Shaco Build Guide

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FPX's 3v3 specific Shaco Jungle guide

written by facepalmX

Shaco Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Okay, my other shaco guide has over 2k views, and until now covered Shaco on 3v3's and 5v5's. I thought it would be more fair to people who want to play shaco on 3v3's if I made a guide specific to that. Let's see where we can go from here.

  • Abilities

    In many cases this bonus damage is not really noticeable unless you are level one or 18. In any case, 20% increased damage does infact make a difference, and you should remember to attack from behind when you can, it CAN save an ally with low health.

    On 3v3s you mostly auto attack, while making use of your two shiv poison, and jack in the boxes. Deceive is mostly an initiation mechanic, and an escape mechanism in my eyes.

    Jack In The Box
    Prime source of damage for your first few levels in the jungle. We want to max this first for a handful of reasons.

    Two-Shiv Poison
    This skill... Hm, 90% of the time you are going to have red buff on, so there isn't much use putting more than one rank in it, unless you are having trouble chasing, and you need a ranged attack to finish people off.

    On a different note, this can cause enemy minions, and neutral montsers to miss. That will help you reserve health early on.

    We only take one rank into this skill. Why? The only thing that changes with upgrading this skill is the cooldown, and the explosion damage, two things that aren't your concern. I guess if your enemies focus your clone every time it is worth it.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I am VERY specific about my shaco runes and masteries. They have kept me on par for jungle speeds, and allow more versatility in the builds. Let's not waste anymore time and get to it.

    Okay, firstly let's take a quick look at the masteries. Notice: we get 6 armor pen, 10 armor reduction, mana regen, buff duration, and 9% cool down reduction. Sounds sweet.

    Greater Mark of Desolation 9 of these = 15 armor pen

    Greater Seal of Clarity 9 of these, alternatively you can replace them with flat mana regen, or well, about anything else. Shaco spends a lot of time camping in bushes after a jungle pack, so they are worth looking at if you need some utility.

    Greater Glyph of Focus 9 of these = 5.89 cool down reduction.

    Greater Quintessence of Desolation 3 of these = 10 armor pen

    Now, let's look at the numbers. When you start the game your stats with this set up would look a bit like this.

    External Image

    That's pretty shweet, yeah? 15% cdr, 31 armor pen, 11 mana regen, 30% neutral buff duration (lizard buff comes up about 40 seconds after the buff expires).

  • Summoner Abilities

    You probably looked at the mastery tree and noticed we will more than likely be taking . Obviously since we are jungling we take as well.

    Exhaust is an all around good summoner spell in normal games, as you can't expect a certain set of champions. Shaco is frail, so don't get too brutish.

  • Skilling Order

    I sort of stated it earlier, but here's the general skilling order.

    External Image

  • Items

    Cloth Armor three health potions and a mana pot. You probably won't be needing that mana pot unless you have to do a recovery route (see video corner). This will be definitely turned into Wriggle's Lantern

    On that note, your first purchase from a base trip should be [item=Madred's razor's] and Boots of Speed

    Boots... Hm, In my opinion there are only three real options for boots. You should learn quickly which ones are best suited Boots of Mobility Berserker's Greaves Mercury's Treads. If getting across the map is your concern pick up boots of mobility. If you feel you aren't doing enough damage to your enemy due to slow attack speed grab Berserker's Greaves. If you aren't doing enough damage, because you are being stunned to pieces: Mercury's Treads.

    I could honestly go on for two pages about what boots to get for every scenario.

    The Brutalizer After your wriggles, it's time for some CDR and Armor Penetration. Later on you should consider turning it into a Youmuu's Ghostblade, that is unless your enemies call for more of lategame teamfights

    Sheen don't upgrade to Trinity Force until late game.

    everything else should be defensive items.

    In my opinion, brutalizer, wriggles, and sheen are the holy trinity of DPS items on 3v3's.

    I won't touch onto other items in this section, but instead go into builds past the 20 minute mark

  • Build number 1

    By the 20 minute mark your build hopefully looks something like this.

    Wriggle's Lantern The Brutalizer boots of choice Sheen. Usually you have won or lost the game by now, so strive for these items every game.

  • Anti healing tank build

    Stepping right into it, in the past few... forever Mundo, and Cho'gath are seen quite a bit on 3v3's. Unless your team has a Madreds Blood Razor before Mundo or Cho'gath can get their Warmog's armor they will probably just keep stacking them. This build focuses more on countering Mundo, but it still great for countering Cho'Gath.

    By the 20 minute mark!

    Executioner's Calling

  • The video corner

    Creep jungling would be a different section, but I figured it was way too core in general gameplay. Here's a few videos for you ladies n gents.

    Here is a full explanation of The general Shaco 3v3 route. Notice that you actually level on par, or in some cases faster than the solo lanes.

    While taking longer, it's equally important for you to know the recovery route

    Please note: if the enemy has a jungler you might want to avoid jungling at all, and just lane for a bit. It's wayyyyy to risky going into enemy waters when one of more of them are abroad. If your enemies come to counter jungle your normal route early on, please be smart. All you have are a couple boxes, and it's not worth dying over.

    This is another horrible quality video, but still equally important. This is a little montage I made for entertainment, but it also shows off important brush usage as well as deceive. People don't underestimate brush usage, it's a second stealth that costs no mana.

  • Working with the team.

    Alright, I will make this brief as it is one of the harder subjects for me to describe. However, it will be added to soon.

    Drop Jack in the boxes everywhere all the time. The only time these rules should be broken are: when you are dead, or when you are out of mana. Yeah, never. These are free scouting tools. These give your ally that extra second they need when they are running away. These let you know when a freshly sunfire caped garen is looking for a killing spree. Did you look at that montage in the video section? Did I not drop a jack in the box right before I died? Why don't you join me in being one of the smart Shaco players?

    Use your clone. In some cases it confuses enemies. In other cases, it adds more damage to the fight.

    Don't be afraid to take a little damage. If you're confident you will not die soak up some damage for a friend in need.

    Grab every neutral camp you can every time it's up: With the full buff talent lizard spawns about 40 seconds after the buff ends. Dragon spawns about 2 minutes after the buff ends.

  • Summery

    This is just the first installation of the guide, we will go more into theory, and strategy then.

    I have another Shaco guide currently under construction, and a lot of the stuff mentioned in here is just recapping it.

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