.

    Do note that the most important time of the game is playing in the middle and kicking major butt. You won't ever be able to rush the tower so only attack minions for last hits and making room for Ethereal Chains.

    I don't have very many screenshots or videos but I'll get to posting those as I can record them. Please try this guide before making your decision. Quick glances won't give this guide the rep that it deserves. In fact, 100% of the people who I've played with while using this guide have literally started out in a "wtf is your problem" type of mentality. Allies and enemies. Then First Blood gets announced, then ten minutes later everyone shuts up, silenced (literally and figuratively) by the 5-0 who's running around.

  • Abilities

    Mirror Image
    Only great for fooling people early game when 200 health actually is useful, and dodging Caitlyn's ult. Believe me, your butt will get saved by having that meat shield trail behind you 50 feet. That long red line of Ace in the Hole will be perfect for lining up your Mirror Image to save you.

    [spell=Sigil of Silence]
    Great for silencing casters, but you won't find much of a use for it for damage. AP builds rely on this for damage, but that's the only significant amount of damage that you can do with such a build. That's picking off one target who will already be dead in the next two seconds anyways in every team fight. People low enough in health to be nuked by this and Mimic will back away or hide behind all their allies.

    The infamous QR combo will only help in teamfights at the cost of getting killed because everyone focuses an AP LeBlanc. Using Distortion to get within the already-too-short range of Sigil of Silence will put you in the perfect range for all of the enemy's stuns.

    Don't ever use this for damage. It's your ultimate tool, however, for catching enemies and escaping. By jumping over walls, you can save yourself in nearly every ganking situation. If you find that they expect this and start running in your new direction, waiting a second before tapping it the second time will lend you plenty of escape power.

    LeBlanc has 3 flashing moves. It's perfect for escaping or following in any chase.

    Use the spells in this order if you need maximum distance. If you have to save Mimic for your main ability Ethereal Chains then you should use your Flash. This is a rare case however.

    Ethereal Chains
    Your best ability in an AD build. Not for the damage it provides, but for slowing enemies to escape, to root enemies so you can attack them, and for all-around being-a-badass in teamfights. You would underestimate how awesome this is when teamfights erupt and movement is important for everyone else.

    Mimic should be used for Ethereal Chains as often as, if not more than Distortion.

    See above uses for this. Make use of the short cooldown and make use of the descending mana value. This is PERFECT for spell combinations.

  • Masteries + Runes + Summoner Abilities

    External Image


    Tier Breakdown

    Criticals are great bonuses for an AD Leblanc since they, well, double your damage. Once you have your Infinity Edge and eventually, hopefully, a Phantom Dancer, you will have around 57% crit chance. This is not a wasted setup. Also, Exhaust is great for any 1v1 encounter against anyone, and then [mastery_text=Cripple] just adds more to the disabling ability.

    Sorcery is useful but not enough to replace other skills. You can put two ranks here instead of [mastery_text=Utility Mastery] if you want though. Meanwhile, [mastery_text=Alacrity] helps you attack more quickly, which is quite a useful bonus to Berserker's Greaves and Phantom Dancer.

    [mastery_icon=Sunder][mastery_icon=Sunder][mastery_icon=Sunder][mastery_icon=Offensive Mastery][mastery_icon=Offensive Mastery]
    These are important for any AD character. Leblanc is no exception to this.

    [mastery_icon=Brute Force][mastery_icon=Brute Force][mastery_icon=Brute Force]
    This gives a similar bonus but against champions. Yay!

    With 57% crit chance, this is an extra ~60 damage you'll be doing every two hits or so. It also helps you get to...

    Yay. AD Leblanc.

    [mastery_icon=Good Hands][mastery_icon=Perseverance][mastery_icon=Perseverance][mastery_icon=Perseverance]
    Health regen is important, and so is the mana regen. You can't be running out of casts for Ethereal Chains or Distortion in the middle of every team fight, now, can you?

    The extra XP bonus is perfect for the early lane phase, and it helps you catch up more quickly whenever you spend time away from the lane to help gank those pesky pushers up top.

    [mastery_icon=Utility Mastery]
    This helps you keep your Lizard and Golem buffs, neither of which are wastes. Feel free to substitute this for another rank in Sorcery if you feel it would be more useful there.


    First and foremost, tier 1 runes are just about useless, and tier 2 runes are just wasteful since you will be re-buying all of them starting at level 20. It's safe to say that an empty rune page is not something I would frown upon if you have not gotten to end-game play yet.

    x 9 = 15 apen

    Armor penetration marks are the only penetration you'll get, and its important so you can get that extra 50 damage later on in the game. Also, at start of game it still gives about its weight in penetration power.


    x 9 = 11 mana regen /5 @18

    You need mana regen seals because sustained use of Ethereal Chains will otherwise eat your mana like crazy during every teamfight.


    x 9 = 13 magic resist

    This helps against other casters, who ALL have ranged abilities. At least with physical damage output characters, many are melee, which are kite-able. Not to mention that nearly every ability does magic damage.


    x 3 = 6.8 AD

    Epic bonus early game, which combines great with [mastery_icon=Brute Force][mastery_icon=Offensive Mastery][mastery_icon=Sunder] to provide early auto-attack output. However, this is useful all game.


    Exhaust is very save-ey. When people charge at you, using this will save you from a very hefty amount of health. Once you have your [item=Vampyric Scepter] or [item=Emblem of Valour], you should be able to steal more life with your auto attacks than any Exhausted enemy can give to you. You'll be healing yourself against an Exhausted/Silenced champion, which is great news for anyone.

    Flash gives Leblanc her triple flash, which will save you all the time. This spell helps Leblanc play the master-of-escape role. 'Nuff said.

  • Items

    is your starting kit.

    Although expensive, the final core build that AD Leblanc wants is as follows:

    [item_icon=Emblem of Valour]

    This gives you the perfect combo for damage, lifesteal, and attack speed.

    Don't rush your since it's a waste of 900 gold. Instead, rush for ----> [item_icon=Emblem of Valour] or ----> . Get the before anything else if you find yourself at over 1650 gold. But don't wait in spawn or save up your 1500-1550 gold for your next recall just because you're close, just get the other stuff first.

    • Until you have all of the above items, you should ALWAYS run back to lanes with 2 or 3 potions if at all possible.

    Your next item should be Phantom Dancer. This gives you a huge bonus to the three secondary scores you need: move speed (for chasing and running), attack speed, and crit chance.

    After this, you want to build Infinity Edge to finish your 57% crit chance, get extra damage, and generally kick ass with whatever your should-be-300+ attack damage is, times 2.5, repeatedly.

    Feel free to spend the last item slot with anything you find useful, such as a Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil. Or even another B. F. Sword.

  • Skilling Order

    Importance order:
    [spell_icon=Sigil of Silence]

    has its full bonus (for this build, at least) at rank 1, however the mana cost and cooldown reductions are very important.
    is very important for its snaring and stunning power. It is PERFECT for team fights. It is also your main tool in a 1v1, whether in the lane phase or when fighting that one half-carry who's been taunting you all game and you just want to smack the **** out of.
    is a skill you will want to be able to use several times during a fight without burning Mimic, so quickly ranking this makes the cooldown drastically shorter.
    [spell_icon=Sigil of Silence] silences people for its full duration of 2 seconds no matter what the rank is. Get this quickly but don't bother leveling it for damage.

  • Lane Phase

    Kick ass. Nobody expects you to do damage. Any time you can get a clear shot at that *should* hit, go for it (but don't spam if you miss most of the time). As soon as you can get a stick, chase and auto attack the poor SOB. If he retaliates, exhaust him. If he has a flash, wait until level 2 and use [spell_icon=Sigil of Silence]. The order does not matter, and you may want to save your Sigil until after you make sure you hit with Ethereal Chains to conserve mana.

    • If you succeed with the first option, [spell_icon=Sigil of Silence], the target will be silenced until the root takes place, preventing flash-escapes for four seconds.
    • If you succeed with the second option, [spell_icon=Sigil of Silence], your target will be silenced for the entire duration of the root, so he cannot use stuns and other skills while you are in attack range.

    Remember that after the first five to ten minutes, people will start ganking. Hopefully you can get to level 6, so whenever you see a gank coming you can use your flash combo to get away. A triple flash will transport you from their tower to yours in half a second. Perfect for escaping. Remember to use them in order though:

  • Middle Game

    Try to stay close to your enemies but behind your tanks. Because of the item build you will be using, your auto attacks will do a metric ton of damage once you have your build complete. In the meantime, try to focus anyone squishy or low, and focus your Ethereal Chains on DPS champions like Xin Zhao or people who otherwise have escape moves and your team hates, like Vayne, Caitlyn, or Ezreal.

    Your main role in teamfights:
    • Root engagers, keeping you and the other safe from their melee
    • Stop people from running
    • Chase down people who have started running
    • Auto attack people
    • Silence casters
    • Don't die

    You should be able to clear lanes of minions quickly, and solo any champion within 700hp of you. If he has moves to jump to you, be sure to use W to jump out of the way, and then use the second tap to return once he starts running in your direction post-root.

    Whenever you venture through the jungle, be sure to attack some of the neutrals. You can take these easily without even needing your spells, and if you have your [item_text=Emblem of Valour] then you'll come out with more health than you started with.

    -more specific strategies this afternoon-

  • End game

    End game is pretty much the same as the middle game, but by now you should only travel with the group. Your auto attacks will heal yourself against minions for 100-200 because of your [item=Emblem of Valour], and you can kill most of the enemy squishies from full in 3-5 hits because of your insane crit damage.

    If there's something that I should put here, please let me know in the comments, because I suck at writing ends to stuff.

    -more specific strategies later-

  • Conclusion

    Hopefully this guide was useful. I'm a bit saddened that just by its bare nature, this guide will get down-voted very highly, but this is a legitimate style of play. I will add screenshots and videos over the next few weeks, and will try my best to clarify anything needed. Thanks for reading, and please don't be one of the ***holes who votes good guides down!! I love you. Yes, you specifically. I really do!

    Feel free to find me:
    • Real life - Klayton Brown
    • LoL - MCC Lab Rat
    • Steam - Aperture Lab Rat
    • Skype - Aperture Lab Rat
    • Email - [email protected]
    • Twitter - arlnet

  • Change Log

    Not really anybody bothers reading these, but for those who care, here's as content changes occur, in USA Central time, since I live in Texas:

    5/17/2011 @ 21:20 - Guide started
    5/18/2011 @ 20:39 - Guide released
    5/30/2011 @ 03:23 - Dido1234 quote + Summoner's Abilities section
    9/07/2011 @ 18:06 - Updated LoL username. Based on comments, item build edits possibly inbound

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