Rumble Build Guide

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Best Rumble build to date!

written by Jakroth

Rumble Build

Table of Contents

  • My Introduction

    First off let me say I'm sorry this guide isn't as pretty as many of the other ones, but I've never used this system before so it will be a bit before I learn how to use it properly. I'm going to Edit this later once I'm more familiar with it.
    I really hate to sound like I have a blown up ego, but thanks to this guy I actually do. Of the 25 some odd games with him I have about 3 losses. My typical K/D ratio is 3/1-4/1. However I must apologize as this is my first guide, so bear with me, I'll try to make this as easy to understand as possible. First off too many people build him pure AP. It DOES work. But it also isn't WTF uber. This is actually a hybrid between AP and AD. His overheat ability adds so much damage that it seems stupid to me not to take advantage of it. I'm sure they will nerf it in the future, but for now its rape. This is my first guide so I apologize if the format needs work. Lets begin.

  • Abilities

    Junkyard Titan
    This skill causes all abilities to be drastically more effective once you have more than 50 heat. Once you reach 100 heat your silenced but gain a huge magic attack damage bonus. This is key for this build.

    This is not only a super farming skill, due to its low cooldown, but also good for chasing heroes who are keeping just out of your attack range. This is the skill you will max second.

    Scrap Shield
    Similar to Shens shield, this gives a short duration shield that absorbs damage, but ALSO a speed boost. A good one I might add. This skill you will max before any other one. Since you don't use mana, you can stay out in the field as long as you have HP, or need to shop. With a little practice you can block almost all harassment from enemy champs. Also when coming back from base whether you died or were shopping you use this to get back to your lane faster. At over 50 heat you get 30% bonus of the normal speed boost, so you can use Flamespitter and your Harpoon to generate enough heat to maintain 50 for your shield boost.

    Electro Harpoon
    This is your "check bushs, harass, chase, run away" skill. Your first point at level 1 will go into this skill, for both the harass and the slow. I have gotten first blood many times solely because of this skill. You want to harass enemies as often as possible with this skill without generating to much heat, as thats saved for actual combat. This skill will stay at level 1 till everything else is leveled. This is also the only skill that can be cast DURING overheat, if you already cast the first projectile before overheat, you can cast the second one during.

    The Equalizer
    The army has something like this. They call it the finger of God reaching down to squish a bunch of ants. Artillery, the most deadly possibly addition to any war. Some people have had some confusion about the use of this skill, so I'll explain it to you. First you hit (R) and now you have a massive AOE with which to target. Second click a target location, DON'T let go. Now drag the cursor in the direction you want the barrage to go. Final step, be glad your not the one its hitting. Obviously level this every time you get the chance.

  • Runes + Masteries

    Unlike many other builds I'm sure you have all seen, for this one, you want pure AP per level runes. All other runes are inferior for this build. Junkyard titan scales with your AP, as does every other skill on Rumble. Simple as that.

    For masteries I go 9-21-0.
    for offense I put them like so:

    For defensive masteries I go like so:

  • Items

    For your first items you go "Amplifier tome", and and 1 "health potion". Once you have farmed enough gold you upgrade to "Hextech Revolver". The spellvamp allows you to stay out in the field pretty much as long as you want, since you don't have to back for mana. Next you get basic "Boots of speed". Next comes "Vampiric Scepter" Next you upgrade boots to "Ionian Boots of Lucidity". Next finish upgrading your "Vampiric Scepter" to "Bilgewater Cutlass", then "Hextech Gunblade". Now you have your first good item, but your not sex in a bottle just yet, although your getting there. Next buy "Giants belt", and as you get enough gold, upgrade to "Rylai's Crystal Scepter". One more Item and you will be golden. Final item is "Youmuu's Ghostblade". Now most people will say WTF are you doing. Ignore them, they probably didn't get enough attention as a child anyways, who are you to change that? While your obviously not done with your items yet, you have already reached the point where you should be able to WTFPWN the other team, but despite that, I don't believe in that strange word called overkill. So next comes "Abyssal Scepter", the magic resistance is a big plus, but the spell pen and AP also have a major factor in this, especially since he is melee. Your final item will depend on the enemy team. If they have alot of AP damage, then you may go one of a few MR items, if lots of AD then armor. I recommend "Quicksilver Sash" one or more of the enemies is of the following, and proving to be difficult to handle:
    Mordkaiser, Malzahar, Warwick, Vladamere, Urgot.

    If AD is the issue you may want to go thornmail. Heroes such as:
    Tryndamere, Master Yi, Ashe, Tristana.
    Just to name a few. If you are pwning face and think you would benefit more from more damage, then go "Rabadon's Deathcap", this is the most preferred final item for this build, but sometimes other items are required for the above reasons. At this point you should be able to take on just about any enemy champions.

  • Skilling order:

    Electro Harpoon(1/1)(14/2)(15/3)(17/4)(18/5) - Scrap Shield (2/1)(4/2)(5/3)(7/4)(8/5) - Flame Spitter(3/1)(9/2)(10/3)(12/4)(13/5) - The Equalizer(6/1)(11/2)(16/3)
    The first number in the parenthesis is champion level, the second one is spell level.

    First level you want Electro Harpoon. It can be used to last hit mobs from a distance away if the enemies are really hard to lane against, but mainly I use it for harassment and slow. Since you have no mana cost, and its a short cooldown, you can often times have the enemy pushed to their tower with no effort, due to low HP. At level 2 you want rank 1 Scrap shield, the survivability of this skill will blow your mind. Level 3 flamespitter so you have a way to farm creeps. Levels 4 and 5 scrap shield up to rank 2 and 3. Level 6 11 and 16 you get ult obviously. Levels 7 and 8 you max Scrap shield. Next comes flamespitter, not only is it good dps vs enemy champions, but its a great farming skill. Every point here on out excluding 11 and 16 goes into flamespitter. After that max Harpoon of course.

  • Summoner spells

    I don't have this finished yet, I will edit it later to get it looking nice and pretty. For now you need ignite, as you are always close ranged, and dps, its priceless. Second depends on the situation. Flash is a wellrounded spell, and helps alot for this champion, but if I'm feeling particularly badass, I'll say screw it, and go clairvoyance instead, which helps for aiming your ult, and checking baron/jungle/ganks. Its really up to your playstyle.

  • Gameplay

    Time to put everything together and show the world that yes, Rumble IS overpowered. Might as well get as much use out of him before they do the inevitable nerf.
    So at level 1 you put your first skill point into Electro Harpoon, and buy 1 health potion, and an Amplifier tome. To all those who say "Why not dorans shield?" or something of the sort, I have this to say. Dorans items are completely worthless. Anything accomplished with them can be done without them with the right amount of skill, and other items can actually be upgraded into something. Your shield can block basic harassment skills from enemy champions. Avoiding damage is better than regening from it. Don't lane middle unless no one else can do so effectively. Rumble will carry the team harder with an ally who knows how to actually play, than if you're soloing middle. You have a HUGE damage output. Put that to use and push the hell out of one of the sidelanes, then start ganking/pushing other lanes.
    So now you go and do one of two things. If your lane buddy has a stun or something of the sort, you can go gank middle lane for first blood. If not then just go to your lane and wait in the bushs for the enemy champions. Note: Always check bushs with electric Harpoon, you can tell if it hits something, and since you can shoot it twice, you can check pretty much the entire thing before you go in. I'm not going to tell you how to gank someone if your waiting in bushs for them, thats common sense.
    Moving on, as you lane you harass as much as possible with Electro Harpoon, while using Scrap Shield to avoid damage from their harassment's. Typically lane till you have enough gold to outright buy Hextech Revolver. Even if you're full hp, its a good idea to back and get this as long as your teammate can hold the lane without issue. With a good teammate such as Amumu, or someone else with a stun or knockup, you can harass enemies to the point they don't dare leave tower. Most people consider enemies at tower a bad thing, because then its harder to harass. Not for rumble, his Electro Harpoon has a pretty good range, and two casts, combined with the quick burst of speed and the damage blocked from Scrap Shield, you can move in and out of tower range while still harassing them. Don't play too aggressive till you have Boots of speed, and your ultimate. Now you start taking down tower, any time they attack you, back off a bit and make them pay for it with Electro Harpoon. If they are low enough, then its not hard to tower dive if you have a decent allied champion, with a disable or two, and kill one or both of them. Back off a bit so your not tanking tower, then take it down. Don't be suicidal on this champion. You can get plenty of kills while playing relatively safe. By now you should have the "Ionian Boots of Lucidity", mainly for your shield, and your ultimate. Now why gunblade some people ask? Simple, overheat adds magic damage to your melee attacks. And your melee attacks themselves should do at least 150-200 damage and likely higher. Spellvamp+lifesteal+Scrap Shield=One heck of a opponent. when facing an enemy champion, if your trying to do damage and not as worried about the damage you're going to take, then build up your heat to about 40-55. Now once you're ready to go all out, throw down "The Equalizer" and then all your other skills. Use Harpoon to slow once, then you will be in "Overheat" and silenced, despite this you can still cast your second "Electro Harpoon" for further slowing while you chase, or if its a slugfest then simply more damage. Once you have "Youmuu's Ghostblade" this is the point where you use it. When in overheat mode, you should do 300-400 damage with attacks. Save gunblade for either them running, or a little bonus damage to kill them if either 1: Its a pretty even match, and you might not kill them fast enough without it. Or 2: If someone else is trying to take your kill. Keep in mind your ultimate is used as both damage, AND a slow. Use it mainly on them and the direction you expect them to run when they inevitably realize they are going to die. Once you have "Rylai's Crystal Scepter" your Flame Spitter, along with Electro Harpoon, will make running nearly impossible. Not to mention your ultimate already had a slow beforehand, now its literally death from above. Now some people like to get "Mejai's Soulstealer" on him. Bad idea, your already going to be a high priority because of your damage, don't put yourself higher on that list by giving yourself an item that screams "kill me kill me!".

    I feel this gives a fairly good look into how to play Rumble, as I said first guide so its not perfect, Any feedback/questions by all means let me know. I know this guide needs lots of work, but I made it at 4 in the morning, So I'm sure I missed several areas.

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