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AD-Kennen - The Underestimated Midget

written by Schokokonfekt

Kennen Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello and welcome to my first guide on leaguecraft :D
    First I'd like to introduce myself: I am Schokokonfekt, a german guy who enjoys playing heroes or builds for those, that aren't seen very often.
    And as I played AD-Kennen for the first time, I thought "Hey, this works really good? Why am I the only one playing with this build?".
    Well, thats the reason for me, writing my own AD-Kennen guide to show you people out there, what this little guy can do, if a little bit of your money is spent into the power of his shuriken.

    So enjoy reading and if you don't, please put some ideas into the comment section, so that i know, what to improve in this guide.

    Oh, and before you start reading I want to tell you the main idea of the build I use.
    I don't really like the thing with that AS Kennen, that some people prefer, just because of the simple fact, that Kennen doesnt deal high standard damage. And I personally want a carry Kennen and not a perma stun Kennen that needs a half hour for killing a Shen.
    The idea of my Kennen build is that i want to stun the enemy 1 time and then deal the most damage in that time possible.

  • Pros / Cons of AD Kennen


    + strong early and lategame
    + great tower pushing ability
    + easy harrassing in laning phase
    + nice cc-rate in 1on1
    + strong dps-output


    - weak spells
    - gets "OMG NOOB AD-Kennen!"ed very often
    - if your team fails, it mostly will blame you
    - rather weak against many CCs
    - lacking a bit in power in mid game

  • Abilities

    Mark of the Storm
    Of course, this passive is what makes Kennen... Well, it makes him Kennen.
    Just because of the stuns caused by the marks of the storm you will be able to do some nice amounts of damage as long as your enemie is just standing there and.. well, being stunned, I think.

    Thundering Shuriken
    A great skill to last-hit enemies and good in addition with your other skills to keep the enemy stunned as long as possible, so that you can get a kill out of it, or even to get out of a senseless fight.

    Electrical Surge
    This is the reason for playing Kennen as an AD-Char. After every fourth autohit you do 40/50/60/70/80% additional damage and place a mark on the target with your next normal attack.
    You will use this for harrassing, stunning and also as your best source of damage.
    Note: if you stack the passive of this skill to the fifth attack on minions and then attack the tower or inhib, you deal the additional damage, but the stacking won't go forward.

    Lightning Rush
    An excellent spell for escaping ganks and chasing runners, as long as you get a speed, armor and MR bonus and gives the ability to pass through all kinds of people.
    Also very useful to initiate 1on1 fights.

    Slicing Maelstrom
    Not much to say for this ultimate...
    High stun rate and a nice damage output make it nearly good for every situation, especially for team fights.

  • Masteries + Runes

    The masteries I run with nearly every AD-char are 21/0/9, looking like this:
    I concentrate on high damage output with normal attacks and getting the better versions of the summoner spells, that I use, which in this example are ghost and teleport.

    For runes, I think it's stupid to get one rune page for every champion, that's why I got a general one for all my AD-chars as well, which is a mix of AD over time, flat AD and Armor-Pen runes.

  • Summoner Abilities

    As already mentioned in the Masteries+Runes section I like to use Ghost, because it combines great with Lightning Rush and Teleport, because it provides great map control and lets you escape a bad situation, if you hide in a brush and teleport to any other place on the map.
    Other good choices for spells might be Ignite, Exhaust or Flash, but atleast this is your choice.

  • Skilling Order

    As long as you play AD-Kennen you will always want to skill Electrical surge and if not possible, you put a point into Thundering shuriken, because you often will use this for finishing off enemies or as a source of putting many marks on an enemy, because of the low cooldown.
    [Update]: After thinking of the thing with the Q over E, I realized that Q doesnt deal that much damage if you priorize your W spell. That's why I think, that skilling E over Q is a good idea, too.

  • Laning Phase til' Lategame and Items

    I like to choose solo lane, so that I can get my core items as fast as possible, but you also can play on a sidelane, if you like to do so. A great partner might be Sion or another char with a good stun, so that you are able to combine it with your own.

    Start with a Long Sword and a Health Potion and go to your lane.
    Last hit minions with your auto attack or Thundering Shuriken if you are level two and harrass your enemies with your fifth auto attack (Electrical Surge passive) and your Shuriken and maybe Electrical Surge active for some additional damage or stun.
    After your first recall buy Berserker's Greaves and maybe a Vampiric Scepter or a Dagger and go back to your lane. Always keep on harrassing as already explained and try to get some kills and gank on other lanes if needed.
    To push towers hit minions four times and then attack the tower for max damage (doesn't work anymore/deals same damage).
    When you go back next time you should buy a B. F. Sword and a Phage if you can.
    Now keep on pushing and in teamfights activate your ult cleave through the enemy team with Lightning Rush and do Electrical Surge active to stun the whole team.
    When you think you have enough money in your pocket, go to base and buy The Bloodthirster and The Black Cleaver and finish the Frozen Mallet.

  • Build Example

    This should be your core build:

    With The Black Cleaver and Frozen Mallet:

    After this you could buy another The Bloodthirster and maybe a Hexdrinker against many casters or a Last Whisper or a [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] against some bulky enemies.

  • Explanation of Item Choices

    Long Sword: "OMG, why don't u buy a Doran's?!" I, personally don't like the Doran's items, because they are that expensive, that you can't buy health potions, which I really like to know in my pocket (even more, if I play Kennen, because this guy is very squishy). The second thing about this is, that you can't build something out of it, what you surely can with a Long Sword.
    Also the Long Sword provides a good buff to your attack damage, which combines great with Electrical Surge's passive.

    ----> Frozen Mallet: I like this item, because it provides some good HP-buff, which you really like if you are Kennen, a very squishy guy. Also it adds a nice damage boost and a great passive, that makes you able to get nearly every runner.

    Berserker's Greaves: As I said in the introduction already, AS isn't really good to consruct a whole build with it, but a bit of AS doesn't hurt anyone. And well, at least you will need some attack speed, if you want to do more than a half attack per second.

    The Bloodthirster: This will give you the heal, that you need for holding a lane or filling your HP up, after a fight.
    Also it provides a great Damage boost, what's the main reason for buying it.

    The Black Cleaver: I buy that one for an additional damage boost and because i don't have the armor penetration by runes.
    This item provides the armor penetration you need to cleave through all the standard armor of any champ and is also good against armor stacking guys like Rammus.

  • Some Last Words

    Well, as you read this section, I think that you didn't just skip to the item section like many people do and really took the time to read the whole guide.
    Thanks for this :D
    It took me some time to write this shid down and I hope that you will rate my guide (as excellent of course *.*).
    What I want to add here is, that this isn't the full guide. As you may have seen already(if you're not watching this guide for the first time) I try to improve this as often as possible and to fix or add things that readers mention in the comment section. Also I'm still trying out new things on AD Kennen and hoping for some good teams for maybe posting a screenshot of my history, what I of course only can do when I have a rate, that's higher than 1.5/1.

    So what I just want to say with this whole section in one sentence is:
    Thanks for reading and rate and/or tell me your ideas in the comment section.

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