Nocturne Build Guide

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Embrace the darkness! In-Depth Nocturne Guide

written by Cyganek

Nocturne Build

Table of Contents

  • Quick Summary

    First of all a quick summary for those who do not like to read:

    Jungle Nocturne:

    After level 3: R > Q > W > E

    Greater Mark of Alacrity
    Greater Seal of Resilience
    Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation

    Masteries: 21/0/9

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  • Introduction

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    Hello guys!
    Welcome to my first champion guide, featuring Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare!
    I decided to write a guide about my favourite champion, which fits to my play style.
    Nocturne is just a badass looking melee assassin ghost. Just awesome ^.^
    When Nocturne was released, I bought him immediately, played him and loved him. I am playing him 90% of the time. He just makes a lot of fun.
    I want to describe Nocturne a bit more detailed to help the Nocturne-newbies and maybe the older Nocturne-players as well.

    Listen and repeat this song to get into the right mood if you want to play and learn Nocturne!

    In this guide I will focus on a jungling Nocturne.
    I also tried laning, it was successful, but jungling fits better to Nocturne. Right now he is the best ganker in this game. Using him as a laner brings some disadvantages while jungling brings none.

    Due to Nocturne’s passive skill he will push his lane. Pushing a lane and overextending is something what we do not want to happen.
    Nocturne has a small mana pool. Staying in lane for a longer time without the blue buff makes him weaker than he is. You can not be as dominant as a jungler.

    Nocturne uses his passive skill to heal up while jungling as he hits all nearby enemys with additional damage. This is just perfectly made for jungling.
    Duskbringer is a great skill for chasing and also escaping.
    With Shroud of Darkness you can take advantage of your ganks and your enemy's panic, hit the enemy a lot of times and let them waste their crowd control spells on you. Ryze or Morgana want to cage you? Sion or Taric want to stun you? No problem – You got Shroud of Darkness. Most ganked enemys try to save themselves with everything you got forgetting your Shroud of Darkness. Use the panic to be the most dominant ganker.
    Unspeakable Horror is just perfect for a ganker. This is your disabling skill which fears the enemy, making the summoner lose control of their hero.
    Paranoia is THE ganking skill in the game. Pulling yourself to the victim, slaying them down from a pretty decent range.
    Result: All his skills are perfectly made for a jungling Nocturne, a perfect ganker.

    Here you see a random match history of my matches.
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    External Image

  • Nocturne's Patchnotes

    14.03.2011 v1.0.0.113
    Nocturne's release

    28.03.2011 v1.0.0.114
    Made Shroud of Darkness shield brighter and easier to see

    12.04.2011 v1.0.0.115
    Duskbringer attack damage bonus reduced to 15/25/35/45/55 from 20/30/40/50/60
    Unspeakable Horror
    Cast range reduced to 475 from 500 and leash range reduced to 550 from 600
    Fixed a bug where breaking the leash near the end would still trigger the fear
    Fixed a bug where adding a spell shield like Banshee's Veil while Unspeakable Horror was on you
    would block the fear effect
    Paranoia range reduced to 2000/2750/3500 from 2500/3250/4000
    Nocturne was truly overpowered. This patch put him down a bit, but still leaving him viable.

    26.04.2011 v1.0.0.116
    Fixed a bug where Paranoia would follow targets over variable amounts of distance depending on spell rank

    10.05.2011 v1.0.0.118
    Duskbringer damage reduced to 60/105/150/195/240 from 60/110/160/210/260
    Damage reduced to 150/250/350 from 150/300/450
    Fixed a bug where Paranoia caused a hitch the first time it was used
    Nocturne was nerfed again. But I do not see ANY difference. The most important phase for a jungling Nocturne is early game. If you take a look at the decreased damage you can clearly see, that his early game jungling and ganking is not touched. I can laugh about this patch!

    15.08.2011 v1.0.0.123
    Nocturne will now attempt to attack the target after using Paranoia
    Paranoia no longer grants assists for limiting enemy vision
    Too bad they took out this assisting tool for us. However it does not really weaken him. The bug-fix for automatic targeting is a good fix for us though.

    15.08.2011 v1.0.0.125
    Unspeakable Horror
    Unspeakable Horror leash range reduced to 525 from 550
    A little nerf to us. The enemy is able to flash out of our fearing leash now if he stays already away from is with a bigegr distance. Almost no changes. After playing several games I do not even feel the nerf.

  • Abilities

    Umbra Blades
    Needs 10 seconds to trigger
    Attacks reduce the cooldown by 1 second
    Heals you for a decent amount early game
    Deals additional damage
    Duskbringer + Umbra Blades will be your farming combo

    This passive is pretty decent. Perfect for jungling, healing, farming and a little bit of extra damage.

    Nocturnes’s small Ghost-Spell
    Ignores unit collision
    Makes you faster while moving on the trail (Chasing or escaping!)
    Gives you additional attack damage while moving on the trail. (Use it to destroy buildings!)
    Your harassing skill
    Stealth champions will also leave a trail behind them!
    Duskbringer + Umbra Blades will be your farming combo

    Shroud of Darkness
    Gives you additional attack speed
    Blocks an enemy spell
    If successfully blocked, you gain additional attack speed

    This is another great skill for defensive and offensive actions. It is very recommended to know each of your enemy champions and know their behaviour. Save this skills for any disables in the game if you are being chased or the enemy being chased. With this skill you can even save someones life because of your possibility to jump into enemy skillshots and block them for your allies.
    It is also perfect for any enemy nukes. You can simply block Karthus ulti when timed right or even Nashor Baron’s knockup.
    Free Banshee’s Veil – Enough said

    Unspeakable Horror
    2 second delayed fear-disable
    Good for chasing or escaping
    This skill even works while being disabled (Warwick’s or Malzahar’s surpression)
    (Must be activatd BEFORE the actual surpression)

    And again: Chasing, escaping, disabling etc. the damage this skills makes is just a little bonus for us. Use this skill wisely. Sometimes you do not even need to use this skill. You don’t have to use this skill on your victim but on the victim’s laning partner. Maybe you can get 2 kills this way instead of just one. Focus the squishy one, fear the other one and try to get them both if you are sure you can get the squishy one without Unspeakable Horror.

    On first use all enemys will lose everyones but their sight for 4 seconds, leaving them alone on their own.
    On the second use you “teleport” to a chosen enemy in your sight dealing damage to him
    Can be used to catch up people or rescue fleeing allies.

    This is the ultimate Ultimate for any ganker. You teleport straight to your victim where you can unleash your death combo with all your abilities.
    But you can use this skill as an defensive skill too. One of your allies is escaping? Take the enemys’ sight, make them unconfident and retreat. You can try it if you can’t join the fight by yourself! The scaring effect and the lack of team coordination is a great global disable.
    If you are getting into trouble you can use this skills to teleport away to a single or a weaker enemy to get rid of your hunters. I trolled a whole team 1vs5 this way teleporting to their Soraka which was the last person following me. I could escape to my allies, we distracted them, we won the teamfight. It is a tough escape move but it just looks awesome and effective in even impossible surviving situations.
    Do not initiate with your ultimate if you can still catch your enemy with Duskbringer or any other way. Using it at the end of a fight is sometimes even better to catch the escaping low hp victims.

    External Image

  • Skilling Order

    For jungling I choose the following skill path.
    1. Shroud of Darkness
    2. Duskbringer
    3. Unspeakable Horror

    Afterwards I Follow this order:
    R > Q > W > E

    I am starting with Shroud of Darkness to get a good amount of Attack Speed early. This gives me more heal due to the faster passive triggering of Umbra Blades. I survive more, can maybe save 1-2 health potions and gank earlier.

    For laning I choose the following skill path.
    1. Duskbringer
    2. Unspeakable Horror
    3. Shroud of Darkness

    Afterwards I Follow this order:
    R > Q > W > E

    It is not that much important which skillls to take first while lanin phase. You get all three skills witinh some minutes though. But I take Duskbringer first, so I can harass earlier. I take Unspeakable Horror right after so you can disable an enemy quickly so your jungler can do his work a bit better.

  • Runes + Masteries

    External Image

    As a melee dps jungler we need to build our runes around this.
    Here are two possible options:

    1. (12.300 IP)
    Greater Mark of Desolation
    Greater Seal of Resilience
    Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation

    +5,76% Attack Speed
    +25 Armor Penetration
    +13 Armor

    2. (12.300 IP)
    Greater Mark of Alacrity
    Greater Seal of Resilience
    Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation

    +21,06% Attack Speed
    +10 Armor Penetration
    +13 Armor

    Usually you can choose whatever you want, but Armor Penetration is a MUST HAVE.
    The first option is better for late game, while the second one is better for early game, where people do not got that much armor stacked. It also makes your passive trigger faster for every single hit you do.

    But late game you profit more from the first option with more armor penetration, because your passive will not be THIS important for you in team fights. It is up to you.
    I am currently using the second rune build.

    External Image

    External Image

    The offensive tree gives us attack speed, damage, critical damage and everything else we need as a melee dps. Here we also get the smite mastery for additional gold.

    The defensive tree is of course one of the best. But we will get our defensive stats with balanced and defensive items.

    The utility tree gives us a bit mana, faster experience (which we totally need as a jungler) and a better Ghost-Spell

  • Summoner Abilities

    External Image

    Flash - Flash is a great tool. But it doesn’t fit into our playstyle. You have much greater synergy with the speed combo posted before.
    Cleanse – If you know you are going to face a lot of crowd controllers and disablers, this can rescue your life. But usually I do not take it. The tank should get all the focus and with a future Banshee’s Veil and your Shroud of Darkness you got a doubled chance to avoid crowd control.
    Teleport – Map mobility is very important . You can split push pretty good with teleport, and your ultimate. It allows you to teleport to any ally objects such as wards, Heimerdinger’s turrets or Teemo’s mushrooms. This makes ganking much easier than it is for you. You CAN take it, but Ghost + Smite can not be beaten in my opinion.
    Ignite – This skill could be the little bit of extra damage you need in a fight. It is also great to shut down healers like Vladimir or Dr. Mundo. But with Duskbringer and Ghost you should be able to do more damage than with this skill.
    Clairvoyance – Map awareness is the key to victory. Having a free ward for some seconds to check important spots like Nashor, Dragon or any bushes can decide team battles. But you should leave it to a supporting champion.

    External Image
    Heal – You will get some heal by your passive skill and your future Wriggle’s Lantern. Do not use this skill.
    Revive – We all know those exotic builds of Evelynn, Pantheon and Twisted Fate which use this spell. It is way TOO situational to be used by us. Taking revive shows, that you expect to die often. But we expect to win, not to die.
    [spell=Fortify] – This spell belongs to supporters and tanks. It doesn’t fit into our build.
    Clarity – Nocturne has a poor mana pool. But we are going to jungle. The blue buff should do the work.
    [spell=Rally] – A Spell with a lot of potential but not in its current state. We get our additional damage with Duskbringer.


    Jungling Nocturne
    Ghost + Smite

    Laning Nocturne
    Ghost + Exhaust

  • Item choice

    Of course the item choice is the most important aspect as it decides, how effective you will be against your enemys. But please, don't copy those builds. Make your own thoughts and decide on the situation.
    The reason is: None of the games will be the same. Sometimes you will face balanced teams with ad, ap and a decent amout of crowd control, 80% AD or AP only or even a team without any crowd control. Every single game is too situational to use the same item build all the time. I will show you THREE EXAMPLE Builds of how I specify the Nocturne builds, I am currently using.

    There are 3 different paths I usually build Nocturne. The following builds are EXAMPLES of how each class looks overall.

    External Image

    Armor and Magic Resistance, with a decent amount of hp to survive + a good damage output.

    External Image
    Less Tenacity and survivability but tons of damage. You burst down your enemys. This is a good build if you won a game anyway, are fed and dominate the whole game.

    External Image
    Great health base, Armor and Magic Resistance. You can tank some enemys by yourself while dealing mediocre damage.

    External Image
    Another good tanky version but with even more resistance even for your team. The Dagame output should be still okay because of Wit's End which provides a lot of attack speed.

    You can see that there are some items which remain the same:

    Starting Core Build

    Wriggle's Lantern is essential for your jungling process. Armor + Damage + Lifesteal and the important 500 Magical Damage nuke. Do not forget to place your free ward to ward the enemy's buffs, Baron Nashor and the Dragon.

    Boots of Speed will be build into Mercury's Treads, if you need the Tenacity and Magic Resistance or Berserker's Greaves if you are going to dominate the game anyway or the enemy simply lacks of hardcore AP-Nukers and Crowd Control.

    Remember the two rune setups. Using the Attack Speed Setup already gives you almost the same amount of attack speed as Berserker's Greaves. So you can get Mercury's Treads still having a good attack speed rate and enough defense. Getting Berserker's Greaves is still funny in a round of pure domination!

    Youmuu's Ghostblade is my favorite item. I just LOVE it. More Attack Damage, Critical Hit Chance, +20 Armor Penetration and even Cooldown Reduction. Its' Active gives us +50% Attack Speed and +20% Movement Speed.
    Combinated with Duskbringer and Ghost it gives you brilliant mobility for chasing and escaping.

    Youmuu's Ghostblade and Duskbringer synergize really great. You can use both skills to destroy towers quickly or to escape from any danger zone quickly without getting in danger.
    And PLEASE: Never forget to use your Active! It gives you tons of advantages. Use them.

    After you got the core build and the boots of choice, you got the possibility to use any of the three classes shown above. Remember that those builds are examples and just show some directions. I am not deciding how your builds must be. Your enemy's team composition does!

    External Image

    The question is: When should I buy which item? Lets make things clear!

    Trinity Force is one of the greatest items on Nocturne and is on the same priority level as Youmuu's Ghostblade. I always thought it gives you "a little bit from everything" but the item itself costs 300 gold only and combines 3 items we really need. Depending on your playstyle build Youmuu's Ghostblade or Trinity Force first. I would build both still followed by the other. Currently I would try to add Trinity Force into every build. If you are going to build it priortize in the following order: Phage, Zeal Sheen.

    Atma's Impaler should be used in the Tanky DPS build only. Otherwise you will not profit from the added health damage.

    Frozen Mallet will slow the enemy while attacking them and you got +700HP by this item. Don't forget the +20 Attack Damage. A good alternative if you feel safe enough to stack some health instead of Resistance Stats. Atma's Impaler and Frozen Mallet synergize pretty good! A combination of both is recommended.

    The Bloodthirster is a great item with a little defensive touch due to the Lifesteal. Fully stacked it gives you +100 Attack Damage. This is more than an Infinity Edge could give you. The Lifesteal of 15%-25% is great for our survivability or to quickly heal up before upcoming teamfights.

    Infinity Edge is almost a MUST-HAVE on ay DPS champions. But it almost costs 4.000 Gold. Very expensive items compared to other items like The Bloodthirster. After all, this item synergizes well with Youmuu's Ghostblade. You will crit on 37% of the time and deal 250% critical damage. This is much and gives you a bit more lifestealing health due to your Wriggle's Lantern. Not that much as Bloodthirster but still a good amount. I try to mix this together with Bloodthirster.

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] is often used if the enemys got two or more tanky DPS heroes consisting of Jarvan, Garen, Mundo, and any other beefy champions. You even get a bit Armor vs those champions, Attack Speed and of course Attack Damage. Baron Nashor also fears this item!

    The Black Cleaver combined with Youmuu's Ghostblade will tear down the enemy's armor into pieces. Your Runes combined with Youmuu's Ghostblade and The Black Cleaver give you a lot of armor reduction and penetration. Great item with a pretty good amount of +55 Attack Damage and Attack Speed.
    But remember: Reduction is calculated BEFORE Armor Penetration. Reduction can even take the enemy's armor below 0. Armor Penetration can get TO 0 only. So be careful with trying to stack it. Sometimes it won't be this effective.

    [item=Stark's Fervor] is great for those roflstomping rounds of domination or if you got some other auto attackers in your team. It heals you, got lifesteal and reduces the armor of nearby champions by another 20 points. Lovely item!

    Banshee's Veil is in 90% of any rounds I play. Health, Mana for your poor mana pool, great Magic Resistance and the passive make this item viable on any champion in the game. Combined with your Shroud of Darkness you get a double spell shield, making you even more dangerous for the enemy.
    Note: If you activate Shroud of Darkness while having the spell shield of banshee's Veil, you will lose both spell shieds when confronted with an enemy spell. So use your Banshees spell shield first. Shroud of Darkness must be used afterwards.

    Wit's End is a great choice for the Tankturne build. It gives you good magic resistance combined with a lot of Attack Speed. Don't forget the passive which grants you additional magic resistance with each hit.

    Aegis of the Legion A LOT of armor and magic resistance. Supports your team and is a great addition to the tanky Nocturne build.

  • Jungling

    When I introduced you to this guide, I told you that we are going to mainly jungle with this build.
    But for the new players out there - What is jungling?

    External Image

    In every competitive League of Legends game there should be a jungler on each team.
    If your team got a jungler you move away from the standard 2-1-2 Lane composition. You go for 1-1-2 instead.
    A viable jungler get his experience to level up in the jungle killing the neutral creeps. This way, your second solo lane (Normally on Top lane) gets more experience than the 2 enemys he has to face. Having another champion with additional level advantage is essential for competitive gaming.
    So the experience advantage is one imortant aspect.
    The other one is the map control you gain by a jungler. The enemy will have to expect a gank from you almost every minute while you can roam freely around the whole map. The enemy will never know WHEN and WHERE you are going to strike.

    You as a jungler should not stay in jungle all the time. As a jungler you got some duties to fullfill. Those duties are not sorted in anyway by priority. It is always situational.

    1. Jungle control
    You have to control the neutral creeps including the Dragon and Baron Nashor. Remember that Baron Nashor and Dragon are worth even more money than a tower for your whole team.

    2. Warding
    You have to ward the map and keep everything under control. Keep an eye on every of your lanes and allies. those guys count on you!

    3. Assistance
    If any ally has to go back to base, it is your job to cover their lane. Keep last hitting for them, harass their lane opponent but do not push the lane. This way you destroy yourself the chance to gank this person afterwards. Sometimes your top laner will have to face a simply impossible enemy. In this case you should aid him but leaving him the last hits and only gettign the last hits when he would really miss this creep.

    4. Ganking
    The main purpose of jungling is the ability to gank out of nowhere whenever you want. Do not stay in the jungle all the time. If the enemy is overconfident, let him pay for his mistake.

    5. Divide et impera
    Divide and rule is also important as a jungler. If you are at the top of the map and you are sure you will not visit your jungle creeps at bottom lane, tell your allies to kill the minions. Every second where the jungle creeps stay unaffected are wasted potential gold because you delay the spawn of the next creeps.

    6. Counterjungling
    The same thing counts for the enemy jungler. If he is at top lane, steal his jungle creeps at bot lane. He will not be able to defend them if he is on the other end of the map.

  • ----- Jungling Route I

    External Image

    External Image

    There are of course pros and cons about every jungling route:

    1. You get level 2 very fast
    2. You can counter jungle and gank the enemy jungler at 2:15
    3. You are safe from hostile gank attempts at your own blue buff

    1. You will not level that fast without successfull ganks
    2. You depend on your allies. If they help you at the beginning, you can save 1-2 health potions.
    Otherwise you use ALL 5 potions
    3. You will gank with a Cloth Armor, wasting some potential.

    Lets get started!

    We buy a Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion
    We put one Skill to Shroud of Darkness and go straight to the Golem Camp (1)

    Ask your nearby allies if they could pull the golems for you. Let them hit the golems with ONE hit FIRST and start attacking afterwards. This way you can safe one Health Potion. Every time I asked my allies to pull the golems for me, they did. The chances to meet a jerk in this case are pretty small.
    Note: Make sure the person helping you gets out of the Experience-Range, before you kill the golems.

    So the golems got pulled, your helper is out of XP-Range, you drink a health potion after 2-3 hostile hits
    and Smite the lower golem when he hits aruond 450 health points.

    You hit level 2, skill Duskbringer and move on to the Wraiths (2)
    Here is the best position to hit ALL of the Wraiths with your Duskbringer. Sometimes you will hit only 3 of them but you should always try to hit the blue one. After your Duskbringer hits them, start attacking the blue Wraith and take another health potion.
    External Image

    Go on to the Wolves now (3)
    Position yourself in a straight line so you can hit all of them with Duskbringer and drink a potion.
    I always start to hit the big wolve first. After his death you start to attack the other two wolves. Additionaly you can hit them with Duskbringer again to make it a bit faster.
    Now you should hit level 3 and skill Unspeakable Horror
    External Image

    Move on to the Blue Buff camp (4) and take a health potion while doing so.
    Take a good position again to hit all three creeps with Duskbringer.
    Usually I am killing the two small creeps first and killing the golem as last.
    After both of them die, your Smite should be ready right after to smite the golem.
    Everytime your health potion wears off, drink another one.
    External Image

    Okay now you got enough money for a Long Sword. Take a look at the lanes.
    Someone overextended? In danger? have to teleport back to base?
    If yes - Help out (5a, 5b, 5c)
    If not - Go back to base (5d), buy a Longsword and continue jungling your wolves and wraiths until you got enough money for Madred's Razors or a gank possibility shows up. If the enemy does not got a jungler, feel free to clean their jungle as well.

    If there is someone to gank, do so. but never forget to communicate with your ganking partners. Ping on the target you want to kill or let the partner decide to do so. Pop up Ghost if neccessary, hit Duskbringer on the victim followed by Unspeakable Horror and Shroud of Darkness if you expect to get hit by any of the enemy's spells.

    If you are successful go back to base, get Madred's Razors and clean up your jungle however you want. Get money for Wriggle's Lantern and Boots of Speed.
    You either get money for cleaning the jungle, ganks or holding lanes for your allies.
    After getting Madred's Razors you have to be flexible.

    At level 6 or 7 try to kill the Dragon with help of some teammates so everyone can get +130 gold.
    Note: Losing a dragon to the enemy is like losing a tower which also gives a global amount of gold to each player.

  • ----- Jungling Route II

    External Image

    External Image

    There are of course pros and cons about every jungling route:

    1. You can indirectly counter jungling from beginning (Stealing jungle creeps)
    2. You save money and get your items a bit faster
    3. You come out with more attack damage making it easier to get kills while ganking

    1. You will not be able to gank that fast. You will finish your first route with mediocre health and no health potions.
    Backporting is neccessary in this case
    2. You are vulnerable to counter jungling because of your lacking additional armor.

    Lets get started!

    We buy a Long Sword and 1 Health Potion
    We put one Skill to Shroud of Darkness and go to the wraith camp. (1)
    Use Smite on the blue wraith and finish of the other 3 red wraiths.
    Be sure your ally on mid lane is out of experience range.
    If you want to hurt the enemy's jungle process, you can start at THEIR wraiths.

    After finishing the wraiths, move on to the wolves and drink your health potion on half of the way. (2)
    Finish the big wolf first. After hitting level 2, skill Duskbringer and kill the other 2 wolves as you please.

    Go on to the two golems now (3)
    Use Duskbringer in a straight line to hit both golems.
    Smite one of them, and finish them off.
    At level 3 you can skill Unspeakable Horror or Duskbringer.
    I prefer Unspeakable Horror to make sure I can gank any time it is neccessary.

    Teleport back to your base and buy a Cloth Armor and 1 Health Potion (4)

    Move on to the Blue Buff camp. (5)
    Take a good position to hit all three creeps with Duskbringer.
    After getting hit for the first time, drink your Health Potion.
    Usually I am killing the two small creeps first and killing the golem as last.
    After both of them die, your Smite should be ready right after to smite the golem.
    Everytime your health potion wears off, drink another one.

    Afterwards kill the wolves again (6)

    Move on to the Wraiths (7)

    Visit the Twin Golems now(8)

    Teleport back and buy Madred's Razors(9). If you feel unsure, you can also buy another Health Potion.

    With Madred's Razors you can easily kill the Lizard (10)

    This is the common jungling route. But it will never be the same. Whenever there is a gank possibility - Go and help. Maybe you can skip some of those steps and get your items way faster. Run around, try to gank, kill all jungling creeps on your way and get Wriggle's Lantern as fast as possible. With this item you can jungle where and when you want. Pe agile, help your team mates, scare the enemy, hurt their jungle.

    At level 6 or 7 try to kill the Dragon with help of some teammates so everyone can get +130 gold.
    Note: Losing a dragon to the enemy is like losing a tower which also gives a global amount of gold to each player.

  • ----- Counter Jungling

    After you made some experience with common jungling you can try to learn to counter jungle.

    if the enemy has a jungler you can try to interrupt his jungling process in either killing him , stealing kills or just force him to go back to base, losing up to 30 seconds. As a jungler, every wasted second is a big disadvantage.

    Counter jungling can be very rewarding but also devastating for yourself if it fails.

    There are several junglers in the game. Some of them are gods like Warwick, Nunu, Udyr or Olaf. Others are average junglers and some of them are great victims for Nocturne.

    Champions you can counter jungle are:
    Master Yi

    Those champions are pretty weak early game, especialy when they are jungling and you know where they start to jungle.

    Fiddlesticks, Rammus, Amumu and Master Yi usually start jungling at their blue buff and I already told you why startting at the Twin golems can be sometimes smarter than the second route.
    If done fast enough, you can sneak around to the enemy's blue buff (coming from the bush corner) are attack the enemy jungler. At this state you normally have 90% HP and level 2 while the enemy is low on health and an easy target for you. This way you can get their blue buff and first blood (400 gold). If they flash, ghost or somehow escape and you need too much time to kill the person, it is better to run away before getting ganked by the enemy mid laner or someone else.

    Sometimes I fool the enemy jungler and PRETEND you run away after he does the same with low health. usually they drink another health potion after they see me going away and attempt to kill the blue golem again. With the ambush moment on our side and without any escape mechanisms you can try to get them a second time.

    External Image

    Note: Some junglers are a bit faster. You should try to gank them at their wolves if you pretend them to kill the wolves.

    A great alternative is to place wards at their jungle camps, especially the red buff because this one is the toughest to get. Clairvoyance from our supporter or a roaming Evelynn are also great tools to interrupt the enemy jungling.

  • Working in the Team

    Being a jungler and the best ganker in the game is a big profit for your team already. But after Early game comes to an end, both teams with clash together in big teamfights.

    Where is Nocturne's place in such a teamfight?

    1. You are not a Tank!
    Even with the Tanky DPS Build you should NEVER engage. This is the job of your real tank.

    2. Be an assassin
    After your tank crushed into the enemys you should try to eliminate the key-units of the enemy's team which will led to a total collapse in their lines. If you can't do this with all the mobility you got, you should use your ultimate to rush into their squishys, such as their ranged carries or supporters.
    This is possible only if the main focus is on your tank.

    3. Be a saviour
    Your mobility and map control allows you to safe allies after unsuccessfull teamfights or after hostile ganks. Make them lose their organization with your ultimate, scare them away or run towards hunted allies and fear the last pursuer if you can effort it.

    4. Be a deceiver
    Your skills are perfectly made for distracting the enemy. Using all your mobility can split up the enemy team. Your advantage is your ultimate which brings you right back to your team. This way you can overwhlem them.

    3. Communication
    Even when you go solo queue, you have to talk to your allies. Your semi-global ultimate allows yo to pull off incredible ganks which often are unexpected. So tell your allies what you are going to do before it is too late.

    4. Study yourself and your enemys
    "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." (Sun Tzu)
    Be aware of your enemy's skills. Know when to fight or when to retreat. Remember that retreating is not a loss. It is a tactic to crush the enemy with refreshed abilities. It is better for you to join the fight after most of the AoE-Spells and Crowd Control Spells wear off.

  • Know Your Enemy!

    In this section I will collect all abilities of the champions from League of Legends and explain you how those affect Nocturne. I splitted this section into three units, so you can find the champion you want to counter much easier.

    I do not want to leave this general section empty, so I will quote you some wise sentences written by Sun Tzu and connect some of his quotes with the gameplay of League of Legends.

    Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable;
    when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we
    are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away;
    when far away, we must make him believe we are near.
    Hold out baits to entice the enemy.
    Feign disorder, and crush him.

    Try to build up an illusion of disorganization. Use squishy allies to bait the enemy.
    Hide in a nearby bush, let the squishy person push a lane and jump out with your team or let the enemy run into your bush.Do not always move at the three lanes. Moving in the jungle covers your movement. The enemy will not know where you are.

    If he is secure at all points, be prepared for him.
    If he is in superior strength, evade him.

    Never attack fed or duelist champions on your own. Take down big tanky guys with your team.

    If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to
    irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

    There is a difference between provoking (Using sarcasm, making non-harsh jokes about your enemy) and flaming, trolling and raging. Try to play a bit RPG. Cause the enemy to do mistakes or focusing him on chatting, not gaming. Lure the enemy into situations he thinks he got the upperhand.

    If he is taking his ease, give him no rest.
    If his forces are united, separate them.

    Force the enemy to come out of his base. He wants to teleport back? Instantly harass him or push so he has to stay at his tower with low health. Backdoor and split push while both teams or poking each other. They will split their power but you are faster than your enemy. Use this as an advantage.

    To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our
    own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy
    is provided by the enemy himself.
    Thus the good fighter is able to secure himself against defeat,
    but cannot make certain of defeating the enemy.

    Whoever makes the first mistake will probably lose the next point of conflict. So be prepared, let your tank be in front of you, keep your flanks warded and safe. This way you will be invulnerable to the enemy. Wait for him to make a mistake.

    What the ancients called a clever fighter is
    one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.

    Meet your enemy with good team coordination, making even the smallest fight a mental surpression on the enemy morale.

    The clever combatant looks to the effect of combined
    energy, and does not require too much from individuals.
    Hence his ability to pick out the right men and utilize
    combined energy.

    League of Legends is a team game. With combinated strength you will win. Alone you are useless.

    In battle, there are not more than two methods
    of attack--the direct and the indirect; yet these two
    in combination give rise to an endless series of maneuvers.

    Ty to find a good balance between direct teamfights, poking, pushing and backdooring.

    If we wish to fight, the enemy can be forced
    to an engagement even though he be sheltered behind a high
    rampart and a deep ditch. All we need do is attack
    some other place that he will be obliged to relieve.

    Attack obvious key points like the Dragon, towers or the buff camps of the enemy. Let him think he can overcome you, but face him with your prepared allies.

    By discovering the enemy's dispositions and remaining
    invisible ourselves, we can keep our forces concentrated,
    while the enemy's must be divided.

    Wards and map control are your friends.

    Knowing the place and the time of the coming battle,
    we may concentrate from the greatest distances in order
    to fight.

    be aware of the enemy's movement. Always be prepared to defend Baron Nashor, the Dragon or your towers.
    Never leave any important point without defense. Thats why normally bot lane is covered by two laners to be able to control the dragon.

    Do not repeat the tactics which have gained
    you one victory, but let your methods be regulated
    by the infinite variety of circumstances.

    Every enemy learns with every mistake he did. (At least smart ones)
    Be creative and fool the enemy. Create the illusion you use the same tactic twice.

    Let your rapidity be that of the wind,
    your compactness that of the forest.

    Move as a team, react as a team, strike as a team.

    Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night,
    and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

    React fast and unexpectable, engage fast with your team. Do not let the enemy any time to counter your initiation.

    When you plunder a countryside, let the spoil be
    divided amongst your men; when you capture new territory,
    cut it up into allotments for the benefit of the soldiery.

    Don't be selfish. You also gain gold for assists. If you are already fed, give the kill to someone who needs the gold more than you (If the kill is 100% sure)

    Do not swallow bait offered by the enemy.
    Do not interfere with an army that is returning home.

    Do not get baited by yourself. All those tactics can also be used against you.
    A weak enemy may be strong. A solo enemy can have four allies be ready to protect him.
    Do not run into terrain you do not know.

    Hence the saying: If you know the enemy
    and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a
    hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy,
    for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.
    If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will
    succumb in every battle.

  • ----- A - J

    Twin Disciplines
    This makes Akali a lethal hybrid assassin
    Mark of the Assassin
    Try to block this spell with Shroud of Darkness. Without a mark on you, Akali will not be able to restore energy and dealing additional damage to you.
    Twilight Shroud
    In critical momentsevery Akali will throw down her shroud. Act fast and hit her with Duskbringer so you can spot her with your dusktrail. And remember NOT to fight her in her own shroud. She gains massive amount of resistance.
    Crescent Slash
    Not very dangerous at all. Very close range.
    Shadow Dance
    This makes Akali a great pursuer.You can avoid damage with Shroud of Darkness. If she comes too close, fear her with Unspeakable Horror. This will increase your chance to escape.

    Good to damage some minions but you should be smart enough to now walk in his trample movement.
    This spell will knock you off and disable you for a long duration - Long enough to get killed by others. Alistars will often combine "Pulverize" and "Headbutt" for ultimate disabling. So activating Shroud of Darkness will lbock one of them for sure.
    Same as for Pulverize. You get knocked far away and often used in a combination with Pulverize.
    Triumphant Roar
    Alistar heals all friendly units. Can be pretty annoying because he heals in a short time for smaller amount of HP. It may look uneffective first, but dont get tricked. Try to focus Alistar's laning partner. Alistar himself will probably got enough mana regeneration to heal himself and due to his natural resistance it will be hard to harm him in any way.
    Unbreakable Will
    Some Alistars will use this to get out of your Unspeakable Horror. Some Alistars even FAIL because it does not neglect your Unspeakable Horror CHANNELING. Therefore they activate their ultimate way too fast. If you are in a big team fight, ignore Alistar as long as he got this ultimate active. You should ignore him though - He is a tank, not the damage dealer.

    Cursed Touch
    Amumu's personal AP Black Cleaver. He will not hit you too often to stack up that much. Items like Banshee's Veil are a Must-Have though, if you play against Disablers like this mummy.
    Bandage Toss
    If you get hit by this, you get stunned for a short duration. With good reaction you can easily block it with Shroud of Darkness. If not, use Unspeakable Horror on Amumu so he cant harm you anymore and try to block it again if he chases you. If you do not got your Shroud of Darkness, try to dodge his skillshot. In this case your Duskbringer can be compared to Bandage Toss. Try to predict where he is going to shoot and act without any describable path.
    Amumu's personal Sunfire Cape. Try to fear him with Unspeakable Horror if he gets too close.
    Each time you hit Amumu, his cooldown on this skill will be lowered. You can block the spell itself with Shroud of Darkness.
    Curse of the Sad Mummy
    Devastating ultimate in a huge teamfight. You can block it by Shroud of Dakrness. Doing so can be hard because Amumu will try to flash, Bandage Toss in or try to get into all your team mates very quickly.

    if you thing she is finaly dead, she will revive be careful. If it is impossible to kill her egg, damage her as much as possible and move out quickly. Otherwise, she will nuke you down.
    Flash Frost
    This skill has a very long range but is the projectile itself is very slow. Therefore you can easily dodge it. Cast Shroud of Darkness if you can't dodge it.
    She will often combine this ice wall with her other skills to keep you in place as Anivia wishes. You can not use Duskbringer to go through. A good Anivia will try to isolate you from your team with this wall
    This skill does double damage if you are chilled. This includes even Nunu's or Ashe's skills. Frostbite has a way faster projectile. Try to block with Shroud of Darkness, especially when you are chilled.
    Glacial Storm
    Combinated with Crystallize Anivia will be able to hold you in her Storm for a long time. The direct escape way is not always the best. A smart Anivia will cast her wall just in front of you so you have walk around it and taking additional damage by the storm. She can use her ultimate to chill you for a split second to deal more damage. You can avoid some of its' damage if you cast Shroud of Darknes, BEFORE she casts Glacial Storm on you.

    Every 5th spell will stun you. You can recognize it by her current status with clicking at her or by her champion model. If you see something flying around her, she is able to stun you with the next spell.
    Annie's farming skill. You cna block it by Shroud of Darkness.
    Annie deals damage to all enemys in front of her. You can easily overlook this spell but it can also be blocked by Shroud of Darkness
    Molten Shield
    Annie's personal Thornmail but in mini-version. Wait till her shield wears off if you can not survive the battle otherwise.
    Summon: Tibbers
    Shroud of Darkness is the best counter to this. Pop it up if you expect Annie to summon her Tibbers. It will block the initial casting damage. If Tibbers follows you, simply fear him with Unspeakable Horror to get some distance.

    Be careful if you meet Ashe in the firts seconds of the game. She will try to hit you and get a critical shot. Comined with Volles she can easily burst down more than 50% of your health during laning phase in just oen second.
    Frost Shot
    You can block the chill effect with Shroud of Darkness. But it doesn't pay off most of the time. Hitting you a second time is not a problem for her. But you can not cast Shroud of Darkness immediately after it.
    using Unspeakable Horror on Ashe helps sometimes if you get lucky with the fearing walk of your enemy.
    Simply block it with Shroud of Darkness. It can also chill you and has a wide range. Be prepared to get hit by it. You can hide behind minions. The arrows do not get through all enemys in range.
    Can be annoying for your ganks. You see Ashe's vision by the bright sparkles.
    If you try to gank Ashe and she hits this skill, you can try to play the dumb one and stay there as long as she can see you and simply walk away to any other lane. Maybe she will expect you to gank her. Therefore other lanes will not care about you.
    Enchanted Crystal Arrow
    Can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness. it deals splash damage. So be careful if you walk in a group. You can sitl be slowed. Those arrows are often combined with the enemy's tank abilities to provide maximum crowd control.

    Mana Barrier
    Very annoying skill, especially early game when you are going to gank him. Never underestimate Blitzcrank with low HP.
    Rocket Grab
    Be careful and stay behind minions so Blitzcrank can not pull you. If you can not avoid it, use Shroud of Darkness. Be careful when you fight a team with Blitzcrank. Stay away from walls or ward the area where both teams are poking each other. A good hook can decide teamfights.
    Blitzcrank buffs himself with speed and attack speed. if he is rushing towards you with this skill, you should expect an incoming gank.
    Power Fist
    Block this spell with Shroud of Darkness if you don't want to get knocked up. This skill is often used after Rocket Grab. So try to avoid Rocket Grab and you automatically avoid Power Fist.
    Static Field
    Try to block this spell with Shroud of Darkness if it is neccessary. It is possible to predict the activation of Static Field more or less if you take a look at Blitzcrank's status bar. Be aware of his passive thunderbolts. Don't forget the silence effect on this ultimate.

    Every of Brand's spells hurts a bit more with this passive. Be careful with the "Ablaze" status.
    If you get hit a second time by one of Brand#s spells, you take additional damage or get disabled.
    Long range skill. Can be avoided pretty good. If not use Shroud of Darkness. Remember that this skill can stun you if you are ablazed.
    Pillar of Flame
    Shroud of Darkness works also here. But you also got a little timewindow to get out of his fire circle quickly.
    Take care if one of your allies is ablazed and Brand uses this skill. You can also be hit by it. Shroud of Darkness should help with getting hit directly or by chain reaction.
    Devastating chain skill wandering from one victim to the other. You can simply stop the chain reaction by getting in and activating Shroud of Darkness. Do not forget: You can get hit several times!

    Additional damage on auto attack. Can not be blocked because it is an auto-attack.
    Piltover Peacemaker
    Can be blocked by Shroud of Darkness but you should use it if you WANT to et a speed buff. Otherwise just dodge it. Caitlyn has a pretty long skill animation giving you enough time to move out.
    Yordle Snap Trap
    Can be seen on the map. Always look closer at every single bush you enter and check them for any traps.
    Deactivate traps for your allies with Shroud of Darkness.
    90 Caliber Net
    This skill can slow you if you don't block it with Shroud of Darkness. Caitlyn will be pushed in the opposite direction and can even push through smaller walls.
    Ace in the Hole
    Deadly killing blow. Jump into the line with Shroud of Darkness to protect our allies.

    [spell=Deadly Cadence]
    The more she casts, the less mana she wastes.
    Noxious Blast
    Cassiopeia gets additional movement speed if she hits you. Avoid it with Shroud of Darkness or use the delayed cast time to escape.
    This skill makes you slower on the other hand. Do NOT waste Shroud of Darkness on it. the debuff will trigger for every second you stay in Miasma.
    Twin Fang
    Mediocre range but fast cooldown if it hits. Move unexpected to dodge or, as usual, activate Shroud of Darkness.
    Petrifying Gaze
    You will turn to stone if you look at Cassiopeia directly or get slowed if you turn your back to her. Can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness. It has a very CLOSE range. Not very dangerous.

    This makes Cho'Gath a good solo laner and very endurable.
    Delayd skill activation on this knockup skill. Most Cho'Gaths will use this while chasing you. simply move to the sides or in the opposite direction to dodge it if you do not have Shroud of Darkness ready to cast.
    Feral Scream
    Silences you but you have to be close to Cho'Gath. Often used in combination with Rupture. If you use Shroud of Darkness you will either block this skill or rupture.
    Vorpal Spikes
    Cho'Gath can farm a bit faster with that one. You can simply ignore this.
    Remember how much true damage this skill does on each stage (At level 6, 11, 16) + the additional Ability Power. This way you can see if you are in the danger zone or not. This ultimate got a VERY close range.

    Hextech Shrapnel Shells
    Additional true damage on each hit. Corki is a hard enemy for Nocturne.
    Phosphorus Bomb
    Underestimated skill with a good range and not so bad damage ratio. Reacting to this skill with Shroud of Darkness is almost impossible due to the rapid casting time.
    Corki's escape or chasing spell. He can simply get out of your Unspeakable Horror range. Be careful with using Paranoia on Corki. If timed well, Corki can use Valkyrie to a tower or his teammates while you are flying to his position, pulling you into suicide.
    Gatling Gun
    Deals damage over time in front of Corki. Use Unspeakable Horror on him so he switches direction.
    Missile Barrage
    Very long range skill shot. You can hide behind ally minions or block one of those shots with Shroud of Darkness. good poking tool.

    Dr. Mundo
    Adrenaline Rush
    This passive skill underlines what Mundo is - a walking meetball throwing cleavers.
    Infected Cleaver
    Long range but costs health. he will get 50% back if he hits you. Can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness.
    Burning Agony
    Mundo's Sunfire Cape with buffed Tenacity. Unspeakable Horror will not help you that much if combined with Mundo's other skills. Mundo is a great chaser wit hhis cleaver and his speed buff.
    The less health Mundo got, the more lethal he is gaining a LOT of attack damage. be careful in 1vs1 where you think you got the upperhand.
    Mundo heals himself and gets movement speed. This is why Mundo is Mundo and why he can go where he pleases.
    Someone of your team should use Ignite to cut his regeneration by 50%.

    [spell=Determined Killer]
    Just ignore this passive.
    Hate Spike
    Most Evelynns mash the W-button in order to spam this skill. You can use Shroud of Darkness whenever you wnat to let it trigger easily.
    Shadow Walk
    Be always careful with stealthed champions. If you see Evelynn going into stealth mode, hit her with Duskbringer to see her movement due to your dusktrail. Remember the stun when she attacks from stealthed position. If you use Shroud of Darkness before, you will not get stunned
    This skill reduces your resists if it succeeds. It is often combinated with attacks form stealth position. So you will either block the stun attack or Ravage itself if you are going to use Shroud of Darkness.
    [spell=Malice and Spite]
    velynn can turn into an invincible killing machine with every killed champion on your side. So keep an eye on your allies and if Evelynn is on low health. In this case she will get healed for a great amount.

    Rising Spell Force
    Ezreals's personal Rageblade. More abilities used = More attack speed.
    Mystic Shot
    if he hits something hostile, his cooldown will be lowered by 1 second. Can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness.
    Essence Flux
    A debuffing skill for you, and a buffing skill for your enemys. Try to block it with Shroud of Darkness.
    Arcane Shift
    This makes Ezreals very agile in every situation. You can of course block it with Shroud of Darkness.
    Trueshot Barrage
    Ezreals lethal finishing move. You should be ALWAYS prepared for Ezreals ultimate in every team fight or even when you are trying to teleport back after a hard fight. Try to teleport from unusal spots or simply try too keep an eye in Ezreal, even if he is not on your lane. Shroud of Darkness is a miracle in such cases if you are fast enough to cast it.

    Lowers your Magic Resistance. You can easily spot Fiddlestick in bushes or the jungle due to this skill showing up in your status bar.
    You get feared immediately by Fiddlesticks. It can be countered by Shroud of Darkness.
    Drain usually follows after Terrify. If you block Terrify, he will drain you. If you want to block Drain, you will fail because you will get feared. Banshee's Veil is the only hope in such a case.
    Dark Wind
    Dark Wind is pretty underrated. It can hit you several times, sliencing you for some seconds, making you unable to defend yourself. The best weapon against Fiddlesticks combo: Get yourself feared, use Unspeakable Horror after his fear and simply slay him down. Fiddlesticks is too squishy and will try to get away. It can be blocked by Shroud of Darkness but it is possible that it will bounce back to you.
    Devastating ultimate but pretty easy to dodge. Simply move out of it's range and try to disable Fiddlesticks. He has to go into meele range to make damage wth his ulti. Take advantage, after his ultimate wears off.

    Runic Skin
    Solid passive. More Magic Resistance means more Ability Power.
    Resolute Smite
    This will slow you if you don't dodge or block it with Shroud of Darkness.
    Bulwarks heals Galio. The last thing we want is to let a tank heal up. Simply ignore the chosen target and focus someone else.
    Righteous Gust
    This skill is similar to Duskbringer. It damages everything in line and gives a movement speed bonus. Galio will use it for himself or for his allies to chase you down. Block with Shroud of Darkness if neccessary.
    Idol of Durand
    Predicting this ultimate is not easy, but using Shroud of Darkness at the right time might safe your life. When I see my team grouping up vs an enemy Galio, I try to stand outside of this group to avoid getting involved into Galios ultimate.

    Grog Soaked Blade
    This passive decreases your healing rate on Umbra Blades if you get hit by Gangplank's auto attacks.
    This is Gangplank's main source of damage. If it crits it can burst down more than half of your health. Block this with Shourd of Darkness is a must.
    Remove Scurvy
    This spell takes all negative spellsfrom Gangplank and heals him. Rememebr when he used this skill last and time your attacks and ganks accordingly. A Gangplank with his heal and maximum cooldown is an easy target.
    Smart Gangplanks will use Remove Scruvy to get out of your Unspeakable Horror, AFTER it triggers the fear. Not so smart Gangplanks will immediately use this skill when you just start channeling Unspeakable Horror. In this case you will fear them and they wasted their steroid skill.
    [spell=Raise Morale]
    Gangplank can buff his team and himself with additional movement and attack speed. Use Unspeakable Horror on any auto-attackers in this case. they profit the most from it.
    Cannon Barrage
    I saw people dying to this spell, losing more than 1.000 health. Gangplank will use this in critical teamfights, for chasing, farming, cutting of your escape route or to clear a tower spot so he can destroy it peacefully. Try to quickly move out of it in team fights and focus the supporter or squishy mages, that are behind the Cannon Barrage.

    Garen heals himself if he doesn't get hit. Try to harass him with Duskbringer. Garen is a meele champion. He has to be in your range to get experience and gold. Simply outzone and harass him.
    Decisive Strike
    Speed buff and an on-hit silence. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness or use Unspeakable Horror to scare him away.
    This skill makes Garen pretty tanky. Try to outzone him so he doesn't get many creep kills. Tanky Garens should be ignored though. If he uses this active skill, you should especially ignore him then. Focus on squishy enemys.
    Garen on the enemy team? Do NOT facecheck any bushes if you do not see Garen on your mini-map. If he succeeds and spins around you, use Unspeakable Horror on him so he spins to other directions.
    Demacian Justice
    This ultimate has vey close range, can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness and is dangerous if you are on low health. The less health you got, the more damage this skills does.

    Happy Hour
    This is why Gragas is a great solo laner. He gets healed on every ability used.
    Barrel Roll
    Gragas will use this to farm and harass you under your tower. Use Shroud of Darkness if you can't avoid being hit. Otherwise just try to dodge it.
    Drunken Rage
    Similar to his passive but in this case gragas gets mana. Never underestimate Gragas with this skill. he can hit pretty hard early game and block a lot of your own damage.
    Body Slam
    Gragas can dash through small walls with this one. So try to predict his movement if he chases you or vice-versa. If it hits you, you get slowed. Can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness of course.
    Explosive Cask
    You should totally try to block this ultimate with Shroud of Darkness. A good Gragas can split a whole enemy team and disorganize all of you. In this case, staying in a group in not smart. Try to move as a group, but not as a bunch of people on one square meter.

    Techmaturgical Repair Bots
    Additional health regeneration for nearby allies and Heimderinger's turrets.
    H-28G Evolution Turret
    Heimerdinger is very squishy and got no escape spells. His turrets are his only defensive line. If it falls, Heimerdinger is an easy victim. You have to be aggressive after Heimerdinger places his turrets. Wait until your minions get into turret range and kill the towers as quickly as possible with Duskbringer and Umbra Blades. The tower will fall pretty fast. Do not focus Heimerdinger in turret range. They will focus you.
    Hextech Micro-Rockets
    Underestimated spell. I saw Heimerdingers scoring triple kills with this skill. A decent Heimerdinger can kite and bait you to death. It has a very long range and the projetiles are very fast. Blocking it with Shroud of Darkness is possible, but not easy.
    [spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade]
    Long range, but VERY slow. getting hit is way harder than dodging. If you still fail to dodge it, use Shroud of Darkness. Be careful due to its' splash area, which can still blind you.
    Be VERY careful after Heimerdinger hits level 6. He can easily escape your keep you in place with this ultimate. When you think you are going to destroy his turrets, he can pop this skill up and let them freeze you.

    Ionian Fervor
    Irelia gains Tenacity for every enemy champion in sight. Killing her is 1vs1 is tough, in teamfights she is even tougher.
    She can use this dash to chase you or to get near your quickly for a suprise attack. You can block the damage dealt by this skill with Shroud of Darkness.
    Hiten Style
    Lifesteal on passive and true damage for each attack on active. This is one of the skills which make her a good bruiser - A tanky DPS.
    Equilibrium Strike
    If you got more health in % than Irelia, you will get stunned. Otherwise you will get slowed. There is one reason everyone should learn: Irelia MASOCHISTIC. She WANTS to be harassed so she can stun you. The damage taken is not a problem for her. She will just lifesteal her HP back or use her ultimate to restore it. NEVER underestimate a weak looking Irelia. It is an illusion.
    Transcendent Blades
    4 ranged attack for which Irelia gets healed by 20% of the damage dealt. Pretty angerous - especially near minions.You can block ONE ranged attack with Shroud of Darkness.

    Very good passive. The whole team gets movement speed.
    Howling Gale
    A skilled Janna will make great use of this skill. But every Janna have to be good in predicting your movement so you get hit by the storm. Just move to akward directions (But not in dangerous ones!) to avoid getting hit by the tornado. Be always prepared for a little tornado evolving on the ground.
    Remember that Janna can summon tornados in bushes, giving you less time to react! If you fail, you will get knocked up. So try to dodge it or use Shroud of Darkness.
    This spell slows you down for a decent amount of % and time. Try to use Shroud of Darkness if you expect Janna to use this. It will be often used to slow you down after Howling Gale, so the damage dealer has an easy job to strike you down.
    Eye Of The Storm
    This is why Janna is very dangerous and effective in duo lanes with ranged AD carrys like Ashe, Caitlyn or Miss Fortune. They get a shield and additional attack damage. So most of early game harassing will be useless or pretty dangerous while their ranged damage dealer can harass you without taken as good as no damage. Try to avoid fights while this skill is active.
    All enemys near Janna will be knocked back while you and your team gets knocked away. Jannas will use this if they see their carry dying or if a team fight fails. A good Janna will divide your team, bad Jannas can isolate their own allies or screw team kills by giving the enemy more distance to escape. A smart casted Unspeakable Horror combinated with Shroud of Darkness can totally neglect Janna's ultimate. With Shroud of Darkness you will not get knocked away while Unspeakable Horror interrupts her channeling.

    Jarvan IV
    Martial Cadence
    Pretty good skill for opening laning fights. Be careful in longer fights. The passive is active again after 6 seconds on each target.
    Dragon Strike
    Be careful. the range is a bit longer than actually shown. It is a quick strike reducing your armor. Using Shroud of Darkness can block this though.
    Golden Aegis
    Jarvan gains a shield and slows all nearby enemys. Pretty dangerous in team fights or when you try to escape. You can block the slow with Shroud of Darkness.
    Demacian Standard
    His passive buffs his attack speed and armor. His active activates a flag falling on a targeted position and granting Jarvan's passive for nearby allies. Remember his Flag + Spear combo! He can pull himself to the flag knocking up all targets in line. He can use it to escape or chase through walls.
    Mighty ultimate isolating a target inside of a circle. Try to block the damage with Shroud of Darkness. If you are stuck in his circle, fear Jarvan with Unspeakable Horror or try to escape with your ultimate to a eak enemy outside.

    [spell=Equipment Mastery]
    Jax, the Weaponmaster gains additional health for every point of attack damage and ability power. this will make him a bit tankier for meele fights and saves him some money.
    Leap Strike
    Dangerous spell! Most Jax run with movement speed runes making them greta chasers. Leap Stirke can be used to close gaps to you or to nuke you down. It has a great scaling. You can and you SHOULD block it's damage with Shroud of Darkness. Otherwise you will use more then 30% of your health with one hit.
    Empower is often combinated with Leap Strike. You will hear a high pitched sound and Jax lantern will begin to glow when he activates Empower. Prepare to get hit by Leap Strike then or be defense until Empower wents off.
    Counter Strike
    Jax can easily dodge attack combinated with masteries, runes, his skills and maybe Ninja Tabi. Going into fights with Jax can be very frustrating. If he dodges an attack he can stun you and keep mashing you with his lantern.
    Relentless Assault
    Jax gets his personal Guinsoo's Rageblade. If you combinate both, Jax will easily reach the 2,5 attack speed limit with some other items combined. His active gives him tons of magic resistance. Jax isone of the best, if not THE best, 1 on 1 fighters. Focus him with his team. You will lose 1on1 fights with Jax for 90%.

  • ----- K - P

    Inner Flame
    Less health = More AP. Bursting Karma down is the key.
    [spell=Heavenly Wave]
    Underestimated spell but a good Karma will know how to harass with that one. And it deals pretty good damage! With the Mantra bonus all allies in rnage will get healed. USE this to your advantage! Most Karmas will push their lane because of this. They damage a lot of minions in sight just to harass you or heal allies + their minions, pushing indirectly their lane. Try to block it with Shroud of Darkness.
    [spell=Spirit Bond]
    Used on allies to speed them up or on enemys (you) to slow you down. Mantra bonus doubles its' effect. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness but its' damage is pretty low. If someone gets to close, just use Unspeakable Horror.
    [spell=Soul Shield]
    Karma shields herself or any allies. Can be annoying, but wears off after time. So just ignore the target and focus someone else if possible. Otherwise just keep hitting if you are sure to get a kill. Mantra bonus gives damage on activation. Can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness.
    Basically Karma has three skills. This one works like an upgrade to the others. Look at Karma's status bar to see if her Mantra is activated.

    Death Defied
    After death Karthus can still cats spells for a short amount of time without mana costs. Never ever ignore this fact. After you kill him he can still score plenty kills! So move out of his range after his death. In this state most Karthi will cast Requiem to finish off the last survivors of teamfights.
    Lay Waste
    Karthus places those orange dots dealing delayed damage. Predicting is pretty easy. Just move unusual to avoid being hit. Soon Karthus will be out of mana. Somehow I always failed to use Shroud of Darkness here. Same goes for Sivir's spellshield. It somehow doesn't work.
    Wall of Pain
    All of Karthus skills are made for chasing and zoning targets out. With Lay Waste he tried to force you to move as HE wants, with Wall of Pain you get slowed so Karthus can catch you up and hit you easier and with Defile you get damage every second while being slowed. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness but it triggers pretty fast for every split second staying in his wall. Sometimes it is better to walk around the Wall than running through. If you can not escape Karthus, turn around and try to kill him. Most Karthi work with the fear they evoke with their AoE damage. Sometimes Offense is the best defense.
    Karthus' personal Sunfire Cape. Try to stay out of his range, especially after his death. If you HAVE to stay in his damage range, kill him as fast as possible. Ksrthus is squishy.
    One of the most devastating spell in this game. You need to press one button and the whole team can possibly die. But for Nocturne it is the funniest one. If you engage a fight against Karthus, try to save Shroud of Darkness. After Karthus death, he will cast Requiem 90% of the time to finish you off. Activate Shroud of Darkness right after you see a red glowing pillar above your head. Stay calm and cast it a bit delayed so you surely block it. Afterwards laugh.

    Void Stone
    You can ignore this passive. Shroud of Darkness is the only skill having an AP-ratio.
    Null Sphere
    Kassadin's mighty harassing skill. Use Shroud of Darkness every time he tries to use it on you.
    Nether Blade
    This is a viable skill for AD Kassadins. I saw some and they were pretty decent, but those are not competitive enough. AP Kassadins will try to flash in, nuke everything down and flash out. Afterwards they chase the survivors. Therefore you can pretty much ignore his meele attacks. Especially as Nocturne. You WANT Kassadin to get into your range to fear him with Unspeakable Horror. Nocturne is THE ultimate counter to Kassadin. I never lost a fair fight to any Kassadin so far.
    Force Pulse
    After 5 casted spells, Kassadin is able to use this skill, dealing a lot of damage and slowing all targets in it. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness and you SHOULD block it.
    Kassadin is one of the most mobile champions. He can chase and escape like a boss. A typical combo looks like this: Riftwalk --> Force Pulse --> Null Sphere --> Riftwalk. So you will definately block something with Shroud of Darkness. Timing it right to block the one spell woth the most damage output is hard against a good Kassadin.
    After any Kassadin knows that he is targeted by your Paranoia, they will try to flash out of the way. But after you casted it once you will follow kassadin wherever he is going to flash. This can be pretty awesome, but also bad if he flashes into tower range or into his allies, waiting for you to slay you. But if you succed, cast Unspeakable Horror immediately to disable Kassadin completely.

    VERY dangerous. Katarina is one of the few mana independent champions. This one boosts her lethality drastically.
    Bouncing Blade
    Good harassing tool with bleeding effect. You can predict its' movement easily. So using Shroud of Darkness should be no problem.
    [spell=Killer Instincts]
    This here boosts her two first skills, making her a perfect killer. If you hear a high pitched metal sound, you know that she used Killer Instincts. This is a possible indicator for a attack on you.
    Katarina flashes to any target dealing damage on hit. Can be very annoying for casters, but not for you. You are an auto-attacker. It s more annyoing for slow champions like Mordekaiser. For you it is even better if she uses Shunpo to get into your attack range. Just use Unspeakable Horror and punish her. You can block the damage with Shroud of Darkness. If you are going to gank, wait for Katarina to use Shunpo. This way she will not have any escape possibilities.
    Death Lotus
    Death Lotus is followed by Shunpo in large team fights. Remember her passive! Reduced cooldowns after every champion kill. And she will score a LOT of kills with this one if no one disables her. If no one else does it, try to fear her with Unspeakable Horror or run out of her damage area if you get damaged too hard.

    Holy Fervor
    This makes Kayle a great hybrid champion.
    Good Kayles will always use Reckoning in ANY situation. Every time you are too close, they will use Reckoning. Try to block it with Shroud of Darkness if you don't want to get slowed hard.
    Divine Blessing
    Kayles heal spell. Nothing special about that. Just focus the weaker target in solo lanes.
    Righteous Fury
    Splash and ranged damage. It deals good damage early game when no one is fast enouugh to escape Reckoning + Righteous Fury. Just look at Kayles sword. If it is blazed, Righteous Fury is activated. Try to stay out of her range.
    Invincibility for a short amoung over GREAT distance. Kayle will often use it on the dying carry. Sometimes it is better to focus the Supporters first, like Soraka or Zilean. You have to decide which is a greater problem. The heal or the carry damage? What you should do, is to ignore the invincible target. You cna also try to just disable Kayle as long as the carry is live. 1-2 seconds can be enough to kill a squishy carry.

    Mark of the Storm
    After 3 Marks you get stunned. You get marks from each of Kennen's spells.
    Thundering Shuriken
    Good harassing spell and due to his energy system he can spam it quite a lot. Try to hide behind minions, move unpredictable or simply use Shroud of Darkness.
    Electrical Surge
    If you already got marke,d Kennen will use this one to unload it and deal additional damage to you. Try to dodge every mark shot to turn this skill useless.
    Lightning Rush
    Kennen gains running speed, Resistance and deals damage to every enemy he passes and marking them again. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness. Try to fear him with Unspeakable Horror if he comes too close.
    Slicing Maelstrom
    Combinated with all spells and this one, Kennen is able to take down whole teams and disable all of them. Almost everyone gets a mark, due to Electircal Surge everyone gets additional damage and with Lightning Rush he can move quickly to reach all enemys without getting in danger. You can block one damage shot with Shroud of Darkness but it can hit you up to three times in 2 seconds. So using Shroud of Darkness is not efficient. it is better to wait until his Ultimate wears off. Up then he is at his weakest point without any energy to use.

    Icathian Surprise
    If you kill Kog'Maw he can still kill you with his explosion. Use Youmuu's Ghostblade, Ghost or Duskbringer to get out of his range as fast as possible. In this state Kog'Maw can not be targeted or disabled in any way. The only way to avoid damage is: Running
    Caustic Spittle
    Similar to our passive of Shroud of Darkness as Kog'Maw gains additional attack speed and takes down some of our armor with one shot. You can block the shot with Shroud of Darkness to avoid armor reduction.
    Bio-Arcane Barrage
    Overall Kog'Maw is a great on-hit-champion. combinated with Madreds, Wit's End or Malady he can deal tons of damage to anyone. With this spell he gains more range and deals magical damage. Remember that Kog'Maw is an auto-attacker. Using Unspeakable Horror and getting close to him will make him lose. Try to deal as much damage as possible to squishy Kog'Maw.
    Void Ooze
    Similar Skillshot like Duskbringer but this one slows all enemys hit. You can block the hit with Shroud of Darkness.
    Living Artillery
    Be very very careful with every of your movesn ear Kog'Maw after level 6. He can shoot you down form safe positions when you think you are out of danger zones. Move unpredictable, block with Shroud of Darkness if neccessary and try teleprot from safe spots or unusual ones.

    Mirror Image
    A clone with no damage output. Simply look at the items of the LeBlancs. The one with items is the real one. Adidtionaly you can look for buffs. The one with jungle buffs is always the real one. EVERY LeBlanc will escape with the original and leaving the clone just behind. So it is easy to predict which one is real. Note: LeBlanc is untargetable for the second where she creates a clone.
    [spell=Sigil of Silence]
    As the spell says, you get probably silenced. This is THE skill you should block with Shroud of Darkness.
    Most LeBlancs will use this one to dash forward, use Sigil of Silence and Ethereal Chains. Aftrwards they dash back or use mimic to follow you. If you see her dash, activate Shroud of Darkness. you will block one of her nukes making it impossible for her to kill you. She can use this skill to escape through walls or use Mimic to dash twice.
    Ethereal Chains
    LeBlanc will try to chain you and hold you on your position. You cna hide behind creeps so they get chained instead of you. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness. If you fail to block it, run into the opposite direction of LeBlanc's position to unchain you.
    LeBlanc can cast one of her spells twice with additional damage. This allows her to make some crazy combinations. but as I said: One Shroud of Darkness can destroy her whole combo. She is a nuking caster. She has cooldowns. Take advantage of this,

    Lee Sin
    This makes Lee Sinn an endurable fighter. He gets rewarded for using skills by restoring energy.
    Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
    if you get hit by this spell, Lee Sin can dahs towards you and unload any other spells. So try to block it with Shroud of Darkness to avoid this. If he gets too close, use Unspeakable Horror.
    Safeguard / Iron Will
    Lee Sin can guard any ally and dash to him. If you can not kill the target WITH the shield, ignore it. Otherwise Lee Sin gains some energy. Also remember Lee Sin's buffed stats (Lifesteal, Spell Vamp and additional Armor)
    Tempest / Cripple
    Lee Sin's ranged attack for checking bushes, looking for wards or for invisibles. Everything hit by this skill gets reveals for some seconds. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness. If you are going to gank Lee Sin or want to start an ambush, hide more in the back of bushes. Lee Sin will not facecheck by himself but Seonic Waves' range isn't that big to cover the whole bush.
    Dragon's Rage
    Most Lee Sins will use this to kick you back to enemy towers, into walls, to their allies or to rescue them. It is perfect if you are able to block it with Shroud of Darkness. Remember the knockback on every unit that stands in the victims way.

    Nice passive to make Leona's allies hit you a bit harder. You can't block the passive itself but the damaging spells.
    Shield of Daybreak
    Leonas short stun. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness to avoid the additional damage and the stun.
    Leona buffs herself and deals delayed Aoe damage. It is easy to predict. Just count to 3 and activate Shroud of Darkness before.
    Zenith Blade
    Leona dashes to the last target she hits and stuns it. Can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness and is often usd as the initiator for team fights.
    Solar Flare
    A decent area will be covered by damage with a stun in the centre and slows around. It is also a bit delayed so it should be easily blocked with Shroud of Darkness.

    Lux is able to pull of some nasty burst combos with this one. If you get illuminated, fall back and wait for the effect to wear off.
    Light Binding
    Two targets in a line get binded. be careful if you are moving in the second line. You can still get binded.
    If you are chasing a Lux they will use Liht Binding in every desperate situation. But they completely forget Shroud of Darkness. If you are able to block Light Binding you got an almost guaranteed free-kill.
    Prismatic Barrier Lux can shield herself and allies in a line. It can trigger twice because of its' boomerang effect causing it to trigger two times.
    Lucent Singularity
    lux creates a slowing light pool. Most Lux players will try to cats it behind you because almost everyones reaction if they see her casting it, is to go BACK but in this case they will run in! It has a long range and is useful to pull someone out from their tower zone. A typical combo is to cast Light Binding directly followed by Lucent Singularity. You get illuminated, they auto attack you once, poop up Lucent SIngularity and auto attack you a second time. This way Lux is able to burst pretty good for a supporting champion. You can block the pool damage with Shroud of Darkness.
    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    You have to block this with Shroud of Darkness! It has VERY long range and it casting time is very fast. You can see a little red laser beam. this shows her shooting direction. You need good reaction to hit Shroud of Darkness.Be careful after teamfights and at every time you run around with low health. Lux can sniper you.

    Granite Shield
    Malphite gets a shield depending on how much maximum health he got. After you break his shield it needs some seconds to restore. harass him all the time so his shield can not regenerate.
    Seismic Shard
    Malphite's harassing skill. It slows you if hit but the projectile is slow. Simply use Shroud of Darkness.
    Brutal Strikes
    Malphite deals additional area damage with normal hits on passive. Its' active provides additional attack damage and armor. Tanks should be the last one to get focused. If he activates this spell ignore him more than ever. Most Malphites activate this skill before they rush in with unstoppable force.
    Ground Slam
    If you fail to block this one with Shroud of Darkness, you get damaged and lose attack speed. If you block it, you gain attack speed. It has very close range. So avoid being near Malphite though.
    Unstoppable Force
    Malphite rushes into the targeted area knocking everything up in the air. If there is a spell to be blocked with Shroud of Darkness, it is this one.
    Typical combo looks like this: Brutal Strikes --> Unstoppable Force, Ground Slam, Seismic Shard.
    Rememebr your role. You are an assassin taking out the key champions. Try to stay out of everything as long as possible. Try to avoid Malphites ultimate.

    Summon Voidling
    After 4 spells Malzahar gets a Voidling. Late game they are useless but early game they are very good! If Malzahar casts Malefic Visions on you, his Voidlings will focus you or anyone with Malefic Visons. They can deal decent damage early game. Do not underestimate this. Late game they are pretty bad especially because they can not be controlled. This way most Voidlings reveal Malzahars position in bushes or jungles.
    Call of the Void
    Malzahar creates two portals and everything within gets damaged and silenced. It is easy to dodge. But use Shroud of Darkness if you are going to get hit. Malzahar can use this skill to check bushes.
    Null Zone
    Malzahar creates a damaging pool on the ground which damages you for some % of your maximum health. It is good against tanky champions. It is easy to avoid . Just walk out of it.
    Malefic Visions
    You should totally block this spell. It is Malzahars main damage source. It wanders from a dying unit to another. For every kill with this skill, Malzahar gains mana. On the other hand this is a great tool for us because every Malzahar tends to overextend because of this. This spell has the closest range out of Malzahar's skills. Try to play the "dumb guy" and let him cast Malefic Visions on you right after you cast Shroud of Darkness.
    Nether Grasp
    Devastating ultimate making it unable for the victim to use any skills because this ultimate is surpressing you. It totally disables you from anything. Most Malzahars try to unload all their skills on you first. Nullzone, Malefic Visions, Ignite and Nether Grasp. Malzahar will haev to come closer to you. This is the bets timing to use Shroud of Darkness and Unspeakable Horror. In this case Unspeakable Horror will be more important than Shroud of Darkness. Shroud of Darkness will probably block Malefic Visions. Your Unspeakable Horror is essential to get out of Nether Grasp's channeling. After the delayed fear, Malzahar will cancel his ultimate. Remember this.

    Sap Magic
    After 5 casted spells (whoever casted them) Maokai gains a huge Lifestal bonus on his next auto attack. This makes him a bit tankier.
    Arcane Smash
    The range is pretty small and the knockback also. But it is working well against any channeling spells. Try to use Shroud of Darkness in dangerous situations.
    Twisted Advance
    Maokai pulls himself to you stunning you for a short amount. Try to block it with Shroud of Darkness. He will often use this spell as his initiation to get close to your allies.
    Sapling Toss
    Very long range and free wards with decent damage output. Try to outrun them if you get to close or use Shroud of Darkness. Use Shroud of Darkness to clear bushes for your allies from those nasty things. Act as the mine clearer.
    Vengeful Maelstrom
    This skill deals a lot of damage, if you actually fight in its' circle. Solution: Simpyl walk of with your whole team out of it. Maokai synergizes well with Galio in this case. But usually this ultimate is not dangerous at all.

    Master Yi
    Double Strike
    Double strike on each 7th attack. Attack Speed is great for Master Yi in this case.
    Alpha Strike
    Yi quickly strikes 4 enemys with a good chance to one hit minions. He can leap over walls with this one or close gaps pretty fast. While Alpha Strike channels, he is untargetable for anyone. If you fear him with Unspeakable Horror while he is using Alpha Strike, the fear will trigger after he ends his animation. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness.
    If Yi gets just a bit AP, this skills skill turns to an annoying beast. Whenever you think you got Master Yi, he meditates and heals himself up. The heal itself is not the problem, but the minimum of 100 Resistance for everything is! With this skill, Master Yi turns into a tank for a few second, no matter how squishy he is. Only way to interrupt meditaton, is by Unspeakable Horror.
    Wuju Style
    Yi gains passively attack damage. On activation Master Yi gains the double attack damage of his skill. Very lethal!
    If Master Yi activates Ghost, Youmuu's Ghost Blade and Highlander, absolutely nothing can escape him. He gets additional attack and movement speed. He also gains immunity to any slows. There is only one weapon to any auto attacker: Disabling! Use Unspeakable Horror if he comes too close or a fight is unavoidable.

    Miss Fortune
    Miss Fortune is a great harasser. If she feared the enemy, they will not try to fight her but try to run instead. But if she doesn't take any damage, she will kite them. Try to harass her with Duskbringer to break her Strut effect.
    Double Up
    This skillis alike a double shot but wit hadditional damage and unpredictable movement. Try to activate Shroud of Darkness if you think you are getting hit.
    Impure Shots
    Miss Fortune gains additional magic damage and attack speed damage with a heal reduction. Try to avoid fighting her or use Unspekable Horror which should neutralize her activa duration.
    Make It Rain
    The little sister of Gangplank's ultimate. It slows you and makes kiting easier for her. Combinated wit hStrut and Make It Rain it is quite easy to do. You can use Shroud of Darkness to avoid the slow.
    Bullet Time
    Great ultimate if planned well. Most people start to panic when they hear the clicking sounds of her guns and try to run straight AWAY from it. This is the biggest mistake you could possibly make. Run to the SIDES. The secure sides are way easier to reach than running though her whole ultimate. You can interrupt the ultimate with Unspeakable Horror.

    Iron Man
    Mordekaiser is special. Good team will ignore him, bad teams will focus him, giving him enough material to get healed up with spell vamp and his shield. This is why most unexperienced players think he is overpowered and immortal. Mordekaisers spells got mediocre range. Therefore he has to be close to you to charge up his shield. Try to punish him BEFORE he uses a skill. using skills on his shield is useless. Keep the pressure on him and harass him in every free second without a shield. Disrespect him! Early game Mordekaiser is pretty strong because of his illusion of being tanky. But if you force him to fight away from any creeps, he turns to be an easy victim.
    Mace of Spades
    Meele skill with AD AND AP ratios. This skills hits like a truck with a Hextech Gunblade. You hear an eletricity sound and can see little thunders aroudn his Mace. In this case he is going to use his skill on something. Try to harass him before he uses it. and uickly move out of his range.
    [spell=Creeping Death]
    A fully maxed Creeping Death equals the damage of more than two Sunfire Capes + a Resistance buff. Mordekaiser can cast his buff on any ally he wants, even creeps to harass you from safe position. Wait until the effect wears off or kill any minion with this buff quickly. This skill can be even used in invisibles even in stealth mode without revealing them.
    Siphon of Destruction
    Mordekaiser's usual farming and harassing tool. Try to block it with Shroud of Darkness. Most Mordekaisers tend to use this on you whenever they see you in range. Big mistake! They lose health due to the spell costs, deal no damage to you and grant you additional attack speed. Try to stay out of your minion group. Let Mordekaiser decide:"Shall I harass the enemy? Or shall I attack the minions, pushing the tower and loading my shield up?" Either way, it is a win-win-situation for you. Remember the old rule: Harass him before he hits anything to hit his life, not his shield.
    Children of the Grave
    Mighty ultimate which turns 5vs5 into 6vs4. If he gets a ranged auto attacking slave like Ashe or Kog'Maw, any Morde can score Pentakills. If you succeed in blocking this with Shroud of Darkness you destroyed most of Mordekaisers late game effect. Sometimes it happens that you kill Mordekaiser while still having ignite and his ultimate on you. You get permanent damage per second. Try to use your lifesteal from Umbra Blades and Wriggle's Lantern to survive as long as possible.

    Soul Siphon
    Because of this great passive Morgana can survive very long. Morgana gets very tanky due to this passive and Black Shield.
    Dark Binding
    A skillshot which can not go through multiple enemys. Once it hits you, you get binded. Try to block it with Shroud of Darkness. The skill projectile is pretty slow. You should have enough time to react.
    Tormented Soil
    Most Morganas try to use Tormented Soil right after Dark Binding, allowing her to heal up for huge amounts.
    Black Shield
    Morgana is Nocturne's most hated caster counter. Whenever I tried to gank Morgana, she just popped up her Black Shield and laughed about my Duskbringer and Unspeakable Horror. The Spell immunity, which can be even cast on allies, is pretty annyoing. very hard counter to Nocturne. Remember: It blocks SPELLS only. Auto attacks still slice through her shield.
    Soul Shackles
    Very dominant ultimate. Every enemy in range gets chained and therefore slowed. If you fail to escape, you receive another huge amount of damage and a stun. Combinated with Black Shield Morgana is a real threat to your team. If you can predict her ultimate activation, try to cast Shroud of Darkness to block all effects.

    Soul Eater
    Nasus is designed as a Tanky Overall champion. He can do everything good, but isn't the best in anything. This passive helps him tu survive longer in lane to farm up.
    Siphoning Strike
    If there is a Nasus and a solo lane, they will go solo 99%. They need the solo lane because of this skill. Whenever they kill someone with this spell, it gains additional damage. You can block the hit with Shroud of Darkness. Try to harass Nasus as much as possible or try to zone him out. A farmed Nasus, is a dangerous Nasus.
    You get slowed hard for a LONG time. Nasus will often use this as a gank initiator and rush towards you. Blocking with Shroud of Darkness is helpful. If he still comes to near, use Unspeakable Horror.
    Spirit Fire
    Damage per second and reduced armor in a certain area. Simply move out of it and fight Nasus outside of it. The cast delay gives you time enough to dodge it.
    Fury of the Sands
    If you think Nasus is going to die, he will pop his ultimate and slay some people. Avoid going 1vs1 with Nasus. You got no chance in such a case unless you are fed hard.

    Nidalee is one of the best chasers, pokers and escapers. This passive supports her a lot.
    Just remember: Nidalee gains movement speed while moving in bushes. Try to avoid walking though bushes if you are being chased by Nidalee.
    Javelin Toss / Takedown
    Javelin Toss is the most lethal poking skill in this game. The longer the javelin flies, the more damage it inflicts. And it's range is VERY high. Be careful if you want to teleport back to your base. Nidalee can be around the corner throwing javelins at you. In longer poking fights you should always ward the sides. Nidalee loves flank attacks with her javelin. You can and you should block the javelin with Shroud of Darkness. Remember to rescue your allies! Whenevr you see a javelin flying directly at an ally, jump in the line with Shroud of Darkness and safe them!
    Takedown is extremly dangerous if you got low health. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness though.
    Bushwhack / Pounce
    Decent Nidalees will place traps everywhere. In every important bush, intersection, buff, Baron Nashor, Dragon or whatever. Always look for a four-shaped star on the ground glowing in the mid. You can see Traps on your mini map too but be careful with bushes. You can see whats in the bush, when you enter it. Sometimes it is better to activate Shroud of Darkness before entering a bush so you do not reveal your position. If you somehow get into a trap, you can try to play the dumb one and stay there as long as she can see you and simply walk away to any other lane. Maybe she will expect you to gank her. Therefore other lanes will not care about you. Just try to fool the enemy with the vision you give him. Let him make wrong predictions.
    Pounce is Nidalee's escape or chasing skill. She can jump over any wall. Nidalee can only pounce in the direction she is looking. You can block its' damage with Shroud of Darkness.
    Primal Surge / Swipe
    Nidalee heals any target giving it health and additional attack speed. Nidalee is one of the most annoying healers. She can simply heal for more than 700 in one heal. If she gets ridicously fed and heals for such amounts, you should always focus her first.
    Swipe is just another cougar attack. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness
    Aspect Of The Cougar
    Nidalee switches into cougar form in which she is able to use the skills showed above. All of those skills are meele attacks. So simply use Shroud of Darkness and Unspeakable Horror whenever you can to get rid of her. Remember her additional dodge ad movement speed while in cougar form.
    External ImageCougar Lady - Hidden Passive
    Information taken from League of Legends Wikipedia:
    "Nidalee has a hidden passive that periodically gives experience to nearby teammates of lower levels. This is a pop culture reference to older ladies who prefer younger mates being called cougars. This hidden passive was mentioned by Riot staff in the IGN versus Riot Staff match video."

    External Image

    This passive makes it easier for him to jungle and gank efficiently.
    Nunu eats any enemy minion on the map dealing true damage and healing himself. This spell makes Nunu a viable jungler. He can run around and kill whatever he wants. Ask someone to guard your wraiths in the first seconds after the spawn. Most Nunus tend to invade the enemy jungle and eat some of your jungle creeps to deny your experience and gold.
    Blood Boil
    Nunu buffs himself and someone else with additional movement and attack speed. Good synergy with his passive. If he comes to close to you, use Unspeakable Horror.
    Ice Blast
    Nunu shoots an Ice ball at you. The projetile itself is pretty slow. So you should have enough time to block it with Shroud of Darkness and you SHOULD block it! If you fail, you get serious damage and a huge slow. Just analyze Nunu's movement. If he wents straight to you, he will possibly try to ice blast you.
    Absolute Zero
    Devastating but also useless ultimate. If your team fails to interrupt Nunu's channeling, he will deal a lot of damage. Your team should try to disable him for a split second. This is enough to stop his ultimate.
    You should ALWAYS keep an eye on your status bar. If you get slower near bushes, Nunu is currently channeling his ultimate. Immediately move out or time your Shroud of Darkness well, to take no damage. A well timed Unspeakable Horror will also stop him from channeling immediately after he starts.

    Berserker Rage
    Olaf is a very dangerous guy. Less Health = More attack speed. Take him out with your team quickly so he can not harm anyone with his passive.
    Olaf throws his axe damaging and slowing everything in his path. He can catch up his Axe to reduce his cooldowns. If you see it flying towards you, use Shroud of Darkness.
    Vicious Strikes
    Olaf gains spell vamp and lifesteal and additional damage. This spell makes Olaf more dangerous and tankier. If he starts hitting you, use Unspeakable Horror.
    Reckless Swing
    Olafs main source of damage output. He can slay EVERYTHING with this spell. He hurts himself but deals a lot of true damage to any tank with 70% armor reduction. He does not care. You should totally block this spell with Shroud of Darkness. Otherwise your health will just melt down.
    Olaf gains passive armor penetration, making him even more lethal. The active reduces all damage he takes and makes him IMMUNE to all DISABLES. No fear, stun, bind, blind. Olaf will slay everything in his path. The only chance to get him is to burst him down with your whole team.

    Clockwork Windup
    Orianna buffs her attack damage with additional magical damage which can stack up. It can be annoying and underestimated because of Orianna being a caster. Most Oriannas will use their skills 98% of the time and wiell not auto attack you this often. But you should still try to fear her with Unspeakable Horror and take her out fast.
    Command: Attack
    This skill makes Orianna a great laner. She can harass you from very safe distance, facecheck bushes and let the ball act like a ward. Try to move unusual to prevent being hit by her ball. If she cant forecast your movement, she will not be able to deal damage to you. If you can't dodge the ball, hide behind creeps to lower the ball damage. The damage can be also blocked with Shroud of Darkness.
    Command: Dissonance
    Speeds allies up and slows enemys with a little bit of damage. If you manage to avoid her ball, it will not harm you.
    Command: Protect
    Shield and resistance buff for the targeted person. Do not forget that Orianna can shield allies with her ball.
    Command: Shockwave
    Strong crowd controlling spell. All targets near the balls are thrown towards the balls' center. If you see her ball flying into your group of allies before an upcoming teamfight prepare to activate Shroud of Darkness to avoid the damage.

    Aegis Protection
    After 4 spells or attacks, Pantheon will be able to block an auto attack or other projectiles. Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole does not count.
    Spear Shot
    Pantheon wil try to harass and farm with this skill. Try to punish him every time he comes to near. You can block this with Shroud of Darkness.
    Aegis of Zeonia
    Pantheon's disabling skill. The stun durations are VERY VERY poor. You will not even realize the stun. Of course you can block it with Shroud of Darkness to make Pantheon completely useless.
    Heartseeker Strike
    Pantheon's main damage source. Sadly his Aegis of Zeonia doesn't stun for a long duration. After he stuns you, just walk out to the sides to dodge his Heartseeker Strike. Never wlak away to the opposite direction. This is 80% of the time the longer escape route. Walking of to the sides is way shorter.
    Grand Skyfall
    If you see a red circle on the ground, activate Shroud of Darkness and try to get out of there. This spell makes Pantheon very mobile. He can split push pretty good and join allies in bad team fights quickly to help them. Always be aware of Pantheon's ultimate. Never forget it.

    Valiant Fighter
    This skill makes Poppy very tanky. Never face her alone unless she really is on low health or you are fed.
    Devastating Blow
    Great nuke. Often used after Heroic Charge. Try to block this one with Shroud of Darkness to avoid 70% of Poppy's damage output.
    Paragon of Demacia
    With every hit Poppy gains attack damage and armor, making her even more tanky. As I said: Never face her alone with common circumstances. Try to fear her with Unspeakable Horror if she comes too close with her active movement speed boost.
    Heroic Charge
    Try to avoid being charged into a wall. Try to fight on large places and not in the jungle to avoid getting stunned. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness but after every Heroic Charge Poppy uses Devastating Blow dealing more damage to you than this. It depends on the situation if she tried to kick you into an enemy tower or any of HER allies. Otherwise just get hit and safe Shroud of Darkness for Devastating Blow.
    Diplomatic Immunity
    Smart Poppys will cast this on the weakest of your allies. This are likely all support champions. In this state she is immune to everything for 6 seconds even against tower hits. thebest thing you can do is to focus someone else and guard the marked target as good as possible.

  • ----- R - Z

    Spiked Shell
    More Armor = more Attack Damage.
    Very good for chasing, cutting of escape routes, zoning out or initiating. If you get hit, you get knocked up for a split second and slowed for 3 seconds. You can block all of this with Shroud of Darkness. Try to stand between minions so Rammus has to rush into them to come closer to you. Playing with my build will include having Wriggle's Lantern. Remember the ward. If Rammus comes to close to you or an ally and you got no way to stop Rammus, use your ward and place it just in front of him so he stops his Powerball. You can even try to fear him with Unspeakable Horror if he didn't gained much speed.
    Defensive Ball Curl
    Rammus gets huge amounts of Resistance and reflects some of the damage he receives. Remember: More armor means more attack damage for Rammus. If you meet Rammus and he is the only one to focus, wait until Defensive Ball Curl wears off. Look at the net shield covering him. If it turns green, it will turn off after.
    Puncturing Taunt
    Great taunt. You do not want to get taunted for three second. Block it with Shroud of Darkness for every cost. The Taunt comes often after you got hit with Powerball.
    Because of this and his other skills Rammus is a great Tower destroyer. This skill deals almost 1600 damage in total. Combinated with his added armor from Defensive Curl Ball he can take down towers pretty fast. And he is a tank - He will probably not die if someone follows him. If he comes to close to you, use Unspeakable Horror so he moves away from you.

    Reign of Anger
    Renekton's unique Fury system. For every auto attack, he gains Fury. he loses Fury for not auto attacking.
    Try to outzone him and harass him with Duskbringer. Always keep an eye on his Fury bar. if it gets red, you should be careful. The next of his skills will deal bonus damage with better effects.
    Cull the Meek
    Renekton deals area damage, healing himself up. It is an meele skill. Punish him for using it. You can block the damage with Shroud of Darkness.
    Ruthless Predator
    2 or 3 meele hits with a stun. You want to block this one with Shroud of Darkness for sure.
    Slice and Dice
    Renekton dashes forward. If he hits something, he can dash another time. A typical combo of Renekton looks like this: Slice --> Ruthless Predator --> Cull the Meek --> Dice
    Try to use Shroud of Darkness after his slice to block the stun and fear him with Unspeakable Horror to interrupt his combo and letting him go into a dangerous situation.
    If Renekton is low on health, he will use his ultimate to restore health and dealing magical damage per second to all nearby enemys. Renekton is one of the best tanky dps champions. NEVER face ihm alone. You will probably die. Face him if you are fed, he is simply bad or on VERY low health.

    Runic Blade
    To make it clear: She can gain 3 stacks but uses only ONE on auto-attacks.
    Nevertheless it is better to disable her early in the fight so she cant gain those stacks, making it painful to fight her in the next seconds.
    Broken Wings
    Rivens playstyle may look very fast and chaotic, thats why I call her "Grasshopper". Facing her and this skillset makes it almost impossible to use Shroud of Darkness at the right time for her third attack. The third attack knocks you back a bit. The damage of all three skill attacks is the same. So the only thing we can / should block is the third hit. Using Unspeakable Horror can bring her out of rythm easily.
    Ki Burst
    A little AoE stun. I would even say that the damage is more dangerous than the stun itself. With her chaotic playstyle you can't really focus on blocking this one with Shroud of Darkness.
    Her physical shield is week and can be crushed with one hit easily. She can use Valor to avoid your Duskbringer. The dash itself is almost ignorable. Her Q gives her more mobility.
    Blade of the Exile
    Riven gains additional attack damage for 15 seconds and cast Windslash within those 15 seconds once.
    You definately want to block this one with Shroud of Darkness, so be prepared after her sword is reformed.

    Junkyard Titan
    Heat system. If it turns yellow (50%) his spells will do additional things. If it turnes red on 100%, he will be silenced for 6 seconds but will deal additional magical damage.
    Never come to close to Rumble and try to fight him with your team. This skill deals huge amounts of damage even on level one. Use Unspeakable Horror so he leaves his way giving you enough time to escape.
    Scrap Shield
    Rumble gets a shield protecting him from a little bit of damage. The shield itself is irgnoarble, but not the movement speed bonus. With the speed bonus it is easier for him to burn you with Flamespitter.
    Electro Harpoon
    Rumble can shoot you twice with this Harpoons. If you get hit, you get slowed. Try to block it with Shroud of Darkness and move between minions so he hits them instead.
    The Equalizer
    Very dangerous in combination with his other skills. Rumble is focused on slowing you as much as possible, making himself as fast as possible to burn you with Flamespitter. Rumble will use this ultimate in front of your escape path to cut you of or to force you to went through receiving a lot of damage and a slow. You can block the initial damage with Shroud of Darkness. And whenever he comes to close: Use Unspeakable Horror to leave you alone.

    Arcane Mastery
    Ryze is the Ashe of AP. If he casts a spell, all his cooldowns get reduced by one second. Remember that his skills scale with MANA, not with AP. Ryze might not be easy to kill due to his former remake of being a lot more tanky than before, but he is easy to counter because 3 of 4 spells are spell nukes which we can easily block with Shroud of Darkness.
    You get hit with a single target nuke. Simply block it with Shroud of Darkness if neccessary.
    Rune Prison
    Most Ryzes try to begin their nuke combo with the Rune Cage. If you block this one with Shroud of Darkness, you totally throw Ryze out of his gameplay.
    Spell Flux
    Orb bouncing from enemy to enemy up to five times, reducing your Magic Resistance for a decent amount. If you block Rune Prison, then this spell won't do any damage at all. You will simply move out of the bouncing range and get hit just once or twice. Just build up some distance to the orb so it can not jump on you.
    Desperate Power
    Ryze gains spell vamp and area damage for all of his spells. But if he can not start his combo with Rune Prison, it will not matter in any way. I don't know why, but I didn't had any problems with Ryze so far. Getting some distance, blocking with banshee's Veil and Shroud of Darkness and fearing him with Unspeakable Horror to finish him off.
    As I already said: Ryze is hard to kill but easy to counter.

    One of your biggest ganking rivals with a decent passive. Alsmost everyone will run away from a Shaco, especially when he has the red buff to slow you down additionally to his Two-Shiv Poison. Use Unspeakable Horror to escape Shaco as good as possible.
    Shaco is the master of escapes. With this spell he can fool your whole team. Always keep an eye on typical ganking spots at your lane and look for a red smoking cloud. This is Shaco's initiation. He will probably pop up behind you after a second. If you see this, activate Shroud of Darkness to block Two-Shiv-Poision.
    If you are hunting Shaco and he deceives, he will probably run into the opposite direction. This means: he will escape behind your position. Remember, that you can reveal stealthed champions with Duskbringer ( at least their position).
    Jack In The Box
    Shaco's free wards. Their damage is not that good but useful for jungling or giving some time while escaping. All Shacos use the Jacks to get their first buff. They have to place the Jacks right in the beginning because of the long cooldown. You can simply delay Shaco's jungling if you go and invade the red or blue buff to activate the Jacks. The Jacks will dissappear after some seconds. You can also block the fear with Shroud of Darkness, if you know where Shaco placed his Jacks.
    Some creative Shacos love to place up to 6 Jacks in one bush to lure you inside and get a kill. This is a rare situation, but keep that in mind.
    Two-Shiv Poison
    After Deceiving, Shaco will use this spell to poison and slow you. If you block this spell with Shroud of Darkness, you will be able to escape 80% of the time.
    If you think you are going to kill Shaco, he will use the ultimate, creating another Shaco. The Shaco clone deals 75% of Shaco's dmaage and even triggers ALL on-hit effects from items. If you kill the clone, he will deal damage to all nearby enemys. So be careful if someone form your team is on low health, chased by a Shaco clone. You can simply recognize by looking at his items or his buffs. The real Shaco always has the buff circles around him (If he collected some) and the Shaco copy will always have an empty item build. At the moment, where Shaco activates his ultimate, he is untargetable and immune to damage, like Karthus' ultimate. If you kill the original Shaco, while the copy is alive, the copy will still explode and deal damage. Only kill Shaco if you are sure not to die.

    Ki Strike
    Tanky Shens with a lot of health can also deal a lot of damage because of this skill. Shen is a tank, but he will probably have a Sunfire Cape and will survive very long. He will damage you in this way.
    Vorpal Blade
    Shen's harass skill, safe farming tool and heal. Everyone who attacks the target hit by Vorpal Blade, will get healed for three seconds. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness.
    Shens shields himself for 3,5 seconds. If you didn't ignored Shen so far, you should do now.
    Shadow Dash
    This is the best taunt in the game. Shen rushed through all enemys, taunting everything in his way. This is THE spell to be blocked with Shroud of Darkness. Some Shen will often use the Summoner Spell Teleport, to get to left towers way quicker. After they teleported they will likely try to taunt everything in tower range. My tactic is to pop up Shroud of Darkness, get "taunted", hit the tower some more times and get out of there while fearing Shen with Unspeakable Horror so he can't follow me. Almost every Shen will try to taunt you under their tower. Shen can also use this spell to dash through walls.
    Stand United
    Whenever you think you are about to kill someone, keep Shen in mind. He can simply shield his allies, teleport to them, taunt you and screw your whole tactic. YOu got two options:
    A: You can't deal enough damage to the shielded victim - Therefore escape
    B: You can destroy the shield quickly, getting a kill and wasting Shen's ultimate.
    Sometimes the teleport triggers AFTER the victim is already dead causing Shen to be left alone against you and your team mates.

    Empowered Bulwark
    Singed gets health for his Mana, making him tankier.
    Poison Trail
    Singed is the most chaotic champion in League of Legends. He just runs around, throwing people and never dying. Never do the mistake and follow him. Even if he my look weak at certain points of the game - he isn't. He WANTS you to folow him through his poison trail. Be careful following through bushes. YOu can not see the poison if you are not in the bush. he will try to zone you out. Never panic if you have to escape from his posion. Just take the smartest route to safety.
    Mega Adhesive
    Singed slows you extremly, making it easy to throw you into his poison or to safe his team mates. Shroud of Darkness can help.
    Singed will always try to throw you into a miserable position. Into poison, enemys, tower range or just way from our allies. The range is very close, so try to block it with Shroud of Darkness or fear him with Unspeakable Horror if you can't predict when he is going to throw you.
    Insanity Potion
    Singed turns insane and buffs almost everything he got, turning into a wicked tank. The best thing is to ignore Singed. He will probably never die, so try to ignore him as good as possible or try to disable him as long as the team fights last. Singed should always be the last target. Try to get distance and wait those 25 seconds if possible.

    [spell=Feel No Pain]
    Sion is another tanky DPS or AP nuker. He can be build into both directions.
    [spell=Cryptic Gaze]
    Very very very dangerous nuke with stun, IF it hits. If you see a Sion rushing towards you with Death's Caress loaded, he will obviously try to stun you. If you succeed to block it with Shroud of Darkness, you bloeck 50% of his whole damage output. Its' range is not that high so you should have enough time to react accordingly.
    [spell=Death's Caress]
    Sion gains a shield which can explode on command. Most people are scarey by Sion because of his damage output. But this is WHY he is so lethal. Try to harass him as much as possible and be aggressive when he has his shield. If you succed in destroying it, he will have no nuke ready and his damage output is non existent. You can of course block the damage with Shroud of Darkness.
    Sion gets increased attack damage and gains additional maximum health for every killed minion. This counts for ALL kills he makes, not only auto attacks. You should be aggressive with Sion. Therefore try to zone him out and deny him from creep kills as good as possible.
    Sion boosts his attack speed, lifesteal and also heals his allies with the damage dealt. AD Sions are invincible with this ultimate, for AP Sions it is still a pretty good heal up. It is hard to get rid of AD Sions with this ultimate activated. Try to ignore him. AP Sions can be slain though.

    Fleet of Foot
    Sivir can dodge while moving. It can be pretty annoying.
    Boomerang Blade
    The boomerang blade has a good range, but is very slow. It should be easy to dodge it. You can also block ONE HIT of it with Shroud of Darkness. You will have to dodge the other one.
    Sivir's attack will bounce from enemy to enemy. combinated with times and all her skills, Sivir is the best pusher in the game and one of the most lethal carries. Sivir should always be one of your first targets in fights.
    Spell Shield
    You got a spellshield, Sivir does also. Whatever she can block, you can also. Try to fool her and let her think you are going to use an ability on her to waste her spell. Sometimes it is even smart to break the shield. For example: Using Duskbringer to break the shield, just to be able to use Unspeakable Horror. Do not do this if she is going to get a bigger advantage than you.
    On The Hunt
    Sivirs buffs all allies with additional movement and attack speed. This can be lethal in teamfights, pushing or destroying towers. Therefore: Focus Sivir whenever possible.

    Normal hits lower his cooldowns. Synergizes well with his Exoskeleton.
    Crystal Slash
    Skarner's little area attack. If you manage to get hit twice by Crystal Slash, you get slowed. Try to at least dodge/counter one of his slashes using Shroud of Darkness to make his slow useless.
    Crystalline Exoskeleton
    Additional attack and movement speed. Unspeakable Horror is the perfect counter to waste him some seconds of his buff.
    Fracture is a skillshot. Same rules as with any other skillshot. Try to move unpredictable. It can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness if neccessary.
    Of course his ultimate is his scariest skill. You WANT to block this with Shroud of Darkness, but predicting it is very hard. He will try to pull you from surprise attacks so you can't make use of any defensive skills or escape mechanics. Common rule: Don't facecheck unknown bushes.
    Little note: If you manage to leash Unspeakable Horror on him and he begins to pull you, he can get scared. He will still pull you but it can make your miserable position a bit safer by the fear trigger.

    Power Chord
    Sona is a running team buff. This passive helps her to fullfill the role of a supportive and damaging champion. After 3 spells, the next spell will have additional effects. The good thing is: You can block all of her damaging spells.
    Hymn of Valor
    Buffs the Attack Damage and Ability Power of allies.
    Aria of Perseverance
    Buffs the Resistance of allies and heals them on active.
    Song of Celerity
    Bonus movement speed for allies
    Sona will use her Ultimate in critical phases or right after the tank's initiation. If playing against Sona, I always keep in mind, where she is going to ultimate. I am trying to stay out of the predicted area.
    Blocking this spell with Shroud of Darkness is highly recommended. Without any allies, Sona is an easy target. You should try to get her with your ultimate, making the team fight an easy 4vs5.

    Allied champions near Soraka gain 16 Magic Resistance. This makes early game very hard for you and your team.
    Starcall is an underestimated skill. It easily takes down your Magic Resistance if you don't play carefully. Soraka can spam with this skill later on. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness, but you shouldn't. There are 4 other enemys dealing way more damage than Soraka.
    Astral Blessing
    Soraka heals an ally and grants him bonus armor for four seconds. Soraka's heals are VERY annoying. Try to harass her as much as possible.
    Soraka can restore mana for an ally and herself OR she can silence you. You can block the silence with Shroud of Darkness.
    Soraka heals everyone on the map immediately. it is the best counter to Karthus' ultimate.
    The biggest mistake you can do, is to ignore Soraka and focus the carrys. I lost so many games because I was the only one focusing Soraka. And when my team sometimes finally realized she has to die first, we surprisingly turned the tide of some battle. If you can not take out Soraka because their carry REALLY is a bigger risk, shut Soraka down with a disable.
    Personally, when I see Soraka, I wait until the battle evokes and target Soraka. She will try to run away and seperate herself from her team, leaving them without a healer.

    Carrion Renewal
    Swain restores Mana for every kill. Synergizes well with his ultimate.
    Swain will slow you with this and damage you a bit. It is immediately cast, so it is hard to block it with Shroud of Darkness. If you get hit by this, try to walk away as fast as possible, but do not run into an obvious direction. Swain can still bind you with his next skill.
    Nevermove is often followed after Decrepify. Because of the slow, it is easier for him to bind you. Most Swains will try to cast this spell on your running way. So be careful where you are running to. Mediocreo Swains will walk towards you to cast this spell. Smarter ones will try to do this while auto attacking and standing still. In this case you will not see it coming. But you got your Shroud of Darkness, if it's going to be too late.
    Swain's main damage source while laning. He will use this to harass you as much as possible. You will receive additional damage form Swain's attacks as long as this spell is active. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness though.
    Ravenous Flock
    If Swains is low on health, he will turn on this skill, eating everything in his range. He gets healed for half the amount of damage he deals with his ultimate. Squishy minions will give him more mana due to his passive. After he restored his health and dealt some damage to you, they will go back to their tower and keep last hitting to restore their Mana again. Use Unspeakable Horror if he comes to close. It will not stop his ultimate, but maybe you can get out of its' range.

    If you got disabled in any way, Talon deals additional damage. You got Shroud of Darkness to keep you safe from any disables.
    Noxian Diplomacy
    Additional damage on-hit which makes you leave a bloodtrail behind you so the enemy can spot you. It can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness.
    Rake is something like Sivir's Boomarang. The blades Talon throws, come back to him. The time to dodge the returining blades is not that big, but it is possible. It can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness once. If you stay in his way while using Shroud of Darkness, you get hit by the returning blades. It also slows you and can trigger Talon's passive.
    Talon is a meele fighter like Nocturne. With Cutthroat he will 100% jump behind you bringing himself into meele range making it possible to fear him with Unspeakable Horror. His backstabbing move can be countered by Shroud of Darkness, bringing him into a dangerous situation. If you fail to fear him, he silences you making it impossible to fear him with Unspeakable Horror.
    Shadow Assault
    This ultimate can be used to primarily dodge big hits from entire teams or to escape. It deals normal attack damage if you manage to get hit. It is pretty easy to outplay him with his own ultimate. Talon MUST walk behind you to hit you by his blades. he will probably do this with Cutthroat. Just run into a defensive position which reveals him in a dangerous position (Towers, your teammates (if he is outnumbered) or outposiitoning. Probably he will hurt himself more than you. If you act very fast, use Duskbringer to reveal his position in stealth. This makes it easier to position yourself in a better way than he can.

    Taric common attack restore a bit mana. Good for his supportive role as a healer.
    This spell has a very high AP ratio. And if Taric attacks something its' cooldown gets decreased by two seconds. That is a lot. Try to keep Taric out of fights or disable him until their carry dies. Otherwise Taric will heal and heal again.
    Taric is a running buff station. He and his allies gain additional armor while his gem shield is up. If he activates it, you get damages and your armor gets reduced for four seconds. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness, but there are more important enemys to focus on.
    You want to definately block this spell. If you are very close to Taric and he stuns you, you get a huge amount of damage. If you are far away while he stuns you, you get stunned for a longer duration. We do not like both alternatives. We should use Shroud of Darkness to block this stun. Most Tarics will try to safe their allies with the stun. You can expect it 100% of the time that they are going to stun you if you are coming to near.
    Taric gets healed every second and buffs himself and his allies with additional attack damage. It costs a LOT of mana to keep this ultimate up. As I said before: try to isolate or disable him.

    Can be pretty annoying for you. If you know where he is you should harass him with Duskbringer.
    Blinding Dart
    You HAVE to block this. As the skills says, it blinds you. You are a meele dps champion. You do not want to get blinded at all. Try to block this with Shroud of Darkness.
    Move Quick
    Teemo gets insane movement speed. Do not underestimate this. If he comes to close, fear him with Unspeakable Horror to get rid of him.
    Toxic Shot
    You get poisoned with every of Teemo's shot. You can block one toxic shot with Shroud of Darkness, but he will continue to shoot you.
    Noxious Trap
    Jungling and Socuting becomes a pain if you have an enemy Teemo. The mushrooms can be used to ward important places or on escape routes. If you see Teemo escaping from you on an indirect and akward way, you will definately run into mushrooms. Don't get baited and fall back. If you know where he placed mushrooms, activate Shroud of Darkness and clean them for you and your allies. Also check Baron Nashor and the Dragon from time to time with Shroud of Darkness. This is way better than checking it before killing Baron Nashor or dragon. If you keep cleaning both spots and if you are successful sometimes, they will not know when you and your team are going to kill the monsters.

    Draw a Bead
    Very annoying and deadly passive. Tristana gains attack range with every level. At higher levels she will be able to compete in teamfights without even getting in danger.
    Rapid Fire
    Rapid Fire has a high cooldown. So it will be only used in important situations. Try to disable her in its' duration. Taking her completely out is the best solution, if she is the AD carry.
    Rocket Jump
    Tristana will use this skill to escape from critical situations, to jump over walls, to chase you or to shoot you in a special direction. If she succeeds and jumps in behind you, she will use her ultimate and shoot you into her team or her tower. It also has a slow, remember that.
    [spell=Explosive Shot]
    Lethal to you early game. If Tristana shoots a minion, it will do splash damage to all enemys around. So she will be able to harass you if you stay too close to your minions. The active has a reduced healing debuff. It can affect your [skill=Umbra Blades].
    Buster Shot
    As mentionend before, Tristana will combinate Rocket Jump and Buster Shot to get you into a critical position. It can also knockback multiple target but it has no stun if you hit a wall. If she can not jump away with low health, she will use her ultimate to escape. You can use Shroud of Darkness to completely ignore her ultimate.

    Trundle is a solid jungler because of this heal. In teamfights, it will give him a huge heal if someone tanky dies.
    [spell=Rabid Bite]
    Do not get bit by Trundle. He will deal damage to you, absorb some of your attack damage and use it for himself. Try to block it with Shroud of Darkness. Its' cooldown is shorter than the duration of the skill itself. So a Trundle with blue buff will constantly be buffed in teamfights.
    Trundle will use this skill to start his ganks. He gains attack speed, movement speed and a Tenacity bonus. Try to lure him out of the circle to make ihm lose all this advantages. The area is pretty big. Sometimes Trundle will expose himself because of this (For example while killing the Dragon)
    [spell=Pillar of Filth]
    Annoying spell. It is similar to Anivia's Ice Wall. It is good to isolate enemys from their teams, cutting of escape routes, or slowing the enemys to chase them better. If you hide in a bush, he can use the Pillar to pull you automatically out of it.
    One important note: It does NOT interrupt channeling skills. Malzahar, Nunu and everyone else who got channeling ultimates will not get interrupted.
    Trundles simply steals your health and Resistance and buffs and heals himself. Try to counter it with Shroud of Darkness. It is possible that he is going to use this on your tank to gain a huge amount of Resistance, turning into a tank for some seconds.

    Battle Fury
    Less health = More critical strike chance.
    Tryndamere is focused on his health critical srike chance relation.
    For every kill or critical hit Tryndamere gets a Bloodlust stack. This gives him additional attack and critical damage. If he activates the stacks, he will get healed. Very dangerous if you fight Tryndamere alone. And you should avoid 1vs1 against Tryndamere. There is a chance you will win this duels, but the risk is too high. Do it only if you are VERY sure you can get him.
    Mocking Shout
    If you turn your back to Tryndamere, he will be able to reduce your movement speed and your attack damage. At level 5 it takes 100 attack damage from you. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness.
    Spinning Slash
    Tryndamere's initiation, escape and chase skill. He can dash through smaller walls with that. he will use this before he tries to cast Mocking Shout on you. You can block the damage dealt with Shroud of Darkness, but safe it for Mocking Shout.
    Undying Rage
    Undying Rage. Everyone knows it. Tryndamere is immune to any damage and gets some Bloodlust stacks. All Tryndameres will use this skill while being on low health. Technically Tryndamere would be dead at this state. Therefore his passive gives him 100% crit chance combined with all his runes and items. In those four seconds, Tryndamere is most lethal but also most vulnerable. You can use Ignite to reduce his Bloodlust stacks after Undying Rage comes to an end or simply disable him in any way you want to. Every lost second from this four second invincibility hurts him much. I LOVE to use my ultimate on an escaping Tryndamere, who used Spinning Slash and all his Bloodlust stacks to get away. This is also my tactic in 1vs1 fights against Tryndamere. Face him with Unspeakable Horror, Youmuu's Ghostblade and pray to get him down so he activates his ultimate. Then I let him think that he has the upperhand and run away. Afterwards I activate Shroud of Darkness, so he can not follow me up with Mocking Shout. After 1-2 seconds he will change his direction to get to safety. In this moment I begin to follow HIM, use my ultimate, Duskbringer 1-2 auto attacks and he is down. but as I said: Facing Tryndamere 1vs1 is suicide almost every time until you know where your limits are.

    Twisted Fate
    [spell=Second Sight]
    Twisted Fate's team gets +2 gold for every kill. It doesn't seem to be much, but it is if you count it up forthe whole team.
    Wild Cards
    One of the most important skills for AP Twisted Fate's. Great for farming, harassing. The projectiles are VERY easy to dodge. Block it with Shroud of Darkness in emergency cases. Wild Cards is often followed after Pick A Card.
    Pick A Card
    Three in one:
    Blue Card restores mana
    Red Card deals area damage to nearby enemys and slows all of them. It can be used to harass enemys by hitting the creeps and getting all the splash damage form the red card.
    Gold Card is the most effective one. Single target stun. Tiwsted Fates always keep this card ready after they use their ultimate and teleport to your place to stun you immediately.
    Most Twisted Fates will try to obviously use any card on you. If you see any card above his head, just go back and come back after it dissappears. Pretty easy. All of those cards can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness.
    Stacked Deck
    Additional magical damage on every fourth attack, additional attack speed and cooldown reduction. Early game this can burts you down with a combination of Pick a Card, Wild Cards, a loaded Sheen and a STacked Deck card.
    Reveals everyone on your team (and even stealthed champions) and Twisted fates will be able to teleport to any place on the map. Great for ganking, pushing towers, lanes and backdooring. He can also use it to escape from critical situations, if he doesn't get disabled fast enough. Twisted Fate will often use this ultimate to finish of week enemys. So it is important to run to safety and stay TOGETHER! No smart Twisted Fate will teleport into a bunch of enemys just to get a kill.

    Deadly Venom
    Each attacks equals a poison stack. It will make you lose health over time. It is not much, but gives Twitch a bit more advantage.
    Twitch can turn invisible. The longer he stays invisible, the more attack speed he gains for 10 seconds afterwards. You can see his walking path if you use Duskbringer.
    [spell=Debilitating Poison]
    Twitch slows all nearby enemys. Depending on his Venom Stacks, you get slowed for a little bigger amount. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness but it is hard to predict.
    Expunge is the early game finisher of Twitch. If you got at least one stack (six at maximum) he can use Expunge to deal additional damage to you. If you fight Twitch, he will try to stack the maximum on you. Whenever you try to run away he will use Expunge to finish you off. Try to block the Expunge with Shroud of Darkness. Predicting it is not easy though.
    [spell=Spray and Pray]
    After Twich pops up again from his stealth, he will try to shoot all and everything in teamfights. His additional attack speed and increased attack range makes it easy for him to constantly harass enemys even udner towers or beihnd walls. Simply try to get out of his range or disable and focus him down. Twitch is THE squishiest champion out there, and after revealing himself from stealth mode he has no escape moves left.

    Monkey's Agility
    Additional attack speed and dodge chance after using a Stance.
    The dodge is and attack speed are very useful for jungling.
    Tiger Stance
    Udyr gains more attack speed and deals additional damage.
    Turtle Stance
    Udyr is able to restore health and mana depending on his attack damage.
    On activation Udyr gains a damage absorbing shield.
    Ignore Udyr as long as this Stance is active. You are not able to take him down alone in common situations.
    Bear Stance
    If all his attack speed buffs he can stun the entire team for a second. The activation gives him movement speed, making him a great ganker. Try to block the stun with Shroud of Darkness.
    Phoenix Stance
    Udyr deals area damage on every third hit while in Phoenix Stance. He also gains attack damage on activation. This skills is strongest in early game. Combinated with all his Stances and the quick Stance switching, Udyr can buff himself with tons of attack damage, attack speed, health and mana restore and some more things. The attack speed buffs help him to trigger his Phoenix Fire Punch more often.
    And never ever try to fight Udyr alone. And also try to ignore him until the very end. Udyr can be played very tanky. Ttry to disable him until their squishys are dead.

    Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter
    Your damage gets reduced if you get hit by Urgot. Not good for us as we are playing a meele dps champion.
    Acid Hunter
    Combinated with Manamune and endless amounts of mana, Urgot will spam this on you as it would be his second auto-attack. Noxian Corrosive Charge makes it easier for him to hit you with this one. The Range is VERY high and its' cooldown is very low. You can block it of course with Shroud of Darkness, but you should safe it up for Noxian Corrosive Charge.
    Terror Capacitor
    Urgot gains a shield and is able to slow targets wit his attacks as long as his shield is active. Can be annoying, but the shield itself is not that effective. With some cooldown reduction it will be easy for Urgot to keep this shield up all the time, giving him a permanent slow on attacks.
    Noxian Corrosive Charge
    If you get hit by this high ranged attack, he can spam with his Acid Hunter projectiles. He will try to kite you this way, so try to block the shot with Shroud of Darkness. it also reduces your armor and deals damage over time.
    Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser
    This ultimate can decide the game. A good Urgot will screw you up. A bad one will teleport himself into a bunch of enemys. Urgot will surpress you for the duration of the teleporting process, gaining Resistance and slowing you after the teleport. Urgot will try to get you into a danger zone. For example his team mates, his towers or to isolate you from the group. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness.
    But never underestimate Urgot. He can switch places, gain Armor, can pop his shield which gives him slow on hit, and remember his passive which makes your attack damage getting lower.

    Night Hunter
    Vayne is a very decent duelist. With this passive she can easily chase people.
    Tumble + Auto-Attack Tumble back
    This a typical combo to harass you easily. You have to play very safe against her. Punish her for tumbling with Duskbringer. If she gets to close to tumble away, use Unspeakable Horror and hit her some times.
    Silver Bolts
    Three hits in a row and you receive additional damage + true damage. Very good against tanky champions. You can avoid the third shot with Shroud of Darkness.
    Vayne will use Tumble to get into a good position to shoot you into a wall, her tower or her team mates. If you see her going extremely aggressive you can expect an engage. Try to pop up Shroud of Darkness in the right moment to counter it.
    Final Hour
    Vayne buffs herself with attack damage and quadruple movement speed from her passive.
    She also turns stealth after she tumbles. You can see her trail after using Duskbringer.
    Vayne is a duelist. She loves 1vs1 fights. So take her this advantage and focus her down with your team.

    A small mana regeneration boost for Veigar.
    Baleful Strike
    veigar will mostly farm with this skill and try to last hit with it to get Ability points for every kill. Pretty decent spell if used by a decent Veigar. Later on he will use it in his death combo. You can use Shroud of Darkness to block it.
    Dark Matter
    Dark Matter is a delayed area damage spell. You can see a black shadow on the ground before it hits the ground. Shroud of Darkness can block it too. Because of its' delay, Veigar will tend to use together with Event Horizon. he can use it even defensively to escape easier from you. He casts it on the places he stays at and because of the delay, you will run into it, if you do not dodge or block it. It also rveeals the area it hits (Good for checking bushes).
    Event Horizon
    Nice area stun. If you run through the border, you get stunned unless you use our lovely Shroud of Darkness to simply walk away. Veigar will use this in combination with Dark Matter to get you into the right position. He can also use it to initiate teamfights( making it easier for the tank) saving running allies and cut of escape routes either for allies or enemys.
    Primordial Burst
    Great damage output and great scaling. If there is a spell tp block, here you are. Shroud of Darkness is, as usual, our life saver. If he succeeds to stun you, Veigar will unload all his abilities he has. Good to know, that we can block 50% of it with Banshee's Veil and Shroud of Darkness.

    Crimson Pact
    Vladimir is an AP caster. So this passive will help him to get a decent health pool.
    This will be Vladimirs second auto attack. It has 3 seconds cooldown on level 5. With cooldown reduction he can get it close to 1.60 seconds. Vladimir gets healed with this skill, while doing decent damage. You can block it with Shroud of Darkness, but he can spam it like a boss.
    Sanguine Pool
    Vladimir becomes untargetable, slows everyone in his pool, deals damage to you, gets healed for 12.5% of the damage dealt and gets a slight movement speed boost for half a second. After Morgana's Black Shield this is #2 of my most hated spells. Whenever Vladimir makes an mistake,s over extends or would die in a second. He will simply use blood pool, to get out of EVERY dangerous situation. He can also towerdives with this skill. You can block the damage with Shroud of Darkness. If you are fast enough you can use Unspeakable Horror on him, before he liquidizes himself. In this case he will still get feared while being in the pool. If Vladimir does not succeed in escapign you, he will cast Transfusion on you. So keep Shroud of Darkness ready, after just after his Sanguine Pool comes to an end.
    Tides of Blood
    Area spell with the almost same range as Transfusion. If he stacks this skill up, he can easily heal a big amount with Transfusion.
    Very annoying ultimate. it is a delayed area damage spell, which takes five seconds to activate. While this time, Vladimir's spells do 14% increased damage to you. Normally Vladimir will use his ultimate at the beginning of the fight, casting Tides of Blood, Transfusion and switching to Sanguine Pool. He slows his enemys and when he pops up again, the ultimate deals its' damage and Vladimir finishes the rest with Transfusio nand Tides of Blood. You can block this spell with Shroud of Darkness, but only BEFORE he casts it. The damage is delayed by five seconds. In this time zone it is too late to use Shroud of Darkness. The status will be already on your champion.

    Eternal Thirst
    This is one of those skills, which make Warwick the king of the jungle.
    With this passive Warwick can easily heal up himself in jungle. He can buy whatever he wants and still succeeds in jungling.
    Hungering Strike
    Every point of damage he deals to you, heals Warwick by the same amount. It deals magical damage and can be blocked with Shroud of Darkness. Most Warwick will try to cast this on you while hunting. Shroud of Darkness will make Warwick significantly weaker without his super heal.
    Hunters Call
    Warwick and all his allies gain increased attack speed for 10 seconds. Nothing much to say about that. Greta for Warwick's overall package to jungle well, gank with good damage output and to take down towers fast.
    Blood Scent
    If your health is below 50%, Warwick will possibly see you. You will see a smybol above your head and hear a wolve yelling. If you planned to teleport back to your base, go to a SAFE place. Warwick can see you even in bushes and can take you out easily with his ultimate. He also gains movement speed if he detects someone below 50%, so try to get rid of him with all escape mechanics you got or use Unspeakable Horror to get away from him.
    Infinite Duress
    This spell supresses you while Warwick hits you several times in a short duration. He will gain lifesteal also. combinated with Hungering Strike it can burst you down early game. Some Warwick's will be foolish enough to use their ultimate while you have Shroud of Darkness activated. In this case Warwick will teleport to your position but won't do any hits. Warwick will use this to easily take out squishy key targets. So protect them. If timed well, you can even use Unspeakable Horror and interrupt his ultimate.
    Remember: Supression always surpresses BOTH sides. Warwick will not be able to do anything in those 1.7 seconds he is busy.

    Stone Skin
    More enemys means, he gets tankier.
    Crushing Blow
    This skill is an on-hit effect. Good Wukongs will use this skill in a fast combination with a normal hit to hit you twice in a second. It reduces your armor by 30%. You can block this by Shroud of Darkness.
    Decoy CAN be a very tricky and annoying skill. Try to hit Wukong as fast as possible with Duskbringer to reveal his path. If you use your ultimate, make sure to ulti the right one. Smart players could use Decoy in the heat of the battle to waste your ultimate damage. Always keep an eye on Wukongs mana bar. If it goes down a bit, he stealths away. If it stays as it is, he wants to trick you with pressing simply S to stand still.
    Nimbus Strike
    Wukongs gap-closer right before he uses Crushing Blow.
    This ultimate will knock you up once. Try to get out of his range as fast as possible by fearing him with Unspeakable Horror.

    Xin Zhao
    [spell=Tireless Warrior]
    Good for jungling Xin Zhaos and early game laning. He will dominate his lane if you don't harass and outzone him.
    Three Talon Strike
    Three attacks with additional damage. The third one will knock you up. Great for ganking also. You can block the knockup with Shroud of Darkness.
    Battle Cry
    Xin Zhaos abilities are designed for attack speed. He gets healed after three strikes and knocks enemys up with three strikes. He will use battle cry before charging into you.
    Audacious Charge
    Xin Zhao charges to an oppononet. This is his initiation move to gank or engage teamfights. You also get slowed by his charge. Another reason why he is a great ganker. Of course you can block the charge damage and slow with Shroud of Darkness.
    Crescent Sweep
    Crescent Sweep follows after Audacious Charge. After he charges into your group of allies, he will sweep all of your enemys dealing a huge amount of damage + 20% of the current health. For every champion he hits, his Resistance get higher for six seconds. Very mighty. Xin Zhao is a tanky dps. he is strong, but you should go for the squishy ones first. Without a team, even Xin Zhao is mightless. You can block the damage with Shroud of Darkness.

    Unholy Covenant
    More ghouls means more damage output. Luckily his ghouls die very fast becasue of their constant health loss. You can use Unspeakable Horror on all of his minions of they get to close to you.
    Omen of War
    A little attack damage boost for Yorick.
    Omen of Pestilence
    Similar to Twisted Fate's red card. You can block the AoE damage with Shroud of Darkness and trigger the active.
    Omen of Famine
    Yorick's healing spell. It will make ihm a great sustained laner after he solves his mana problems.
    Omen of Death
    Very great ultimate. It can easily turn the victory of a battle into a draw or even a loss. Remember: All revived champions are undead for 10 seconds. Try to disable the ghost if neccessary and ignore it as good as possible.

    Heightened Learning
    Slight advantage for junglers and laners. A bit more experience is not bad.
    Time Bomb
    Zilean is feared early game because of those bombs. They got a good range and deal decent damage. You have to block those bombs with Shroud of Darkness BEFORE he catss them on you. When he placed a bomb on you, it is already too late to block it. If it is too late and he placed a bomb on you, run away from your ally but run INTO your creeps. This way Zilean will push his lane, revealing himself to ganks.
    Rewind sets down Zilean's cooldowns. He can use this skill for his famous double bomb combo.
    Place a bomb --> Rewind --> Place second bomb.
    This combination takes him a lot of mana. Do not expect him to pull this off often.
    Time Warp
    It either slows someone of your allies or speeds up someone of Zilean's allies.
    If there are more than two enemys, Zilean will most likely slow the victim. If there are less then two enemys, Zilean will speed up the damage dealer to finish you off. You can block the effect with Shroud of Darkness.
    Chrono Shift
    Zileans ultimate can change teamfights. Good Zileans will try to use this spell as late as possible, to make sure you will trigger it. If they time it too late, you and your team MUST IGNORE the target, if you are not sure about getting him down afterwards. It is better to wait until the ultimates wears off, so you can finish off the enemy with very low health instead of 50% of his health filled. If you see those golden signs around the target, ignore it until it ends. Try to kill Zilean first in the team fights. He will either die and not use his ultimate or waste the ultimate on himself. Zilean is a VERY squishy champion. Killing him should be easy.

  • The End

    I hope you liked my first guide! If you got questions feedback or anything else, feel free to ask! I would like to improve this guide over time with more and more information. I will add more more situational items, which can be taken and which not. I wanted to fill the Item section up with the most important items so far. I made this guide in one day, so many more information will come over time! If you want me to add something, please tell me! And please remember to vote this guide!

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