Rammus Build Guide

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Rammus, Ghost in the powerball

written by TwiceBorned

Rammus Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Firstly I must to warn you, that English isn't my main language, so.. be indulgent and don't claim me for my bad grammar, please.

    All in all, this is a "one of many other" Rammus guide, nothing very original here, i don't offer you i way to make Rammy-DPS for example(though once I do this and it work well), simply another one "jungle Rammus tank" guide.. with some interesting founds, I hope.

    Guide isn't fully finished and will be updated.
    And PLEASE no comments like "YOU SHOULD TAKE SMITE!!!". I know that smite is very useful. But fortify-ganks and no need of protection from my team outweigh all smite pros, I think.

    Wait for comments, votes and criticism)

  • Abilities

    Spiked Shell
    Nice passive for jungling and for DPS build(how good DPS build is is another question).. But we need it only for the first. Nothing more to say here, I think.. Except that in endgame, if enemy team damage output is easily survivable(or they simply ignore you) you can take phantom dancers.. Just for lulz and utilizing high AD you have from this+W..

    I'm from Russia, so I LOVE this skill("And what Russian is there who doesn't love fast driving?"(c)Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol)
    Aside from that.. this is still amazing skill for initiation, chasing and fast traveling. For escaping this doesn't always work, especially against "jumpers" like Xin or Jax, they simply stop you powerball after jumping on you.

    Defensive Ball Curl
    Free 150 def and 37 AD. REALLY speed up jungling. Allow you to survive impossible bursts. And killing enemy carries by.. doing nothing. And a reason why "OMG, you don't need health before you take defenses!!!" isn't that good advice for Rammus.

    Puncturing Taunt
    You only way to focus fire on yourself(besides from stupidity of enemy team..) and most powerful single-target CC in the game(if we forget about Malzahar ult.. oh, I would like so much to forever forget about it..). But because of the CD this can be used only once in teamfight, so use it wisely(we have powerball to interrupt channels for example, it's not always needed to spend taunt for this). Better - on a caster than fed AD-carry, especially if he/she doesn't unleash their burst yet)

    Massive AOE with even 2.4 AP rate(if someone dump will stay full 8 sec in it. Nobody are THAT dump sadly). But radius is small.. And CD is small too, so don't be afraid of us this for farm large waves or push turrets.
    Thank to this ult and W Rammus is excellent pusher.. Nunu-bot should probably be Rammus, then he would achieve better results.

  • Summoner Abilities

    [Spell=Fortify] is needed for jungling instead of smite. It also help with tower saving and fortify-ganks are just amazing and fun..

    Exhaust or Flash can both help in ganks. I prefer 1-st simply because can take mastery for it.. And don't like flash. But I agree that in right hands flash can be better.
    Ignite isn't worst himself as offer NO usage for escape, I think.. But ganks become some easier, yes.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Because we go to the jungle we need all survivability against monsters, that we can take and increased experience, so we will go standard 1/21/8 build.
    I think ardor is more important than utility mastery, cause we jungle only till level 6 or 7(in mid and late game it's better to leave blue and red to casters, like Swain and carries), but tank all the entire game.. And this 4% increase to you effective HP(4,17% actually) can help you survive many teamfights.

    For runes flat armor is no-brainer, without it we simply can't jungle effective. Same with Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Fortitude. For blues I take CDR(more taunts and upkeep of W), but you can choose whenever you want, mres/level is good too for example.

  • Items

    Starting gold we spend to Cloth Armor and 5 health pots. Standard for almost any jungler.
    Next buy will be boots and another 3-4 pots. After that Giant's Belt for at least some health, be almost as squishy as Veigar isn't good.. if you job is tanking.
    After that you have two variants
    1)buy Sunfire Cape. Then take Negatron Cloak and after that - [item=Force of Nature](m. res), [item=Heart of Gold](for Randuin's Omen against heavy AD team) or even another Giant's Belt to make a Warmog's Armor, depending on enemy team. Don't forget Aegis of the Legion, it is cheap, but effective, I usually build it as 3 or 4 item - you don't need "aura-items" until midgame, where 5 vs 5 teamfights begin.

    2)Buy Warmog's Armor first, then Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak for some defenses, and after that [item=Force of Nature] or Randuin's Omen, depending on enemy team. NEVER choose 2-nd variant against team with good Kog, he will simply eat you.. However he will eat you anyway. Against Vayne, in other hand, with her true damage, defenses and HP are both ineffective, so don't be afraid of warmog.

    You final item list should look like
    Boots of you choice(usually mercury), FoN, randuin/sunfire, warmog, aegis, something depending on enemy team(like phantom dancers(if you already is indestructible and ignored) , or banshee, or frozen heart.. look at you death recap and make you choice)

  • Skilling Order

    Simple and effective. Sometimes after level 4 you E have higher priority than W.. But not very often.

  • Build Example

    under construction

  • Creep Jungling

    Start with blue buff, then wolves, then wraith, red and golems.
    With this mastery and runes you can do it with ease.
    Alternatively you can start with wolves, then blue buff golem, powerball to kill two small "neargolem" creeps, then standard route. This way you finish jungling 10-15 second faster.. But usually it doesn't worth it.

    And let's tell you there about fortify-ganks. It is obvious, but many people forget about it. If you see an enemy(especially melee champ) pushing standalone tower and you jungle(and have taunt) leave all and powerball quickly to that tower, drive from the brushes, taunt and fortify. After taunt - exaust, if you have it. Congratulations, you earn 300 more gold.

  • Farming

    Before level 6 we farm jungle. After - we can use ult(and build sunfire cape). Nothing complicated there. And learn to last-hitting of course, which isn't hard thank to large AD

  • Pros / Cons

    I see no sense of writing there all pros and cons of Rammus as a champ in general, but will speak about my guide and build only.
    you don't need a protection from you team(but if they type something like "gg rammus afk(((" at 2.30 in global chat they help you very much)
    Rammus is good champ by himself.
    No "strange" decisions like abyssal scepter on Rammus or no HP items since "defenses are better than HP"[while EHP = HP*((armor+mres)/2+100)/100] or something else like this(I see things like this in guides quite often, sadly)

    No smite while jungling means that you buffs can be stolen. But it also means that no one will try to do this(at least you first blue), unless you enemies have telepathy.
    Early warmog can make you vulnerable to madreds.. But you W can counter this.
    For late game yellow and red runes aren't optimal, but we need them in early game. Sadly.
    Fortify-gank relays on enemy's stupidity. Which isn't a good think of cause.
    A lot of grammar mistakes. I'm really sorry.

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