Lux Build Guide

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How I Learned to Stop Waiting and Love the Rainbow (Rapid-Fire Lux)

written by WATFalCone

Lux Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Lux is a pretty solid mage champion. You lack the hard stuns that other champions like Kennen, Anivia, Annie, or Brand can easily pump out. You're horrifically flimsy and prone to getting utterly destroyed when certain enemy players get too close to you. But you make up for it with two crowd-control spells you can use both offensively and defensively, as well as the ability to crank out respectable amounts of burst damage frequently. Not to mention the fact that you get to pretend to skip everywhere you go and giggle like a little girl.

    Lux can, with hilarious amounts of practice, be played seriously, but her role is best suited to a player who's willing to skip around between two lanes and zapping enemies for a good time. Lux is probably one of the most fun champions that I play, K/D ratios, be damned. (Of course you should still have decent ratios if everything works out anyway.)

    Anyway, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

  • Abilities

    This passive is great for tacking on surprise damage. If I see a character's leveland I know how much AP they have, I can get a good idea of how much of a burst hit I can take before dying. Illumination adds on that little extra touch if you toss an attack with a spell that can turn one of those times where you'd say "WTF?! HP?" into a time where you could be putting on your smug-face. Used in conjunction with [spell_text=Finales Funkeln], you can essentially add a third spell's worth of damage to a two-spell-attack combo.

    If you're going for damage with Illumination, be sure the target isn't someone who can dish out a ranged attack/spell to mess you up.

    Light Binding
    One of Lux's best tools. Also the easiest to mess up if you're engaging in fights near enemy minions. Offensively, it's best used to hold people down for your other spells or attacks to connect or to simply snare enemies and prevent their escape. As with any other stun/snare, you can also use it to stop pursuing enemy champions if you're in a tight spot. The fact that it only snares makes it a poor bush-checking skillshot, though.

    Prismatic Barrier
    A fairly decent support skill which can provide a little extra health to yourself or your allies when they're in need. It refreshes shields both ways, so if someone's shield breaks while it's flying out, it'll get reapplied when it's flying back to you. Keep that in mind if you're shielding an almost-dead friend.

    Lucent Singularity
    This is my favourite spell for dishing out damage with Lux. Its range is way longer than Light Binding, and applies Illumination for speedier farming. It's not as effective an Area-of-Effect slow as Mega Adhesive or similar spells, but this thing hurts. Slowed enemies are great prey for your other offensive spells. Defensively, you can slow those two enemy champions that just popped out of the bush to gank you. It also gives line of sight where it lands. Don't be afraid to check bushes with it.

    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    The very reason why Lux is fun. Finales Funkeln (a.k.a. "Funky Final") is capable of dealing high-yield spell damage over a huge line like any run-of-the-mill line nuke. The key to its uniqueness lies in it's hilariously short cooldown: with 40% Cooldown Reduction, Finales Funkeln can be cast every 24 seconds, meaning you can zap most of an enemy team at the beginning and end of a drawn-out fight. It's a great finishing move the very second you get it, and can effectively be used to keep enemies in your lane on their toes, weary of getting zapped. Just don't miss it, or people will start to make fun of you. (Which is fine, since you can just try again after you call them mean names)

  • Masteries + Runes + Summoner Spells

    External Image

    Whatever your caster page demands.
    -Magic Penetration
    -Mana Regen
    -Flat Mana

    are all great choices for Runes. I'm not going to try and remember all of their names.

    Summoner Spells:
    / and

    The ability to finish someone off early game is what I have in mind with these choices. Clarity to quickly get some mana to use spells, or Ignite for what Ignite does best.

    I always use my second summoner spell for an escape/positioning ability. I prefer Ghost, though, because Flash makes people mad.

  • Skill Order + Items

    Skill Order:

    I personally decide to aim for Cooldowns, and rely heavily on hybrid mage items to increase my odds for survival and general effectiveness.

    Core Build:
    Start (475 Gold):
    [item_icon=Meki Pendant], .

    Then build the following in this suggested order when you feel the need to retreat:

    [item_icon=Meki Pendant] ->
    , ->
    -> [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome]

    With the Boots and Tome, you should have 35% CDR, and with masteries, that should go up to 40%. Maximum Cooldowns with a little chunk of AP. You're now destined for being able to ult every 24 seconds when you hit level 16.

    After that, your build is wide open. I tend to follow some simple guidelines.
    -Most of the time (Rush these if you're filthy rich External Image):

    , Eventually build that into an later on.


    -Some kind of defensive item can replace any of these if you're getting hurt. It's usually a good idea.

    -I'm dying/almost-dying a lot and I don't want to be called a feeder External Image:

    , starting with the .
    , starting with the .
    , starting with the .

    -Woah, man. They're terrible or I'm good, but I'm absolutely destroying them woah I am so good at League of Legends External Image:

    -Dude, I'm too good at League of Legends to listen to you, WATFalCone. You're super bad. External Image:


    Get out.

  • Getting your Lite Brite™ On

    Early Game (1~6)
    Lux is a capable mid-lane champion and an excellent duo-lane player. Her skill set allows her to enable kills for her laning partners and snag a few nice cash kills for herself. Until you get Lucent Singularity, you're going to want to avoid the bushes. Once you do get it, however, the bushes open up, and the entire lane is open to you risk-free (enemies permitting, of course). Don't forget to use Prismatic Barrier to negate some of the damage you and your partner are taking

    Enemy in the bush? Singularity, Light Binding, pop, auto-attack if you're safe to do so.

    Enemy chilling near creeps? Singularity, Pop, auto-attack them, then the creeps if they've backed off.

    Enemy hiding way back? Light Binding(Don't hit the creeps) or Singularity. Get some damage, walk away, farm..

    It's imperative that you use Lucent Singularity to land creep kills early on. Try to get it in between the line of fighter minions and the line of caster minions so they all get damaged and marked, and then just attack them each once to pop the Illumination marks. You can nab some pretty good kills if you have a high-damage champion like Garen, Yi, Ryze, Poppy, etc. in your lane with you. If your lane partner is not capable of killing people, you'll have to do it. Illumination marks can get you kills if you're sure you can get into attack range safely. Once you get your ult, keep an eye on the enemy's health amount. Try to time it so you know that if you land [spell_text=Finales Funkeln] on them, they're more than likely dead. Just be sure to try and factor in magic resist first.

    Once you have your [spell_text=Finales Funkeln] and you've (almost) knocked down your lane's tower, feel free to use the jungle as a giant pile of sniper perches. You don't need to go very far to get the enemy's other lanes in range of your ultimate. Snipe enemies whenever they're low on health, whatever you don't kill will more than likely feel compelled to run for their lives. Don't hesitate to grab the Golem(Blue) Buff if no one else is taking it.

    In fights, use Lucent Singularity to deal most of your damage, it'll hit more targets that way. As long as you're not in the front of a fight, you should be fine, but if you find yourself getting targetted you might want to start hanging further back. If you're doing too well, they might do just that.

    Late Game(14~18)
    This is the part where stuff gets fun. Your role in fights shouldn't change much. Shield allies, snare incoming enemies, pop your E on groups of hostile units and smack them for damage. If you bought a Lich Bane, your combos involving Illumination marks are going to deal hilarious amounts of damage.

    Once you hit level 16, you're going to be using your [spell_text=Finales Funkeln] almost every time it's up. Use it to farm creeps. Use it to harass enemies between fights. Use it to dissuade attackers from hitting your team's buildings. Use it to steal golem buff from a jerkbag teammate. Just be sure that it'll be up when it matters most: Teamfights. Your Prismatic Barrier should be getting leveled up, and you'll be packing a decent chunk of AP. Be sure to use it(and your attack skills) during fights, every little bit helps.

  • Conclusion

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