Vayne Build Guide

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Vayne: Extensive Guide (Hellsing wannabe with Shades)

written by Sasuga

Vayne Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Vayne is the newest champion people will be screaming and raging about in LoL.
    She is a ton of fun and lots of damage, control and pressure if played right. She requires constant reactions and some small combos to keep her damage output amazing, but her burst AD is really fun.

    This guide is out as a guidepost to what is available to you.
    Give her a try if you can actually manage to pick her before she is insta-locked by another teammate!

    For a quick video overview of Vayne, check out Riot's Official Champion Spotlight.

  • Changes and Edits

    May 10th, 2011
    Vayne Released and this guide created

    May 11th, 2011
    Republished the guide and am off to try and instalock Vayne in Solo Queue today.
    Realized that i love The Black Cleaver on her asap.

    May 12th, 2011
    Reworded things, changed a few things around
    Got an actual response from crew (which is what i wanted instead of just a notification)

    May 12th, 2011
    Found a Bug/Exploit involving structure damage with Tumble's Active.
    Tested some more, now that i see it's consistent, i'm adding it to the guide.
    Find out more under the description of tumble in the abilities section.

    May 13th, 2011
    Added a unique section, Sheen vs Black Cleaver (why not to rush sheen)
    Will add mountains of reasons why to rush cleaver and forget sheen till later.

    May 15th, 2011
    I think they hotfixed the bug letting vayne do more damage to structures, as its not there anymore.

  • Abilities

    Night Hunter
    Speed boost to harass and chase, careful though... doesnt apply when RUNNING AWAY.

    This rolls you to the side and applies a sheen-like proc that ups the damage on your next shot.
    It DOES stack with sheen so go get one! (Not for everyone, and don't need to rush Sheen)
    Go for the triple proc of tumble + Sheen + Silver Bolts 3rd stack for crazy burst.

    DISREGARD THE FOLLOWING! I think this bug has been fixed now. There was a small update and i no longer see the extra damage. I'll delete this after I'm sure.

    Tumble is only supposed to proc the bonus damage once and it won't proc on structures such as turrets and inhibitors. But, for some reason you can get a bit of extra damage on turrets and inhibs, even the nexus! And NO, i'm not talking about Sheen's proc which DOES apply to structures. This is a CONSTANT damage bonus that applies with every hit during tumble's duration.

    Here is how:
    Just tumble and don't use the proc on a minion. That's it.
    Now your attacks on the turret will deal a bit more damage as long as Tumble's proc is up (6 seconds or until used on a valid target). Her crossbow is lit up in purple when the proc is up and the sound her crossbow makes is heavier. You'll see her Tumble active stays and you do more damage. Easy way to see is to attack normally then tumble and keep attacking turret.

    This damage adds up fast, but no need to tumble again until the 6 second timer fades.
    Comment if you've used this or found a way to improve the damage.
    Once again, i stress that it might have been fixed.

    Silver Bolts
    Every hit builds a charge, on the third charge true damage % of HP is applied. Great for tanks or HP Heavy champs.
    Remember to stay on target to trigger the 3rd charge, it can't have charges on more than 1 target.

    - Get a Madred's Bloodrazor to really apply the HP% burn
    - ONLY the 3rd hit triggers any bonus damage (its not per-hit)
    - NOT magic damage it is TRUE DAMAGE (as in, no reduction can happen)
    - If you attack another target, your initial charges on the first target go away.

    AMAZING ITEM SYNERGY: The Black Cleaver
    Since it adds attack speed you get more procs on Silver bolts and faster. Since it shreds armor with a max of 3 stacks, this works VERY well with silver bolts harass which also needs 3 hits. Hit them 3 times to proc Silver Bolts and back off if needed, they will feel the burn.

    Its your hunter's Stake!!
    Except its launched from a crossbow.
    This is your move to keep control. Use it to pin against turrets or terrain to stun and really pile on the damage.
    OR, use it to save yourself from a very aggressive foe. VERY useful.
    Keep this on standby if you might need it to push off a champ who blinks in like Irelia or Xin.

    - Push off those pesky melee champs and give yourself room to breath.
    - Tumble around and use this to push them towards your team or turrets.
    - You CAN pin to turrets, so pressure those turret huggers or punish divers.
    - This hit counts towards a silver bolts charge, so keep that in mind when comboing.

    Final Hour
    Your Steroid move.

    Ups your stats, increases you passive's move speed boost and stealths you for a second while tumbling, so you can surprise and dominate. Don't be afraid to pop this to destroy a champ, the cooldown is relatively short.

    - Remember you have a stealth (i forgot a lot when i started with her)
    - The stealth starts RIGHT as you tumble, so they don't know which way you rolled.
    - Use it to really apply the damage, or get away with your newfound stealth from tumble.

  • Skill Leveling Order Choices and WHY

    Tumble really puts out the damage so i say max Tumble first to lower its Cool-downs

    Priority Order: (for now, till i do more testing)

    Priority Always goes to
    Final Hour

    Then Max

    Then Max

    and Finally Max
    Silver Bolts
    Take 1 rank in silver bolts at lvl 3-4 or when you see fit.

  • Rune Page Choices and WHY

    Choices are kinda open for debate but there inst much room for options as she needs the armor penetration

    What I am using:
    Greater Mark of Desolation x 9 (15 Armor Penetration)
    Greater Seal of Resilience x 9 (+13 Armor at all levels)
    Greater Glyph of Warding x 9 (+13 Resist at all levels)
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation x 3 (10 Armor Penetration)

    And I've been trying out atk speed and liking it more:
    Greater Mark of Desolation x 9 (15 Armor Penetration)
    Greater Seal of Alacrity x 9 (Atk Spd up)
    Greater Glyph of Alacrity x 9 (Atk Spd up)
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation x 3 (10 Armor Penetration)

    I'll go into depth as to why these choices were made and what other options you have (Math done for you)
    Other Choices:
    coming soon!

  • Summoner Spell Choices and WHY

    I use Ghost and Exhaust with their "Cripple" and "Haste" masteries
    Legitimate Spell Choices (take at LEAST one movement spell if not BOTH)
    Movement: Ghost - AND/OR - Flash
    Offensive : Ignite ---- OR ---- Exhaust

    Don't argue.
    Vayne is a Carry, she needs spells to survive and kill.
    Clairvoyance? It's important, but let someone else take it.
    Clarity? she isnt that mana dependent to waste your slot on this.

    Teleport - The only room for changes i can see is to take this if you abuse ward warping or split pushing.

  • Mastery Choices and WHY

    21/0/9 for now till i test more
    i've used 23/6/1 also

  • My Item Build (Current favorite build)

    My General Endgame Build (if the game is going my way:
    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor][item_icon=Stark's Fervor]

    How i get there:
    I start with boots and 3 hp potions, rush berserker greaves or the black cleaver if i have the gold. I grab a vampiric scepter somewhere along the way and build that into bloodthirster. Then comes sheen. I dont find it worth it early game, but once you build up some AD it really hits hard and you can see it. You can leave sheen as is and start building Razor or another Atk speed or Atk Damage item. Or you can go ahead and complete Trinity Force. Its up to your play style.



    Mid Game:

    Late Game:
    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor][item_icon=Stark's Fervor]

    End Game:
    [item_icon=Elixir of Agility](Don't forget Elixirs if you have the gold)

  • Sheen vs The Black Cleaver (The arguement of rushing "Sheen" and why NOT to)


    Sheen is argued to be the best way to increase damage burst early game, and it can seem so.
    But it only applies to the first hit after an ability and only applies a max of once every 2 seconds. Also sheen only doubles your base attack value, and with nothing that can increase that value... its lower than you might realize.

    Vayne's Base Attack Damage Values per Level:
    level 1 = 53
    level 5 = 66
    level 10 = 83
    level 15 = 99
    level 18 = 109

    Meanwhile, The Black Cleaver adds 55 Attack Damage, 30% attack speed and up to 45 armor shredding potential. The attack damage constantly ups your damage for every ability and every auto attack. You also attack MORE frequently, leading to more damage, more minion last hit control, more harass, and more silver bolts procs. Not to mention the armor shred making them lose 45 armor with no cost to you.

    Sure Sheen doubles your base AD value, but doesn't apply to every hit and doesn't increase your damage output unless its from the proc. And even with double your base attack, their armor still kicks in and denies some of the damage anyway. Now LATER, after you can reduce their armor to shreds (45 armor gone with The Black Cleaver 3rd proc) and let sheen hit for its full potential, is when you really notice it.

    Basically, to sum it up:

    Sheen scales with level. So getting it later gives it the same value because it just doubles your current base attack (which ONLY increases with level). But Cleaver does the same effect no matter what level you are, making its effect MUCH more devastating the earlier you make it. 45 armor reduction at lvl 9(ish) is better than at lvl 13-15(ish) when they have MORE armor. Where as Sheen is stuck doing less damage at lower levels no matter what and will still double your base attack when you get it later down the line.

    Some Assembly Required:

    Sheen Pieces:
    = ... does nothing at all for Vayne
    = +200 mana not too useful unless you are spamming tumble, though for 20 more gold you could have got Dagger.

    Cleaver Pieces:
    = +45 Attack Damage (fantastic buff, recently nerfed though...)
    = +15% Attack speed (output damage steadily and proc silver bolts faster)

    Sheen's pieces are also almost USELESS to Vayne as she has no need for AP and no pressing need for mana. Meanwhile building into cleaver ups her attack and attack speed, both very beneficial to her. So unless you buy Sheen completely in one go, you are getting no real benefit at all when you go back to lane. Getting pieces to cleaver show immediate positive results though.

    In my opinion its better to rush the pieces of The Black Cleaver to get attack speed to abuse Silver Bolts and Attack damage to abuse... well every attack you make! With the extra attack speed you are outputting damage more frequently. The real treat here is the proc from The Black Cleaver, 15 armor reduction per hit, max of 3 stacks (45 armor reduction). It has complete synergy with Silver Bolts considering you need to hit 3 times ANYWAY and the attack speed boost even helps to get more hits off. Early game, 45 armor reduction + your 25 possible armor pen from runes and 6 from masteries (76 total armor penetration!!) ENSURES your attacks are just slamming them for max possible damage.

    Other Reasons,
    Running thru the jungle, Hunting those buffs:

    If you want buffs with vayne, you'll notice she is a poor jungler. Very slow and takes a lot of damage.
    Cleaver lets you jungle faster and safer (once you get a vampiric scepter its very nice), where as sheen does not. A singular shot that does 2x damage (less than 2x cuz it only doubles BASE damage and not item boosts) every 2 seconds is NOTHING compared to more procs on silver bolts and more atk speed and 45 armor shred. This lets you quickly get red and really amp your damage and pump out that slow.

    Rush Cleaver to get more out of your money earlier, giving you the ability to pressure any champ instead of JUST the squishy ones.

  • Item Choices and WHY

    Items are what make and break a champion, especially carries.
    You should always tailor your item selection to what is needed and to make up for what you are lacking.
    No real niche has been found for her yet and since none of her abilities work off AP or other ratios, there isn't an off the wall item build for her yet.

    You can go a few ways:
    You could focus Pure ATTACK damage for the burst
    or focus attack speed for razor and bolt abuse
    or go hybrid

    OR what i start with


    If you like it, rush sheen
    (i build it later, AFTER black cleaver and i get a vampiric Scepter)

    Build Trinity later, there are better things to get:

    Boot Build Options:
    more atk speed abuse to push for silver bolts procs
    more survivability and generally the better choice
    for Cooldown Reduction
    more chasing and harassing

    From there its where you want to go. Mix it up to what you feel you need.
    Though i have a personal favorite that fits in both atk spd and atk damage.
    This synergy with silver bolts needing 3 hits is amazing.

    or try this out for HP, damage and massive control with slows.

    Build as needed:

    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor][item_icon=Stark's Fervor][item_icon=Malady]


    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    What i listed are just items that loosely fit, don't take them to heart but don't forget them
    What might be considered and I decided to ditch:

    It might cross your mind to try this to spread your auto attack damage... don't.
    It was laughingly mentioned in the live preview of vayne, but its already down to 35% due to the fact all of her moves are ranged. I've tried this and it's not worth it, its better on a melee champ. Use your gold to get an item better focused to taking one target down.

    For those who ask, neither silver bolts or cleaver will proc on Tiamat's spread hits. Try it yourself if you don't believe me.

  • Working in the team

    Keep on the outskirts so you can tumble around and get your damage out while staying safe.
    Pop your ultimate so you stealth when you tumble, keeping them guessing who you will go for.
    Stick to 1 target for 2 shots and tumble in for the procs on silver bolts, tumble and proc on the 3rd shot.

    Try to tag an aggressive champ with Condemn to keep them off of a dying teammate, try to pin them to terrain.

  • Farming

    Unless you are used to a Ranged AD... she is tough to farm with unless you spam tumble.
    She has no AOE or even a multihit move, limiting her farming speed SEVERELY.
    Just pay attention to tumble viable targets and try to 3rd hit with silver bolts.

  • Pros / Cons

    - Amazing harass and regroup
    - Very mobile in a fight you are engaging
    - Good at focusing a champ down and chasing.
    - Great Zoning ability due to Condemn's knockback and her burst damage.

    - Slow to start in my opinion (310 base move)
    - Loses her speed boost when retreating, even for a second...
    - Mana hungry early game if you tumble (sheen's +250 mana helps a lot)
    - NO AOE move or even a multihit, cripples her lane push and farming game.
    - Range on tumble is very small and CANNOT tumble through walls. Not even the small ledges.
    - Really needs to keep on target or lose her damage output. Attacking another target resets her Silver.

  • Summary

    She needs to constantly stay on top of the enemy, she strives on that pressure.
    Keep up the atk and win the day! ... or w/e

    Keep tuned in and comment if you have something to add

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