Rammus Build Guide

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PURE tank build

written by Zoravor

Rammus Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    First off I wouldlike to say that this is my first attempt at making a guide I would really like it if you guys could comment on this so that in the future, if I decide to make another guide, it will be better than this.

    Okay, first thing that you need to know is that Rammus is a great tank and that you should always try and take as much damage as you can in team fights. Rammus's abilities make it easier for him to start or run away from fights. I believe that the best build for Rammus involves buying a lot of armor and magic resist and I will show you why this is a good build throughout this guide.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries I like to place 21 points into defense, make sure to avoid Evasion External Image and Defensive Mastery External Image and to put a point into Willpower External Image. Then place the remaining 9 points into utility taking 3 points into Perseverence External Image, 1 point into Good Hands External Image, 4 into Expanded Mind External Image, and 1 point into Meditation External Image. Let me explain why you want to do this, rammus is a great champ for team fights but if he runs out of mana then he is usless in team fights.

    For Runes you should use armor penetration marks External Image, health per level seals External Image, magis resist glyphs External Image, and flat health quintessences External Image.

  • Pros and Cons

    Hard to kill in team fights
    Can rush in and out of fights very quickly
    Almost imposible to kill 1v1
    very easy to learn
    Very strong in early and late game
    Great at soloing lanes

    Has low mana
    Often focused on in team fights

  • Summoner Spells

    Remember that as a tank you need to be able to move around and support your team in team fights. If you do your job correctly then the enemy team will be focusing on you, but sometimes you can get overwelmed. To help make your job easier use the spells Cleanse External Image and Flash External Image. Cleanse and Flash will help you to catch up to your enemies as well as help you escape them. If you are a low level player than you should use Heal External Image instead of Flash.

  • Items

    Like I said before, for this build you should try buy items that offer alot of armor and magic resist. I like to start off with a Doran's Sheild External Image and then immediatly rush Guardian's Angel External Image with Ninja Tabi External Image. After that i like to get Sunfire Cape External Image and Thornmail External Image for health and armor. If the game is still not over then pick up Force of Nature External Image and Randuin's Omen External Image for health regen. Remember that Rammus's passive will convert 25 percent of your armor into attack damage so stacking armor will also give you more damage. This will make you strong, both defensive and offensive.

    Note: I often rush Guardian's Angel because if I am doing my job correctly, I will be taking a lot of damage and having GA lets me stay in the fight longer to support my team.

  • Abilities

    Spiked Shell
    Rammus's passive will convert 25 percent of your armor into attack adamage, so it is a good idea to buy items that offer you alot of armor.

    This should be your first ability choice for rammus and after you max out taunt you should take a point into it after every 2 or 3 levels. Powerball will help you to catch up to your enemies as well as escape them.

    Defensive Ball Curl
    Defensive Ball Curl will place a sheild around yourself that will increase your armor and magic resistance, will damage any enemy that attcks you, and will also increase your attack damage. This should be your next ability choice at level 3. Just like Powerball, after you max out taunt you want to take a point into it after every 2 or 3 levels. This move, combined with taunt and Tremors will help you do some serious damage to your enemies.

    Puncturing Taunt
    Puncturing Taunt should be your second choice at level 2 and you should try and max this ability as fast as you can. The reason being is because this ability is what distinguishes Rammus from other tanks. This ability will force your opponent to attack you which could help your team mate escape from an enemy and it can also help you to finish one off.

    Note: If an enemy is near your tower or is attacking it then use taunt and walk towards your tower. This will cause the turrent to attack your enemy instead of their minions.

    Tremors is an AoE(Area of Effect) ability which will damage enemy champions and bulidings around you. This is a great move to use when you are surrounded my enemy champions and for farming as well.

  • Team Fights

    As a tank you should be the one to start team fights. Rammus was made to take damage and that is how you should use him. When starting a team fight you should try and gank the weakest enemy champion first with your powerball. Once you hit them you should taunt and activate your Defensive Ball Curl. The enemy's teammates will try and help by attacking you, so you should then use your Tremors. Most of the enemy team will be busy attacking you which will alllow your allies to attack them. If an enemy tries to attack one of your allies in a team fight use your taunt to save them and do not be worried about dying because your GA should revive you. If done right, the enemy should be attacking you while your allies are attacking them.

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