Vayne Build Guide

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Vayne - Make them fear you.

written by Eevi

Vayne Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi there! My name is Eevi, and this is the first time that I've ever written a guide on Leaguecraft, so please bear with me if this isn't exactly a work of art. I decided that I would write this guide after being quite taken with Vayne's style of play. I've always been a fan of ranged champions to begin with, and Vayne reminds me very much (as I'm sure has others) of The Huntress from DC Comics, a character I've always been fond of.

    Vayne is an interesting champion with a lot of power up her sleeve, more so than I'm sure most people probably imagined when she was first described. She has a mixed skillset that has quite a few things in common with other champions, which should make her fairly easy to pick up. However, to master her, you're going to need to understand her strengths and weaknesses, and how best to exploit these. I'll try to help you do this through my guide!

    Note: I'll update this guide pretty regularly, right now Leaguecraft hasn't set up everything right for displaying Vayne's lore and such properly, but hopefully that will change soon.

  • Abilities

    Night Hunter
    This passive is somewhat useful, adding 40 movement speed as you move directly towards an enemy. Note that it doesn't have that long a range for the effect to actually kick in. Also, it only works when you move towards your enemy. This is most useful early on for harassment against vulnerable enemies.

    Your bread and butter ability. By level 5, this has an extremely low cooldown and can be spammed. Knowing when, and where to tumble is the key to being a successful Vayne. Note that you must shoot someone in order for the cooldown to immediately start refreshing, so if you're trying to flee on low HP, dont rely on being able to use this more than once or twice at best unless you can kite your enemy and land a few attacks.

    Silver Bolts
    This ability has been described as all kinds of overpowered by a few people just by looking at it. I'm not here to discuss whether it is balanced or not, just how useful it is to you. This ability is what allows Vayne to do consistent high damage to her targets with the build that I'm going to suggest. With the right items and attack speed, you can do very high DPS whilst having enough space left over for a substantial amount of survivability.

    Condemn is the sort of ability that can make or break a good Vayne from an amazing Vayne. Lining it up and pulling off a stun at the crucial moment in a team fight can make all the difference. On Twisted Treeline this ability is useful throughout the entire map, it's a little more difficult to use on Summoners Rift in a lane. However, in jungle team fights, a well placed Condemn can wreak havoc upon your unfortunate target. This ability has a lengthy cooldown so make sure to use it when it will be most advantageous to you.

    With that said, dont shy away from using it if you've got a rampaging Renekton charging towards you and you need to clear some distance! It can save your life, or the life of a team mate, just as easily as it can set up a kill.

    Final Hour
    Vayne's ultimate is not particularly flashy but it provides a substantial steroid boost that can at level 3 last for the majority, or entirety, of a team fight. The damage boost gets increasingly noticeable and the movement speed is fantastic for hunting down your prey, but the most beneficial trait is the stealth that it adds to Tumble. The stealth is very short but given how spammable Tumble becomes, you can possibly be stealthed for about half the time your ultimate is on, if you're constantly using Tumble. This makes you hard to focus if you use it correctly, a well timed Tumble can shake off any enemy pressure and allow you to position yourself either to escape, or to acquire your prey.

    Vayne is fantastically well equipped to hunt down a major threat in the enemy team, and her speed and steath capabilities whilst using her ultimate allow her to excel at this task. With this on at level 3 you've got 12 long seconds to bring armageddon down on the enemy team. Dont waste any of those seconds, kill some fools!

  • Masteries + Runes



    Defensive masteries for a DPS champion? Madness, you might say! But there's a method to this girl's madness, so bear with me. The purpose of this guide is to create a respectably tanky ranged DPS champion who can deal sufficient damage throughout the game but is especially tailored to surviving team fights and picking off squishy targets. Vayne, similar to quite a few tanky DPS champions, has fantastic natural damage scaling thanks to her W. All you really need to do constant damage is a bit of attack speed, and we'll get to that soon enough in her item section.

    Granted, offensive masteries will help you deal more damage in the early game, but this masteries build helps you survive the early game instead and allows you to survive harassment thrown in your direction whilst dealing sufficient harassment back.

    Now, on to the runes.


    Reds - x9 Greater Mark of Desolation
    Yellows - x9 Greater Seal of Vitality (Preferred) / Evasion / Resilience
    Blues - x9 Greater Glyph of Shielding (Preferred) / Warding
    Quints - x3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation (Preferred) / Fortitude

    Now then, this rune page should help you somewhat with that early game damage you've been looking for, whilst keeping to the main principle of this build: being hard to kill. Note this is all very opinion based, my personal play style lends more towards survivability than being a glass cannon. Many things on Vayne would work, this guide is just covering one perspective. ArP reds and quints is fairly self explanatory, it'll give you some solid ArP especially on the squishier targets and just helps you throughout the game.

    Having a bit of scaling health helps to offset Vayne's natural base HP which isn't terribly high, whilst evasion is fine if you're feeling lucky. I'd take Resilience if you're planning on early game dominance and really want to harass as much as possible since it will allow you to take minion aggro, and physical attacks from enemy champions, just that much easier.

    The same sort of principle goes with her blues. Scaling MR is a great stat to have, mages love to blow their burst on champions who can blow them to pieces in a matter of seconds, which is exactly what Vayne can do. Take warding for the same reasons as you'd take resilience from the yellow tree. Finally, if you want more early game resistance, take fortitude instead of ArP quints. It will hurt your damage output, though. This build is admittedly more tailored towards mid and lategame, with an emphasis on outlasting enemies in the early game through constant harassment.

  • Skilling Order

    External Image

    This is my personal skill order for Vayne, however, you can choose her skills based on the threat you're facing. If you have a laning partner with a sufficient lockdown skill, such as Alistar, or Taric, and are able to do consistent damage to your enemies, then maxing W over Q might be a more profitable idea. This also applies if you're up against a team with a lot of early game tankiness. Got a Mundo, Reneketon etc in your lane? W can help you put a dent in them.

    I'm writing this guide mainly with a focus on doing sustained DPS, but if you want to be more of a bursty assassin type and fancy your aim with your E, you could choose to level it up more than I do in my personal skill order. She's quite flexible and isn't totally reliant on any one skill. I do think Q and W should come first, though.

  • Items

    Vayne is a very flexible champion, as I've mentioned earlier, and so in my opinion it's hard to figure out a core for her that you must build in every single game. Certainly, there are quite a few items that she benefits from, but I'll be covering the items that are most valuable to this particular way of building her. Note, I wont go into every single item here, just the ones that I can see a use for on Vayne in respect to being a tanky DPS.

    Damage and Attack Speed

    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]Madred's Bloodrazor: This item is the core of this particular build, and I'll explain why. Thanks to your W, Vayne excels at taking down targets with high HP. She's able to do massive true damage, and Madred's Bloodrazor only adds to that capability. The added armor, attack speed and physical damage are all very valuable to you too. This item and your W allows you to focus on being as hard to kill as possible whilst doing very respectable damage to any target you choose to hit. With enough attack speed, no one is safe, not even the tankiest of champions.

    Sword of the Divine: An item that can be very useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's a fantastic counter to any champions with high dodge. Hitting it's active pretty much means you're always going to hit your target unless you're blinded, they're shielded, etc. This item has always been the bane of Jax so if you happen to see him on the enemy team, make sure to pick this up. However, it's also good for another reason. That free ArP when you hit the active is fantastic for increasing your damage, activate it and your ultimate and you can really start melting faces. It's also highly affordable and that +100 magic damage every 4 attacks is pretty handy when you're dumping out an awful lot of attacks to begin with. Oh, and the attack speed is excellent. You want to try and aim to get past the 2.0 attack speed mark to really start getting the most out of your W and your Madreds.

    Black Cleaver: Damage, attack speed, and armour shredding? What more could you ask for in an item? This is another brilliant attack speed choice that you should look into if you've decided to go after the enemy tank, or if facing a team of tanky DPS. Now, generally speaking, focusing the tank is a bad idea. However, if the tank is played extremely well and can disrupt your team if they're allowed to live, or if they pose a significant damage threat (Amumu, for example), then Vayne is as good a champ as any for tank-slaying. Her Silver Bolts and Madreds, along with this item, allow her to take down extremely tanky champs much quicker than many other DPS.

    Wit's End: Many feel that this item was nerfed in the Vayne patch. I disagree, on a champion based around attack speed and sustainability, this item is great. The base MR is adequate if not overly high, and the MR stacks are great. It also adds a consistent 42 magic damage to your hits, which is not to be snuffed at. It's one of the most cost effective items in the game in terms of DPS. MR hits that damage hard, but if you pick this item up early enough when the squishier targets cant really afford to build MR just yet, it can really sting.

    Frozen Mallet: Vayne is set up to kite champions rather well, except for the fact that she lacks a slow. Now, a lizard buff can help her out in that department, but a Frozen Mallet also adds a rather helpful stat for being bulky: lots and lots of heath. The bad side of FM is that it costs a lot of gold. However, Vayne is a very adequate farmer and you're going to want HP at some point anyway, this item certainly helps in that department.

    Atma's Impaler: If the game swings around pretty late and you're sitting on over 3k HP and have one slot open, they're mostly AD based, then this item might be your thing. It's something I think is mostly situational though, I wouldn't quite say it's core to this build, or a major part of it in every situation, but it can boost your damage significantly if you've got the HP to back it up.

    Phantom Dancer: Phantom Dancer is an item that I'd sort of describe as a luxury for Vayne. The movement speed is great and all but with your ult running and your passive, as well as your Q, you're going to have no real trouble getting into range of your target. Of course it does work pretty well for when you need to escape, but with a Mallet and your Q, Vayne can kite and escape very well. The attack speed on PD is excellent and the crit is pretty nice, but you're going for consistent DPS with Vayne, not crit-based DPS like say, Ashe. If this item still had dodge it'd be lovely. Take this item if you're dominating and want to zoom around the map at lightning fast speeds, but I dont recommend it over the others.

    Trinity Force: It's got a little bit of everything, and it turns every ability you cast into a damage booster. Trinity Force, I personally think, is a fantastic item on Vayne. However, I also think that this item is built more with her burst in mind. My personal build for her is very tanky with sustained, high attack speed DPS to make the most out of on hit effects and her W, whilst Trinity Force is more of a, roll into their face and shoot them for massive damage coming off a huge AD stat from Q's boost. This build doesn't really end up with massive AD to really profit from a Trinity coming off Tumble. Still, feel free to get it if you want all those juicy stats, it's still a great item on her.


    Banshee's Veil: As always, the go-to item for magic resist. That spellshield these days doesn't hold up too well but the flat MR it gives, as well as the HP and Mana, is plenty useful. Plus, you never know when that shield is going to pop up just in time to save you from that one spell that would otherwise finish you off. Nothing like a timely BV shield to piss a Karthus off.

    Sunfire Cape: It's the quintessential tanky deeps item, but I'm not overly sure about this one, but it gives you a nice chunk of HP and armor for a fairly affordable price. I wouldn't really take it too much though -unless- you're up against a heavy melee team. You're building to survive melee most of the time but you dont want to be in close enough for the passive damage effect of this to work. Only build this if you've got a lot of melee folk close to you all the time and you need the armor and HP.

    Thornmail: This one is a little bit more like it. If you're getting focused big time by an AD champ of some sort, this item will be a thorn in their side. *Cough* However, for Vayne, I think she synergises a little bit better with Frozen Heart, and I'll talk about why in just a moment. Keep in mind, as a tanky DPS, people might well be less inclined to focus you than other champions, and Thornmail works best when you can guarantee an AD champ is going to hit you.

    Frozen Heart: I personally believe this is one of the best armor items that you can grab for Vayne. She loves some CDR to make that Q even more spammable, as well as to help the somewhat lengthy cooldown on her E. With this, she'll never run out of mana, either.. and the aura that it gives is just the icing on the cake.

    Randuin's Omen: Nerf after nerf has lowered this item in my estimation but they added some armor back into the recipe to prop it up a bit, so you could take this if you need a bit more HP and think that your team will benefit from the active.

    [item_icon=Force of Nature]Force of Nature: If you're up against a really high magic damage team then the Force of Nature isn't a bad idea at all, if you're already sitting on a BV and have room for another item. I'd make BV your priority for the most part but if you need more MR after that, then FoN is a great item. The movement speed is always handy, too.

    Warmog's Armor: Warmogs is one of those super highly situational items. On the one hand, a Vayne with massive HP is a scary prospect if she's doing massive damage. On the other hand, you want to sort of balance your HP out alongside your MR and armor. If you have the gold and you think it's worth it, then go for it, but I think for the most part Warmog's isn't something that Vayne needs too much. You can already get plenty of HP from a Frozen Mallet, Banshee's veil, Sunfire/Randuins, runes/masteries, etc.


    Mercury's Treads: The go-to boots for a tanky DPS most of the time, they used to be the only way that one could get CC reduction. With the change to them and the addition of the Tenacity stat, they're no longer the default 'best boots' in any situation, however.. they're still damned handy, they still have the highest Tenacity and that useful MR. Make the decision between these and 'Zerker greaves wisely. If you want to get Zerkers instead and maybe pick up say, a Cloak + Dagger to augment your CC reduction, then go for it.. but keep in mind that the Cloak + Dagger is not a very powerful item when you get to lategame where you really need that CC reduction.

    Berserker's Greaves: Yummy attack speed, which is of course something that Vayne loves. This is a sort of team specific item. If they dont have a lot of CC or magic then take these and pewpew til your hearts content. If not and you still want the attack speed then take them and a Cloak + Dagger. Keep in mind what I said above though about the late game potential of that item. Generally speaking I'd take Mercury's Treads over these but it's all team specific.

    Boots of Swiftness: Well, you can run fast, I suppose. You dont really -need- these with your passive, though. Helps for running away but if you play Vayne right and use your summoners correctly, you wont need to run away too often, and when you do have to run, you'll have your Q and E to help out anyway.

    Boots of Mobility: If you wanted to run around the place making use of Vayne's powerful ganking then these might be of use but generally I dont think so.

    Ninja Tabi: If you're up against a full AD team then there's no real reason why you shouldn't take these. Boots are the most team specific thing, really, so just use your own discretion.

    Sorcerer's Shoes: Silly caster shoes. Actually, you can make an argument for using these if you think the enemy team aren't going to have an awful lot of MR.. since magic penetration -will- help you do more damage with Madreds, SoTD, Wit's End, Sunfire, etc. However, that is veeeery situational. For the most part the other boots will help you more.

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity: Vayne likes herself some cooldown. These boots are cheap and plenty helpful but I think there are better ways of getting CDR like the blue buff and Frozen Heart.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Summoner ability choice always usually comes down to personal preference, I'll just sort of try to guide your choice a bit here by showing you the ones that I find work best.


    Flash: Ah, Flash. The most commonly seen summoner spell. Often Riot have mentioned removing this but until that day comes, if it ever does, this spell is probably the most useful spell in the game for the vast majority of champions. Vayne has no natural ability to teleport through walls and so, using Flash after a well timed tumble can allow you to juke and escape either in a team fight or from a gank whilst laning. Flash also can be used to close the distance to pull off that final shot.

    Ghost: When you want to be mobile and in a hurry, Ghost is perfect for the job. Ghost along with your passive and ultimate pretty much ensures that nothing is going to escape from you anytime soon unless they're Rammus or Master Yi. Or Charlie Sheen. Ahem. Ghost is great. You may think Vayne is already fast enough but keep in mind she's only fast when she's fairly close, and directly approaching, her target. Sometimes you need to ghost to get somewhere fast, or to run away fast. Ghost is just generally helpful in a whole bunch of situations so, I tend to always take it.

    Exhaust: Vayne lacks any form of super hard snare/slow until she gets a Frozen Mallet, and her relatively short range compared to your standard ranged carry makes Exhaust a somewhat more viable choice on her. Vayne built tanky isn't scared to get in close enough to use an Exhaust, and using this spell at the right moment can totally cripple a major threat. Vayne is the Night Hunter after all, and your job is threat elimination. Totally gimping a players damage output and movement for a few seconds gives you and your team enough time to kill them. It's also a great spell for those early game skirmishes and ganks.

    Cleanse: As an assassin, Vayne is very squishy, which is what this build tries to circumvent. However, early game especially, a stun or a hard snare can really ruin your day. Cleanse helps you to escape when you really need it, and can often help you finish off someone who has just blew CC on you in order to try and escape. Definitely worth taking with Flash or Ghost. Exhaust and Cleanse leaves you a bit short on escape speed/unpredictability, though.

    Honourable Mentions

    Ignite: Ignite is a great spell when you want kills. It's great for finishing off the one who 'got away' so to speak. The one thing about Vayne though is that usually she has no problem finishing people off since she's so fantastic at chasing. If you really want it though, take it. I just feel it's an inherently selfish ability and it's usefulness starts to deplete as the game goes on as opposed to spells like the ones mentioned above. Granted it's perfect for shutting down a Mundo or someone like Nocturne, Olaf etc with heavy lifesteal, so it's not bad by any respect. Just more of a personal preference thing there, I think.

    Teleport: Generally speaking with this build you shouldn't be pushed back to base too often, the health regen and your starting item choices etc should allow you to stay around for quite a bit. However, if you like being able to move around the map fast, I've got nothing really against this spell.

    For everything else I didn't mention, I just didn't think she needed it. Never take Revive, ever. Clairvoyance is always useful but it's really better on a support of some sort. Rally? No. Clarity? I dont find myself having too many mana problems with her throughout the game. Heal? Shouldn't need it. Everything is all personal preference, this guide is just that, information to guide your choices.

  • Build Example

    With any build, the first decision you need to make, you make after you see the enemy champions in the loading screen, or in champ picking if you're playing ranked. Your starting item should be chosen based primarily on this. If you're facing a team without a great deal of early game strength and have set up your runes and such particularly towards early game domination, then you may want to choose an aggressive item as your first choice. Depending on their set up though, you may want to play a bit more passively. Here are the items you may want to consider taking with you into the lane, and the item path you can take along the way to your core item, Madreds Bloodrazor.

    Starting Items - Defensive

    Doran's Blade: If you think you wont take too much harassment yourself and wont need to heal on a regular basis, or that the lane is mostly just going to be one big fight after the next where potions wont be of too much help, then you can take this. Good chunk of HP and decent damage. Lifesteal aint a big deal since you shouldn't really be auto-attacking minions to begin with.

    Doran's Shield: Taking a Doran's Shield along allows you to start the game with a pretty significant amount of armor especially if you've taken flat armor runes. The HP is great and the HP regen allows you to survive sustained harassment, combining well with the HP regen that you already have.

    Cloth Armor: If you're likely to be up against a heavy physical harassment lane, whether you're going up against an Ashe or Trist in mid, or a Gangplank or something like that in a sidelane, then you're probably going to want a Cloth Armor. The bonus armor is lovely by itself but the ability to take 5 potions helps you to keep yourself alive throughout the laning phase and hopefully lane for a very long time before you have to go back.

    Regrowth Pendant: If you expect to take consistent harass but dont intend to do much yourself due to it not being terribly safe to do so, and are stuck beside your tower for most of the laning phase, then a Regrowth Pendant may be the best option. You can take one potion along with it, and accompanied by Strength of Spirit from your masteries, you will regen HP at a very rapid rate, keeping you alive enough to stay in the lane and farm. Vayne is very farm reliant so you want to be in the lane for as long as you can stay there without dying.

    Starting Items - Aggressive

    Long Sword: If you want to up your early game damage as much as you can then take this with a potion. Pretty self-explanatory really, more damage to your attacks.

    Boots of Speed: Probably the better of the aggressive options, boots allow you to get in and harass almost at will thanks to the speed boost from your passive, and you're able to take three potions with you as well. It also doubles as a defensive option since you'll be able to escape fairly easily from those without boots if they dont have a distance closer or CC.

    Sapphire Crystal: Not exactly aggressive in the traditional way but this will allow you to rush an early Sheen which I recommend for helping your early game damage, even if you dont intend to later build it into a Trinity Force, you can always sell it at some point. The damage it gives early on in combination with your Q is too much to be ignored.

    Early Game Items - 1st / 2nd back

    Sheen: This is a great item to have on Vayne early on, even if you're not planning to build a Trinity Force. As I just mentioned, the damage that it adds to your attacks coming off a Tumble is fantastic.

    If you dont wish to build Trinity Force and think that buying Sheen and not building into it is too much of a waste, then you might want to just go straight for your Madred's Razors which is especially easy to build into if you've taken armor or a long sword as your first item. This is a good item to have early on if you're in a team that likes to control the jungle (which your team should want to do, really) as it'll help you in taking down neutral minions. If you need to push a lane the chance to one shot a minion is always pretty nice, too.. but more importantly it builds into our most important damage, it's bigger brother.

    Naturally, you'll want to scoop up your boots as soon as possible, too. Just make sure you pick the right set based on the guidance I gave you earlier and based around the enemy teams make up. If you're only picking up your tier 1 boots then you can probably play without tier 2 boots til you've farmed your first big item. This is a personal preference thing. I often find myself not needing the tier 2 boots until later in the match. Vayne makes up for the lack of chase speed through her passive, and if you really need to escape, Flash + Ghost usually make that easy enough.

    Midgame Items
    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]Madred's Bloodrazor: The core of this build and the item that you really want to get going as soon as possible. Farm your butt off until you've got this. This is the only item you actually need, from here on out, you can choose just about anything. I'd recommend that you next pick up a Phage to build towards a Frozen Mallet and give you an extra bit of survivability but from here on out, you build based on your needs. Here are a few sample builds that you could try depending on the enemy team's make up:





    Physically Defensive




    Offensive Variant


    Trinity Force Variant


  • Pros / Cons

    I wont go into the specific Pros/Cons of Vayne herself, just this specific way of playing her.

    - Much harder to kill than a typical ranged carry.
    - High, sustained DPS based around your true damage and HP% damage ensures she will kill her target sooner rather than later.
    - Gets even more benefit out of the stealth from her ultimate given that her effective HP will make her extremely difficult to kill in the short bursts of visibility.
    - Fairly tanky early game allows her to stand up to even the strongest laners.
    - Scales very well into late game.

    - Sustained damage over burst, cant play the assassin role quite as well as a more offensive variant.
    - Build is quite expensive, Madreds and Frozen Mallet tend to be core items and are both very costly, requires a lot of farming.
    - Really starts to shine later in the game as opposed to early on.

  • Working in the team

    As Vayne, you're a hunter. The most important thing for you to do in a game is to choose your prey, and hunt them til they fear you in every team fight and are hesitant about fulfilling their role. And then you need to make them fear you some more til they just plain ragequit.

    Selecting your prey

    Regardless of build, with a decent attack speed, Vayne can take out any target. With ghost on and your ultimate, as long as you approach from an angle where you're not likely to take any real CC punishment, you can pick off a victim extremely quickly if you target the right person. Generally speaking you should prioritise based on the effectiveness of the enemy champion. Their effectiveness is also not just based around their damage but based on how well the player is actually using them. If you've got a bunch of high damage dealers on a team who are bad players individually but an amazing Janna keeping them alive, then Janna is your target.

    Vayne is fast as lightning with her ult on if she's storming towards a target, even the most cowardly of enemies wont be able to get away from you without blowing summoners if you're making a beeline for them. You should pick out your target and mow them down. Activate your ult + ghost if you have it and smash them into a wall if there is one available, then just blast their HP down. Tumble constantly as it will keep throwing off any sort of enemy focus on you unless they purchase an Oracle. If they have one, chances are you're tanky enough to take out your target and escape anyway, and they've wasted 400 gold on you.

    You should always try and go for the squishiest targets first since, as good as Vayne takes down tanky targets, she takes down squishies in a matter of seconds. Try approaching from different angles. You dont really need to stay behind your team all the time if you've got enough confidence to sneak around behind the enemy and have some sort of vision on them to make sure they're not going to catch you alone. If your tank engages from the front and you can wander in behind a Veigar with 1k AP blasting your team to bits, then you can easily take him out before he and his team even knew what happened.

    If you're up against a team of tanky DPS and find yourself wondering who to focus, usually the person with the most disruptive ability is the best choice. A team of tanky DPS with an actual tank amongst them? Focus the tank. Most champs cant do anything against a tank but hope to wear them down, but Vayne is not one of those champions. Even a curl-balling Rammus or an ulti'd Alistar cannot withstand her sustained DPS.

    Target selection and elimination is key to Vayne. Pick your target well and take them out. Vayne profits from hitting them hard and fast before they knew what hit them, so remember that when you approach them. Shock & awe tends to work best. Flashing in over a wall behind someone in a jungle and pinning them against that same wall with your E and killing them before they can respond not only looks bad ass, it gives them and their team mates no real chance to save them unless they're very, very fast. Vayne profits from team fight chaos, so exploit that to your full advantage. She has the mobility to position herself in places that are advantageous to herself so you should never feel like you have to hide behind the tank like an Ashe or Corki. Be aggressive and you'll profit, but dont ever be suicidal.

  • Summary

    I feel that Vayne is a great champion with a very, very powerful kit available to her at the moment, and I can only hope that Riot doesn't nerf her into the ground. I personally feel that she is not overpowered, but that's my own opinion. Like any champion she can be countered. Just means you have to focus her if you want to not die, but hell.. there are very few high damage champs that you can let go without focus if you want to avoid death, so there's nothing really new there.

    Hopefully if you follow my tips and item choices you'll end up with a very tanky Vayne capable of outlasting her enemies whilst blasting down their HP. Vayne will kill her target without fail if she can survive long enough to do so and is regularly hitting them with her Silver Bolts. That's the main thing you need to know about playing her, and playing against her. If you're able to survive and do consistent DPS, you will kill things.

    This was my first guide and it took quite a bit to write, I hope you enjoyed reading it or found some sort of usefulness in it. I know this wont be how everybody wants to build Vayne but this is my personal playstyle for her and I find it works very effectively.

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