Karthus Build Guide

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Karthus, The Formidable Lich.

written by AllenTheKarthus

Karthus Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Karthus is a very strong solo / duo champion, he has a spammable skill which deals massive amounts of damage at higher levels when chasing and can also be used to harass in the laning phase, has a 80% slow,
    Has a very strong AoE skill for teamfights / chasing and even farming, Lastly, the most OP of all, he is able to finish off any champion on low hp on the map. I see many summoners using karthus but not to his fullest potential, now I shall show you how to make your summoner feared in every game in LoL.

  • Pros & Cons

    Pros : REALLY REALLY HUGE mana pool.
    High damage output in teamfights and even higher in solo chase.
    Great laning abilities
    Spammable nuke
    Ability to cast spells when you are dead for 8 seconds.
    Greatest ultimate ever created.
    EXECUTION for those less then 1000 HP

    Cons : Very mana dependent but on the bright side, look at pros no.1
    Very low in HP
    Vulnerable to Ganks
    Vulnerable to CC and other things.
    Not a really reliable escape mechanism other then the summoner Ghost
    and the ever unreliable Wall of Pain
    Hard to master the art of " Laying some waste and Ulti Timing and Wall positioning "

    Though there are a little too many cons, most of it can be overcome by level 12+.

  • Masteries + Runes+Summoner Spells

    For masteries, i take 9 0 21, here are the following masteries to add on.External Image
    For runes, i take Greater Mark of Insight X 9, Greater Seal of Clarity X 9, Greater Glyph of Focus X 9 and Greater Quintessence of Insight
    Make sure you take Ghost and Exhaust
    Why Ghost and Exhaust you ask? Ghost Ghost can help you chase better, land a better Wall of Pain and help you get to farming minion spots faster. Karthus relies a lot on gold, if you don't have it, well GG for you. Exhaust Is for it's magic resist lowering factor and if you miss the Wall of Pain, it's good to have a second. For early game it's also useful for a 'First Blood'

  • Skilling order

    Lay Waste, take it whenever possible, take an early point in both Defile and Wall of Pain. Defile helps you stay in the lane longer and Wall of Pain helps you to escape or get an early kill, and obviously taking ultimate whenever possible.

  • Item Build and Game guide

    At the start of the game, grab a Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potion, add Lay Waste and you're ready to go. Farm minion kills by using lay waste on minion low in health. by level 3 you should be already able to farm and harass your enemy so badly they have less then 15 minion kills.
    By level 6, you would already have Archangel's Staff and Sorcerer's Shoes. Check on the other lanes, if you see a champion below 200 HP, go for the kill. Keep regularly checking when your ultimate is up. Awareness is the key aspect in owning early - mid game with karthus. By the time your team groups up to push, you should have already bought your Needlessly Large Rod and on your way to building your Rabadon's Deathcap. Once you've built it, this is where fun starts. Keep on killing and assisting teammates for more gold to get either 3 more Archangel's Staff or 2 of the
    Archangel's Staff and 1 Void Staff if they stack magic resist. with this build, it is a GUARANTEE to kill ANY champion below 1000 HP or Nuke a 800 Damage On them or even deal 300 damage per second!. Have Fun!

  • How to contribute to the team

    -In teamfights, you would NOT want to initiate but stand back and spam your nuke and weaken them with your Defile, when they run, slow them and let your team go for the kill! So simple, Its a gamble though, if you die, well unlucky you are but you can still kill. its a give and take, but more of taking.
    -Frequently harass the opponents and let your laning partner ( if you have one ) farm.
    -Most importantly, ONLY Kill others with your ulti when its either : Your kill / Your team can't chase and call for you. NEVER steal your team's kills, if you do, chances are, they might become underfarmed and they will hate you, not work with you, let you fend for yourself, ETC, ETC. ( Trust me, i hate it when that happens, i normally lose if my allies are underfarmed and do not with to co operate with you. )
    -Read on in the next section to show why you shouldn't Steal kills.

  • Why you should never steal kills

    External Image This is why you shouldn't, i may have 25 of the kills, fed up to the max, able to execute their level 14 teemo while he's in the spawning pool, BUT my team is not fed enough, thus, we were unable to defend and we lost.
    External Image & External Image when you assist your team and they get equally as fat, you and your team will find it a breeze to push and end the game in your favour.

  • Abilities

    Death Defied
    Most awesome passive ever. If you get focused during a team fight, You will die But you can continue assisting your team to kill or even escape!. All the spellcasts are free so feel free to spam your nuke and turn on the defile.

    Lay Waste
    Spammable nuke that deals a massive amount of damage at higher levels when you are well fed.
    Use it well in teamfights, aim the squishies, once they die, ace the tanks.

    Wall of Pain
    80% slow at skill level 5, a definite must for every teamfight and chase. When you die, and your team is chasing / running away, its always good to help them, you might even get some gold for the assist!

    AoE Farming skill, go to the centre of all the minions and toggle it on and see the gold rake in. Stand NOT at the centre of teamfights but in between your allies and quite safe from normal attacks. You can activate this after you die in a teamfight to give your team an edge in the battle.

    By far, one of the best ultimates i have ever seen. See a champion in another lane that need to die? just press the little 'R' button and he will be gone. *** IMPORTANT *** DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE IT WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE OR GET DISABLED. THE CHANNELLING WILL STOP AND YOU WILL HAVE A LONG COOLDOWN TO WAIT FOR. *** IMPORTANT ***

  • Epilouge

    With this guide, i hope to convey the message that Karthus must have it's fullest potential unlocked. i wish you guys who read this not flame me and try it out cause literally make rage quitters in the game. Hope your name be feared in the Game itself =D Most importantly! Have fun with it!

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