Kassadin Build Guide

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In-depth Riftwalking [V2.0]

written by BACHO TI

Kassadin Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Void Stone
    A pretty nice passive. You won't feel the AS buff, but the damage reduction is sweet. This passive is what makes you one of the best anti-mages in the game.

    Null Sphere
    Every caster's pain in the ass skill. Use it for harassing, occasionally for last hitting creeps, but mainly to shut down the main caster for good. The silence is oh-so-nice and it also deals a good amount of damage. Part of your mighty combo.

    Nether Blade
    REMAKE TIME!!! This is what makes my on-hit build now extremely viable. 1 point in this skill early game is absolutely enough, because now it actually provides you with some nice mana regen till u build up your mana pool. This skill is also good for procing Sheen or Lich Bane, as it will help your damage also. The whole detail of exploiting those items will be mentioned below.

    Force Pulse
    Ah, I love this skill. It deals insane amounts of damage (did I mention the damage is cone-shaped?) and you can hit all 5 of the enemy team's champions with no damage reduction. It also slows, but the catch in here is that 6 spells must be cast around you so it can charge. Once its charged, unleash hell!

    This skill is what makes Kassadin Kassadin. N1 chaser in the game, N1 flee in the game, N1 assassin in the game. Its a freakin 4second CD blink, that also deals AoE damage. Riftwalk stacks after rapid use and it costs more mana, but also deals more damage. Always have one eye on your stacks and your mana, you don't want that blue bar to run out when you need it the most. Riftwalk has so many uses that I cant cover them all, but the main ones are- better positioning in a team fight, escaping and chasing.

  • Introduction

    "For my next trick, I'll make you disappear!"- says Shaco. Then he starts hitting you for 5-6 seconds until you actually die. Well, I can make you disappear for less than a second. And I don't even need to pull out anything out of my sleeve. This is Kassadin- one of the quickest nukers in the game, and this guide will focus on a different build that actually makes him a huge threat both early, mid and late game.

    Kassadin is my main champion and I have about 350 games with him or so. I'm not a high ELO player (ranked games suck), but I can teach you quite a lot about this champion. I have tried almost all builds on Kassadin and seem to have found a very good one. This build will make you a threat even early game, when Kassadin is very very very weak, and you will still crack peoples' skulls mid and late game. So without further due, lets get started!

    Now I have written another guide for Kassadin, but I just put so much things from the time I posted it on the site, that I just decided to delete the old guide and publish this guide, which is a better version. I hope you enjoy my work :)

  • Masteries + Runes

    For this build I use the standard 9/0/21 mastery tree. A universal tree for all casters. Kassadin makes no exception here. Here is a link if you don't know what I mean:

    Now for the runes I go like this:

    9x Greater Mark of Insight
    9x Greater Seal of Replenishment
    9x Greater Glyph of Potency
    3x Greater Quintessence of Potency

    The reason behind all this is that Kassadin lacks damage early-mid game. With these runes you can do surprisingly good damage right from level 1, which will really kick-up your game, because your enemies will respect you for the damage you deal, thus becoming more defensive.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Now for summoner abilities i run Cleanse + Ignite. Justification? Cleanse provides you with that extra survivability when being cc'ed early-mid game when you most need it. It is also good for early levels (before you hit lvl 6) when you get ganked. This spell could mean Sion stunning you or getting the fuck out of that gank. Simple as that.

    Ignite is just priceless on Kassadin. At some point you may just lack that extra 30 AP so you can finish that enemy off. No worries- put Ignite on him and say bye bye mother fucker! Another spell for your nice combo with which you can surely finish enemies off.

    Other viable spells are:
    Teleport for when you need more lane control
    Exhaust now with the remake it is more applicable to Kassadin
    Ghost if you are kinda new to Kassadin and get into sticky situations before you hit lvl 6

    Spells not to take:
    Flash why the fuck do you need flash? You got a 3 second CD flash already, dont waste that spell slot
    Heal looks good on paper, but actually not that applicable. Can save your ass a couple of times early game, but later on if you get CC'ed 10 heals won't save you, believe me
    Revive ok if you really really really wanna take this spell... go uninstall the freakin game. You are the n1 flee in the game, why the hell do you need that spell?

  • Skilling Order

    A pretty straight-forward order. I go like this every single game. The reason behind maxing out Force Pulse first is that it is way more effective than Null Sphere. After hitting lvl 6 (with force pulse @ lvl 2 and null sphere at lvl 2), Force pulse becomes a higher priority, because it does more damage than null sphere and is also more effective.

  • Items

    Just to point out something here- this is NOT a highly competitive build. It is more of like a beginner/intermediate kass player. Use this build until you get a good feel on the champion. Once you start wrecking with him, start using my Soulstealer build, it's by far one of the best kass builds out there. :)

    OK so at the fountain at lvl 1, grab yourself a Sapphire Crystal + 2x Health Potion. We are going to rush Tear of the Goddess. The reason behind this? You need mana + mana regen so you can spam your spells with no worries. Finishing up the Tear will let you have quite decent mana regen + the nice passive.

    For the love of god, please don't take Doran's Ring. Yes, it looks good on paper. Yes, it makes you a little stronger early game, but it slows your item build like a lot. Dont take this, you dont need it. You can do just fine without this item.

    When you go back to base, make sure you have money to finish your Tear of the Goddess, and start working towards your movement speed. Some say Ionian Boots of Lucidity, others say Mercury's Treads, I say  Sorcerer's Shoes. These boots are just made for Kassadin and for every other caster for that matter. It lets you deal almost true damage at early levels, which really kicks up your game at the point where you are most vulnerable. Besides, most carries don't build up Mres right from the start, so go ahead and rape them.

    The second time you go back, buy yourself Sheen. Yes, your sight is OK. I said Sheen. You dont have enough damage, and this item will provide it to you. Extra 100 dmg for your combo is just sweet early game. Having this item will also boost your AP a little, from which you also benefit. Just trust me on this one, get Sheen and when you hit someone you are going to hit hard.

    Now arises the question- we gonna build him super squishy or just kinda-but-not-squishy? I say the second choice is best. And saying that, you probably start thinking about Rod of Ages, and you are right. We build this item next. It provides you with a nice boost of HP + MP + AP which are all perfect for Kassadin. Now that this item is not build-it-first-or-forget-about-it, you can build it around 20-25 minutes and it will still do you a good job. You need more staying power + more AP so you can wreck faces even harder. This is the item for us!

    Just to mention- you can go vice versa if you are being whacked- go for the Catalyst the Protector, build your Sheen and then finish Rod of Ages.

    Right about this point, you should have around 2K mana, which means that now is the time to turn your Tear of the Goddess into Archangel's Staff. This item will provide you with a massive amount of AP so you can do your job with ease. Hello, taking huge-chunks-of-those-fucks'-health days!

    The build is almost finished. All you have to do is turn your Sheen to Lich Bane. This item is so awesome on Kassadin, it makes me cry. It provides you with another damaging skill to your arsenal. Hitting 400-500 AP = 400-500 damage aside the basic combo. Start crying, Veigars and Ryzes!!!

    About this time (or even before you finish your Lich Bane), the game should have ended. If it continues to go on, your next item is going to be Rabadon's Deathcap, and I dont wanna hear any complaints about it. It provides you with a shit load of AP + the passive, which again provides you with a shit load of AP. Buying this will turn your damage from "holy shit kassadin nuked me" to "wtf happened???". Really, nothing more can be said in here.

    The last slot I leave it open to you- you can consider buying defensive items like Banshee's Veil, Guardian Angel, or whatever you like.


  • Build Example

    [builder=Kassadin/aafbb6e81ada7b94ee4210271d9927a0] w/o runes and masteries

    This is like the most expensive item build in history, lol. Just to say, you need the first 4 items and your game is set. The other 2 are just luxury items. If you get all 6 of them you will be owning hard. And I mean HARD!

  • Farming

    Now Kassadin is not a good farmer at all. And we all know that. Sad, but true. However, obtaining last-hitting skills is key to being a successful Kassadin player. Learn to last hit, its the only way you can earn money early game. I cant really stress this enough. Even if you have to, last hit using [skill=Null Sphere]. When you lvl up a bit, go kill golem. Its essential that you get that buff. No other character deserves the buff more than you do. Trust me, having that buff will increase your effectiveness very much.

    Now I will go into more depth on how you farm, because I get a felling some of you may now know how to last hit for example when you are tower hugging. "Wait, but how the hell can i still farm efficiently when tower hugging?", you may ask me. And I will reply to you "quite simple, my friend". Now you may not last hit all of those creeps that tower is hitting, but killing 3-4 creeps every wave which a tower is hitting parallelly with you is great.

    Common scenario: you are mid (or bot or top whatever) and you are pushed far back to your tower by some aggro champions or champions with a great early game. Now don't get your head down, early game is all theirs, but we both know late game it's all you, baby! And late game decides those matches, not early game! So, lets return to that scenario:

    Now I can teach you how to last hit by your tower ONLY full HP creeps, as it is simple for me to write it down. Last-hitting creeps on lees than full HP I cannot teach you, as it is very situational. In order to do it right, you must play a lot and a lot of games. Now I will divide this farming into sections:

    Farming MELEE creeps

    Simple enough- at early levels when your natural attack damage is not high enough, it goes like this: hit the creep ONE time, then wait for the tower to hit it TWICE, then kill it with one autoattack. It is as simple as that. When you get to higher levels, striking once at the beginning will not be necessary. Just wait for the tower to hit twice, then you hit the creep and it will die.

    Farming CASTER creeps

    Again pretty simple- at lower levels hit the caster ONCE, then wait for the tower to hit it ONE time and then you hit it again and it will die. Higher levels again like melee creeps- let the tower hit it once and after that hit it.

    Cannon creeps are more difficult, so I suggest you Null Sphere them when they are low.

    I hope I managed to bring in some light about last-hitting when tower-hugging :)

  • Basic Combo + Utilizing Sheen and Lich Bane

    OK so in this topic I will try as much as I can to make you a better Kassadin player. My build doesn't excel at AP, nor does it excel at CDR. The key of this build is abusing your Sheen early-mid game and Lich Bane late game. If you do not use those items good, you will fail, I guarantee you.

    Sheen and Lich bane have a 2 second CD. Which basically means every time you use a spell you proc them. Make sure you proc them as much as you can when harassing. When you use your combo, it will proc once. The basic thing is, your Tear of the Goddess gives you enough mana with which you can spam Riftwalk thus procing sheen or lich bane every time you use it. When chasing someone, make sure you hit them with your sword at least once. Even if that guy is slowed and he can't do shit and you are right up his nose, Riftwalk again! That way you can proc the mentioned items thus dealing more damage.

    The most important usage of your Nether Blade is procing again. When you enter a fight (not a 5v5 fight, just a fight), use your combo, hit once, wait 2 seconds, press W, hit again, wait 2 seconds, riftwalk, hit again, and there you have it- a nice pretty little annie down on the ground. This can also be used for when you fight 5v5 and the enemy lines start to crack. This is the perfect opportunity for you, as the enemy team will start to scatter around which means they won't flush you down the toilet with their cc's and damage.

    Remember two things- use your spells in such a way with which:
    1. You proc more with sheen or lich bane
    2. You dont sacrifice your nuking quickness for the clutch moments (dont riftwalk, hit, then silence, hit, and so on... cause if you do that imma personally uninstall the game from your PC)

    Now for the basic combo. Its very simple- you Riftwalk into the target's nose, you use Null Sphere to silence them, and then make sure you Riftwalked in such a way that when you use Force Pulse you hit as many enemies as you can. That's it.

    Of course, you can use the combo in another way (that's the way I use it except for team fights). First, get in range to cast your Null Sphere. Then, cast it. The ball travels at a slow speed, which is good actually. As it travels, you Riftwalk to the target and quickly Force Pulse him. He won't have a chance to react, as just when you riftwalk to him your ball should hit him and silence him, rendering him useless. This way of using your combo also makes your nuke even faster. How nice, huh?

    OK, so that's basically it. Play a few games and you will soon combo like a pro :)

  • Kassadin @ Mid?

    OK so this one here is debatable. Should or should not Kassadin go mid? There are a few factors that must be matched before you step in the mid lane:

    1. Your team doesn't have a proper champion who can go mid
    2. There is a caster who you will be facing in mid
    3. You know you can kill creeps (not tower hugging) while laning against that particular champion you are expecting to face

    If 1 of these factors is true for that game, then you should go mid. Otherwise, don't bother. Kassadin is priceless in mid for the fact that he has great ganking capabilities, thanks to his Riftwalk. If you will be too busy getting harassed, or being pushed to your tower, don't go mid, I beg you. Let another champion go mid, who can actually be more effective at that lane.

    Here is a sample list of the enemies you WANT to face in mid:

    External ImageAnnie: Her spammable Q spell will charge your Force Pulse surprisingly quick and with that said you can be sure that you will dominate your lane after you hit lvl 6 (and in some cases, even before that). Just beware of her stun, as it's quite dangerous getting hit by her whole combo. If her stun is up, you mustn't just stay back and pray that she uses her next spell on a creep, you gotta do something, or you will be pushed far back. Use your Riftwalk to get to her and immediately silence her. Quickness here is key to harassing her and maybe killing her (because she is quite squishy). If you don't pull it right, expect your HP to drop significantly.

    External ImageEzreal: His skil shots are on short CD, which means that your Force Pulse is also on a short CD. Bait him in a way he can use those skill shots but still dont get hit. It's quite easy, actually, you just have to play against him a couple of games. When your force pulse is charged, you can easily smack his face. And you will be doing that repeatedly. Eventually you will gain a nice level advantage over him and maybe you will get that tower, too!

    External ImageKarthus: If you see a Karthus on the enemy team, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST BE IN MID!!! You are Karthus' anti-champion. Kassadin is the only champion who can actually own Karthus without taking so much of a damage in all stages of the game. He can charge your Force Pulse so quickly that it will be ready to be cast again right after its CD is off. Which means that you can rip his head off right from lvl 2 (when you get Force Pulse). Karthus won't have any chance of defeating you, trust me. He is so squishy that 2 combos (or 1 when you have Sheen + Ignite) will mean the end of his days. The only thing you have to do is dodge his Lay Waste which is quite easy actually. He will be your main source of kills every single game, so at the beginning of the game, beg your team to go mid. Its what you are basically designed for- to stop Karthus in his tracks!

    External ImageLeBlanc: Its like laning against yourself. Leblanc is a copy of Kassadin, only better. Or is she better? I don't think so. Basically when you compare the damage Leblanc seems to have a slight edge over you, but what she doesnt have is your incredible passive. That will give you the upper hand when fighting against her. The fight Kassadin vs Leblanc mid is practically a fight of which player is more creative than the other. Beware of good Leblancs, as that champion can wreck your ass bare naked. You have to pick up some patterns of her style of play and abuse them in such a way that you can kill her. Every leblanc player has a weakness. Find it and exploit it!

    External ImageTwisted Fate: I don't know why, I just love to lane against this guy on mid. He doesn't rack you up that force pulse so fast, but he seems to lack some damage against Kass. Just stay out of his gold card, and you will be OK. I have seen some Twisted Fates spammig their skills like hell, which actually means decreasing their time from their first death to their second one.

    External ImageTeemo: This guy is so squishy, it makes me wanna burst in laughter. He doesn't have a chance against you. Just watch our if he starts to harass you, he doesn't deal such excessive amounts of damage, but if he hits you once every now and then, you might end up having to recall at some point to heal yourself. Other than that, he is just food waiting to be eaten. By you. Use your combo and if he doesn't die (that little focker) he will have to recall, freeing you up mid lane, which automatically means that now you have time to gank either top or bottom. How nice!

    I don't recommend going mid against any other champs, but if you feel like it, go for it! I personally go mid when one of those champs will be mid, or when my team just lacks a good mid champ. I hope this list kinda helped you, because if you go mid, you will excel faster thus building up your items faster thus wrecking faces faster. I love going mid for that matter!

  • Snowball Kassadin?

    Well I decided to write a new section to this guide, related to using Mejai's Soulstealer. Now this item is great only for those who can keep up the stacks. Remember- having more than 5 stacks makes this item cost-efficient. FIVE STACKS. Oh, and just to mention- having 6 stacks @ 45 minutes means automatically selling it for a better item. As the time passes, the amount of stacks you should have in order to be efficient is rising. Which means late-late game you either got 10+ stacks or you sell it. End of discussion.

    Now I don't really like snowballing items, because snowball=small ball. It even has a rhyme, which is even better. In order to keep your stacks you must play a little more defensive and there is a thin line between being inefficient in your job (being overly defensive) and being a god in what you do (being just the perfect amount of defensive). There is absolutely no room for error. And if you don't cross this line, you will be ok. Now in order to see this line, you have to play a lot of games so you know exactly in which position you must strike, and in which position you must wait. Because the difference between going in and losing a third of your stacks OR gaining 4 more, is half a second. And making a decision in less than half a second ain't easy, my friend.

    Now if you think you will be able to keep your stacks without sacrificing your efficiency, I managed to bring you a different build (no Sheen or Lich Bane here, just forget about it). So here it is:

    Start with a [item=Meki Pendant] and 2x Health Potion

    Now proceed with your Mejai's Soulstealer directly. The tear can wait.

    On the meantime, when you think it is good for you, buy yourself boots. Now dont turn them into Ionian Boots of Lucidity yet, you need to finish your tear.

    Once you get the Mejai's, turn your [item=Meki Pendant] into a Tear of the Goddess, which will provide you with a steady supply of mana regen + mana. Then go upgrade your boots.

    On the next trip back, buy Rod of Ages, starting with Catalyst the Protector. I dont care if you buy it @ 25 mins, 30 mins or whatever, just buy it. You need that survivability and I mean fast. You must keep your mejai stacks!

    Right after you build your Rod, its time you turn your Tear of the Goddess into a Archangel's Staff. This gives you a very very nice amount of AP + a big mana regen boost, making you even more efficient.

    Right after this time around, the game should have ended. But if it doesnt, go buy yourself a Rabadon's Deathcap and after that a Banshee's Veil. The veil is awesome not only because of the Mres and the health and mana, but for that nice nice shield, protecting you from 1 CC every 30 seconds.

    So this is the build, if you feel confident try it, it may work out for you :)

  • Why Tear of the Goddess is a MUST?

    Well a lot of people confront me in taking an early Tear of the Goddess, and in this section I will tell you EXACTLY why you absolutely MUST get that tear.

    For starters, don't make the mistake of buying the tear as your 4th or 5th item, because the simple logic behind even thinking about buying this item is that you get A LOT OF MANA. 4 mana per spell is a huge amount. So when you are going Kassadin, make sure you either rush Tear of the Goddess OR rush Mejai's Soulstealer and then build the tear. There are no options allowed, as they will drastically decrease your efficiency.

    Now, don't make the most stupid mistake I have ever seen in my life (well 2nd best, the first is Sion with 20 AP and 120AD rushing Lichbane): rushing Archangel's Staff. I BEG YOU DO NOT DO IT!!! What are the ups of it?

    UP NUMBER 1: Having a little bit more mp/5. Ok so what? Big deal.
    UP NUMBER 2: Having like 40 AP more. But think about it- is it worth it? 1860 gold for 40 AP??? Don't think so. Rushing the staff makes your early-mid game so bad that you will be stunned by the fact that you deal NO dmg. Dealing NO dmg means you are not doing your job dude.

    Now, let me give you some advise about what I do:

    I get the tear. Now the Archangel's Staff becomes cost-efficient when you reach 2000 mana. So when you go 1800 mana, DO NOT turn around and buy that staff, but finish the item that you have started first (may it be Rod of Ages, may it be Deathcap, whatever) and THEN buy the staff. That way you can be very effective because you don't blow up 1860 gold for 40AP, but you blow up that gold at a later point (while before that buying other great items) for a whooping 70-80AP!!! Doesn't this strategy seem more appealing than the first one? Ofc it does! :)

    Now back to the mana pool. Now we all know that the tear can give you some hefty mana pool! And i mean something around 2.5K. Well why does Kassadin need it? Simple, my friend, abusing your ultimate! A lot of people neglect the fact that Riftwalk can do some insane dmg (and it also stacks with 0.5AP which is actually pretty nice ratio), especially when stacking.

    Wanna put up 2 examples?

    No mana pool Kassadin: Can riftwalk max 3 consecutive times, where when he uses a single combo he can do it only 2 times. Now what escaping mechanisms does he have when the enemy pops ghost? None. He hardly can escape because he has NO mana pool. And even here we neglect that this Kassadin fights with 100% mana. What happens when he is at 60%? 1 combo and away goes the kassadin, with his sword pinned to his head.

    Tear of the goddess Kassadin: Can riftwalk up to 8 consecutive times (yep, EIGHT) which is WHOAH so much fun. Can't tell you how many times I'm riftwalking from base to the middle of the map, only to catch up to a karthus. I riftwalk right up to his nose and he dies, only from the damage my ultimate makes.

    But let's take a look at another scenario- you wait, pop in the fight, combo the hell out of those enemies, but you get targeted by an ashe with a PD, ghost and flash. That ain't a pretty picture for a Kassadin with no mana pool. But not for us! We can riftwalk 4 times (and you can even turn around and riftwalk a 5th time right up that ashe and like insta-kill her ass) which is WIN!!!

    Also, you can riftwalk around while waiting for a teamfight. Now you need to anticipate when the teamfight is going to rage around you. If you can do it, then riftwalk in one place, thus filling up 2-3 stacks. You will have enough mana to riftwalk into the fight a 4th time and use your whole combo. That will drastically increase your damage output, so if u can do this little trick I kinda invented (yeah I know it's stupid, but i have never ever seen a kassadin even think about riftwalking in 1 place), then DO IT!

    You get the whole picture, my friend, so ill make a conclusion:

    Small mana pool kassadin = EPIC FAIL
    Large mana pool Kassadin = EPIC WIN

  • Working in the team

    Now here is the tricky part. You wanna know why Kassadin is so special? He has no skill cap. You can play and play and play and play and never be perfect with this guy. Its because playing this character requires a more significant amount of a specific quality than any other champion- creativeness. Yep, that's why you cannot be 100% perfect with him, because the skill cap is dependent on a variable. There is a saying: "The difference between the good Kassadin and the best Kassadin, is only the limits of the player's imagination". That is so true. Being creative is key to winning as Kassadin. If you are narrow-minded, there is no force on this earth that can make you a winner. Use your imagination to dominate as Kassadin. Remember that!

    When a team fight starts, you have a major goal- to shut down their team's main caster. You are an anti-mage, and as such you MUST do your job! Ryze hanging in the back, ready to tear your team into shreds? Riftwalk right up his nose, silence him, force pulse him and watch as he rage-quits. You are an amazingly quick nuker- use that to your advantage.

    Your other goal is to be the cleaner. When someone tries to escape, its your job to hunt him down. And don't say "OH MAN HE'S TOO FAR AWAY" because you are the NUMBER 1 CHASER IN THIS FREAKIN GAME!!!!

    Position, position, position! Position is what will lose you a winning fight and what will make a "oh gees we cant kill them" fight turn into a victory. You are Kassadin, and as such you are the most mobile champion in the game. You can go wherever you want. When a team fight starts, don't be in the middle of your team. You must be MiA. The enemy must think you probably gone out to kill golem and you are a moron cause you ain't with your team. But they dont know that you are hanging in the bushes waiting to strike at any moment. Let a tank engage, you are not an engager. When the fight start, you still dont show up. What you must do is wait for the perfect moment to riftwalk into the fight. That moment is just the time when Annie (for example) just gets in range to cast her spells. At that very moment, you pop in, silence her, force pulse as many champions as you can (including Annie) and riftwalk out. Its simple as that.

    I lied, actually. Its not simple. Timing is not simple. You have to know the casters' range so you know precisely when they will be in range to cast their spells. You mustn't let them do that, at all costs! Go hang yourself if you want somewhere in between, but you gotta SILENCE THAT CASTER!!!

    Another thing is the bushes- when the fight starts, you must be in those bushes. Nobody must know where exactly you are. Just remember- you gotta be 1 Riftwalk distance away from their caster, or else you will fail. Big time. Dont stand in the far bushes 2 riftwalks away, because by the time you get to the actual fight, it will be over. And people are going to start questioning your mother's job and your sexual orientation. You don't want that, kapish?

    Those are the main points when working in the team. In theory, it looks simple. And in theory, the text is short. However, in practice, its so complicated that a 100-page-book wont cover all the things you need to do when fighting team vs team as Kassadin. Practice is key to understanding the methods of becoming a good Kassadin player. Play more, QQ less.

  • Common Mistakes made by Kassadin Players

    Now here I will try to unfold the most common mistakes a kassadin player makes (and thus dies or is inefficient).

    1. Spamming spells like hell

    What is the mistake and what to avoid:

    As a kassadin you are a rapid burst damager. But you still dont have either mana, nor mana regen. So before you get some, DO NOT spam your spells. Use them to harass occasionally, but not all the time. You will run out of mana very very quickly and you wont be able to cast the spells in the clutch moments. So its really simple- dont harass like hell until you get mana regen. Period.

    2. Taking Flash as a Summoner spell

    What is the mistake and what to avoid:

    Just avoid taking that freakin stupid spell, OK? You already got a 3 second blink, why the fuck do you want to waste a precious spell slot on a 10000 minute CD blink? If you take that blink AND use it, then you are a complete idiot and you have no idea on how to play Kassadin. Just learn to use your Riftwalk wisely. Dont just do something impulsive and stupid, because believe me it wont lead to good results. Time your moves, anticipate your opponent's moves. Its like chess- think 3 turns ahead of the game. Its not easy to do it, but with practice you will learn everything :)

    3. Using combo on the wrong person

    What is the mistake and what to avoid:

    The mistake here is, you are an anti-mage, not an anti-carry, not an anti-tank, not an anti-fuck. And you will never be. Your job is to shut down the freakin AP carry of the opponent's team. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less. I beg you, do not silence that AD carry. I cant tell you how many times I see a Kassadin hitting a yi like a truck, but guess what? The AD carry is gone, but that caster which you left untouched behind your back just raped your entire team with his burst damage. The rule is simple- you are an anti-mage, just shut down their mage. Leave that pesky Yi to the anti-carry and leave that garen to the anti-tank.

    4. Bad positioning

    What is the mistake and what to avoid:

    Like I said, position is everything in this game. Bad position = loss, good position = win. If you position yourself bad in a teamfight, you will not be 100% efficient to your team. Many Kassadin players tend to stay at the far back of their team, but guess what? When that Annie comes in range to rape your team, how exactly are you going to stop her (when being at the back of your team)? You cant, you just cant. So listen to what I told you in the section above, and memorize it like you memorized your mom's name. Stay in the bushes, so that when you riftwalk into the fight, you will be right up the caster's nose. Kapish?

    5. Running away from a fight in which you actually CAN kill some1 and still stay alive.

    What is the mistake and what to avoid:

    This is probably the most common mistake i have seen. There are Kassadin players who have no clue of their damage output. When a team fight is over, there are cases when there one of the team is not aced, and there are champions (tanks for example) still standing. And our poor Kassadin is at 500 hp. So what? Yeah, that yi will hit your just once and you are dead, yeah that Ryze will just overload your ass. SO WHAT? You think they are quicker than you? You think that yi can press the right mouse button before he realizes he is at 0 HP? No he cant. I have seen many cases when a kassadin drops off at 400-500 hp and just recalls back to base to heal. Rule: Before you recall, ALWAYS look at the situation- can you kill some1? Is it safe to recall here? Can a shaco pop out of a bush and stab a dagger up my ***? You gotta know your damage dude, and you gotta know that you can escape from there. Shit, if you have a golem buff, your Riftwalk has a 2 second CD. Why on earth exactly cant you walk out of there alive? Last game I played, there was a teamfight. After it, there were 5 champions standing- me and galio from my team, and a mordekaiser, yi and heimer from the other. Now morde had at least 50% HP, but both yi and heimer were just sitting ducks at 500 hp. So what I did was not to flee away (I was at 200 hp), but hide in a bush next to them. I was waiting for the Mordekaiser to just go a little bit away from both of them. And he did it- he got a few meters away from them, and then BOOOOOOOM. I scored a double kill. I just riftwalked to them and force pulsed them to their oblivion. And when the Mordekaiser turned around so he can stomp me, I just riftwalked out. Those things should be done at every opportunity. You have to know Kassadin's limits, and exploit them at their most.

    More mistakes coming soon! :P

  • Pros / Cons

    -N1 chaser in the game
    -N1 flee in the game
    -One of the fastest nukers
    -Deals high amounts of damage
    -One of the best anti-mages
    -Assassination is Kassadin's middle name
    -Is a complete religion in the EU metagame, yet still viable in the US high-ELO games

    -Hard to master
    -Somewhat squishy
    -Lacks good amount of damage early game
    -Lacks a good W spell

    -Not a good farmer early on

  • Summary

    PLS RATE!!! I want this guide to be good, but without your help it wont happen. If you dont like how my builds looks on paper, try it sometime for the fuck of it. You might end up liking it after all. I hope I managed to bring in some light about how to play as Kassadin after all, lol :). Constructive criticism and feedback would really be appreciated. Thank you for reading this guide!


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