Xin Zhao Build Guide

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A look at The Seneschal of Demacia

written by Msad99

Xin Zhao Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    [spell=Tireless Warrior]
    Xin Zhaos passive, this little ability lets him stay in the lane quite easily, and lets him go jungle with little loss.
    Although the health amount seem small, it's pretty much this passive that let's you stay alive through a lot of beatings.

    Three Talon Strike
    This is an all around an amazing ability, not only does it raise your attacks damage and knock the target into the air after 3 strikes, it also resets the attack timer, which means that it should be used right after a basic attack. It can help with jungling, or creep farming, but it's main use is Champions.
    Though the level up part of it isen't very good, only increases its damage by 15 every time.

    Battle Cry
    This thing, well there's really aint much too say about it, it's an attack speed steriod, and can be activated for the double amount, though it's really the fact that, while the ability is in it's active state, all basic attacks will reduce the cooldown of abilities by 1. Which means that it should only be used if you have something on cooldown, if not the passive is already a nice tool to complement your passive.

    Audacious Charge
    You mostly have this for the slow attached to it, but it will be used for it's gap closer at all times. Also since the damage is an AoE effect you can use it to last hit minions if there is more than one on low health next to each other.
    Since the slow on this ability upgrades with every level, it is important to upgrade it. Since it will allow you to stay on target.

    Crescent Sweep
    This ability have a great effect, it start of with shaving 20% of the surrounding champions health + a preset amount and then it buffs your armor and magic resistance up by a set amount + an increasing x amount per champion hit. this ability also synergies with Battle Cry's active shaving it's cooldown off by a fair amount each time.

  • Introduction

    Hello there and welcome to a look at The Seneschal of Demacia.
    My name is LunaSol, or Msad99 when im not on the forums, I play on the EU servers under the name of LunaSol, I have for sometime wanted to write a guide, but I wanted to get some experience first. This guide will be updated as I find time too, such as the lane partner section is kinda sloopy now, and I will try to work that out.
    Let's start of with looking a little at what this guide will invovle.
    Paths: where you start and what you start with
    Summoner Spells: Which summoner spells for which path
    Masteries and Runes: Which Masteries and runes
    Skill Order: In which order your skills should be taken
    Build: Your build and the build chain.
    Working in the team: Team fights and broad lane partners.

  • Path

    Now first we want to check which path we are going, Xin Zhao can go to a lot of different paths.
    1. Sololane vs. Sololane: Xin Zhao can stay in the lane for an excellent amount of time, though he can't harass his opponent very well, without receiving some punishment. For sololaning it is recommended to take a doran's item, or . and for sololaning always take Battle Cry first, this will help you stay in the lane, and get some last hits.

    2. Sololane Vs. Duolane: This is tricky, it can be done, but you will have to be VERY careful, stay in your turrets range and only last hit, a is very recommended.

    3. Jungle: in the jungle, you can start either from the golems, or the wolves, in my eyes wolves is the better option. start off with , and it is up to you if you want Battle Cry or Three Talon Strike first, but you need Three Talon Strike at it's second lvl to combat blue better. you can stay in the jungle, or you can recall after blue and buy a (speeds up the jungle, and you won't need to go back and lose time on your buffs, before a gank), thereafter you can go back to the jungle or gank, if you go to the jungle start at the small golems, since then you will have your smite back almost right after those, and you can therefore take red, and then to start to gank.

    4. Duolane: Duolaning can be weird, start of with a broadsword and a health potion, if you have a support champ to lane with, if not pick a dorans item, also if you find yourself with the chance to be put up against heavy harassers get a no exceptions. If you start of with going for First Blood, put the first point in Three Talon Strike, if not take Battle Cry.

  • Summoner Spells

    Now for summoner spells:

    is what i find of quite a good use, this can be replaced with or
    is the most effective at disabling your opponent, and it can be used both offensively or defensively

    Try to jungle without smite, sure you can, but the thing is Smite speeds up your jungle and if timed correctly can make sure that you and only you receive the jungle buffs.
    or Teleport isen't very effective for a jungler, and these two both have offensive and defensive uses. You can take but i don't recommend it.

    is the most effective at disabling your opponent, and it can be used both offensively or defensively and since you are on lane with someone else you can combo this with another ability to ensure the targets destruction.
    or You will need one of these since they are basicly an Oh shit button or an Come back here and fight me button, or in other terms an defensive or an offensive button, to close or widen gaps.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Now for masteries, each path take a different set of masteries.

    For sololane: 21/0/9
    With this we complement our summoner spells, it is therefore easy to stay in lane. Which in the long run equals more creep kills equal more farm.

    For jungling:21/0/9
    This will help your jungle and make your jungle buffs last a little longer.

    Duolane is basicly sololane, but put points in your summoner spells (if you can), unless you got , which you propably shouldn't have but it can be taken.

    Now runes:
    Personally i use the same runes for all paths, mostly to keep it simple. but you can use your own choice. (not for jungle though.)
    9x Greater Mark of Desolation
    9x Greater Seal of Resilience
    9x Greater Glyph of Shielding
    3x Greater Quintessence of Alacrity

    This will put you at a total of:
    15 Armor pen
    13 Armor
    24 Magic resist at lvl 18
    10% Attack Speed

    It can be discussed if ArP mark or Quints are the best, but i feel that since Armor Pen items are few we need the runes, that give the highest amount, which is marks. If you like you can also take ArP quints, to fully embrace this concept.

    Also for jungling check out Stonewall's superior Xin Zhao jungle guide on youtube.

    Credit to Stonewall and Kobe24 for this one.

  • Skilling Order

    For Sololane:

    For Jungling:

    For Duolane (First blood):

    For Duolane (No First blood):

  • Build

    Now we can start with the items.

    1. Lane:
    Start of with a / for solo
    for duolane get either one of the past two items or +
    farm hopefully until you have 1350 gold and possibly a good 1500 gold for some wards also. Now if you have less than 1350 and are forced to back, then get Boots of Speed for 350 gold, if you have 400 to 600 gold extra then buy and one of maybe two wards.
    Now if you had the good 1350 money then get a and , more money get some wards, this will protect you from ganks, if placed correctly and if you can catch the circle moving through the visible minimap.
    Now finish and acces the situation, lots of magic damage or Stuns/Silences/Fears? Get , if there is a lot of melee or attack speed champs get
    Now unless their whole team is magical damage, build [item_icon=Heart of Gold] to and Finish to
    Now start your or you should get both, but the order is up to you.
    Now if you haven't already sold your dorans if you had one, then do so. Now build either or the item will depend on if the opponents team have multiple combo or combo stun champions (Brand as an example) then get Banshee's Veil if not get Frozen Mallet.

    2. Jungle:
    Start of with a
    You can go back after blue and get + or stay in the jungle.
    Either way you should prioritize getting boots are important though so before getting it get
    Now we basicly starts the lane build with
    then get the necessary boots, then build
    Continue with either or as before you should get both.
    Now you think your build is done? Well that isen't doing much now so replace it with either or

  • Working in the team

    Team Fights:
    In teamfigths the important thing to clearly remember is the massive amount of actives, that you have to handle. Almost always use active before using , then push and and focus down their carry.
    If you think this is a dream scenario or is the carry just not in the fight then get their disabler, but if this is the tank avoid him.
    Right after has gone on cooldown activate , and as soon as is ready again use it.
    If performed correctly and if you haven't gotten a in the head, it will produce incredible results.
    Also if you know you're going to go down in a team fight, then lay waste to the opponents team and burn your cooldowns and items like there was no tommorow.

    Lane Partner:
    Now in your lane, you will prefer someone, who doensn't need a good creep farm and someone who can potentially babysit you a little.
    This could be a support champion such as Taric, or a tank such as Shen. Some aggressive lanes can work at times, such as Garen/Xin lane, it is not advised though since it is prone to being harassed.

    External Image Annie:
    If you choose to lane with annie, you will want to stay away from minions, that she
    as it is vital for her stun, since disintegrate returns mana upon killing its target, which in turns means she doesn't have to conserve mana for the big nuke, where you charge in and you both use your ult on the opponents, this can yield very impressive results.
    But be vary, if the opponents have or a flash like ability like
    Then this combo can get wasted, since you may not be able to keep them supressed long enough for them to not just jump out.
    In the start of the laning phase, you can choose to either charge and then knock them up first and have annie stun right after, so they can't jump out with flash like abilities, or you can have annie stun them first and have less damage output put on you. So if you're laning with a premade annie, which you are on teamspeak with, arrange it, so that you either get a 100% Three talon strike + ult in (annie initiate.) or make it so that you initiates and that you perhaps just harras them because, they flashed away.

    External Image Taric:
    Taric can be an amazing lane partner, however it depends on how skilled the Taric is. because his Imbue heals both him and his target he can heal you while also healing himself, if the Taric is skilled he will also constantly annoy the opponents in the lane, this is because a skilled Taric is almost impossible to harras propably. with Shatter he can even increase your early game damage output since it removes armor from its targets. He also have a stun in the form of Dazzle, which also is a perfect way to initiate with Xin Zhao, while Dazzle is flying towards the target use Audacious Charge on that target, now Dazzle should have hit, activate Three Talon Strike and your third strike should be roughly as the target escapes the stun.
    Tarics ultimate Radiance also helps you by increasing your attack damage, while only your Three Talon Strike of your abilities truly benefit from this, it still will help you by quite a bit. Overall Taric is a nice lane partner for basicly any champ, and if skilled a nightmare to play against.

    External Image Alistar:
    Laning with alistar have its ups and downs, the plus side he have a spamable heal Triumphant Roar. While it doesn't heal for all that much couple it with [spell_text=Tireless Warrior] and you get some good healing ability right there. For initiation Xin wait a little behind for alistar to do his + combo.
    If it succeds and propel the target towards Xin Zhao he can do Three Talon Strike and after the knock up, use Audacious Charge and completly shut down the enemy in question. Though bear in mind that alistar is an excellent roamer and since Xin Zhao can do a good solo lane, you want to know if the alistar is gonna be roaming or not, since it could inflict some changes in your lane. if he roams buy a
    This will make it easier to start the solo lane, when alistar starts his roaming, and if you have a jungler this will provide you with three solo lanes, and therefore a quick upperhand in levels, this is however a risky strategy, so make sure to play safe while laning.

    External Image Blitzcrank:
    Blitzcrank is an excellent lane partner for Xin Zhao, since blitzcrank can grab a target via Rocket Grab and knock the target up as usual afterwards with Power Fist Then you can charge in with Audacious Charge and knock the target up once more with Three Talon Strike if the target isen't dead or have escaped by then. Then Blitzcrank propably have another Power Fist while you can Battle Cry and then do another Three Talon Strike. This is an amazing combination, since you pair up two champions that both have knock up effects on a relatively low cooldown. The downside to this is that Rocket Grab takes alot of skill to place perfectly, a minion, a sudden movement and basicly anything can displace the grab and utterly waste the cooldown on it, and also waste a good initiation possiblity, so if you wanna lane with a blitz, you may wanna see how good he really is, of course team speak always help greatly.

  • Fighting Against

    This section will be about, how you confront champions, not how to lane against them however.

    External Image Vlad:
    This bastard is tricky to take down with Xin, if a good vlad uses Sanguine Pool while you're Three Talon Strike is in progress, then it will be put on cooldown without the knockup effect, that is. To combat this jump him wait for him to use Sanguine Pool and then attack him with all you've got, even then it will still be difficult if it is a good vlad. The reason for this is that he have a low cooldown, medium damage nuke, which heals him. Most vlads also gets spell vamp to further increase the healing.

    External Image Miss Fortune:
    This is a fight you're almost sure to win, miss fortune is basicly all autoattacks, Bullet Time can be interrupted by your Three Talon Strike. She has no means of escape whats so ever, unless she has Flash then she may get away, though it is still unlikely. She can hurt however but your massive amount of armor should protect you somewhat. Coupled it with the fact that Randuin's Omen also have a chance to proc slow effects, when your hit, and she's attacking you nonstop in battle, she will get slowed. A good idea is to simply charge her, start Three Talon Strike with Battle Cry instantly so you're charge have a lower cooldown for when she tries to flash away, if it's succesful charge her when she flashes, and finish her off.

  • Changelog

    V. Guide Released.
    07/05/11 - Taric, Annie and Alistar Lane partner section added, and skill order has been updated.
    Thanks to ScienceXReason for pointing this out.
    27/05/11 - Fighting Against section added more on this later.
    If you have read the whole thing i congratulate you, and thank you for taking the time to have this look at the Seneschal of Demacia. Comment if you have ways of improving or found a flaw that you want to have fixed, you need to be able to give reasoning however. All non reasoned opinions will be dismissed as trolling.

    Thank you and i hope to see you in the game.

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